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HIp-Hop is alive.

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Today J Dilla's The Shining was released. If you want that real, do yourself a favor and cop the disc (or 2 copies of the vinyl if you are a TRUE DJ).

Also, Wise Intelligent and Scienz of Life have a show in NJ coming up September 7th, 2006. Peep the flier:

Gotta love that; get more info at Wise's MySpace page. Not much else you really should cop on this New Music Tuesday, unless you like a scatter brained album by 2 guys who haven't been on point for years now... that's on you.


the shuffle. [8/19/06]

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What's up world? Been a busy week for ya boy... my homie at work had a situation with his family, and with my wife damn near ready to deliver, I've been hit with "Where's ya boy?" by so many people... it's kind of crazy. And with all of the odd shit going on this week, it's kind of ill to have people holler about that stuff... but I guess it's good to escape the regular GMA news every once in a while.

There isn't much going on though, aside from the long wait for Jayden to get here. I have a few Acid-mixes I need to do... big up to Azkel. I'm enthused, and ready to take my art to another level. Oh, and I saw this ill movie/documentary today called Rock Fresh. It's kind of like that flick Scratch for graf artists. If you are into aerosol arts, you need to peep this flick ASAP. It kind of woke up my creative side, but the balance of that is going to be HECTIC by this time next month. I'll be able to freak it though. No rest for the wicked.

01/Just to get it off of my chest, let's get into dude who confessed to the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Now, for starters, I don't believe dude. I mean they say he knew shit that only the killer would know about the scene, but we have no idea what that info was. He has not only kept in contact with the professor who made a few documentaries on this situation, but he is an obsessive pedophile. The look in his eye is just too fucking eerie for me to believe what's coming from his mouth. We will see how this plays out, but I just don't think neph did it.

02/In more news that is rocking the nation, we are still reeling from this terrorist plot that got thwarted in the UK. Did you guys hear about the 12 year old boy who got on a plane in the UK sans boarding ticket, passport, or pass? For the love of God! We're lucky that this lil fucker was only running away... if he had bad intentions, his lil bad ass could have set a whole plane on fire. I mean what are we really doing? We raise the terror level via color, but don't keep a clamp down on bastards boarding planes? I am glad I don't travel that way (not that I'd have anywhere to go)... I'd gladly take 3 hrs of checks over lil bastards boarding planes with no info.

03/The battling Bills say: AIDS WILL BE STAMPED OUT! Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are on a crusade to murk AIDS in our communities. I can only hope that they are serious... it's one thing that these old white bastards are like 20 years late --- it's been a long time coming, and too many bodies have left this earth or have been ruined over a disease many believe was man-made and can be cured quickly. I just hope their asses are telling the truth and are ready to rid out nations of this disease. And how ill would it be? I mean, this would be one of the first pandemics in a while that was cured... I mean Chris Rock said the last shit that was cured was polio... how long has it been since someone with polio been in the hood? Think about that...

04/In Republican presidential news, this dude Senator Allen from VA made some fucked up remarks about one of his opponents' cameramen. (View video here) He kept calling dude "macaca". From my quick, one minute research, this word has both racial and just plain fucked up connocations. And the funny thing is, his political people say it's a play on the hairstyle the camera guy had (he rocked a mullet), which they mistook as a mohawk. What a bunch of baloney. This bastard won't last 5 mins. in a primary. Quote me on that.

05/New Jersey just had an Attorney General resign over some dumb shit. Word is her boyfriend, a lawyer, was pulled over and found to have a suspended license AND an improperly registered vehicle... but they let dude drive home!? The beef with the AG is that she came to the scene. They believe that she spoke to the cops when she came to the scene. I don't think it's right, but shit, if I was in a jam like that, I KNOW wifey would be there with the quickness. I just wonder how he passed her background check. Wouldn't "fucked up license" be an automatic decline of app?

06/Some odd shit surrounding Oliver Stone's World Trade Center movie: one of the rescuers has come forward to declare that he is black. Odd thing about all of this is that a reunited X-Clan has decided to wage a boycott on this flick due to the omission. My thing is this: dude only gave his name as Sgt. Thomas. Is it wrong for the filmmaker to assume that he was white? Probably... but wtf did he have to go on? Sounds like a reach to this black man here.

07/Now, I know I normally hit you guys with a bunch of bits and pieces of Rap info, but this week I seem to have acquired quite a bit of Pop music info. With Christina, Justin, Beyonce, and others dropping albums this summer/early fall, the drama is flying! First up, Justin. Do you know he was talking smack about Taylor Hicks? He said homey couldn't carry a tune! I am beginning to like Justin more each time he speaks. He also 'joked' about Kanye not making original music, but then he quickly covered that one up... too funny though. If his album is only as crazy as his barbs, I might be enthused... In my review of Christina's latest album, I mentioned the track "F.U.S.S.", which is said to be a dart thrown right @ Scotty Storch. Apparently, this cat is fighting back! He called her latest album "full of fillers", and said she should fire her management for letting him slip through her fingers. Shit, all of this over a plane? I have no real Beyonce news, aside from the fact that this bitch is on a maple syrup diet. No bullshit, this seems to be the rage among dumbasses who think that drinks full of syrup and honey can supplement meals. I've seen cats down shots of hot sauce; drink everclear until they truly become blind. Maple syrup instead of a sandwich? I'll pass... I'll also pass on the hype this chick Fergie, from Black Eyed Peas and Kids, Incorporated fame. I'm not a fan of her "crew", nore am I a fan of her "London Bridge" single. Why they think they can build an album on her, who knows... and WTF is B-Real doing on there? It'll probably do great numbers, but I won't buy it. You also gotta love the balls on Chris Daughtry... he gets the boot off of Idol, turns down Fuel's offer to have him as their lead singer, but STILL RECRUITS their guitarist! I'd buy his album just for that stunt. Finally, that bastard Wyclef, instead of getting a Fugees LP together, is working on his own shit. From the looks of it, he wants to be a Haitian Dr. Dre... stop the illusion, duke.

08/It's official: watch sales have decreased with the rise of cell phones and iPods. I know you lot are DYING from that information, but people get paid to track shit like this.

09/MTV has gone too far... they outright banned a video by this group The Pack, basically saying it was a long ad for the popular Vans sneaker. You would think that in these days of sponsored concert tours that MTV would lighten up... I guess if they didn't go about it so blatantly, the wigs @ MTV wouldn't give 2 fucks about it. Or if the shit was made into a Cribs segment. Kind of silly if you ask me.

