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BHM2K8: ?uestlove - Sample Lesson

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I love that t-shirt almost as much as I love this mix. ?uestlove is a true crate digger: only a nigga who loves samples this much would drop an entire mix of nothing samples from your favorite Hip-Hop tracks. You have probably heard this before, but it's good to have again. Check out this dynamic tracklist:

MP3 (mirror)


1. Arc Choir - "Jesus Walks" (Mapleshade) (USED IN = Kanye West - "Jesus Walks" (Roc-A-Fella))
2. Nu Birth - "You're What I'm All About" (?) (USED IN = Biggie Smalls - "Player Anthem (X-Ray))
3. The Whatnaughts - "I'll Erase Away Your Pain" (Priority) (USED IN = Kanye West - "Late" (Roc-A-Fella))
4. Main Ingredient - "Let Me Prove My Love To You" (RCA) (USED IN = Alicia Keys - "You Don't Know My Name" (J Records))
5. Silvia Striplin - "You Can't Turn Me Away" (Charly) (USED IN = Junior M.A.F.I.A. - "Get Money" (X-Ray))
6. The Temptations - "I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky" (Motown) (USED IN = Common - "The Corner" (Geffen))
7. Honey Cone - "Innocent Till Proven Guilty" (Fantasy) (USED IN = Common - "Testify" (Geffen))
8. DJ Rogers - "Faithful To The End" (RCA) (USED IN = Common - "Faithful" (Geffen))
9. Luchi DeJesus - "Round About Midnight" (?) (USED IN = KRS ONE - "A Friend" (Jive))
10. Dynasty - "Adventures In The World Of Music" (Solar/Sequal) (USED IN = Camp-Lo - "Luchini" (Profile))
11. Willie Mitchell - "Grovin'" (Hi) (USED IN = GZA - "Liquid Swords" (Geffen))
12. Wendy Renay – "After The Laughter Come Tears" (Stax/Altanta) (USED IN = Wu Tang Clan - "Tearz" (Loud))
13. The Charmels - "I'll Never Grow Old" (Stax/Altanta) (USED IN = Wu Tang Clan - "Cream" (RCA))
14. Dione Warwick - "You're Gonna Need Me" (Invictions) (USED IN = Usher - "Throwback" (Arista))
15. Billy Cobham - "Heather" (Wounded Bird) (USED IN = Souls of Mischief - "93 Till Infinity" (Jive))
16. Beherd Wright - "Halboglabotribin'" (BMG) (USED IN = Snoop Dogg - "Gz & Hustlaz" (Death Row))
17. Jack Bruce - "Born 2 Be Blue" (Atco) (USED IN = Smith N Wesssun - "Buck Town" (?))
18. Aretha Franklin - "Call Me" (Rhino/Atlanta) (USED IN = Slum Village - "Selfish" (Capitol))
19. Quincy Jones - "Summer In The City" (A&M) (USED IN = Pharcyde - "Passin Me By" (Delicious Vinyl))
20. Joe Simons - "Before The Nite's Over" (?) (USED IN = Outkast - "So Fresh & So Clean" (Arista))
21. Peabo Bryson - "Born 2 Love" (Unknown) (USED IN = Nas - "2nd Childhood" (Sony))
22. The Chi-Lites - "That's How Long I Love You" (Unknown) (USED IN = Jay Z - "Dec 4" (Roc-A-Fella))
23. Abdel Halim-Hefes - "Khasiaraya-Gar" (EMI Arabia) (USED IN = Jay Z - "Big Pimpin'" (Roc-A-Fella))
24. Labi Siffre - "I Got The" (Mr Bongo) (USED IN = Eminem - "My Name Is" (Aftermath)/Jay Z - "The Streets Is Watching" (Roc-A-Fella))
25. Samuel Johnson - "My Music" (Columbia) (USED IN = Jadakiss - "We're Gonna Make It" (Ruff Ryders/Interscope))
26. Milt Jackson - "Olinga" (CTI) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Award Tour" (Jive))
27. War - "Magic Mountain" (Rhino) (USED IN = De La Soul - "Potholes In My Lawn" (Tommy Boy))
28. Ahmad Jamal - "Swahililand" (20th Century) (USED IN = De La Soul - "Stakes Is High" (Tommy Boy))
29. Gap Mangione - "Diana In The Autumn Wind" (GRC) (USED IN = Slum Village - "Fall In Love" (Capitol)/Jaylib - "Official" (Stones Throw))
30. David McCallum - "The Edge" (Capitol) (USED IN = Dr Dre - "Next Episode" (Aftermath))
31. Creative Source - "I Can't See Myself Without You" (Sussex/Polydor) (USED IN = Freeway - "What We Do" (Unknown))
32. Average White Band - "Love Your Life" (Rhino) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Check The Rhyme" (Jive))
33. Funkadelic - "Let's Take It To The People" (Westbound) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Everything Is Fair" (Jive))
34. Ronnie Foster - "Mystic Brew" (Blue Note) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxation" (Jive))
35. The Chi-Lites - "Are You My Woman?" (Brunswick/Eugene) (USED IN = Beyonce - "Crazy In Love" (Columbia))
36. The Meters - "Oh Calcutta!" (Josie) (USED IN = Amerie - "One Thing" (Sony))
37. McCoy Tyner - "Impressions" (Milestone/OJC) (USED IN = Black Sheep - "The Choice Is Yours" (Mercury))
38. Nirvana - "Indiana" (White) (USED IN = The Roots - "Dynamite" (Geffen))

Just beautiful. This gets a BHM2K8 addition for the history of our music.

