Saturday, April 22, 2006

the shuffle. [4/22/06]

So, as I adjust the volume on J. Dilla's Donuts album, I'm trying to reflect on a hectic week in my life, all the while trying to make some decent commentary on this fucked up world we live in. It's hard enough trying to wake up everyday to go to school/work, but then we have to deal with nonsense in politics, entertainment, and other facets of life. Sorry for the unfunny rant, but I'm just in a NJ State Of Mind right now, and my capital city is going through some ill gang shit, a retarded headline grabbing election, and other nonsensical things.

It has been a pretty odd week entertainment wise. With Tom Cruise joking (?) about eating his child's placenta, the NBA Playoffs starting TODAY, and Will Smith crashing a bar mitzvah, it's safe to say that any can and will happen. Let's check out some of the things I've been noting... they are a lil Hip-Hop specific, but what can I do. That's my heart... let's get it going!

1> Not really a big tidbit, but something interesting, this being the start of the NBA Playoffs. Dime Magazine and the Jumpman23 crew have put together an ill retrospective of the Jordan sneaker. From shoe to shoe, it includes a picture and description/write up on each shoe. Ill if you grew up with them. You guys should check Dime, they are one of the hottest sites/mags out there for the modern B-Ball fan.

2> Michael Jackson is working on a new album, to be released on some label based in Bahrain. Why he thinks we still want to hear him sing his songs is beyond me. Mike should have hung the glove up after that Black & White album. Whatever it was called. I just don't see what he has to offer the industry. Rumor has it that he is also working on some material with 50 Cent, and Kanye is commenting on wanting to work with him. WHY?!?!? MJ hasn't been MJ since the first accusation. Hang it up, and live off your greatest hits packages. I hate when big stars don't let the light fade out quick, like basketball's MJ. Was there a need to come back with the 45? Nope.

3> Homeboy of Jay-Z, and featured on Kanye West's "Touch The Sky", Lupe Fiasco has made some noise about his album, Food & Liquor, being leaked on the Internet. OK, are we NOT in 2006? This would have been big news back in 2001, but just about every album (commercial, anyway) is leaked about a week or 2, sometimes a month or 2, before its release date. Just ask T.I., who's King was leaked a while before it's due date. No harm, no foul... he still did good numbers. I mean, the problem I really have with his rant is him saying that he won't put it out. Dog, it CAN'T be that simple. He's signed to a major (Atlantic)... do they just say "OK, we spent this money, let's not try to get ANY back now"!?!?! That's not rational at all. I mean, he should just finish it, put it out, and make what he can. I'm not even sure if people liek Lupe for being Lupe, b/c most people who know about him know his affiliations (again, Jay-Z, Kanye, et al)... Some people are crying "publicity stunt", due to his "Kick Push" video premiering recently on TRL, but I don't know. I mean, he says he has spent the last 5 years on this album, which would upset anyone, but he has to stop being naive (if that's truly the case), and just keep doing it. Here are some other views on this issue.

4> The "beef" between Bow Wow and Lil' Romeo is heating up. I mean, really, it's just a war of words between two rappers that are only cared about by female fans younger than 19. Master P, Romeo's pop, recently took Bow Wow to task on some lines that are alleged to be about Romeo and P. Now, that's the 1st strike. If Romeo wants to look legit, why would he even LET his pops come out and make comments about his enemy? Sounds a lil bitch made to me. Now, Bow Wow, who is the KING of making retarded comments, recently came back at Romeo and P with some nonsense. Bow Wow is basically getting a big head off of the sales of his last album, which must be nice, but when you are a shitty MC to begin with, how much room do you have to talk? Plus, I think if it came down to it, if Bow Wow and Romeo threw hands, Bow Wow would catch it, early. Romeo is a Nawlins boy! I told my co-workers earlier this week, them Katrina niggas ain't playing. ANYWAYS, we'll wait with baited breath to see if this battle of epic proportions actually makes it to wax, which should be a treat... LOL!

5> NBC took "Celebrity Cooking Showdown" off the air. The world rejoiced, even though we had to withstand this bullshit for 3 days out of the week. What a travesty to regular television.

That's all for the shuffle for right now. If you have anything you think could/should make the shuffle, scream at me.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday, April 21st 2006 playlist

Hey everyone, welcome to another peek into what I've been rocking to.

I haven't been into too much in terms of solo tracks, more on the mix type deal. DJ Friction has done an Essential Mix for the BBC's
Radio One. If you check this link, you can find a few links that are hosting the show in it's entirety. Two hours of upfront Drum & Bass, from classics like BC's "The Pulse" to new shit like High Contrast's RMX of Kanye's "Gold Digger". This might be the mix of the week. If you aren't up on Dogs On Acid, you should get up on it, as there is are a number of threads dedicated to this Essential Mix. I suggest, if you are into Drum & Bass, you need to register to DOA and experience one of the world's LARGEST ELECTRONIC MUSIC FORUMS on the Internet.

Now, onto the lists/comments on new ish for this week:

Drum & Bass wise:
1> Gremlinz & Stranjah "Clapback": Another label for Neil Brandnew, head of Horizons Music and it's sister label, Progress. This is 001 on the Crisis Recordings label, and it's a nasty one. Amens abound, heavy bass... it's just fucking hectic. Screwface music.

2> Benny Page "Turn Down The Lights": I had been hearing MANY DJs spinning this on plate months ago. I like how Benny worked the vocal into the beat. The shit is just fun music. Check my review of this 12" on DOA.