10/Well, well well... this kid didn't see dead people, he saw weed and alcohol. Haley Joel was brought up on some DUI and possession charges stemming from his car accident (driving a Saturn?!?!) recently. Maybe he sold his dope whip to smoke dope in a wack whip? What a maroon!

11/You thought BET's ignorance stopped with DMX being a functioning crack addict on national TV? Hold onto your hats! They plan on bringing forth an American Gangster series, highlighting a lot of the jigs that these jig rappers big up in their crack rap. From Tookie to Freeway Ricky, all points of nigger stardom will not be touched on the Black Entertainment TV. Anyone else feeling our race taking an even SHARPER decline with this?

12/Are people really going to watch Jerry Springer dance on primetime? I sure as shit hope not, but ABC is banking on him and Mario Lopez to bring more viewers into their fold. Good luck.

13/I have a few bits of information for the technology heads out there... first off, Microsoft is planning on creating a sort of YouTube for gamers who want to dabble in creating their own title(s). The idea is cool but to get the features you gotta spend like $100 per year. Get your game on, if this works, we might see more average mofos jump into the big time, ala amateur YouTube heads getting video deals and shit. Fox is planning on letting MySpace heads dload TV and movies via MySpace. $20 seems to be WAY TOO MUCH for a movie -- I could just buy the damn DVD for that price. They basically want to steal Apple's thunder, and it might work if they have the proper programs and software. Ease of use is the name of the game, and no one does it like Apple, so far. Speaking of Apple, the BBC is in the works getting DAB (digital audio broadcast) signals (that's the UK equivalent of satellite radio, essentially) onto iPods. Could this mean that having XM or Sirius on your iPods is something we can obtain in the near future? Fingers crossed... oh and have you guys ever called Dell's help line, and gotten routed to Indian customer service guys? Shitty hour wasted of your life, right? Is it any surprise that India had no problems with this recent Dell/battery fiasco?

14/Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne. What you doing getting caught with a gallon-size bag of ganja in your room? How did your boy NOT take the fall for you is an even bigger question... I mean is this life imitating art or what? Oh and speaking of dumb shit going on to people, what the hell was the Charlotte Bobcats' Lonny Baxter doing busting shots near the White House? Bye-bye NBA career!

15/I want to send a big RIP to Bruno Kirby. You were a terrific character actor, and will be missed by many.

OK this took way longer than I thought it would. I'm gonna head to bed... you guys be ez. And enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, August 18th 2006 playlist

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It's gonna look like my DnB is kind of exclusive... I can't help it, I got laced by a few people, mainly for forthcoming shit. It's work that I can play with. On the Rap tip, it's the same ol leaks. Nothing too major. Oh, and there will be more mixes to grab/snatch... you know how the dub do.

Let's get it on like Mills Lane.

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/Sabre "Language Barrier" [horizons music]

02/Random Movement "Police State" [liquid v]

03/Kanye West "Gold Digger (High Contrast Remix)" [whitelabel]

04/Breakage "Panic Room" [inperspective]

05/DJ Trax ft. Plastic Jam "Tomorrow's New Dawn" [crisis]

06/Bachelors of Science "Sweat" [horizons music]

07/DJ Motive "808 Love" [dubplate]

08/Unknown Error "The Yearning" [horizons music]

09/Beta2 "From A Dream" [horizons music]

10/Duo Infernale "Another Dimension" [timeless]


01/Nappy "Untitled Mashup" [my boy is on his grizz. that's all you need to know.]

02/Spec Boogie ft. Che Grand "Keep It Playa" [loosie] [2 brilliant MCs murking an ill Pharrell beat.]

03/Method Man ft. Raekwon & LA The Darkman "The Glide" [def jam] [RZA on that electric-clap. Rae steals the show.]

04/J Dilla "In The Streets" [bbe] [from his forthcoming LP Jay Love Japan. instrumental seduction.]

05/Masta Killa "Brooklyn King" [i still sleep on his album. I'll have to check it soon. he's waving that Wu flag though!]

06/M.O.P. ft. Busta Rhymes "Monkey Shit" [??] [when is their lp dropping?!?!]


*Tim Exile drops a new mix, full of his cut-up bidness. Not Coldcut... more like Coldcut downing a sheet of acid with a room full of drums and effects. Audio collage doesn't even begin to explain it. Hopefully I will get his interview completed... I'll keep you posted.

*DOA's double J shed some light on a new JuJu mix full of Dubstep. It's not the usual woofer busting shit, his style is a bit more focused, more intune to the roots side of original Dub. He also drops a few of his own dubstep noodlings. Best mix ever?

*Speaking of Dubstep, beatloaf drops a sick mix of Dubstep Vs DnB. Hearing Hazard & Breakage in the same mix is kind of strange... Loefah and Breakage!? Gotta love it!

*courtesy of Spine Magazine, here's the monthly mix from DJ Jon Doe.

*DNBMassive's Mikey Payload drops a mix that travels from Auckland to Belfast. Loads of liquid DnB for the masses. Peep the mix and peep the site, crazy resource for dubs.

That's all I have for you geeks this week. Check back ASAP.

Well, I do have one thing... my boy Gianni hooked me up with this link. Peep what you can do with Ableton Live, a turntable, some MIDI shit and a creative mind:

Spec Boogie remakes an album!


In the never ending search for quality music, aka "finding that new shit", I got an e-mail (like many other bloggers did) from Loosie Music in reference to an MC named Spec Boogie. It is called On My Grind and has Spec (and friends, including Che Grand) spitting venom over the instrumentals to Pharrell's In My Mind. How'd he get those, you might ask? Well, neph was smart enough to BUY the album on iTunes --- Pharrell made those instrumentals included with that purchase... how ill is that?!

In any case, I
doubt many bloggers listened to it, doesn't seem like it anyways. Well, I can't let that shit ride.

To be honest, I had heard of Spec before, but never heard him flow before. He's a Brooklynite, so he is able to flip tales of crack sales as well as just kick ill verbal barbs with ease. The one thing I liked is the face that he didn't really double up his voice: he has a nice, deep voice, and his ad-libs are just that, ad-libs, not too much re-emphasis on certain words. The tracklisting might use the same titles, but the situations get flipped: "Show You How To Hustle" goes from Pharrell speakin' on situations he's heard to Spec really giving you some Clipse-esque darts (the line about "moving whites in ya hood like gentrification" is a personal favorite)... "Best Friend" went from a heartfelt ode to family and friends to an ode about custom kicks
that would make Dallas Penn proud. "Baby" started out as a seductive come-on track, and gets warped into a theme song for Maury's "Paternity Test" shows. There are some that seem to miss the mark... the first couple of tracks seem to kind of drag for me; this truly didn't pick up until "Best Friend", where Spec showed more of his skills. And his back and forth with Che Grand on "Keep It Playa" is dope, that's my pick for best track of the CD. Spec even goes straight off the dome at the end and let's you know that the true freestyle is NOT a lost art.

