Saturday, July 22, 2006

the shuffle. [7/22/06]

At the end of the day, we're all children of Jah. Happy birthday, Selassie I. I also want to send a big up to Brooklyn, my dog Nappy (keep holdin' it down), my unborn, my family, Pom Wonderful (anyone got any Absolut?), and fat basslines.

I'm gonna try and whip this one out... there's a date wifey and I have that I plan on keeping... you know how this goes.

I do want to say: I am getting tired of Making The Band 3. I mean, I like seeing this show, I've been down since Dylan was a lazy Jamaican... it's one of my favs, but these chicks need to get a grip. Stop crying -- at least you are recording! Don't act like you are just so distraught... OK you aren't on a track, but how's that check getting to you? I know you ain't STARVING! Get over yourself and play your position...

Wow. Got a bit hostile there. Let's get it going before I hurt something...

01/This past sunday, Chappelle's Show ran the now-infamous "Pixie Skit". If you guys don't remember, this skit has been sighted as one of the main reasons Dave flew off the handle and bounced from his show (and $50 mil)... It was funny, but it seemed drawn out. It's like they are truly stitching episodes together, mostly unedited/approved by Dave [unfortunately]... I wish, for Dave's sake, that they didn't show these. The episodes lack something... lack a lot. Funny is the main thing they lack, but I'll be dropping knowledge on Summer TV in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled.

02/As if we didn't already know, Timbaland had to let the cat out of the bag: he says he is currently working on new tracks for Jay-Z's next LP. No confirmation from Jay Hov himself, but this can only be seen as a great thing for Hip-Hop as a whole. The shit's in a slump, you know it and I know it. LPs are coming out subpar, singles drive the market, and creativity is at a low. I can only hope that Jay sticks to his grizzly and puts out a stellar album; anything less will be a huge blow, and he had better resign from his position... oh, he's made some bad choices.

03/I agree with Slate: I think Bush cursing during that microphone snafu is good for business. What would you expect him to be speaking of? Knitting? Fine linens? Nah he was trying to get his shit in order... Tony Blair did seem like a lil pissant though. "Come on man, we gotta go forth with this early"; Bush is all "Yo, son, I got this. Condi's black ass is gonna be there soon my dude". Gotta love it. Now I know what Raekwon meant by "Gangster Republicans".

04/Neph who said Eminem whupped his punk ass in the bathroom last week has withdrawn his charges. Yeah, I wonder how much extra Shady Clothing he got in the mail this week, too.

05/Trying to kick their rival CinemaNow's ass, Movielink has gotten licenses for DVD-Burning tools, so you can dload and burn a full length movie right from their site. CinemaNow apparently only has that option with skin flicks, so this move might be big... if they could only get some movie industry support! LOL what good is the product if you got nothing to exploit it?

06/I had no idea this news was that big, but Oprah felt she had to come out and say hit: Gayle and her are not munching each other's carpets. Is this even news? Who the fuck thought that...

07/Microsoft is really reaching: they have finally announced that they have an iPod killer on the way... or so they hope. Thing is, the technical specs are unknown, but they are not the main feature heads should look for: think about what they need to do to edge out iTunes. iTunes is moving something crazy b/c it's an easy way for novice iPod users to cop tracks and throw them on the player. Serious heads don't fuck with iPods and such for a lot of other reasons (hatred for the whole Apple thing, too much unnecessry bells and whistles)... but you can't knock the growing library they've accumulated. Can Microsoft lead the industry massive over to come purchase this thing, Zune?

08/How the FUCK does one create a musical without the fucking music? Ask Outkast... these jigas have the Idlewild soundtrack dropping in August, with the movie/musical coming out 3 days later. I have no desire to see or hear this, and I dislike the tracks I've heard, but how does one do a musical with no music? How fucking nonsensical does that sound? It's OK though; Big Boi plans on touring... and Andre doesn't! Why don't they just announce the break-up and get this shit over with?