[video] Ghostface Killah "Celebrate"

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Shouts to Eskay, as per usual, for dropping this. Had no idea this was even out!

Kid Capri gets bonus points for just screaming.

[video] Diddy Wants YOU

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Peep out these videos Diddy made to encourage young America to go vote today on Super Tuesday:

"Get out and Vote!"

"You are change!"

Basically, not voting in your primaries (or ever) is an extreme form of bitchassness.

Buckshot & 9th Wonder The Formula Tracklist

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I am so pumped for this, the 2nd Buckshot/9th Wonder album. Here's the tracklist (shouts to Matt):

1.) Intro-The Formula f/ The Formula Crew
2.) Ready (Brand New Day)
3.) Be Cool f/Swan
4.) Go All Out f/Carlitta Durand
5.) No Future
6.) Hold It Down f/Talib Kweli and Tyler Woods
7.) Whassup with U f/Keisha Shontelle
8.) Only For You (Lou)
9.) Just Display
10.) Here We Go
11.) Throwing' Shade
12.) Shinin' Yall f/Arafat Yates and Big Chops of M1 Platoon
13.) Man Listen

Def cannot wait. Kind of surprised there isn't more Duck Down/Justus League affiliates on this, but Buck solo is perfect.

Dilla Wafers

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Great piece over at HipHopDX (shouts to Aliya Ewing). Here is an excerpt from the very beginning of this editorial:

Now, fully equipped with a refined (and individual) taste in music , as I look back through the years it’s eerie to realize the majority of the songs I loved were produced by the same scientist of sound. “J. Dilla changed my life” is a favorite phrase of uneducated band-wagoners who don the t-shirt because it seems to be the ‘Hip Hop’ thing to do. But ask him or her about Dilla’s body of work beyond Donuts or The Shining, and kids start drawing blanks. I can honestly say, Dilla did change my life, though I unfortunately never realized it until a few years prior to his passing when I became more immersed in Hip Hop music from a technical standpoint: drums, loops, samples, “Was that a Soft Machine sample Pete Rock used for the Jamal 'Fades em All' remix?”, I would smugly ask my boys, already knowing I was correct, “Yeah, I found that shit for $2 at The Garment District!” It was only around that time when I came to know who the creative genius was behind countless instrumentals to my favorite songs.

I couldn't have said it better myself; I feel the same way - when I look at the Hip-Hop tracks that a) stick out in my mind and b) signaled changes in my listening patterns, J Dilla is right there.

Shouts to Shake @ 2DB for the info.

Elephant Man Let's Get Physical Album Cover

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Who approved this technicolor nightmare? And did Diddy shell out big bucks for a dancehall version of the Olivia Newton-John classic?

Idolator via Newest MP3s.

[video] 50 Cent "Paper Chaser"

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From that Return Of The Body Snatchers DVD:

Super Fat Tuesday

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Another year, another Fat Tuesday. Or "Shrove Tuesday" (get to IHOP for the free pancakes, young'n). This Tuesday, however, is "Super Tuesday", where many of our nation's primaries are taking place (I will be putting in my vote for Obama after work). So, what are you finta do on Super Fat Tuesday? Get you some blueberry yumyums and drop by your local voting spot? I'd sure hope so!

Attatched is a video of 50 Cent saying something I actually agree with: America isn't ready for a Black President. To take it one step further, I'm not sure how many niggas are truly going to vote of Barack when it counts (i.e. RIGHT NOW). In any case, instead of throwing my support to Clinton, I want to see a change, and Obama is the only cat who gives me what I think the country needs, so fuck that, 50. Vote a nigga into office, anyways, it's not like you are losing any money on it!

[video] Camoflauge ft. Stretch Diesel "Grinding"

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They get it done out in Toronto:

Deadly Combination

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So the results are in, and it looks like an OD on that lean and complications from sleep apnea are what did Pimp C in. It's accidental, and a fucking shame. We lost a true champ last year, and to think something like this could have been easily avoided hurts. I pray for Pimp C's family, and all those affected by this, stay up. Weezy, put the syrup down, nigga.

[video] Missy Elliott "Ching-A-Ling"

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Here is the 2D version. There's a 3D version for no good reason - who really has 3D glasses at their disposal?

[video] "Magnetic Attraction" (extended version)

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This is the full "Pepsi Stuff" commercial featuring Justin Timberlake that you saw last night (and I showed you last week); peep this for additional JT getting thrown around footage, as well as the full Andy Samberg cameo:

"The Story of Gangstalicious, Part 2"

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Full video. The saga continues...

BONUS BEATS: Gangstalicious "Homies Over Hoes" (spotted over at illRoots)

BHM2K8: Pugs Atomz "The Dog Wood Tree"

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Directed & shot by Pugs Atomz.

Deep story:

Song for a man about to be lynched, the things that go through your mind if you were that man...this song is dedicated to the memory of George Hughes. MAY 9TH 1930, SHERMAN. BLACK FARMHAND GEORGE HUGHES IS ON TRIAL FOR THE RAPE OF A WHITE WOMAN. TENSION EXPLODES AS AN ANGRY MOB STORMS THE COURTHOUSE AT NOON.

Shouts to Pugs for doing this.

BHM2K8: "No Comment"

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OK, so now HipHopDX is reporting that Cartoon Network is denying any requests to have those 2 episodes of The Boondocks banned from being aired on [adult swim]. Kind of odd, I mean the facts are right there on the table: Hudlin is a head honcho at BET, and a producer of The Boondocks, and there are episodes dragging him in the mud. I have a hard time buying that NO ONE said NOTHING about this, but that's the story they finna run with, eh? HHDX did mention that those 2 episodes will more than likely come out on the Season 2 DVD, so I know what I'll be buying once it drops!

