Friday, May 19th 2006 playlist

Whattup world? Another week, another set of beats. A slew (dem) of new music coming through, it's looking like it's going to be a HOT summer. What's good on the music scene? Come check mi playlist, seen?

Drum & Bass:

1> Dylan & Raiden "Preacherman" [freak] (dubby, halftime Amit-esque vibes, insane sounds)
2> Teebee, Form & Mike Engine "Postmodern" [engine] (back to the future, classic Teebee Certificate 18-era)
3> Contour "Moving High (Basic Operations Remix)" [cymbalism limited] (RIP Basic Operations)
4> Davide Carbone & Kubkis "Ready With This (Craggz & Parallel Forces Remix)" [intrinsic] (shouts to Jeryl for unleashing this gem)
5> Submerged "Servant (Technical Itch Remix)" [ohm resistance] (moody, ominous sounds by one of the Dons of Dark DnB)
6> Dave Angel "Brothers (XRS Remix)" [v recordings] (jazzy, funky, but too fucking short!)
7> Tommy Boy "Love & Happiness" [v recordings] (big up to TC for this one; yes, he does sample the good Reverend)
8> Danny Byrd ft. IK "Rise Again" [spearhead] (beautiful, soulful, wonderful)
9> Phobia "Sun Rising" [renegade] (James doing the damn thing, liquid style)
10> Dirty Harry "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" [radius] (who says DnB has to be complex to make you shake?)


1> DJ Khaled ft. Kanye West, Consequence & John Legend "Grammy Family" [I guess this is coming out on Khaled's album? If he did this beat, he's BANANAS! the beat loops every 5 bars, instead of 4. nice work on that one!]
2> The Roots "Don't Feel Right" [this one is dope, classic Roots affair.]
3> Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z & Young Jeezy "Hustlin' (Remix)" [long awaited remix of the track of the Spring. people want to shit on Jay, but he does the damn thing with his verse.]

That's really it. Not much *new* Hip-Hop has been moving me. Waiting for my boy Russ to get his studio poppin'. Do the damn thing, boss. Do it.

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