Does this CD succeed? Yes. Spec is on his grizzly, and letting this release do the talking. You get to see him go from Mr. Loverman to the block hugger to the everyman to the kick fiend to the straight up rhyme slayer. This really makes me want to get into his skull and find out more about him. And I will, in the very near future... check this shit out, and see for yourself.

Peep the tracklisting:

01 Got It Like That 2:03
02 How Does It Feel? 2:14
03 Raspy Shit 3:33
04 Best Friend 4:22
05 Number One (f. Von Pea) 2:54
06 Show You How To Hustle 3:34
07 Baby (f. DonWill) 2:12
08 Stay With Me (f. Elucid) 2:50
09 Take It Off 1:42
10 Keep It Playa (f. Che Grand) 4:02
11 I Really Like You 3:13
12 Young Girl (f. Takenya Quann) 3:09
13 You Can Do It Too (f. Cyren Young) 5:22

And you can get this FREE from these links: Sendspace, Rapidshare and Megaupload. Those are provided by Loosie... if you can't get with those, scream at me, I might be persuaded to up a yousendit link.

EDIT: I have uploaded this mixtape to mediafire. You're welcome.

Spec Boogie @ MySpace.
Lessondary Crew @ MySpace.

rock the dub interview with Spec Bezel comin' soon. Uno.

big bushy sweater

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i love you
place no one above you
wish i could devote more time to just kissing and hug you
snuggle with the best woman, my best friend
'til death do us part, living life from end to end
regret when i can't spend more time taking you in
loving to hear your laugh, dying to make you grin
making my head swim, your love is intoxicating
you're my one and only, and on that there's no debating
no hating on what you do, i married you for you
carried you through the dark and into the light, where our love is true
beside you i plan to spend all of eternity
or at least until we leave this earthly habitat and our souls will run free
come see me for me, my heart's your heart
our life's one life, 3 kids and a fresh start
hot like pop tarts
sweet like those icies coming off the spanish man's cart on hot days
love to spend more lazy days just being with you, i cannot say enough
i just want to touch
take in every breath and exhale all of the bad stuff
times get rough, but we still stick together
no stormy weather could sever this ark we're building
tougher than leather
you're warm like a big bushy sweater
my love's not pleather
it's true blue like those panties that i used to love on you
used to adore you from afar, than you chose me
and i began to see
emerged a man from my kid seat
still learning how to live life truly free of heartache and pain
daily scuffles don't ruffle our feathers, and we're never vain
i know that i'm truly blessed to have a you right beside me
keeping me in line all the time, and if you can't find me
just stick out your hand, i'll grab it On Demand
walk with you until we hit the white sand
life with you is an extended vacation in a beautiful land
my ace, my dime, my only companion
i regret nothing except not being able to give you more
you're giving me a son
i could at least give you a door...
car, house, new job, walk-in closet
i wish i could live life in rewind, never pause it
except to prolong the sweet song we make when we meet
i'm walking on air, clouds at my feet
and you're my angel, the only one i'm glad i did meet...

i love you, baby. from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. i love you more now than i did yesterday, and will love you more each day. this is it for me, without you, i'm 1/3 of the man i should be. you complete me.

what, you guys don't get mushy? you gotta show your lady you care about having her there...

Christina Aguilera "Back to Basics" [review]


Who woulda thunk it: Christina Aguilera has put out an LP that is more Hip-Hop than DJ Shadow's latest release. She is also this generation's Madonna (sorry, Britney). This, all on the strength of a 22-track opus, Back to Basics, which has Christina revisiting the music she was brought up on: classic Soul, Jazz, R&B, all mixed in a Hip-Hop mindset (CD1), and a plethora of older sounds (Swing, ragtime Jazz) on the 2nd disc. You can essentially break down the CDs like this: disc 1 is helmed mainly by DJ Premier, who makes the album that Nas wishes he could make with Primo; Linda Perry (writer for Xtina, Pink, and many other artists) has the reigns held tight on CD2. She digs down deep, going from many tracks dedicated to her new husband, while others highlight her love for artists we have all grown to love and emulate (Aretha, Etta, Marvin, etc). And in doing all of this, Christina has done what Justin Timberlake did with Justified: she has set herself apart from the rest, and shown that she is more than just a Mouseketeer who can rock a summer-long tour.

The first single, the Primo-laced "Ain't No Other Man", is her first ode to her hubby. Over a faster paced bevy of dusty breaks and bright horns, Xtina proceeds to let her man know that ain't no one else doing it for her, and he should let everyone know she's on lock. This track, and the accompanying video, are the first hint of true Madonna-chameleon style: Christina threw away the chaps, turned up the soul, and just belts out. And she sounds like she's truly enjoying herself. I keep referring to Madonna because she is the best example of a pop artist reinventing themselves on each album. And this even feels more genuine that Timberlake purchasing crazy ghetto passes. There's an article in Rolling Stone where she talks about her grandmother's help in shaping her voice, playing her a load of older records, and Christina being able to channel their songs perfectly, and that's something you can hear in her songs, then and now. It's just that she is wearing those influences right on her forehead, as opposed to hiding them underneath cheeseball production. No other producer could have done it like Premier, either. "Back In The Day" has me reminiscing of the Gangstarr track from the Mo' Better Blues soundtrack in its feel and appreciation for the old school. For those who think Xtina doesn't still get grimey, she let's you know that she still has those tendencies on tracks like "Still Dirrty" and "Here To Stay". They are hot tracks, both freaking hot horn loops, but seem kind of out of place compared to some of the subject matter: "Oh Mother" is a somber love letter to her own mother, detailing a tough situation in their life. The gospel-flowing "Makes Me Wanna Pray" takes it right back to the church, full of wicked organ flourishes and what sounds like the whole state of Alabama on backing vocals, all professing her love for the man that has basically saved her from wallowing in despair. And this wouldn't be a Christina album without a lil' drama: "F.U.S.S.", whether she wants to admit it or not, is directed to Scott Storch, whom she had a falling out with during the making of this album, something about plane expenses or some nonsense. He fucked up though, this CD is gonna do numbers. The standout track on this disc, for me, is "Thank You (Dedication To Fans)", which does exactly what it says on the tin: with an awesomely cut intro of "Genie In The Bottle" over a vintage Primo boom-bip, Christina shouts praise to her dedicated fans, even letting their recorded voices shout praise back to her. It can sound like the oddest pat-on-the-back, but the lyrics are too sincere to feel like a Kanye-esque swollen head moment.