[video] Che Grand "Swing" x "Crash"

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Spotted at 2DB:

The Wire, Season 5: "React Quotes" [recap]

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OK, where the hell did Omar go? Is he Spider-Man or some shit now? I mean, he stepped into that gun battle totally outwitted (his plan was seriously just to storm in, knowing that armed heads were in there), got his boy murked, and ended up jumping out the window?!? And then went totally missing? I laughed, but damn, where the hell did Omar go?

What's good with Vondas giving Marlo a cellie? I want to know what super-technical hackery those Greeks have that will not make their drug dealing so painfully obvious? Whatever it is, when Freamon tried to tap it, he got some kind of fucked up message (shouts to Herc on the help-out). And he just thought it was that simple. While I am not convinced of Marlo's leadership or intelligence, that nigga is crafty and knows his way around a few things. Very intriguing character...

I am still amazed with McNulty's serial killer. I mean, dude is making up murders, and all of the sudden, Templeton is plodding him for info, trying to further sensationalize the situation, just so he can look good to bigger papers that want those grandiose stories. It's such a crazy paradox, I can only assume that shit is going to get too hectic for McNulty and he is going to have to bite the bullet and admit what the fuck he's doing. This shit with Templeton is only going to get worse before it wins prizes.

The thing is, McNulty will get too deep. He thought he was going to get bells and whistles, but with Daniles tightening the reigns (due to Carcetti's trap-shut wallet), all he got was Kima, who is busy working multiple homicides dolo. It will be too late before Jimmy cools off, kind of like with his situation with Beadie. Homegirl came to his job on some "yo is he cheatin' on me" shit, and Bunk had to stand firm and be like "yo he's working a big case". McNulty's (fly) ex-wife knows he is doing Beadie dirty, but Jimmy's head is in fantasy land. You can only hope that she just decides to quit Jimmy before it's too late...

It's so awful, but anytime Kennard gets fucked up, I laugh. I busted a gut when Michael beat his ass for jacking Namond's package. This week, when Dukie smacked the shit out of Kennard, I died... until Spider rushed him. Dukie needs to realize that street shit ain't in him. He talkin' about carrying, but is scared to shoot. Damn shame, because he has no choice - either accept your hand and learn to play your lane, or go off the deep-end and get his freeze on. The convo with Cutty was so deep, with Dukie asking how the hell one gets out of B-more (or the ghetto) into the rest of the world. Cutty, a man who saw the crime side but is now trying to do right, can't answer - he's still here.

Everyone with me: "sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit". Clay Davis is that nigga. He's out there without a boat, a paddle, or a check. He just has his balls and his gift for gab, and he is using both to try and turn the tides on this grand jury trial. Nerese shut him down, though, letting him know the bennies of keeping trap shut. Kind of wild, to live so high on the hog only to be shut down for the good of the party.

This show gets deeper and deeper as the series winds down. We're at what, 5 episodes left? We've been told that loose ends will be tied. I sure hope so. I can't wait for next week!

related links: "React Quotes" summary

[video] Frozen Grand Central

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Shouts to Elucid for this one. Too funny:

[video] DJs Sara & Ryusei (Feb 4, 2008)

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Sara & Ryusei are some kid ninjas on the decks:

Re-Up Gang We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 3

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Those Re-Up Gang niggas keep the series movin' with We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 3 (zShare; sharebee via NahRight). Highly recommended Hip-Hop. Tracklisting HERE. Hit up TSS fo' mo' links.

G-Unit Return of the Body Snatchers

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It's been discussed all over the internets, and now it's here. The G-Unit (sans Young Buck) come quick with a new mixtape, Return of the Body Snatchers (zShare; sharebee via NahRight). I haven't given this a twirl at all, but let a nigga know what you think about Curtis and Co.'s new tape. Tracklisting HERE.

PS: ROFL @ 50 making Paris Hilton cry...

BHM2K8: Alicia's Backyard

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I am not sure if Alicia Keys has been eating more KFC Hot Wings, or if the cut on those pants hit her body just right, but what was good with her accentuated hips and backyard during the 2008 Super Bowl pre-game concert? The pants are hideous, but if you check out the video below, you will definitely be treated to some wild hip-swinging action:

I know E loved that!

BHM2K8: Gap Teeth Havin'

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Congrats on the win, nigga. You are lucky you DID come back.

[video] Ludacris ft. Rick Ross & Bun B "Down In The Dirty"

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Saw this on MTV2 earlier today. Beat by Clinton Sparks, which is just amazing. I'm really into this shit:

"I'm yellow wit that purp like I came from the Lakers" - Ludacris

On That Leak: Donny Goines & Mickey Factz

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Donny Goines ft. Mickey Factz "Success Freestyle": The best beat on American Gangster gets the ill retwerk from D. Goines & M. Factz. Murder, period.

[video] Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

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Brock Lesnar, former WWE star, making his UFC debut against Frank Mir. Kind of surprised his thick-neck ass tapped out - in 90 seconds, no less:

Shouts to Mir for coming out to "Hate Me Now". I always hated Lesnar as a WWE star anyways.

Go Giants

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I'm not really riding for the Giants, but the last thing I want to see is Boston win EVERY sport's title in 2008.

Red Cafe "Paper Touching (NY Edition)"

Bonus Beats:

BHM2K8: "Black History"

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It's kind of deep - I'm tongue-in-cheekin' this Black History Month shit, and niggas like Master P and Lil' Romeo are actually trying to educate you niggas. Love it:

Isn't Romeo in college? Why does he sound like a bitch?


