[video] Aubrey On The Wendy Williams Show

This show is so horrible, but I can't take my eyes off of it when its on:

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3 Responses to “[video] Aubrey On The Wendy Williams Show

anderson said...

This show is not horrible, maybe you think that because its a new look for day time and you're not ready to embrace change

khal said...

embrace change? what's so different about the show? the segments pretty much mirror what Wendy does on the radio anyways. I am all for Black people getting on TV, and Wendy is a captivating figure, but the show seems to be kind of, how do i put this... it seems to be poorly produced. segments never seem to run on any kind of schedule (wendy lack of monitor and ear piece use causes interviews to be cut before all the good stuff is put in), which helps make it look like something less that what it should be. I'd much rather watch the videotaped radio shows than this. It's that quality that gets me.

clyde said...

embrace change? fuck this dude think? Wendy Williams is Barack Obama.... get the fuck outta here, this shit is some tranny trash....Wendy has a radio face and thats putting it mildly. I honestly thought RuPaul was making a comeback. Fuck black/race/white whatever trash is trash and I'm supporting black trash.