The second disc is where Christina and Linda Perry delve into even murkier territory, producing some true diamonds in the rough. The twisted intro of "Enter the Circus" is a bit too eerie for me, but it is a perfect lead in to the episodes that come forth. "Candyman" is a straight up swing track, funked up with a bit of the Hip-Hop, complete with her boppin' vocals. It's a sly number, for this Candyman does not deal in chocolate or murder... he does make her "cherry pop", if you catch her drift. My favorite track, "Save Me From Myself", finds Christina going very blues-y over just some beautifully plucked guitar strums and strings. Her voice is so soft, and the words just hit you right in the ticker. The next track, "Mercy On Me", sounds more Fiona Apple than blues, but she holds her own on this lazy number. The filter on "I Got Trouble" really transports her sound to the early 1920s, when the turntables had large cones to project the sound and the singers had more soul in their pinky toe than most of these new jack fakers have in their entire budget. The only qualm I have with disc 2 is that while the first disc sets itself up as a running theme throughout the 13 tracks, this disc seems to be a bunch of outtakes, or rather singularly themed tracks. This takes nothing away from their power or quality, but it is a bit disheartening when you get off the high of that beautiful 1st disc to a sort of mish-mash of sounds and styles on the 2nd.

While there are some missteps (too many "Fighter"-sounding cuts on the 2nd disc, and a few tracks on the first that mimic Mariah a bit too much), Christina has taken her career into her own hands, which grants her much respect and is a plus if she is truly trying to have her name uttered with the same passion as people say "Aretha" or "Billie". Can she continue this quality? Will her fans take well to her change in sound? How will she pull this off on tour? No matter how the chips fall, something tells me she will land on her two tiny feet, polished and ready to take us on another wild ride.

rock the dub gives this album an 8 out of 10: a surprising turn for a gifted artist, Christina is stepping out onto uncharted territories, and gains crazy respect with each twist and turn.

Back to Basics is out NOW. Check it out on Amazon. If you want to get more info on Christina, check out her official website.

Logistics "Now More Than Ever" - LP of the Week!

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Just letting you guys know, another one of my reviews is up on DOA as Album of the Week. Check this link.

Don't know who Logistics is? Check out his page on Hospital Records.

Check Logistics out on MySpace.

Also peep his discography on rolldabeats.

And now for a dope mix:

Logistics B2B Nu:Tone - Hospital Radio (May 25th, 2006)

the shuffle. [8/12/06]

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Beautiful Saturday early evening. About to crack another Heineken, previewing some new DnB releases, and at T-minus 20mins to 7PM, this house is about as quiet as it will be for a bit... new baby on the way. Wifey's at the baby shower right now... i hope they are doing good.

Odd week, this one. Loads of news, but I feel like it's the same news from me... waiting and wishing for my son to get here already! And not sleeping for some odd reason... who knows.

In terms of the blog, I have a few things going on... awaiting the answers back from a few interviews I sent off... gonna review C. Aggy's new album... the usual. I have a piece I need to do for Oh Word, as well as a spank load of reviews for various DnB heads... and no time to concentrate. So is the life, though.

*takes swig*, Let's get to it, shall we?

01/Did you know that listening to obscene/suggestive lyrics as a teen will make you more prone to having sex at an early age? A report released on Monday
suggests this. Now, this would have nothing to do with sexually suggestive movies or videos, no? Nothing to do with that shit. I mean, hell, I've listened to Rap for most of my life, and while I knew exactly what Snoop meant on his first album, I wasn't out calling bitches ho's and making them suck my dick for rocks. It's parenting (or lack of), not music, that will truly decide how your child will turn out.

02/For you Avon Barksdale fans out there, HBO announced that Season 4 of The Wire
will begin on September 10th. If you are like me, though, and own HBO On Demand, you can catch the first episode on September 4th via On Demand. Gotta love it. Apparently, this season will focus on the education system? Looks like some kids get caught between the drug life and and studies... I know I'll be watching! Oh, and speaking of HBO originals, it looks like The Sopranos will be touched by a Baldwin... Daniel Baldwin is set to star in the movie-within-the-show, Cleaver (working title?), which Chrissy calls "Saw meets Godfather 2", whatever that means. Should I be happy about this?

03/MTV's "newlywed" shows are a doomed ship: first, Nick left horse-toothed Jessica (
or vice versa), then Dave Navarro let Carmen Electra go. Now it seems that Travis Barker, the one of blink-182 and Boost Mobile commercial fame, is leaving his wife, who was a former Miss USA, apparently. And not bad looking, either. She did seem to be an airhead too, so maybe he just got tired of her asking silly questions. Who knows, but all I know is this: if you aren't married like 10 years before getting a reality show on MTV, fucking RUN from that contract!

04/Those Danity Kane chicks better feel lucky that they weren't in Diddy's first "Making The Band" group... that fucker Choppa, who is now being called "Young City" for God knows WHAT reason, just
got picked up on some armed robbery shit. Well, the warrant was out for him, but I guess that Bad Boy South money wasn't long enough... not that the nigga could sing, or was mature, but damn, homie, make something of yourself!

05/OK, so Snoop
holding 2 women on leashes on live TV during the MTV VMAs? Good. A cartoon lampooning the incident.. offensive?