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Check out Wesley Snipes, reppin' for the BNN. That cheese-eating grin is based on the news passed today, that Mr. Snipes has been acquitted on tax fraud charges. He was acquitted on most charges, but did get found guilty on 3 charges, and could face 3 years in prison, but he beat tax fraud! Redd Foxx couldn't do it, neither could Marvin Gaye, but Blade has it down. He told them crackers "yo, this trial is racialist", sat through 7 days of prosecution testimony, then his defense rested without calling a single witness. How gangster is that? Well, this nigga DID play Nino Brown and Romelo. He learned something. Big up to the legal non-taxpayer massive.

Here is a video to help Wesley celebrate his win:

Jay-Z ft. R Kelly "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"

[video] Speed Racer trailer

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That new Speed Racer flick was done by the same cats who did The Matrix, so it looks like this great cartoon has been green-screened to death. I am not impressed at all:

SMH. Just looks too serious and not fun at all.

BHM2K8: Chicken & Waffles

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So, for this Black History Month 2008, I want to bring you some videos of important Black History moments in our world now. Well, not all super-important - niggas don't invent the gas mask and promote peanut use everyday! But, in our own subtle way, there are Black Americans who are still making progress.

Take Snoop Dogg, for example. This nigga is the first (only nigga) in the history of the Larry King Live show to take Larry King out for some cotdamn waffles. Think about it: we are at war, we have an election season underway, we have homeless people and AIDS and all this shit. What does Snoop do? He puts on his 6th annual "Snoop Bowl" and takes the white man out for some waffles and chickens. Gotta start somewhere...

I know they are doing promo, but did they really need to play "Sensual Seduction" under this piece? And why did Larry eat a piece of chicken and one yam? Is soul food deadly to the white stomach?

Interesting side note: did you know niggas invented the hair-straightening? So I guess Snoop and Garrett Morgan have a bit of history in common!

Eva Mendes: On The Wagon


She still has no ass, but this picture is nice. Oh yeah, Eva Mendes is in Utah rehab for some "personal issues". I wonder what drug she was using? I'd image she is using coke, or she is an alcoholic. It would be kind of wild if this chick was on like E or some shit, no?

Friday, February 1st 2008 playlist

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I'm not even kidding when I say there is a boatload of leaks going on. Just check this shit out...


Rizoh posted up the TIME:LINE Sampler from Kay & Nicolay earlier today.


My boy DJ Cable is doing these monthly round-up mixes, taking some of the heat from the month and putting them together in his wicked style. It's a nice mix of mainstream and more underground jams. One of the UK's finest! Check out this 50 minute mix:
01. Missy Elliott - Ching A Ling
02. Busta Rhymes - It's Over
03. Super Barrio Bros - Game Over
04. Bangers & Cash Feat. Amanda Blank - Loose
05. Juganot Feat. Swizz Beats, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe & Reek Da Villain - En Why Ceequal
06. Sheek Louch - Good Love
07. Ghostface Killah - Super GFK
08. Kanye West Feat. R. Kelly - Flashing Lights Remix
09. Cassidy Feat. Swizz Beatz - My Drink 'N My 2 Step
10. Kanye West Feat. Chris Martin - Homecoming
11. Statik Selektah Feat. Red Cafe, Termanology & MIMS - Bam Bam
12. Statik Selektah Feat. Big Shug - Punch Out
13. Re-Up Gang - 20K Money Making Brothers On The Corner
14. Lil' Wayne - I'm Me
15. Ludacris Feat. Rick Ross & Bun B - Down In The Dirty


DJ Clue's new mixtape, I Am Legend, is getting loads of accolades. "It's that fire" is one phrase I keep hearing about it. It also features that Jay-Z cut "Ain't I", which is produced by Timbaland. Many think this is some Blueprint 3 fire, but Riz set niggas straight. Grab that Clue, regardless.
That's it for today. As per usual, let's end this jammy with a video...

Skillz "Crazy World"

Enjoy this Super Bowl weekend.

On That Leak: Donny Goines "Alarm Clock"

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Donny Goines "Alarm Clock (Brown Paper Bag Freestyle)": Check Donny at his most ferocious over this banger of a Cool & Dre beat. This and more can be found on his Off The Books mixtape (mirror at TRU). And make sure you are checking out Donny's blog, THE SUICIDE BLOGGER.

[video] Tecmo Super Bowl XLII

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Yes, ArmchairGM has ran a sim of this year's Super Bowl via the 8-bit gem, Tecmo Super Bowl. Rosters were updated, and it looks like the Patriots beat the Giants, 24-21. Check out the video:

First Half:

Second Half:

This Nigga Rides Horses

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Or at least he looks like it. Spotted over at YBF. Andre3000 is probably the illest MC to have not put an album out in 2007, but he dresses like a fucking horse jockey.

Fanu + Bill Laswell = Lodge

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When you have a project from producers like Bill Laswell and Fanu, it's essentially buy on sight. Thing about this new album, entitled Lodge, is that it's only been released in Japan so far. From the clips below, it sounds like a twisted journey into the worls of both Jazz and Jungle, with some stops along the way. Reminds me of the INAMORATA CD from late last year, but a lot better. Some of my immediate favs are "Hollow Grounds", "Bloodline" and "The Incal". Check out the tracklist, with clips:

  1. "Orh"
  2. "Bloodline"
  3. "Transgenesis"
  4. "Hollow Grounds"
  5. "Fourth Voice"
  6. "Transfer Code"
  7. "The Incal"
  8. "Shroud"

The line-up on this album goes as follows:

Fanu - breaks, loops, and dark fun.
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, wino.
Graham Haynes - trumpet, dope.
Bernie Worrell (P-Funk): keyboards, bach.
Bill Laswell: fender bass, psychosis.