Hip-Hop and Rap:

1> Mobb Deep ft. 50 Cent "Pearly Gates": Finally got to hear an advance of this album. Expect a review to come very soon. I'm kind of pissed -- if this is the retail copy, I'm hating them bleeping out that Prodigy verse. Check out this post on the XXL Mag blogs for the full lyrics of Prodigy's. Exile hooked that beat up though! Loving the airy feel to it.

2> Lupe Fiasco "Kick, Push": I am loving that throwback beat he has on there. Not feeling the lyrics so much, I've heard better verses on his mixtapes, but dude has flow. He has a nice storytelling ability... I just wasn't feeling the story. lol

Not much else going on. Like I said, wait for the Blood Money review coming very soon.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Baby Registries for Jayden Khristopher

For those who know me, they should know that my wife Anna and I are expecting a son, Jayden Khristopher, on Sept 10th, 2006. I don't know how odd this is, but I'm posting up our baby registries online. I want no one to feel obligated into purchasing wears and accessories for my child, but it's odd having a registry that no one sees. So check it out, and if you have any questions, hit me up. -- click that link, select 'Father', search for firstname KHRISTOPHER lastname DAVENPORT and hit the Search button; our registry will pop up there. Hit one of our names and there you go!
babydepot search -- click that link, search for firstname KHRISTOPHER lastname DAVENPORT state NJ and hit the Search button; our registry will pop up there. Hit one of our names and there you go!

I will also be posting up ultrasound pictures when I remember to scan the thing in. I'm so excited!

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Sopranos, Season 6: "Live Free Or Die" [recap]

First thing first: FILA should be loving the endorsement that was given last night. I wish I had screenshots, but I thought it was odd that both Rosalie Aprile AND Vito Spatafore had on the Fila tracksuits on this episode. Haha, on to the meat and potatoes:

Does Vito really think a life up in New Hampshire is going to work? I mean, with his cousin-in-law being Phil Leotardo (who has beef with the Sopranos and is not too keen on people in his family getting screwed) on his tail, as well as the Soprano family themselves looking for him, it's only a matter of time. The whole scene with Tony and the construction worker going back and forth on the phones were hilarious, too. And did you peep how Tony rocks the
Razr, and Vito had the Kyocera Slider? Crazy.

What's good with Chrissy? First off, the whole comment about the springer spaniels had me dying, but maybe there is some truth to that? I don't know, I'm not big on Arabs or what have you and their domestication of animals. Now, what the fuck is he doing trying to go on vacation? And to California... will he be trying to shop some movies out there? Very odd... and the previews made it look like he was about to get murked? You know what though, he gets the illest lines... from last week's Allegra/cold medicine mixup to that "greasing the union" shit... pure jokes.

On to Meadow and Finn... poor Finn. He looked like he was about to have an "oops I crapped my pants" moment talking to the mob guys about Vito's head game. He gave up the goods though! Got a sammich out the deal too! Now, why he was giving Meadow grief is beyond me. That "Johnny Macaroni" comment was ace, though. Meadow's mind must be all over, from playing the legal game during the day, then returning to the Soprano household. I personally don't see them together by season's end... and she just looks better and better!

No real AJ sightings, aside from his jokes at the table. I want to know when he's going to plug Jun is his mummy head.

Carmela, Carmela... what do we do with Carmela? I like how her dad all of the sudden is a cold, old bastard. What's good with that? I don't know what Tony's deal is with not getting the permit people to bend for them, but I think it just has to do with control... who knows, but he has other shit on his mind, I guess. And Carm definitely wasn't digging how Angie is making all of that loot nowadays. Even if she's being fucking shady. Tony busted out her windows a while ago when she was biting off more than she can do... who's to say retaliation isn't in order for her again?

Not TOO much Tony shit this episode, aside from him paying Perry back for the asswhupping he took last week, and a dope scene with Melfi talking about homosexuals. The lesbian comment was funny.

Finally, what about Silvio's shirt and tie combo? He was rocking it out the same way De Niro rocked his outfits in "Casino". Classic. Ugly, but classic.

Now, onto the preview for next week:

HOLY SHIT!! Looks like, first off, we get to see Artie get into some fucked up predicament with the Soprano fam again. We have Benny Fazio (aka neph from Doogie Howser) wilding out on someone (some people think it's Tony, but I swear its probably Artie -- the person getting smacked up looked smaller than Tony)... Artie getting into some screaming matches, and Chrissy rocking a white robe in Cali. Interesting shit -- will Chrissy get whacked? Who is Benny wilding out on? Why was Tony wilding out on Benny? What's Charmaine Bucco doing with all that junk, all that junk inside her trunk? T minus 6 days...

I'm off to go re-watch this episode on my DVR. I'm out like Eugene Pontercorvo...

NOTE: MSNBC does a "recap" as well, usually on the Monday after the show premieres. It's called "Soprano's Body Count", and it's cool. They do ones for LOST, Desparate Housewives, Survivor, Apprentice, etc... check it out.

Also check out the official HBO website dedicated to The Sopranos. Loads of downloadables, podcasts, cast & crew pages, and other goodies. Essential for every fan out there.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Future Bound Q&A up on DOA

Future Bound Q&A

I conducted this interview with Drum & Bass producer/DJ Future Bound. He talks about his DJing and producing, his label Viper Recordings, and other bits.

Shouts to jeryl & xo over @ DOA for letting me write for them.