06/Now that we're on the subject of Rap culture and, well, ignant ass niggas, let's delve into a chunk of Rap star goings-ons... Lil' Flip has
finalized a deal to sign with Asylum, which seems perfectly happy signing deals with shitty MCs. Peep that article to see this nigga talking about his dopy of his album being "watermarked"... nigga, you just heard that term yesterday, let's be serious. Let me hear you spittin your "freestyles" about watermarking your shit. Also wanting to be on the move is Lil' Kim, who is said to be fed up with Atlantic, probably over her last album doing piss-poor numbers. Go figure. Holla at Asylum, ma! The douches over at SOHH let loose that Scarface, the kingpin of Rap-A-Lot, is said to be leaving the label over shady dealings, to the point where nigga is like "I ain't doing no mo' solo LPs!"... christ. Holla at Asylum, face-mooooob! Now after Outkast stayed silent throughout the whole debacle about the split CDs for their last official release, they finally come out and deny breakup rumors. My suggestion: give it up. Andre, you know you are hating on Rap right now, go act, nigga. Go do Four Brothers 2: Grandpa Got Murked or something. Let Big Boi be a Purple Ribbon mogul. And if all else fails, holla at Asylum! MC Supernatural was entered into the Guiness Book of World Records for freestyling for over nine hours! I wonder how many times he talked about being the illest rapper? Nah, he's the illest... We also learned this week that Jay-Z is trying to find out how to get water to Africa. Bol thinks that Jay should just stop worrying about this water stuff and work on his LP... I agree with that to a point. In other Roc-A-Fella news, rumors are flying about Kanye West getting engaged? I'm not sure if I believe this one or not... his ego seems too big to allow him to care for someone else on that level. We shall see, I guess... and on a final note, in dead rapper news, the trial that I like to call "Biggie Smalls vs. LAPD" has hit another snag... new motions made by Volletta's team have been denied. Apparently, there is a conflict on trying to include a few of the officers in the suit, claiming that they were at the scene of the crime that night. Lord, help Ms. Wallace find out who murked her son.

07/That nigga Maurice Clarett is something else. Four years ago, he was big pimpin' it on the field at Ohio State. Now, nigga
gets caught with 4 loaded gats and alcohol. Now, they speculate that he might have went to cap off on some chick who was gonna testify against him, but Illseed thinks there's a link between him and a Rap mogul who he owes bread to, allegedly. (Word is neph has the same lawyer, David Kenner, who repped for Death Row back in their heyday)... we shall see. Someone get this jig some help before he hurts someone!

08/Skype, one of the leading companies bringing you Voice over IP phone service, is planning on
getting into the mobile phone business. How crazy will that be? I mean, that should translate to cheaper phone calls for users of that phone... one can dream, can't he?

09/For those of you afraid of losing all of your San Andreas gats and money, Sony is making an adapter that will allow PSOne & PS2 memory cards to be read by the PS3. Geeks of the world, rejoice. And save up for that jammy, whenever it drops... in other Sony news, they have a new product forthcoming called "mylo", which is set to let you use products like Skype and cruise sites like YouTube. 5GB of space on that jammy too... is it worth it, though? For teens on the go, of course! Parents, get your wallets out!

10/The good folks over at Oh Word have dropped the illest 25 tracks from the last 6 months... some surprises, but the list really isn't deniable.

11/After all of that Jew talk Mel Gibson did in a drunken stupor, he is now on the chopping block: Disney is deciding whether it should be keeping Apocolypto on it's schedule. The timing might be funny, b/c I know Disney is axing mad jobs over there. Mel isn't the only one hitting rehab, though: Robin Williams fell off the wagon *again!* and has checked into rehab. Good for him, go Mrs. Doubtfire!

12/I read in the latest Dime Magazine that Stephon Marbury has a new clothing line coming out called Starbury. Ho, hum, right? Thing is: the clothes are gonna be on the cheap. Talking like nothing is going to be over $14..98, sneakers included! He wants to do it for mothers on a budget, which you can't hate on, and the quality is supposed to be fresh. I believe September is the month this line wil be out... where? Who knows... my boy thinks it will be Payless, but who KNOWS what he has up his sleeve.

13/Lou Diamond Phillips got arrested on some spousal abuse shit. I mean, yeah, your career is down the toilet... is that a good reason to hit on your lady? Beat up your agent, or fuck up your director! Don't beat wifey... that ain't good for business.

14/Word came this week that the powers at be for DVDs said they are going to go a lil' lax on the procedures invovled in burning DVDs. Apple is said to be one of the companies interested in this... I can only see this as a plus! I mean, they lost crazy loot making discs unable to be recorded. I support free reign of the products I buy, so anytime I can't do something, I will rebel. End of the day, though, they are looking to get into the download-and-burn sites that are making software like this available more every week.

OK I hope you guys can wrap your heads around some of that madness. Keep it locked for more info. And, as always, if you have any topics you think might interest me, hit me up.


Friday, August 11th 2006 playlist

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Crazy music, this week. Most of this week's playlist is what I like to call "up front", because I've been dealing with people I know and up and coming guys, I just like hearing that new sound. I also have about 8 mixes to link in this bitch too, so let's get it cracking...

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/Blu Mar Ten "Deep Inside" [shogun audio]
02/Commix "Talk To Frank" [metalheadz]
03/Soundclash "Bang Bang" [xs]
04/GianniMaz "Hope Floats (working title?)" [dubplate]
05/Typecell "Illumination" [dubplate]
06/Senses & Survival "Lisys" [horizons music]
07/Pr0gress "A Million Miles" [dubplate for now]
08/Bishop "2eighty7" [dubplate]
09/Redeyes "Behind Closed Doors" [spearhead]
10/TK "Substance" [nu directions]


01/Sean Price ft. Buckshot "Cardiac" [taken from his forthcoming album, Jesus Price: Superstar. captivating beat, ill flows.]
02/Christina Aguilera "Thank You (Dedication To Fans)" [taken from her forthcoming double CD, Back To Basics. Primo cutting up "Genie In The Bottle" is my shit. Also, peep the "Back In The Day RMX" featuring that new nigga, Termanology (big up Spine Mag).]
03/The Game "It's Okay (One Blood)" [I won't go into how neph took a MAJOR L, I just hope the sophmore is the truth.]
04/Pharoahe Monch "Push" [weird track. I dig it, but it's weird hearing Monch do more singing and stuff than rapping. Let's hope the new LP features more mic technique.]
05/Cham ft. Alicia Keys "Ghetto Story (Remix)" [she did her thing. loving this one!]
06/Kelis ft. Nas "Blindfold Me" [ROFL. Mr. and Mrs. Jones get it in over an odd beat. No comment.]
07/Monica ft. Dem Franchise Boyz "Everytime Tha Beat Drop" [knocks in the whip. end of.]

OK, now let's get to these mixes:

*Spinline's Transmogrification mix 2006 August -- very dark, dubby styles on this one. loads of exclusives, as well as favorites like Amit's "Immigrants" and Digital's "Get Away". if you like the Dub DnB styles, peep this NOW!

*The Fix come with another dubby-style mix, finding time to even throw in some Ink, Keaton and Alpha Omega! don't sleep on this one!

*that dude Methodus drops a more liquid/soulful style mix on this collection from the "Who Am I" series from my "Just Memories" fav is on there, as well as a beautiful Chino lick.

