Saturday, October 14, 2006

the shuffle. [10/14/06]

Another week is gone, but this one is different... I actually celebrated my 25th birthday (special birthday shouts to Michelle Wie, U-God, Daryl Hall, Joan Cusack and Luke Perry, all who share my bornday). I got some love, a dope Boondocks t-shirt, and a few other bits... the fam and I also spent the day at Franklin Mills mall in Philly, to check out the Starbury collection at Steve & Barry's... YO! If you are trying to clothe a family of 5 or just ballin' on a budget, hit up this store ASAP! They have a dope selection of pants, coats, sweatshirts, tees, and the Starbury joints, all for under like $15. I mean, LOADS of sections of $10 coats, $7 shirts, and the sneakers and boots that Starbury is putting out are quality, and great prices. You can only get 2 pairs per person, per day, so shop wisely... we went in there and it was kind of quiet, but 15 minutes later the bumrush commenced. Shouts to Stephon, I hope to see you rockin' your signature kicks this season.

Now, without further ado, let's get it...

01/As you may have noticed, I chose the red iPod shuffle case for this week's pic, in reflection of the whole (RED) campaign going abouts to raise money for AIDS research and such. This week, Apple stepped their game up and came out with a red iPod nano to help with the cause. The thing looks dope, and is crazy thin. Will I cop one? I refuse... but I am in the looking for a new mp3 player. My trust Zen has had it.

02/Speaking of motherfuckers who have "had it", isn't it about time that Terrell Owens has shut the fuck up with his whining bullshit? Forget the fact that this depressed, drug overdosing ass nigga is writing a goddamn children's book, but he is pulling the same nonsense he pulled out in Philly last year with Dallas this year. I mean, there are times when you can say "wow, if so and so didn't fuck up the groove, we'd be moving on strong"; this nigga is forever putting the blame on someone else, and he is the problem! I mean, you play football, dog... how the FUCK are you missing practice over an "upset stomach"?!? Niggas are getting their shit pushed in on the regular on that field, you included... don't pull a bitch move, dog. First you "mistakenly" OD'ed on painkillers... but a stomach ache? Is T.O. gay? Let's be forreal... in all honesty, I know females who are tougher than he is acting on his coaches. And, lastly, how does this bitchmade Cowboy have a radio show? I don't see how he can garner such accolade while not doing shit this year... the exercise bike has seen many more flix of this grass eating bastard. Don't trust him...

03/I do have to say, though, T.O. does NOT win the Bitch of the Week honors this week out... they belong to this poor excuse of a woman who has the fucking nerve to use her 4-week-old baby as a weapon against her boyfriend, swinging the child and striking the dude, putting this kid in the hospital. In good news, the authorities took her other four kids away, but this bitch also has a 5th one coming soon! Should she be shot? I mean, once she delivers, should a bullet be put to her head? Drunk or not drunk (and why has no one commented on this pregnant woman being so drunk that she used her kid as a billy club), that's some appauling shit. That's not as bad as the ig'nant ass nigga who murked his child for tripping over the Xbox wires...

04/Remember the real-life runaway bride with the bugged eyes, who fled to Vegas right before her marriage b/c she got cold feet, but the media said she was missing? She's suing her ex-fiance for $500K and some additional things... come on now, how fucking bold is that? You left this dude, even though he had crazy loot, and now you are trying to cheat him out of a fucking ladder, a sofa and some cash? Some fucking nerve, you bugged eyed bitch. Go buy some stunna shades and leave well enough alone.

05/Most people think that when black people move in next door, the neighborhood is kaput. You can now add Dr. Phil to that list. If you were unaware, Dr. Phil has this 1984-style house, with cameras and shit all over it, and willing families subject themselves to this situation so he can help them whenever needed. I saw bits and pieces of one episode, and it had the husband and wife screaming at each other, inside AND outside of the place. Well, the neighbors banded together and kicked Dr. Phil out of their block. I bet most of them wish they could get him off of their TVs... baby steps...

