The Wackest Rap Names Ever?

While listening to last week's Jadakiss conference call, I got to listen to some of the Playaz Circle interview, and heard the oddest thing I've heard from a rapper in a while:

"Hey, dis ya boy Tit..."

Now, as pause-worthy as that comment is, this was actually 1/2 of the duo introducing himself. His name is Tity Boi. Yep, you got it. Tity-fucking-Boi. How does shit like this get past the A&R, R&D or whatever other two-letter departments the major labels have set up to rape artists? On what planet does that name even sound right, especially for a grown-ass man who apparently does community service, in between transporting narcotic with the use of Louis V bags?

In any case, this has to be one of the WORST Rap names ever, right? I already posted on the ILLEST Rap names ever, and got some good responses (although Intelligent Hoodlum merks them all), and want to know what you guys think. What's the wackest Rap name, in your opinion?

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5 Responses to “The Wackest Rap Names Ever?”

DJ Cable said...

69 Boys is pretty bad....

Enigmatik said...

shorty shit stain

Joulz Il said...

*Yung Berg (No commentary.)

*Yung Wun (I liked the TWO of his songs that saw the light of day, but it just felt like "Juvenile" was already taken.)

*Juvenile (Speaking of him, why not add him to the list as an honorable mention? Being from the South, I love a lot of Juvi's music, but fam is over can one call themself Juvenile and be over 30?)

*Peedi Crakk, Peedi Peedi, etc. (It just never grew on me)

*Rick Ross (Since when did taking another grown man's street name become cool? Pay homage, true indeed, but dude....really?)

*Lil Wayne (Grown a$$ man PLEASE! We're about the same age and the entire time that Lil Wayne has a career, Ive always wondered.....what happens when you mature? Also see Lil Bow Wow and the millions of other "Lils" that are in the game as well.)

*Royce Da 5'9" (Dope a$$ emcee. Meh on the name. Its like he's the missing member of the group "The Five Footahz". However, he has already built a name on it, so he has to run with it. Im just saying, Royce, for real.)

*Ya Boy (Huh? Who? Why? Negro, pick a new rap name and get well soon.)

*Plies (What in the food stamp hell? Algernod, you know better. And we're just supposed to be comfortable with you having a mispronounced word as a name, right?)

*Dirtbag (Negro, why? We all love Old Dirty Bastard aka Big Baby Jesus aka Osirus aka Dirt McGirt aka ODB aka Dirt Dog....okay, I know this, but this is another example of when paying homage and jacking someone's person needs to stop.)

*Memphis Bleek (No, Malik, no. You're the weed man, we all know this. At least Spliffstar has the decency to make a mockery of it with his rap name.)

*Aceyalone (I dont care if he is featured on every video game that his management team can get him on. I respect that. However, I cant say his freaky name to save my life and as such and be a partial fan, it needs to be changed. Its whack. WTF is Aceyalone?)

Afroman- (Who signed off on this and why?)

The Game - (You jacked Hunter Hearst Helmsley. In wrestling, its understandable. In rap, it comes off as generic.)

There are tons more, but it would take forever to publish all of them. People, we just need to do better.

thegrip said...

LOL Tity Boi

ShaolinScalper said...

Bobby Creekwater sounds like a white-trash country singer