*NC's kapsil comes wth a new mix for August '06, and mixes a nice combo of older and newer, funky and deep, just plain interesting tunes. not too many DJs will drop tunes by Paradox, Konflict, Duo Infernale and Jonny L in the same mix. beautiful shit.

*ESB & RollandBurn celebrate Detuned Radio's 3 year anniversary... 3 hours! Respect to the bitterbrew.

*Caps & Jones drop a new mix for the summer, complimenting their spring mix. Check out the mixture of flavors... this is more than a mashup.

*boj lucki drops DUB FI DUB Pt. 3, and yes, it's chock full 'o dubs! mostly on some dubby flavours (YT, Tactile, etc), and he even drops some Demolition Man and a few bootlegs (Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes)... peep!

*DJ Excision dropping an intense dubstep mix... "7th Curse" by Headhunter... watch out!

Hate it or love it, but this post if THICK! Go do your homework, kids! BE EZ!

rtd forthcoming...

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What's up world? Just marinating right now, really...

Been a crazy last couple of weeks... sometimes it feels like I'm gettin' it at all angles, people slingin' shit and I'm trying to dodge it while getting other shit done... it can be hard work, but I'm still here.

Just wanted to let you guys know... watch out for a new interview, hopefully I'll get the answers back soon. We'll see...

Also got some things brewing with the Horizons Music Group. Loads of newness forthcoming from them...

Finally (in the forseeable future), I'll be doing a review of the Back To Basics album of Christina Aguilera's, forthcoming next week. I think I'm gonna stick to a Monday schedule with new release reviews... how's that sound?

Keep it locked...


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You gotta love when rappers contradict themselves... here's a few glaring examples:

Method Man (in Part II of his interview) speaking on the "Say I" single, and how he would speak about it on the radio...

"They’re saying I went to the radio stations discrediting the single. How could I discredit one of my own fuckin’ songs that I spit on?"

And now, from the same interview, is him talking about when the "All I Need" single came out...

"I did everything in my power to discredit that fuckin’ song and the shit still went platinum as a single."

So he doesn't discredit the track when it sucks and gets no spins, but is willing to discredit it if its doing well? Something's gotta give, Meth.

Now, on to Kanye West, and his views towards homosexuals. He went on MTV talking about how the word 'gay' is now perceived to be the 'opposite of Hip-Hop', but then on DJ Khaled's "Grammy Family", he's all "Used to hit the radio them faggots ain't let me on"...

Just gotta love those double standards. It's fucked up until you can use it, right? This might be a developing idea... keep it locked.

[rock the dub Interview]: Wise Intelligent

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You know I have to rep for my hood; Trenton, NJ is where I was born and raised, and when I was a shorty, there was one video that Ralph McDaniels and other outlets would blast: "Rock Dis Funky Joint". There were scenes shot in projects not too far from my childhood home, as well as ill shots taken on the Trenton Makes bridge. The group was the Poor Righteous Teachers, and the standout MC of that crew was a man by the name of Wise Intelligent. He had a mixture of the rapid fire flows of that time, as well as lacing his darts with intelligence and social commentary. Many fans only knew "Rock Dis Funky Joint", and didn't realize that PRT pretty much helped pioneer (uncredited in many circles) the true conscious Hip-Hop movement of that time. They dropped 3 slept on albums, and at this point, Wise is out doing his own thing with his Intelligent Muzik movement. With a new mixtape and album set to come out, khal got a chance to question Wise on where he came from, where he's at, and where he's going.

khal: First and foremost, thanks for the opportunity to let us re-familiarize ourselves with one of the unsung heroes of Hip-Hop. For the uninitiated, can you please let us know who Wise Intelligent is, who you are affiliated with, etc?

Wise Intelligent: I’m one third of Trenton, NJ’s and Hip-Hop'sPoor Righteous Teachers; Holy Intellect, Pure Poverty, Black Business, The New World Order and all uh dem ting. Lyrically, I’m your favorite rapper's favorite rapper! Not only did MC’s get knowledge of self from PRT album’s, but they also found a lot of their flows in these same albums. So in a nutshell, I am the progenitor of a lot of what’s HOT today!

khal: Do you think that growing up in Trenton, NJ, has shaped your style differently than if you had grown up somewhere bigger like NYC or Philly?

Wise Intelligent: Maybe, and maybe not! The people, the surroundings, and experiences is what adds on to a man, the way he perceives his environment and develop ideas concerning the world around him. Through my travels abroad I have come to the understanding that every “black community” with exception to a few catch phrases are identical in their poverty, oppression, suffering, decay, etc. I’m not one to follow what the masses are doing either, so I would definitely have brought something new and original to Hip-Hop regardless to where I was from. After all I’m “The Talented Timothy Taylor!”

khal: Let’s take it back to 1990, when PRT dropped Holy Intellect. What was going through your mind back then? Were you just happy to be signed, or did you know exactly what you were doing back then? Do you have any regrets in regards to choices you made back then?

Wise Intelligent: The manifestations brought forth on that particular album represent a young black male in America coming into knowledge, the first steps toward righteousness. You ask “what was I thinking?" That’s just it, I wasn’t thinking at all. Not in an ignorant since of the statement, but rather the fact that, I am at most times a vessel being used to convey certain truths. My responsibility in this role is not to think, but to choose and except. The thoughts already exist in the Universal Sub-Conscious Mind of God. We just choose, and the thoughts we choose to accept will become our reality. In other words, such thoughts will find their author. Thus, HOLY INTELLECT. As far as regrets, there’s only one; if I had Another Chance at Life, I’d listen to me a bit more!

khal: There are some who believe that a lot of the 5% ideas, as well as your heavy social commentary, were slept on back in the day. When people think of consciousness in Hip-Hop, they seem to skip over you and PRT. Why is that, do you think? Does that upset you at all?

Wise Intelligent: 90% of the people of this world don’t and won’t know shit if it is not marketed to them! This is the west we are living in. Don’t you remember, the leaders of Europe (the Emperor and the Church) would teach the masses only what would influence public opinion in whatever way favorable to their agenda? America is an extension of Europe, and the people only believe what they have seen and/or heard on BET, MTV, VH1, Clear Channel, VIBE, XXL, SOURCE, ABC, NBC, etc. So while PRT was not being marketed, groups who were being marketed could take “pieces and bits of all my hip hop hits” (to quote Rakim) and claim it for themselves. I’m not ever upset about it, my goal is not to be the “king of rap.”

khal: There is a lot of patois and Jamaican flows throughout your work, from 1990 to now. Is that part of your lineage? Do you feel any kinship to cats like the Marleys, or prophets like Capleton?