You can cop this now via Columbia Japan. US release date: March 11th (European release date is March 28th), so hold tight.

[video] Stkoyo Showcase

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DJ Sara, DJ Ryusei, D-Styles & Shortkut on the decks:

More at SkratchTV.

[video] Two More Super Bowl 2K8 Ads

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Last night I posted the Justin Timberlake/Pepsi Stuff commerical that will air on Sunday, I am kind of surprised these jammies are online, but they come straight from CBS' YouTube channel, so who knows:

I'll post more if I see more.

[video] Tom Brady Is A Fool

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You guys must have heard the media day hullabaloo about Tom Brady receiving a marriage proposal from this chick in a wedding dress? That smoker turned out to be TV Azteva's Ines Gomez-Mont. Here's a Star-Ledger video with more footage of her, as opposed to Brady's mug:

You mean to tell me this cheating QB was willing to turn down a fly chick like Ines to stay with no-ass having Gisele Bündchen?

MC Cliff Huxtable


Bill Cosby has been an oldhead who hates on the current stereotypical image of today's Black youth for a few years now. He downtalks niggas, says they cannot read and just use foul language and all of this other malarky. Niggas, in turn, hated on his oldhead status and his dark sunglasses. Now word from AHH is that this nigga is trying to do a Hip-Hop album?

Bill Cosby - a staunch critic of some rap music - is set to release a Hip-Hop album called State of Emergency, which will be a sanitized, issue-oriented CD.

Sources told that the actor, comedian and philanthropist will address issues like proper parenting, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, Black-on-Black crime and the dropout rate in America's high schools.

Does he really think doing something like this will touch the youth where his rants did not? Part of the reason he couldn't get to those kids is because of the fact that he is an oldhead. Until the young niggas get that positive image from someone they can respect, a peer, they will continue to snap their fingas and do the step. "The Coz" could put out 50 albums - niggas don't wanna hear it, dunny.

Shouts to E for the link.

Diplo: Trple J Mix-Up (1/1/2008)

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Diplo on Triple J Radio, Jan. 1st 2008.

Discobelle via Panda Toes.

[video] Bangers & Cash "B.O.O.T.A.Y."

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Spank Rock & Benny Blanco have been going BANANAS on this Bangers & Cash project. Check out their new clip for "B.O.O.T.A.Y.":

Bonus Beats: Check out the NSFW video for "Loose", which features Amanada Blank:

[video] Fat Joe "300 Brolic"

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When you think the last time Joey Crack been in some of them project hallways when it wasn't a video or photo shoot? I'm just saying...

Freddy Kruger w/o Robert Englund?

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When I was a shorty, all of the Friday The 13th and Halloween movies were cool, but my Aunt Zina put me onto those Nightmare On Elm Street flicks, which are to this day my favorite teen slasher movies. I first say Part 3, where Freddy had syringes on his fingers instead of knives, and killed the one bitch by slamming her dome into a TV. Classic murkage. In any case, it looks like Freddy is BACK, but possibly sans Robert Englund, the dude behind the make-up. That's an epic fail if I've ever heard of any. I would imagine he might be creeky and getting up there in age, but that's what the fuck CGI is for. I can't imagine how they are going to revamp this series but keep out the singular element to it: Freddy's twisted sense of humor. Sure, some of the one-liners were corny, but that was part of the fun.

What do you guys think? Is it worth it to revisit this series with awhole new Freddy?

[video] "Magnetic Attraction" Pepsi Super Bowl Ad

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Here's the new Pepsi Stuff commercial that will air during this weekend's Super Bowl. Features Justin Timberlake. You may have seen clips of this on the news:

[video] Miss Info Vs. Joell Ortiz

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Miss Info gets the scoop on Joell Ortiz' situation:

Boogie Bang 11

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New mixtape from DJ Trackstar, hosted by DJ Drama, Willie The Kid AND LA The Darkman! That new fire from cats like Lupe Fiasco, Freeway, Vandalyzm, AZ, NYOil and others! Download now!

LOST Season 4 "Cheat Sheet"

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With today off, I'm doing a few things: running errands, getting wifey lunch, sorting through submissions that I've already gotten for the forthcoming rock the dub compilation (lookin' good, so far) but I am now looking like Locke in that pic up above: right at the PC, getting ready for tomorrow night's premiere episode of Season 4 of LOST. EW's Doc Jensen has compiled a "cheat sheet", giving you some things you should remember before you invest the time with this episode. No teasers at all, well not really, just some facts and things to get you back into the mentality of The Island. Recommended reading...

[video] Benga & Coki "Night"

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I've been pretty slack on the dubstep posts on here (kind of why I started dubstruck); in any case, this cut from Benga & Coki was a fucking ANTHEM in dubstep circles in 2k7, and I believe there are some sick remixes coming not only from DJ Zinc but the Digital Soundboy fam as well. Shouts to Tempa. Warning: this is just a squid getting busy:

MyBook Woes


These bastards are so dope... until they suddenly funk out on you. I had been having a few problems with this, but I cannot even access the hard drive anymore - and there's a lot of shit on this thing! Any advice on how I can try and at least salvage the files on it? I dread hitting the "format" button as it asks...

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 3

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Amanda lets us in on her recent show with Lupe Fiasco, along with live footage!

Gotta love that "Supa-Woman".

