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Rich Boy Bigger Than The Mayor

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01 Intro
02 Buried Alive
03 Wrist Out the Window
04 Monsta
05 Out the Hood
06 Haters Wish
07 Ghetto Queen
08 Rollin Rollin
09 Ms Pacman
10 PO’d Up
11 The Cars
12 Bitch I Know
13 She Wanna
14 Take It Off
15 Supafly
16 Outro

Via The Rap Up.

[video] Wu-Tang Clan "The Heart Gently Weeps"

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And I was just saying the other day, where the fuck are the new videos from 8 Diagrams; guess I should have just left well enough alone:

[video] Donny Goines Update

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D. Goines let's us know what he's doing right now, since he's been kind of quiet for a minute:

Got a feelin' his forthcoming LP is gonna be a beast.

[video] N*E*R*D "Everyone Nose" (Making Of)

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Peep this behind the scenes footage from N*E*R*D's new video:

Kidz In The Hall "Work To Do" (Remix)

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Kidz In The Hall ft. Talib Kweli, Bun B & Nato Caliph "Work To Do (Obama For America) (Remix)": The boy Nato Caliph hit me with this just not 15 minutes ago. Official like a referee with a whistle, recorded with Naledge in St. Louis. St. Louis has that fire, and no I'm not a Saint Lunatic. Just trust we.

Mann ft. Sean Kingston "Ghetto Girl"

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Mann ft. Sean Kingston "Ghetto Girl" (prod. by JR Rotem): JR brought out Sean Kingston, now he brings out L.A.'s Mann, who kind of reminds me of Sean, but on a more Hip-Hop tip. I can see the Pop charts burnin' up over this, and parents being pissed about Sean's interpolations.

Vibe's Busta Rhymes Feature

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Very interesting read on the metamorphisis that Busta has gone through since signing with Aftermath. While I still enjoyed his last album, and think he is still one of the iller MCs in the game, his personal life seems to have flipped and bounce, esp. after Izzy's murder. If you're a fan of Busta's, I recommend reading this, as they got comments from everyone: Kay Slay, Rah Digga, Dinco D, Charlie Brown and many others.

[video] Mariah on Oprah

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Check out Mariah Carey on Oprah, which aired yesterday:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Mariah performing "Bye Bye"

E=MC² is in stores today.

Drunk White Chicks

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Both pics ia the.LIFE Files.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2


Via Boo Goo Doo Boom, who is on fire right now. First Tha Carter III, now this?!

[video] Portishead in Portishead

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Shouts to Current TV (and Elucid for the link); Portishead running through 7 songs on Third in this studio performance in Portishead, England:

Such a big fan. Two weeks, fam.

[video] Khia vs. Ms. Cherry


Taken from last night's Miss Rap Supreme premiere:


[video] Lil' Wayne Live

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Taken from The Truth DVD, Lil' Wayne pays tribute to Michael Vick & T.I., rockin' a "Get It Shawty" Freestyle and performing "Prostitute":

That dance he's doing, is that a variation of The Wam?

[video] Step Brother Trailer

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Another flick for you Will Ferrell/John Reilly fans:

In theaters July 25th.

[video] Three 6 Mafia ft. UNK "I'd Rather"

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New Three 6 Mafia video. Head is the shit, but I don't think anything beats pussy:

related: Three 6 Mafia x DJ UNK x Gov. Eliot Spitzer

Obama Vs. Gumbel

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An interview with Senator Barack Obama will be premiered on Bryant Gumbel's Real Sports tomorrow night at 10PM. Apparently he talks about his love of basketball.

Bonus Beats: DJ Green Lantern ft. Mavado & Barack Obama "We Need Barack"

[video] The Roots ft. Patrick Stump "Birthday Girl"

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New video from The Roots. Features porn actress Sasha Grey. I am still not feelin' this:

Talk about beating a theme into someone's head. What was that at the end, some To Catch A Predator shit?

Tha Carter III


Via Boo Goo Doo Boom. Get that shit while it's hot.

Miss Rap Supreme Premieres Tonight!

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And I cannot wait. Eskay has already live-blogged the special noon-time sly VH1 showing of the premiere (all of you working stiffs, like myself, can catch it tonight at 10 PM), and YN & Robbie put together a 16-track compilation of some of Rap's illest cuts from the female rappers that get no love, entitled Hard Body Female Spit Vol. 1.

related: [video] Miss Rap Supreme Trailer

[video] Made Of Honor Trailer

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I'm not a fan of romantic movies (although wifey does have me sit in on some of these flicks), but I don't think I'd be mad going to see this. And where the fuck has Kadeem Hardison been!?:

In theaters May 2nd.

[video] Biggie Smalls: Rap Phenomenon Trailer

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I've been waiting for a documentary/hood DVD featuring Biggie being Biggie, behind the scenes. You always hear about his comedy and joking out of the limelight, and it looks like this doc makes it happen. Exec produced by D-Roc:

Via Nah Right. Anyone looking for something to get me for my birthday or Christmas, this is it.

[video] Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige "You're All Welcome"

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Didn't realize you could make videos and songs based on your tour. I would love to hear a Best Of Both Worlds with Jay and Mary:

Bonus Beats: Jay-Z ft. Mary J. Blige & Swizz Beats "You're Welcome"

related: [video] Jay-Z in Houston

[video] The Difference Between Paranoid and Suspicious

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Jay Smooth's take on Alicia Key's recent remarks on Gangsta Rap:

Yeah I definitely don't think homegirl is crazy. I mean, I hope those who are calling her crazy are not the same ones who said that the East vs. West "coastal beef" was a ploy of the media... I see where AK is coming from. Do I agree? Eh, I won't go that far. But I see what she's saying.