Wise Intelligent: Well no, I’m not Jamaican, my mothers root goes back to Barbados. And of course I feel kinship with all of Jamaica and the Caribbean. We are ONE people in a deeper since than slave-ships. But, that’s another interview.

khal: Can you break down the “Back to School” project you talked about on All Hip-Hop previously? I know The Talented Timothy Taylor project was the 1st of the reportedly 5-CD box set? Please explain your motivation behind this project, and what you hope to accomplish.

Wise Intelligent: The “Back 2 School” box set is actually 7 albums; one disc for each period in a school day. The First Period which is “WISE INTELLIGENT IZ….The Talented Timothy Taylor” will be followed by WISE INTELLIGENT IZ…The Unconquerable Jezus Jonez (7/7/07), and WISE INTELLIGENT IZ….El Negro Guerro, and so on…The concept behind the box set is that we are living in a severely dumbed-down, anti-intellectual environment, so I have decided to go against the grain and take hip hop Back 2 School! She’s truant, she’s “in the trap”, she “in the mall” she’s “in the club” she’s “going down” because she’s everywhere except where there is knowledge. That’s why the cover has the scantily clad sister (Hip-Hop) on a bike and we’re headed “Back to School.”
Hopefully when school let’s out I would have left a sound catalogue of knowledge, wisdom, ghetto-political social-commentary, style and substance.

khal: What’s going on with Intelligent Muzik? Is this just a label, or is it deeper than that? Do you have any other projects on the horizon under that umbrella?

Wise Intelligent: Intelligent Muzik iz by all means a movement that focuses greatly on the unknown element of Hip-Hop which is activism. Intelligent Muzik's mission is to become the first community owned and operated label in the form of a not-for-profit that trains urban youth in careers in and surrounding the muzik industry. Starting with how to own and profit from your talent.

khal: I know it’s gotta be hard to pick just one, but do you have a favorite track from your catalogue? Is there any project you wish you could redo, and if so, why?

Wise Intelligent: I haven’t made my favorite song yet. I guess that’s what’s keeping me sharp. I would like to do Black Business over, simply because I could have expounded on many more relevant matters pertaining to the title than I did. Facts like blacks account for less than 1% of all the business receipts in the country, how in 1860 90% of all blacks worked for whites and today the numbers are the same. So that’s the one I’d do over.

khal: I have heard guys like Saul Williams say that Hip-Hop has gone Republican; Cam’Ron has even called himself Bush when speaking about his rap battles. Why do you think that the mainstream is not pushing more conscious Hip-Hop? Who do you think is truly pushing that sound?

Wise Intelligent: I believe that we are getting “conscious Hip-Hop”, just conscious of what is the question. Today’s rap music is “money-conscious” and or “street-conscious.” Some have argued that the lack of positive images and lifestyles in mainstream “black” music is because positive rap don’t sale! I am not one who subscribes to this belief. PE sold, Fugees sold, Kanye sold "Jesus Walks"? Again it’s what’s marketed and made to look attractive to the masses. When you follow the links between The Bush administration, the Prison Industrial Complex, Clear Channel, Viacom and the Major recording companies you’ll begin to understand the “bigger picture.” But that’s another interview. Check out “The Globe Holders” track on BLESSED BE THE POOR?.

khal: Who or what is a bigger problem for the ghetto youth of today: the music that promotes ignorance or the government that keeps their feet on the back of the ghetto?

Wise Intelligent: Which is the “bigger” problem is not the question we should ask, rather “what is the biggest problem?” The music we listen to is a problem but is it THE problem, NO! The government has always dealt with blacks as sort of a second class pseudo-European populace, so we should expect their neglect. The problem for black youth in America whether rich or poor, free or slave is when their own so-called leadership i.e., their teachers, preachers, politicians, businessmen, authors, directors, athletes, and entertainers, are afraid to be BLACK! When we make decisions based on whether or not our words and/or actions will or will not offend white-folk! When we are afraid to teach our youth the truth about themselves, their culture and heritage and our gift of civilization, science, math, languages, medicine, etc. contributions that pre-date white man we create the problem. The problem is that our youth are being taught to envy their oppressors. This is why so many rappers assume positions of power in this muzik industry and take on the ways actions and characteristics of the oppressor. We have a desire now to be like this oppressor when the movement should be to replace him!

khal: I hear you’re still living in Trenton, NJ. I grew up in North Trenton; in fact my mom still lives in North Trenton. Do you think there’d ever be a time when you would move out of Trenton? Why or why not?

Wise Intelligent: Yes I will move out of Trenton soon enough. I need a farm land around me, at least the distance of 100 yards between myself and my closest neighbor. I love the people of Trenton, I just think that we all deserve better!

khal: Lead by Busta Rhymes’ “New York Shit”, there seems to be a brewing resurgence for the Tri-State area to try and re-claim the crown of this Hip-Hop thing. Do you think that this is possible right now, with so many fans loving the tracks coming from the South?

Wise Intelligent: Anything is possible but my attitude is and has always been, why can’t more than one style of rap music be marketed, promoted, positioned, played, consumed and exist simultaneously? Why must there be soooo much “tribalism.” We still haven’t learned from our past. We were divided on the continent of Africa into tribes (Yuroba, Mandinka, Songhai, Igbo, Hausa/Fulani, etc). The “Slave-trade” was supposed to bind up the divisions amongst us. On those boats we became one to deal with the common threat and experience. Today we don’t know what tribe we came from and rightfully so. We are suppose to be ONE people with many flavors!

khal: When you’re not making music and building your Intelligent Muzik foundation, what else do you get into? How does Wise Intelligent wind down?

Wise Intelligent: I’m a VERY family oriented man. My bride and my sons are my peace of mind, nothings more relaxing than time spent with them.

khal: Do you have any shout outs or words of wisdom to drop on the masses?

Wise Intelligent: Yes, The problem with the ghetto, the suburbs, the hood the government, the churches and everyone in the whole wide world is this; We all need to listen to MORE WISE INTELLIGENT, more INTELLIGENT MUZIK, MORE POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS! So the INTELLIGENT thing to do would be to log onto
Intelligent Muzik and my MySpace page and cop that “Blessed Be the Poor?” The Un-MixTape.

Big up to Wise and his people for setting this interview up. If you still haven't gotten enough Wise Intelligent, peep this interview that noz put up on Cocaine Blunts. Peep those links, check out his work, and try to do your homework on true Hip-Hop knowledge, as well as true life knowledge. Be easy.