06/For those who truly believed that Paris and Nicole weren't friends anymore, they publicly made you aware that they patched things up, presumably under the guise that this is the start of them filming a new season of The Simple Life. I'm telling you: until Nicole gets her weight back up, she can count me out.

07/You thought it was just rappers getting pinched for their gatwork, didn't you? Nope, nowadays, NBA players are bucking off, early! Stephen Jackson, him of the infamous Detroit vs. Indiana brawl, got into it with in a strip club with a man who apparently has a gimpy arm, and ended up a) firing his gun and b) getting hit by a car. Some words or something were exchanged, which leads us to the point where, essentially, no one knows wtf happened: reports say that Stephen punched the gimp, and got hit back; some say that Stephen aimed his gat at the car, prompting the gimp to slam into him, while others counter that Stephen got smacked by the car and busted shots in retaliation. The problem is, Stephen is still on probation from the Detroit-Indiana beatdown, so he might end up doing anywhere from 6 months to 3 years for criminal recklessness (yeah right, if OJ could get acquitted, I highly doubt Stephen will have to do a day in jail). The part about all of this that bothered me, initially, were the reports saying that Reggie Miller was pissed that Jackson did this, that he was being detrimental to the efforts of the Pacers. Nigga, please. You played with Stephen, so I highly doubt you didn't know what this nigga was capable of... shit, he slid a fucking fan across the stands! To be retired and now stick your neck out in this ruckus is just not loyal @ all. And think about it, Stephen had a fucking permit for the gat, so he was well within the law to be carrying it, and busting it if he felt his life was threatened. Fuck you, Reggie. No wonder you never won a championship, you sellout. Check out SLAM for their Cliff's Notes rundown of this case.

08/For some normal gat talk, Jadakiss spoke out this week about his recent arrest on gun charges. He tried to clean up the situation, saying he was "being a knucklehead" out in the hood instead of being home. Um, anyways, he says not only was he not in the whip when the po-cheese pulled up, but the vehicle was locked. Yo, if the cops have suspicion of something, does it matter if the car is locked, or if you are in the whip itself? I mean, if a pig thinks "yo, these negroes have a gat in this car", and ask to search it, does it matter that you were standing outside the whip, reading KING? If they think it's your gun, nigga, it's your gun! Good thing he's out on bail, we need more verses from you. Just don't incriminate yourself, dog!

09/Posts like this next one are one of the reasons I'm glad I'm down with dudes like Rafi over at Oh Word. He exposed XXL for selling Bol out, by trying to delete this thread that referenced Lupe Fiasco's Islamic ideal(s), instead of just posting a disclaimer or whatever they normally do. Rafi discovered that Google cached the deleted post, but as of right now the post is MIA. In any case, let this be a warning, XXL: we know how you roll now. Don't put cats in the position, then yank their posts away without an explanation. That's a bitch 50 Cent move, and you will be exposed time and again.

10/Keeping it Hip-Hop for a minute, let's run down this week's Internet Interviews. You guys know that there is a grip of Rap-related releases dropping in the upcoming months, so the heavy hitters are out there, spreading the word and being absurd all in the same breath. Snoop Dogg dropped some craziness over at AHH (part 1, part 2), speaking on his pimp days ("Bitch, break bread or fake dead"), and speaking on how he could be the KoNY. Oh, word? Diddy told People Magazine that he does have tracks on this one that reference his relationship with J.Lo, like we had never heard "I Need A Girl" (part 1, part 2) before. Lloyd Banks speaks on his singles with HipHopGame, saying he is following up "Hands Up" with "Help", which means that he is trying to hit the same markets as last time. Problem is, his new album is doo-doo on wax. AZ shot the breeze with XXL speaking on his new album, his past hits, and they have a cool YouTube retrospective on his past video work. Finally, Nas came out of the woodworks and spoke on his new album, his new situation, and his thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop. As a bonus, The Fader recently posted up a preview of some of Nas' new tracks; from their descriptions, the man is going in both similar and different avenues... I'm kind of excited, but only time will tell (here is another preview via MTV).