[video] Oprah's Big Give

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New primetime show on ABC coming March 2nd. Oprah gives these 10 people a wad of cash. The catch? They have to give ALL of it away. Looks like it will be star-studded and tear-inducing for the millions of women who watch this sort of thing. Check this sneak peak:

rock the dub: the compilation?


I am always trying to showcase new, exciting artists with my blog, reviews, and other pieces I write. I am wondering if I need to take it to the next level, and actually create a compilation of Hip-Hop from cats many of you might not have heard, but need to hear. I'm not talking about money, I'm talking about exposure. A situation where tracks from (hopefully) the world over, primarily Hip-Hop, gets into the hands of people who want it. Would anyone be down? If so, hit me up via e-mail: Serious inquiries only. I have no more details only because I want to see how many of you would truly be down.

Let me know what's good.

The Observation Deck (29th Jan. 2008)

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  • Britney Spears has had another metldown. You have to love how people like her manager are quick to say she has "mental issues" but no one is trying to help her get help. Too much money involved in crazy Brit.
  • Peedi Crack is a funny nigga. XXL, based on a MEDIATAKEOUT "report", has a rumor up saying that a Def Jam rep came to Philly and told the Roc-A-Fella heads in Philly that the Roc is no more, and that they are "free to leave". Roc-A-Fella dropped the entire roster? Well, the report says that "he kept one person", which I can only assume is a dig at Kanye West, but think about it: out of all the Roc niggas who put out an LP in 2007, aside from Jay, who actualyl made money? A Nigga Named West, that's who. Coming from Peedi, who ended the interview saying "you won’t hear no Peedi Crakk diss songs", I just don't believe it. Based on the way the MEDIATAKEOUT "interview" reads, it sounded like Peedi got dropped, and then he assumed that guys like Beanie Sigel & Freeway got dropped.
  • This Drew Peterson is too much: TMZ reports that its looking like neph, who didn't want to have any lie detector tests, is trying to get on FOX's Moment of Truth show, in an effort to clear his name (and get more dates).
  • Were you one of the many who fell into Qtrax's trap, saying they were offering a legal P2P site that ALL of the major labels signed up with, reporting to give out something like 25 million cuts? I'd sure hope not - the rug has been pulled, and now the majors are coming out like "yo we ain't make no deal". Maybe I should start up a fake P2P site.
  • In related news, the EU high courts have said that European ISPs are not required to give away the details of downloaders the industry wants outed, although they did leave it open for new laws to emerge in the future.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas + "hot coffee" mod + feeling upset = $35.
  • Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? Me neither; USA Today has the wrap-up.
  • Congrats to Gwen Stefani and Gavin What's-His-Name on word of their pregnancy; this will be their 2nd child.
  • A judge denied Foxy Brown's request to get an ear exam in California. I hope she heard him.
  • Did you like that movie Crash? I didn't. It's coming to Starz in a 13-episode series. I like how, with the success of HBO and Showtime into the serial-drama field, now all of these other cable channels try to get their own shows. I think Starz has a bunch of original programming on deck...

Go, Obama, Go.

Treasure Fingers - In-Deed DJ Mix

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Spotted over at the Fool's Gold blog (shouts to RCRD LBL). Treasure Fingers (AKA Evol Intent's The Enemy) has been getting some nice play via his recent ventures into more club-friendly sounds. He has a forthcoming 12" ("Cross The Dancefloor") on Fool's Gold, and has crafted a mix to kind of promo both his tracks and his DJing:



01. Kill The Noise - Hey You
02. Duke Dumont - When I Hear Music
03. Mondo - Alive (PH Electro mix)
04. Kill The Noise - Pull My Strings
05. Ocelot - This is Our Time (Treasure Fingers remix)
06. Hail Social - Heaven (Designer Drugs remix)
07. Villains - Rock It
08. Das Pop - Fool for Love (Yuksek remix)
09. Grafton Primary - I Can Cook (Miami Horror remix)
10. Soft Pink Truth - Media Friend (Rudimentary Peni cover)
11. Treasure Fingers - Come True Tonight (dub mix)
12. Lorn vs. Treasure Fingers - (you are) my dancefloor single mashup
13. Treasure Fingers - Cross the Dancefloor
14. Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Junior Sanchez remix)

If you're into that sort of thing, this is essential.

[video] Jay-Z "Pray"


New video from one of the nicer cuts from Jay-Z's American Gangster disc. This one was recorded while he was on tour. Nice live footage.

Shouts to Eskay for his words inre: Universal/Def Jam trying to only have people peep this off the Roc-A-Fella website.

Blend Time: Nas Vs. Souls of Mischief

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Shouts to Wes for throwing this gem up yesterday; Dave Wrangler took it upon himself to blend two of the most influential cuts in classic early 90's Hip-Hop (Nas' "It Ain't Hard To Tell" and "'93 'Til Infinity" from the Souls of Mischief), blend them together, and create a beautifully vintage blend for the backpacker. It's just so in your face and obvious, yet I'm surprised I haven't heard someone rock this blend before.

[video] Pacific Division "Woman Problems"

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Shouts to E for this one. This is for them niggas who just have bad luck with females:

[video] Who The Fuck Is D-Tay?

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This nigga D-Tay, who was apparently signed to G-Unit South, takes Young Buck to task in these videos. I kept hearing snoring in this and was confused:

Then I realized this nigga has a sleepin' ass nigga in the bed behind him. Talk about homo-thug. That just makes the entire situation crazy suspect. I also don't know what the fuck this nigga was trying to say. I mean being country is one thing - being a belligerent asshole is an entirely different matter.

Part 2

Part 3

When does a nigga cross the line between "keepin' it real" and just plain snitching?