[rock the dub Interview]: Tha S Ence


I am presenting you with another interview that has been on hold, waiting for The Flow to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix... even though I highly doubt it going down. In any case, check out a budding producer from Philly, Tha S Ence. Now mind you, this was conducted in March of 2006, so some of the topics might seem to be a bit dated (speaking on the passing of J. Dilla, the Cam'ron barbs slung at Jay-Z, etc.), but I figure, this guy is a beautiful producer and still needs to get his shine on. Check out this piece and see for yourself...

With the current state of Hip-Hop, manufactured characters and watered down beats run rampant on TV and radio, diluting what true heads knew as “the essence”. Today, hailing from Philadelphia, we have Tha S Ence, a young producer who is studied in classic Hip-Hop knowledge, and ready to teach listeners through sound. Reworking samples into new compositions, all the while keeping that same raw energy, is just one of his strengths. A no nonsense attitude is another one of his gifts. Combine these, sprinkle in a love for both Buckshot and Jay Dee, and you have a recipe for Hip-Hop beauty. Check out this conversation about beats, rhymes and life.

khal: There are plenty of producers out there making beats. What is it about Tha S Ence that sets him apart from the rest of the crowd?

Tha S Ence: Mainly the sound, there’s so many producers out there making the same kind of stuff, especially all that radio crap, same keyboard sounds; it's so played out. Another thing is cats must have forgotten the art of sampling, because half of them aren’t doing it or it’s so sloppy, you can’t listen to it. Some cats just make whatever, constantly copying stuff they hear on the radio. I’m definitely not a carbon copy of another producer.

khal: I see you are reppin’ Philly. With such a rich musical history, including Hip-Hop legends like Jazzy Jeff and The Roots, has that had any influence on how you approach your craft?

Tha S Ence: In a way, yes but not just people from Philly, more like everyone that has ever made any dope music; be it jazz, “neo-soul", rock, anything really, but I really like the consistent stuff that has been coming out of Detroit. I try to broaden my music taste to listen to all types of Hip-Hop here and overseas stuff too but not just Hip-Hop. Most sample records I get are off the wall, something I would never listen to if I wasn’t making beats. I would have to say my biggest influence is J Dilla, (Rest in Power) hands down.

khal: True, now I noticed that you have a post on your MySpace page referencing the recent passing of Jay Dee. I am also a huge fan of his, and was wondering, if you had to describe what made J Dilla the illest in 5 of his tracks, which ones would they be and why?

Tha S Ence: Man, that’s a crazy question because Dilla made consistent material and A LOT of it, that’s a part of being ill to me. I got a bunch of beats tapes of all types of Dilla stuff that never came out or is just coming out now, I loved everything he did with Slum Village, ATCQ, Jaylib, Busta Rhymes….the list goes on and on but there’s no way I can list just 5.

khal: By the looks of your ill MPC ring, you obviously use that mighty tool for making beats. What else do you use?

Tha S Ence: I’m a minimalist; all I use is my MPC and a portable turntable. I record to my computer. I just try to use all the sounds I can get from that record. People forget, beats aren’t there to confuse you, or even the emcee on it. Only downfall to minimal setups is once your machine starts messing up, your whole operation goes down.

khal: Your sound is very epic, for example, you have some serious strings in “onslaught”. Do you try to evoke certain emotions while producing, or is it just about creating dope music?

Tha S Ence: Definitely, once you feel the original record, I sometimes try to bring out that same emotion in the beat, or flip it the other way, create dope music but changing a sad record to hype joint.

khal: How did you get involved with the MTP Beat Battle?

Tha S Ence: I saw a bunch of flyers and the website for the past ones. So I hit up the creator, for the event and he put me on luckily. I'm a new guy so I thought that would be the best way for people to hear my music. Check it out on

khal: Let’s say you are given unlimited resources to create your The Chronic, where you are the main producer and you have many MCs blessing your beats. Which MCs would you choose, and why?

Tha S Ence: My first pick would be Elzhi; that dude is a rhyming machine his lyrical patterns are crazy, just straight ill. Then Busta Rhymes; if you know Busta, you know he can rhyme on anything you throw at him. I would want A Tribe called Quest on a joint no doubt, that’s my favorite group of all time. Tip and Phife’s flows link together, makes the song even doper. I would really like to work with Buckshot, too: he's got crazy energy and I love how he enunciates his words… you know he’s dead serious when he says anything. Oh and how can I forget Little Brother; Phonte and Big Pooh got skills and are characters on every track they’ve been on. That would be the most eclectic album you would ever hear but I would stay with a theme throughout the whole album. Man I can’t forget [MF] DOOM, I just like the way he plays with words and comes at tracks totally different than any other rapper I’ve heard. On the real this is probably the hardest question I would ever have to answer because there’s a lot of dope emcees to narrow it down.

khal: You also speak on the recent barbs that Cam’Ron has thrown at Jay-Z. The phenomenon of rappers reusing other rappers rhymes does get kind of out of hand. Where do you think a rapper should draw the line?

Tha S Ence: I think when rappers use other peoples like to create their own style is where they need to stop. I understand if you give credit or props during the verse like – “As so and so says…” or something to that nature but your whole steelo was created from someone elses work…nah man that’s lame. Cam’Ron just showed people how even their favorite rapper jacks lines but no one notices because people don’t know the roots of this hip-hop music. Jay was getting his style from the old school cats and no one noticed.

khal: Have you had any MCs hit you up for your beats yet? How can someone get in touch with you to discuss a working relationship?

Tha S Ence: I’ve have a couple here and there but nothing has struck my interest so much, I'm working on a real website to get maximum exposure. Not too many emcees realize I put time and work into making these beats; I want to get paid for work I do, not just give beats away for free. You got to draw a line somewhere with cats and set them straight. If you would like to get in touch with me, you can email me @ or instant message me on [AIM screen name] Tha S Ence. I rather have you send me a link or something to figure out who I am dealing with.

khal: Where do you see your art going in the next couple of years? Also, what are you looking for with your craft, the glamour or the respect?

Tha S Ence: Next couple years I just hope to get even better at what I do, if I can make it a fulltime job, dope. And I want to start getting a mixtape together, and get on some distributed albums; I just want to make dope music If people love it, that’s cool, if not that’s cool too. I just want to live off of making beats, I'm not about the glam and I’m no where near close to getting Pharrell and Just Blaze money but I'm not doing this just for the money. I love Hip-Hop and I love making music.

You can get more information, including audio samples and more of his views on his MySpace page. If you are interested in getting beats from him, send any e-mail inquiries to We wish him much success and quality production for years to come. One.