11/First Xtina, now Whitney? Billboard dropped word that DJ Premier has been tapped to possibly work on Whitney's new album, which would be a beautiful thing in theory, but I am not sure if her voice can work with some of his grimey beats. Xtina knew how to manipulate his sound and create a banger; Whitney was cool with Wyclef tracks, but Primo is a whole different monster. I hope they get this off the ground though, I'd love to hear this collabo.

12/BREAKING NEWS: the nigga that smashed into Cassidy's whip got a ticket. Say what? As of right now, this nigga is sitting on an unsafe turn ticket for running a red light and smacking into someone else's car, injuring one of the passengers. Only in New Jersey.

13/Here are a few alcohol-related how-tos, courtesy of wifey: How to Taste Single Malt Scotch and How to Drink a Tequila Shot. I know most of you lushes might know how to rock the latter, but the former might still be a mystery. Tell me if these work, or if you have your own bright ideas.

14/Were you lot aware of the Sopranos video game coming out in November? David Chase, HBO and THQ set aside some time to create an entirely new story based on The Sopranos history. You play the long lost son of Big Pussy, trying to get in good with the family. You visit all of the locales of the show, and you are given the opportunity to be hired muscle, go out on hits, all that good guinea shit. You are even allowed the option to beat a bitch down, talk tough, or just plain walk away from confrontation. I'd try it before buying it, but who knows, it might be the bomb.

So that's the end of my thing for this week. Tried to liven this one up a bit, a few of my other shuffles as of late have been bland in some points, and I apologize. I hope you forgive me as I leave you on a different tip... take care.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday, October 13th 2006 playlist

Friday the 13th... get prepared. Some spooky shit is going down around these parts, and I don't know what. Been feeling weird lately, but it might just be the lack of sleep. Stressing over my son is never fun, but hey, what can a nigga do? He's only a Grade 1, so it's not a lot that I can worry about, but the cat is still going to be done -- at some point. In any case, here's an abbreviated list of shit I've been pumping this week... ps: follow this link and grab a special FREE 320kbps mp3 from DnB prodcuer Glitch. If you know the dsci4 sound, you know what's in store...


01/Herbie Hancock "Sly" [from the classic Headhunters album. the breakdown(s) in this are so dope, as is this article.]
02/Seba "Don't Wanna Lose You" [the man cannot do any wrong. this 12" is just fire from end to end.]
03/Easy Dub All Stars ft. Citizen Cope "Karma Police" [gotta love reggae versions of Radiohead tracks...]
04/Jay-Z "Kingdom Come" [all I have heard was the radio rip, but this is MUCH better than "Show Me What You Got". Just flipped the "Super Freak" track, but so what.]
05/Autechre "Dael" [finally grabbed a copy of their Tri Repetae++ 2xCD, which I lost a while ago. stunning IDM from like 11 years ago, sounds fucking FRESH!]
06/Klute "Most People Are Dicks" [surprisingly heavy 12" from the silent master on Friction's label.]
07/Nu:Tone "Missing Link" [you gotta love it when the Hospital producers get dark and grimey.]
08/dead prez "Hip-Hop" [50 Cent recently jacked this beat, and for good reason. The dp spit politricks on the industry... I smell a new Dub Session coming on...]
09/AZ "Game of Life" [can't wait for his LP, can you?]
10/Max Romeo & The Upsetters "Smile Out A Style" [classic reggae sounds.]


* I already spoke on Sabre's October Studio Mix, but it's worth a 2nd look. Grab it and RINSE IT!

* DJ Vapour threw up an awesomely crunk October Mix (Part 1), showcasing a special love for bass and dancefloor destruction. Grab this mix and get your crunk juice on.

Final Thought:

I've been begging my Flawless Hustle niggas to hook this one up, but their Video Fridays are themed and diggidy Das EFX missed the cut. So, peep game and take it back to like 1992:

Enjoy your Friday the 13th.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mark Price year

A quarter of a century... that's how old I turned today. It's kind of crazy, you know? I mean I don't feel any older than I did yesterday, but with the way my life has changed in the last 5 years, I feel about 10 years older than my I.D. says I am.