09/No real new news here, but Mr. Lif has a pretty insightful interview over there at Allhiphop. I haven't properly listened to Mo Mega yet, but I

10/These Hollywood chicks don't know whether they're coming or going... Pam Anderson and Kid Rock are planning on getting married soon, while Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro split up. I'm not a big fan of Dave, Pam or Kid Rock, but I used to be infatuated with Carmen back when she was down with Prince. Corny, right? Oh well... now I might have to check for her again. Eh... nah.

11/Petition for the release of J Dilla's MCA album. Please sign if you love Dilla.

12/Shouts to the boy noz over at XXL and Cocaine Blunts. He dropped some knowledge on the subject of some shit Little Brother's Phonte spoke about opening up for Yung Joc and shit (what a fucking career move!)... okayplayer-fueled hell ensued --- peep the comments.

13/Who knew MC Hammer was worth a dime anymore? His music catalogue just got sold for something like $2.7 mill! Ridiculous, right? Who woulda thought that "Pumps In A Bump" would be worth ANYTHING these days!?!?

14/On a final note, you gotta love how Bush is just now getting around to speaking in front of the NAACP. He also plans to "extend" the Voting Rights Act. Why not just get rid of the shit altogether... what an idea!

Anyways, I'm off to finish some shit and watch this fight. I hope you enjoyed this shuffle, and I promise to bring you continued coverage of whatever the fuck I want to, whenever the fuck I want to. Holla atcha frog.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday, July 21st 2006 playlist

Wicked week music wise. Loads of hot shit, from ill mash up CDs to dope Stones Throw mixes to shit hot DnB mixes from esb and the bitterbrew crew. I still haven't put up the DJ Krust interview, b/c I haven't had the hours of time it takes to get it edited right, but my DOA review of his Hidden Knowledge 2xCD is up now. I was also made a mod, but that's nothing too major. In any case, let's get on with this weekend's jams... loads of DnB for ya! Thick with Horizons Music Group tunes, but that's how it goes...

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/Aspect "It's Yours (Original Unreleased Mix)" [horizons music]
02/Redeyes "Drama Revenge" [crisis]
03/Resound "Children of Jah (Digital Remix)" [orgone]
04/Gremlinz & Stranjah "Banshee" [mindrush]
05/Phace & N.Phect "Cavity" [syndrome]
06/Digital "Murder" [progress]
07/Logistics "Every Beat Of The Heart" [hospital]
08/Cartridge "Chemistry Connections (Martsman Remix)" [plain audio]
09/Alix Perez "All Alone" [spearhead]
10/Genetic Sequence "Love Crisis" [transmute]


01/Nas vs. Black Sabbath "Shoot The War Pigs" [mash-up] (yes, this is a mash between "Made You Look" and "War Pigs". Yes it's dope.)

02/Clipse ft. Slim Thug "Wamp Wamp (What It Do)" [??] (what it do? kind of odd hearing them on that Houston shit, but that beat is ridic.)
03/The Roots "Can't Stop This" [def jam] (yes, this is the J. Dilla tribute. Yes, all 8 mins plus are dope. Yes, I'm STILL mourning...)
04/Indellible MC's "Weight" [??] (fav track that they did together...)

word. that's all that's truly been rocking me this week. gotta get some ish done before the cookout tomorrow. holla at me.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh No!

Oh No, aka Madlib's lil brother, aka producer and MC supreme, aka the man who had the illest beats on the NBA 2K6 video game, aka part of the Cali Wild crew, touched down on Mary Anne Hobbs' show on BBC Radio 1 recently. He left this 27+ min mix of Stones Throw jams to celebrate their 10th Anniversary... download HERE, stream it HERE, and peep the tracklisting on this MySpace blog post...

Want more Oh No info?

Oh No page on Stones Throw website
Oh No on interview @

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Gnotorious Gnarls Biggie

Saw this link initially on the XXL website. Was figuring it was a mashup, so I peeped the official website link. Thought that Cee-Lo/Ready To Die cover was fucking hilarious. Now, I'm not a big fan of this Gnarls Barkley LP, but I like this mashup. It's more in the vein of the Grey Album, where the Gnarls LP was more or less chopped up and the BIG lines were thrown over top. It works well, actually. Doesn't make me love Danger Mouse any more or less, but it's fun to hear Biggie's lines resurrected over non-Diddy beats.