History Of Hip-Hop Vol. 15: 1993

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Damn, The Rub just don't stop. DJ Ayers, 1993, oh yes. This is just... dope. Grab your stocking cap and some Cross Colours and get into this:



1. Souls of Mischief – 93 Til Infinity
2. Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain
3. Black Moon – Who Got Da Props
4. Lords of the Underground – Chief Rocker
5. Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck
6. M.O.P. – How About Some Hardcore
7. Beatnuts – Psycho Dwarf
8. Onyx – Slam
9. Run DMC f. Pete Rock – Down With the King
10. KRS One – Sound of the Police
11. Fat Joe – Flow Joe
12. Masta Ace, Inc – Born to Roll
13. Snoop Doggy Dogg – The Shiznit
14. MC Breed f. Tupac – I Gotta Get Mine
15. De La Soul – Breakadawn
16. A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour
17. Leaders of the New School – What’s Next + Large Pro Remix
18. Nubian Crackers f. Artifacts – Do You Wanna Hear It
19. Funkmaster Flex – Six Million Ways to Die
20. KRS One – Outta Here
21. Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Catch A Bad One
22. Casual – I Didn’t Mean To
23. Ice Cube – You Know How We Do It
24. Domino – Ghetto Jam
25. The Nonce – Mix Tapes
26. Freestyle Fellowship – Inner City Boundaries
27. Boss – Deeper
28. Tupac – Keep Your Head Up
29. Redman – All Night Long
30. Tragedy aka Intelligent Hoodlum – Grand Groove
31. Wu-Tang Clan – Can It Be All So Simple
32. Jeru tha Damaja – Come Clean
33. Big L – Devil’s Son
34. Ultramagnetic MCs – Two Brothers With Checks
35. Beatnuts – Reign of the Tec
36. KRS One – Hip-Hop vs Rap
37. Tupac ft Digital Underground – I Get Around
38. Snoop Doggy Dogg – Gin and Juice
39. Ice Cube ft Das EFX – Check Yo Self
40. Too Short – Don’t Fight the Intro
41. RBL Posse – Bammer Weed
42. Tha Alkaholiks – Only When I’m Drunk
43. LL Cool J – Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag
44. Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man
45. Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin to Fuck With
46. De La Soul – Ego Trippin (Part Two)
47. A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

related links:
History Of Hip-Hop Vol. 14: 1992
History Of Hip-Hop Vol. 13: 1991
History Of Hip-Hop Vol. 12: 1990

The Wire, Season 5: "Transitions" [recap]

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First off, RIP to Proposition Joe. Kind of crazy how last week ended with Butchie getting murked. This week, Prop Joe is sending flowers to Butchie's funeral, and the ep ends with Joe getting capped. Cold, too. Fuck Cheese, that's my word. I can understand you wanting to own a piece of the pie, but you don't have to cross your blood doing it. I can only imagine how hard Omar is going to fuck Cheese, though - was getting your hands on Hungry Man really worth it? You had to sell out your unc? Prop Joe was one of the illest characters on TV - remember how he fixed that East vs West ball game in Season 1? I also just loved how he went from an interesting recurring character to one of the more main heads as seasons came. Kind of deep, and ironic, how The Greek and Vondas were going back and forth about "trusting Joe" and picking up that insurance policy. I have a hunch that Marlo might not be as ignorant as he looks, and that he might be playing this somewhat smartly.

Who else is playing it smart? Freamon, who is showing McNulty how they have to play the serial killer angle. I thought it was odd that McNulty seemed almost reluctant to work the angles. How you gonna create a case in your spare time? In order to not get caught, you have to get deep into it. And deep he did - you saw that homeless den he crept into? And who noticed "Fifty" from the docks living down there? That was so crazy that they threw him in there! I guess he went on a super bender. Or is that another critique on the decline of the docks in our life? In any case, Freamon sees what a case like this could do for Major Crimes... but you can't go sloppy with this.

Speaking of McNulty, I like how Beadie finally confronted him, but he was so drunk and off into serial killer-land, he wasn't having that convo. She needs to just leave his shit on the porch and lock the door, if not for her than for the kids, but who knows what she will do. He needs to get out of her life, though. He isn't built for a relationship.

I thought it was kind of deep, and telling, that the D.A. didn't want to go along with the "headshot" on Clay Davis. I guess that case moving up to the Feds would cheapen the acclaim this guy could use when he tries to move up the ladder in the future. And the fucked up part is, what if these other charges don't stick? You saw how quick Clay was to turning the tide around in front of the reporters - the court of public opinion is a mother. Something like an $80K in false loans? Should be a no-brainer... but cats are trying to make a name for themselves as opposed to serve the greater good...

Scott Templeton is one of those guys. This prick was more concerned with interviewing at The Post (who seemed nice but wanted someone with a bigger name) than trying to nail down the Burrell resignation. Shouts to Twigg, who got the ball rollin'.

LOL @ Burrell not even speaking to Daniels when he was explaining his case, but being willing to bitch to Nareese about his file. Why is that whole file so damn secretive? Was Daniels taking ends from a drug case he worked on, or did he just keep trap shut? And why would Ervin keep him around so long, except to keep him as his puppet? Now that his boy is moving him out, he's ready to talk? Bitch move. Another bitch move was Colicchio getting so mad at Kennard punking him that he roughs up a teacher - then gets pissed b/c Carver has to write him up. What did he expect - that he could haul off on anyone and not have to pay for it? Fuck out of here. The whole police department is hilarious. Full of monkeys.

LOL @ Marlo's "did you ever find that camera" comment to Herc.