I've seen a lot of things... from 9/11 to Flavor of Love. From Jay-Z Vs. Nas to Jay-Z signed Nas. Two Iraqi "wars", DJ Shadow going from the antithesis of commercial Hip-Hop to, well, producing commercial Hip-Hop. The birth of my son to the death of comedy's son. Life is real...

In any case, I try to model each year of my life in the mentality of a NBA player whose jersey number is the same as the number of years I have been on this earth. Mark Price is a good choice. Check his track record; then check out the fact that he sat the bench for his first year, then when he got to start, he rinsed each and every year, and holds a gang of records and is all-time NBA in a number of standings. That will be me, in this blog shit and my life. Cool and comfy on the underbelly, then exploding on the scene the next year (wait for March 2007)... follow me.

In terms of plans for tonight, LOST is on tonight (peep their first audio podcast for Season 3), and it looks to be action-packed. I'll have either a six-pack of Heineken or a 40 of Mickey's (I'm undecided), and some good family time. Loving my wife, wanna shout her out for bringing a nigga some cupcakes. And lunch. Gotta love her for that one! I do want to send a gasface to the rain out there. Very normal for my bday though. *Sigh*

Got some ish forthcoming for the blog... review of the new Hi-Tek album coming soon... interview with TEKDBZ's Hochi... possibly a review of Lloyd Banks' Rotten Apple, and some other ish under wraps. Keep it locked, and shout me a bday holler if you want.

So long, and thanks for all of the shit.


rappin' midget.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't give Mr. Rafi Kam from Oh Word his propers for digging out this gem of a pic from Flickr. That's my dude, gotta love the Google Talk.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sabre - October 2006 Studio Mix

For those who might not be aware, there is a producer by the name of Sabre who is currently doing the damn thing on the DnB tip. He is an up and comer in terms of getting his beats out there, but the quality of his product is uncanny. He also is one hell of a DJ -- choice selection, smooth mixing, quality shit each and every. He dropped a seriously funky Studio Mix back in March of this year, and (with Intense Records) has a new one for the month of October. I was going to hold onto this one until Friday, but why not spread the word? (take from this post on DOA) (download : Intense podcast front page)



01/ L.I.S - Echo Game [Dub]
02/ Sabre - Glimpse The Prospect [Dub]
03/ Logistics - Depth Charge [Hospital]
04/ Verse + SP - Surrender [Crunch Dub]
05/ Icicle - Numbers [Dub]
06/ Konflict - Submerge [Timeless]
07/ Sabre - Damascus [Darkestral Dub]
08/ Icicle & Switch - Secret Temple [Dub]

09/ Sabre - Point Blank [Bassbin Dub]
10/ Deep Inc. - Black Jaguar [Crisis Dub]
11/ Noisia & Teebee - Moon Palace [Dub]
12/ Icicle - So Clean [Dub]
13/ Rymetyme - The Payback [DSCI4]
14/ Lynx & Malibu Rhodes - Mariachi [Dub]
15/ Skitty - Dirty South [Subtitles]
16/ Breakage - Loved You So [Digital Soundboy Dub]
17/ Alix Perez - Worlds Apart [Shogun Dub]
18/ Focus & Lomax - 5 Weeks [Dub]
19/ Sabre - Lady Fortune [Bassbin Dub]

How ill is that... dubladen, but then he drops tracks like "The Payback" and "Dirty South". Watch out for Sabre.

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Sabre's 12" on Horizons Music (HZN015) is out on promo NOW. "Language Barrier" b/w "Celler Dweller".

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lupe Fiasco "Food & Liquor" [review]

I don't get the hype surrounding Lupe Fiasco. The talk surrounding this guy, aside from the infamous leak, all I knew was Jay-Z's praise (so much so that he helped executive produce this, for good or ill) and that verse off of Kanye's latest. The usual internet chatter had Lupe stacked as the second coming, and while this guy possesses skills on the mic, it just seemed like empty hype. I joked earlier this year in regards to what this dude invokes in my mind when I hear his music: he is Pharrell imitating Kanye. His swagger is total Chi-town, but his sound and aesthetic is that pseudo-"retro Hip-Hop" shit that Pharrell constantly preaches (giving props to ATCQ and originality while still choosing flavor of the month beats and wearing chunky fucking medallions). That mixture might invoke magic for some, but for me, it's pretty much just the same old song.