Grab it before it's gone.

Need more info on this? Peep the
Sound Advice crew's blog post about this concoction. And enjoy. Pay homage to BIG, and try to give Cee-Lo a chance, I guess. Caps & Jones shits all over them, but you ain't heard that from me.

PS: This "Ten Feng Shui Commandments" track is the best thing on there.

PPS: You know, I've given this a night's rest... well... 13 hours to sleep on it. I don't think I like this as much as I like the idea that DM went from being on the outside looking in (cease & desist order and all) to now being on the inside looking out. I posted this up as a bulletin on my MySpace, and I have Gnarls Barkley on my "friends list" (I hate that term, I have more contacts than true friends on my MySpace...) they are down with an Atlantic subsidiary... will he be down with them cease and desist orders that are sure to come down on this project? I like standing up for mash-ups that challenge the mainstream profile... peep the Q-Unit and American Edit albums... in the name of Double Dee & Steinski, let the mash-ups go!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pharrell "In My Mind" [review]

For as much as Pharrell and Chad do for other artists (peep this list), they constantly shit on themselves. Any CD where they are the main attraction (Clones, the N*E*R*D LPs), they seem to take this "I'm gonna do it for dolo" idea, which never seems to work for their nerdcore. P tries to change that for himself, but he forgot that he needs to do more than just create hot beats on his debut solo album, In My Mind. The beats are fire, as you would expect... lush keys, ill drum rolls (one of my fav pieces of this album), tons of percussive flairs, and just dope work with and without samples. For the majority of this album, though, you'd only think that Felonious (??) P has "BAPEstas", "Ice Creams" and fat asses on his mind. That's true for many of his fans and like-minded artists, but with an album title like In My Mind, you'd expect him to spread his wings and take more chances subject-wise.

The initial idea of this album was to craft 7 Hip-Hop tracks and 7 R&B tracks... he does this, but could have made an EP with the amount of same-themed tracks. It's almost as if he remixed "Can I Have It Like That", his snoozer of a pre-single single with Gwen Stefani. While this tune has an intro that sounds like a Dre track, the rolling double-bass is what you want to check for. Of course, he raps "She like the way my hands use her body for hand warmers" is not only vulgar, but unimaginative. If I wanted crass sex lyrics, I'd throw on some Ghostface with his "ping-pong pussy, wild world of wombs" shit. The one thing I noticed, at least with the Rap tracks, is each track starts out the same... the kick/sample hits 4 times or however many times before kicking into the main meat. Why? Who knows. "How Does It Feel?" has a nice live-sounding drum beat to it, with some smooth horn sounds laid over top. P wants to know how it feels to dream about being like him. Thanks for making me feel even worse than I already do about my lack of funds, fucker. And write a better chorus next time. He gets introspective with "Best Friend", which has a very entrancing synth melody to it. He waxes poetic about his family life: losing his grandmother, sticking with his friends and such. Nice until it gets to that odd chorus... it's got random drum fills, key stabs and a thump to it that just doesn't go right. Slim Thug drops in to slob on P with "Keep It Playa", which has a grating keyboard melody. The drums in a lot of these tracks sound live as hell though --- I have no liner notes, so I cannot say if they used a live drummer or not, but it sure sounds like it!

The R&B section starts with "Angel", which sounds like an 8th grade garage band trying to make some hip-hop beats. The initial line "She got an ass like a loaf of bread, you wanna take a slice" sounds like P needs to grow up a bit and come with some stronger lyrics. P then throws 2 songs on one track: "Young Girl", which features Jay-Z rapping about making a 19 yr old his wifey, while P tries to get his Prince on; the 2nd half of this track, "I Really Like You", is the best R&B cut on this whole disc. The whole thing comes together. The music rolls nice, and P sings in that "Frontin'" high pitch, but sounds a lot more relaxed. That's one of the main problems with Skateboard P's singing: in the past, whether it was on choruses or on "Frontin'", the whole selling point on his "voice" was that it didn't sound as if he was trying to be something he isn't. On this disc, neph really wants to be Jamie Foxx or some shit! Nelly drops in on the oddest joint on here, "Baby"... I have no idea wtf he's on about, but the beat is just a sad concoction of a weak guitar riff on top of a beat that sounds like pounding on the lunchtable, but then it morphs into a rip off of that old "Nasty Boy" track from back in the day. P then has the NERVE to get all religious with "Our Father", right after talking about "rolling up a $100 bill" to his "baby". What's that all about?