LOL @ Michael's mom trying to get back in his life. Like he really trying to give her ends to sit around the house and fuck their life up. Yeah, right.

Where's Poot? He came back round the end of Season 4 and just left the hood?

Check out the preview for next week's episode, "React Quotes":

Why does Dukie need to shoot a gat? Who else cannot wait for Snoop and Omar to really go at it? Looks like Clay Davis is playing hardball to stay afloat, and Daniels is having that heated argument with McNulty and Freamon over their "work", which is getting more Sun play.

Things are heating up!

related links: summary on "Transitions" review

[video] Hanif-Jamiyl "Wet Dream"

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Hanif-Jamiyl is one part of Maspyke, and is releasing his LP, Krushed Grapes, on Bukarance Records on March 18th. Check out the video for "Wet Dream":

INRE: SNY Invitational

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Any of you New York/New Jersey/PA heads want to get to this SNY Invitational that Have You Seen Me Dunk? is holding a contest for? Last call on this: the dates of the 2-day tournament of the NY area's brightest high school basketball players are the 1st and 2nd of February. I need to get a winner ASAP, so the sooner the better.

The prize pack includes the following:

1 Pair Of NJ Net's tickets
1 Pair Of Tickets To SNY Invitational
1 Rucker prize pack (t-shirt, basketball, hat)...and more

And will not only have Lance Stephenson playing, but stars like Mister Cee, Ron Darling and a bunch of other NY-area atheletes and celebs. Hit me with an e-mail (, subject title "SNY INVITATIONAL" ASAP!

On That Leak: Afrofreque "Illumination"

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Afrofreque "Illumination": When people say "live Hip-Hop", you probably think of The Roots. Take that instrumentation, but add in a bit of the Reggae, some of the Afrobeat, a pinch of Electronica, and some social consciousness, and you are almost understanding what Afrofreque is all about. This track pretty much encompasses all of that into a big melting pot. I could see fans of jam bands getting off on this very easily!

Their debut album, Fresh Soul Frequencies, is available NOW for digital download, and is a great blend of feel-good music with forward-thinking sensibilities. Check out this video of them live at Red Fez in Austin, TX:

Shouts to Daysha for the look! Grab "Illumination" for free, hit up their websites and go see these cats live!

[video] LOST: Missing Pieces 13

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If you are asking "what is 'Missing Pieces'?", hit up this link. This is the final one I believe, and it provides a crazy shock to the system:

"So It Begins"

Wow. Opens even MORE doors, eh?

[video] Erykah Badu "Honey"

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Shouts to The Boom:

[video] Urine Nation

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Those iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES take you on a tour of the best spots to relieve yourself in a big city. I love this video:

rock the dub radio: episode 014

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Still in that lab, cookin'. Episode 014 has a few changes: you'll notice that the intro is WAY shorter. I had heard words in the past (I'm lookin' at you, Rizoh and Wes), commenting on my intros. They are a bit long, yes, so I decided to do a lil something different. This intro features an instrumental from FRISKe, which has a nice punch to it. Let me know what you think.

This week also features a mix I got on a whim from dj tome, who represents Croatia. He threw a Stones Throw/J Dilla heavy mix at me with ease, and it rocks from start to end (that Danny Breaks rmx in there is a mother). I took up hour 2 and threw some new gems and a couple of old favs together. Check the technique:

rock the dub radio: episode 014

(direct MP3 download)


Part 1: dj tome
01/Wu-Tang Clan "Take It Back"
02/Roc C "Living For the City"
03/Baron Zen "BZ Theme (Danny Breaks Remix)"
04/Frank-N-Dank "Puff Puff Pass"
05/DJ Spinna ft. Phonte of Little Brother "Dillagence"
06/J-88 "The Look of Love Pt.1"
07/Slum Village "Players"
08/Raekwon "The PJs (Pete Rock Remix)"
09/The Notorious B.I.G. & Labba "Modern Day Gangstas"
10/Jay Electronica "So What You Sayin'"
11/MF Doom & Guilty Simpson "Mash's Revenge"
12/J Dilla "The $ (Madlib Remix)"
13/Percee P ft. Vinnie Paz & Guilty Simpson "Watch Your Step"
14/J Dilla "Take Notice"
15/Busta Rhymes & Mick Boogie "Step Up"
16/J Davey "Camera Gangsta"
17/Pharoahe Monch "So Good"

Part 2: khal
18/Kanye West "Barry Bonds (Instrumental)"
19/Kanye West ft. Lil' Wayne "Barry Bonds"
20/Katt Williams "Calling Out Your Name"
21/Styles P "Green Piece Of Paper"
22/Styles P "Switch My Style"
23/O-Solo "Remind Me"
24/Cam'ron "Pass Tha Dutchie"
25/FurSun "That Feelin'"
26/Visioneers ft. Pharcyde "Runnin' (Visioneers Mash)"
27/Main Source "Looking At The Front Door"
28/De La Soul "Ego Trippin' (Pt. 2)"
29/Akrobatik ft. Talib Kweli "Put Ya Stamp On It"
30/Mr. Lif "Heavy Artillery"
31/Kidz In The Hall "Drivin' Down The Block"
32/Jay Electronica "Extra Extra"
33/Percee P ft. Diamond D "Two Brothers From The Gutter (Remix)"
34/Jaylib ft. Guilty Simpson "Strapped"

Hopefully, next episode will be Dub Vs. Boom pt. 2, but we will see. Any other DJs who are trying to get heard, hit me with a mix. Specs on the mix: MP3 quality, no longer than an hour, and Hip-Hop (or Hip-Hop related) music only. Get at me:

RSS / rock the dub radio page.