My first gripe about this album is the fact that he constantly talks about seeing the bad side of life, and growing up in Chicago, I know those streets are ROUGH. I just don't get how, when it comes to Hip-Hop, the hardest nigga out right now from the Chi is Common. Common? ... but I digress. Taking Lupe's past musical musings into light, he does know a thing or 3 about "crack rap", although he chooses to shun that to speak about things like skateboarding, his Muslim views, and fatherless homes. His hang up is that, while Jay might say he is a breath of fresh air, that air is long on flash and short on substance.

On tracks like "He Say, She Say", he literally re-rhymes the first verse on the second, in this tale of a parent and child trying to get Dad to understand what his absence from the home is doing to them. I figured that he'd have this 3rd verse where he let the father speak his piece, but no dice. So instead of us getting to see the whole picture, we are left with a mother who seemingly shouts her disdain for dad so much that her son has picked up on it. His first single (I don't know if you'd call it a hit), "Kick, Push", is about skaters who try to do things (go on dates, ride around town), and get shut down by the man. End of. I mean, OK they kick, push and then coast, but where's the joy in that? No real time to trick, they just get roadblocked all the way? Is that the message he really wants to bring? "The Cool" revisists one of my favorite breaks, James Brown's "Funky Drummer", to some success, but the storyline is muddy... apparently, this gangsta who got murked 6 months ago somehow rises from the dead and... walks around. He makes a lot of witty remarks about this dude getting robbed in the same spot he got popped and all this other flash, but the track does not have a moral, aside from the fuzzy "if you chase the cool you gonna get popped" theme, which is not really explored. Like most of his ideas.

The other problem I have with Lupe and a lot of the rappers coming out today is that everyone wants to resurrect Hip-Hop. That's all well and good if you go about it the proper way (boom bap beats, gritty rhymes, etc); you are NOT bring back that "true shit" by making throwaway Linkin Park-sounding tracks, or throwing Jay-Z on the most garbage instrumental I have ever heard. You cannot escape the trapping of commercial Rap by catering to that audience. He has the neo-soul, the Fort Minor, and the pseudo Roc fans on lock, but that real Hip-Hop? It goes about as far as the instrumental to "Kick, Push", which has just the right amount of jazz and soul to it to make it work. "I Gotcha" is an exception, because that piano sample (Monk?) that Pharrell and co. hook up is mint.

In the end, Lupe should have proofread some of this ideas. Take "American Terrorist" for example. The idea behind this track, obviously, is to show how American is just as terroristic as the guys who fly planes into buildings. The thing is, the title would have been better suited to be called just plain old "Terrorist". Throwing the "American" in there not only undermines the educated fans who know what the fuck a terrorist is, but it also indicates that there is some difference between "American terrorism" and the terrorism from places in the Middle East, for example, when in fact, terrorism is terrorism. On another tip, why do we need a 12 minute shout-outro? Did they run out of ink for your booklet? Too many missteps, not enough progress.

Look, Lupe suffers from what many others in his boat suffer from: too much seasoning, not enough experience. If this album took him years to make, maybe he should go back and let it marinate. Like Sam Jackson said in Juice: "You can't pour syrup and shit and make it pancakes". You can't throw big name supporters and flashy production ontop of underdeveloped ideas and call it revolution. While many may herald Lupe as some second-coming or the next torch-bearer for conscious Hip-Hop, he is just another bitchmade Muslim who used to rap about gat-toting to me. Until he keeps it all the way real, keep it out of my Best Buy bins.

And where the fuck in the world does being the biggest seller at Best Buy truly mean anything?!

rock the dub gives this album a 5 out of 10: sorry choruses, pointless stories and a tired, non-believable format make this one lazy collection for the true Hip-Hop listener.

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