This album is an album of formulas. The ones that work are the ones that are time tested and, sadly, tired at this point of the game. The beats are dope, but we've heard all of these songs before. The R&B tracks especially are very wishy washy. The fact that the majority of them are intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-8 bar "bridge"-reprise is insulting to the true fans, the ones who have followed these dudes since they got big off of "Superthug". You'd expect more than that. Too much rhyming about being iced out and not enough of the introspective stuff IMO. We all know P is not as massive as he tries to put himself out there to be... why keep fronting? And to have a track with Kanye ("Number 1") be possibly the worst piece of shit on this filthy album? Totally insulting... even the bonus track, "Skateboard P Presents Show You How To Hustle", found a way to disappoint me. While I was wanting to hear P let his peeps get down, he spits some tired drug tales that HE ADMITS (mid-track) TO NOT EVEN LIVING! What a fucking waste of the hottest track on here. Head nodding kicks, a seriously sick organ line that switches up for the 7th bar only... whoa. I would have LOVED to hear Clipse, Slim Thug, hell, Snoop and Jay murk this track. And that's the main problem I have with this CD: I would have LOVED to hear this be a compilation, with selected artists doing their thing over each of these beats. I do not want to hear P on any of these, not as the main attraction anyways. Sad but true.

Thing is, that's not what this is about. At the end of the day, P and Chad (who apparently only engineered the beats oslt) want to make loot. Will the consumer purchase this? I've been going back and forth about this... and I'm really on the fence. Given the past lack of sales, I highly fucking doubt it, especially with no real follow up single. I think he might try to work "Angel" or "Take It Off", maybe the joint with Snoop on it, but I just don't see people going crazy for this CD.

rock the dub rating: 5 out of 10 stars. Too much P on the mic, not enough thought/heart on the pad. Maybe next time, Skateboard Pizzle.

Pharrell's In My Mind is in stores July 25th. For more Pharrell info and news, peep his website.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I said Goddamn!

Boy is it hot. Heat Index up in the Northeast is on some bullshit... oppressive heat, peeps.

I've been on some lazy shit, partly due to the heat, partly to just on some up down up down work schedule. No real time to rest, or so it seems...

I've got an interview with DJ Krust that I need to edit. Shouts to him. He's the man. His new album is the shit. I have a review written for DOA that they are going to be posting soon... I hope.

I also have a few reviews that I'm going to be working on... namely the In My Mind album that Pharrell is FINALLY dropping on the 25th. I think I should have that done by this week, don't you think?

Did you guys check out the Horizons Music Digital store @ Juno Records? You guys need not sleep...

Oh, I also updated a gang of links on my "Diversions" list on the right side... it's in alpha order, to make things a bit easier. Mainly, those are either affiliated sites, or sites I just fuck with. Word.

Do you guys know how dope Wu-Tang Clan's Wu Tang Forever LP is? This guy doesn't. I've been rocking this hard the last week or so... gotta love that post-36 Chambers sound RZA was rocking. Peep "The Projects", "Heaterz", "For Heaven's Sake", and of course, "It's Yourz" if you think I'm bullshitting.

I'm out, White Men Can't Jump is on. I'll be more dilligent this week.

PS: to tide you over during this massive muggy phase, check out a few mixes courtesy of the bitterbrew squad. d4t4 cooked up this hot 1999-2001 era DnB mix... hidden gems like the Accidental Heroes' "Forgotten World" and Teebee's "Spage Age". DJ ESB also hooked up this CLASSIC No U-Turn Mini Mix for the Jungletrain crew as well. Loads of old school Ed Rush & Nico collabos in this. No "Proton", but you can't win everyone, right? Enjoy!