LOST, Season 3: "Exposé" [recap]

What a beautifully done throwaway episode. And I mean that with the utmost adoration for the creative medium that is television and story telling. I like how series are given the chance to tell a story that might not progress the entire saga, but is interesting and exciting all the same (think of the "Pine Barrens" episode of The Sopranos).

Now I was under the impression that someone was going to die in this episode. That was something that boggled me, b/c that Twilight Zone (sup, Rafi!)/Hitchcock style ending, with them only being paralyzed, makes me think that we are going to see Nikki & Paulo again. In any case, its an interesting dynamic, because if the survivors actually killed these guys, that's the first time they killed one of their own, right?

This episode just had a bunch of interesting/ironic comments in it. Let me share some of my favorites:
  • Nikki's convo with Zuckerman about the whole "being a guest star" thing, and Zuckerman saying he'd bring her back.
  • Nikki saying she didn't want her and Paulo turning out to be Shannon & Boone, even though they not only were bickering, but they both (seemingly) died on the island.
  • The fact that they just stumbled on a wealth of shit, like The Pearl station, the plane that Boone fell in, and other points/situations we did not know then.

There's so much more, but I'd end up referencing the entire episode.

I do want to point out that I was kind of let down; I figured that Sun would be trying to murder Charlie and/or Sawyer, but she's smart: Jin would murk anyone who he thought was harming her, esp. now with her being preggers. She gets much respect for that. I can only wonder though, just like with the possibility of Nikki and Paulo pulling a move from "The Bride" and clawing out from their graves: is this the last we'll see of that situation?

Now on to next week: Kate & Juliet, duking it out in the rain? Are they fighting for their mutual feelings towards Jack, or what? I don't see Juliet being particularly tough/strong, but who knows. She is smart. Looks interesting, nonetheless. I can't wait to see how last week's events play this week.

That's it for now... until then, namaste.

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2 Responses to “LOST, Season 3: "Exposé" [recap]”

Villager said...

My first time visiting your blog. I enjoyed this week's episode of LOST as well. It amazes me how the writers have pulled together all of these threads and backstories. I wonder how many years ahead they have this stuff planned out?

Anyhow, you have a good blog. I voted for you on the BlogForaYear award thing as well.

peace, Villager

khal said...

First off, thank you for peeping my blog, and your kind words. Truly appreciated.

In terms of the storylines, I always remember a podcast where they spoke on how much they know about what is going to happen. They likened it to mapping out a trip from NY to LA, I believe. They said they know where they are going, they know HOW to get there, but in terms of detours and exits, sometimes things happen on the fly. I think they have things more planned out than we would think they do, I mean with so many backstories and mysteries, they'd have to have SOME kind of plan going on!

I hope you keep reading. My blog turns 1 yr old tomorrow!