[video] Jay-Z in Houston

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Spotted over at BGDB; Hov rocks another "Fuck Bush!" moment. I like the way the pics move on that big ass monitor:

Must be nice to have that many muhfuckas at your concert, rockin'.

Bonus Beats: Jigga and Bun B perform "Big Pimpin'"

[video] "The Hardest" Freestyle

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From DJ Green Lantern's Invasion Radio, I believe MP3s of this have been going around late last year (EDIT: rapidshare link); Styles P, Uncle Murda, Freeway & Beanie Sigel GO IN (if I'm not mistaken, it's from the same session this Joe Budden freestyle came from):

[video] Cuban Link ft. Nubia "Somos Latinos"

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Cuban Link on that Reggaeton; mad fly ladies in this one, too:

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #12

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You already know how we do with DJ Cable; check out his latest weekly mix:



01. Trina Feat. Ludacris - B R Right
02. Ginuwine - Pony
03. Jay-Z Feat. Twista & Missy Elliot - Is That Yo Bitch?
04. Roll Deep - Badman
05. Skepta Feat. President, JME, Friscoe, Dan, Scorcher, Bossman, Cell 22, Dimples & Danny B - Private Caller
06. David Banner Feat. Twista & Busta Rhymes - Like A Pimp (Remix)
07. Trick Daddy Feat. Lil Jon & Twista - Let's Go

Fire forreal.

Also, for you THUGSTEP lovers, Cable, who got bit by the bug my nigga DJ Nappy created, has thrown his recent mashup up on mediafire, and I'm sitting in my cubicle right now, rockin':

Lil Scrappy ft. Young Buck "Money In The Shattered Bank (Cable Vs. Coki Thugstep Refix)"

Fire forreal. I dare you to front on that.

Our Favorite Things: A Primer

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I promised you guys a review of Negativland's Our Favorite Things DVD last month, but haven't had the time to sit down with it and truly give it my undivided attention. I was given a slab of links from Andy @ Fanatic, though, and wanted to share them with you, so you could decide what you though. Here we go!

"KPIX News Feature"

(this is a real news story documenting the David Brom controversy)

"Freedom Is Waiting"

"Aluminum or Glass"

As an added bonus, there was also an acapella CD released with this DVD from the 180G's. This band of brothers took on classic Negativland and put their Detroit doo-wop spin on it, to much success. Check out these tracks:

Do you really need any other reason to check this out? Not at all! So head on over to the Negativland store and pick up this piece of culture-jamming history.

The Hoarsemen Snacks & Catastrophes [review]

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - wait, not THOSE Horsemen. The Hoarsemen are a collective out of New York, reppin' "alternative" Hip-Hop (meaning that they pack both turntables AND kazoos) for you lovers of shit that's a bit askew. Is their debut album, Snacks & Catastrophes, dope enough for you to cop? Let's find out:

"Neck Bop"
This cut starts out with some head-noddin' drums and a solid organ melody, which get paired up with MC Long Division's quirky lines and that odd hook, this CD reminds me of what Beck was doing on Odelay, minus the wall-of-sound sampledelica.

"Brown Bag"
This is the lead single. Another solid groove, with dude throwing in words not normally heard on your regular Rap disc (I mean, who rhymes shit like metropolis?), but dude also has some ill things strung together, like this end game on the first verse: "Got to make my name ring bells like a pugilist/Spitting some old hotness like Vesuvius/I sip Bombay, turn clubs to Pompeii/And critics, y'all can all go to Hell like Dante". Not your normal raps, for they take a bit of thought! Also diggin' the New Brunswick drop.

"Feel Mine"
Three songs deep and each is on that mid-tempo, live bop to it. Not that bad, but hopefully the paces changes every now and again. I bet these cats are dope live, especially homey who makes all the weird voices on their hooks. Like who says "OK I'm going to sound like a little kid/weird old man on EVERY hook"? Lyrically, this reminds me of the Anticon heads, but with more rhythm to the flows and less SAT words...

"Pablo McNasty's Revenge"
I miss DJ-only tracks. Even if this is an interlude, this one has a DJ Disk charm to it. If you didn't hear his Ancient Termites CD, you're missing out.

"Dookie Booty"
This one kicks it up a tad - I could see this one going down nice at a beer-soaked basement party. Got that fun vibe to it, not far from cats like Digital Underground back in the day.

"The Ballad Of Three Fingered Joe"
This is more Hip-Hop/Country hybrid than anything Nelly and Tim McGraw could ever come up with. All this track is missing is a verse from Slick Rick as Joe.

"You're Not Allowed To Volunteer Here Anymore"
I think this is one of the first tracks I've heard in a while that mentions Modelo beer. I had those once - the bottles are funny looking, but the brew was sub-par. I was going to do a series of posts where I bought beer, drank them, then reviewed the beers, but I realized that was a trigger to alcoholism. In any case, this one has a funky vibe to it. I love the cut-up phone ringing at the very end.

"The Carnival"
Odd-ass interlude of a carny bigging up the Hoarsemen (mad adjectives abound).

"Snacks 'n' Catastrophe"
Fuzz-box Hip-Hop, complete with kazoos. Grimey, yo!

"Gulps (The Captain Has Bad Dreams)"
Dude who does the captain voice (I'm guessing that's Loosey?) is spot-on. That pitter-patter kick in this makes that beat. Love that low-key bass, too. Perfect bed for the deep-sea themes in this killer.

Here comes the bevy of SAT rhymes. You sophmores and juniors need to just study this cut for your verbal section.

"Monkey Heads"
Definitely didn't expect this proto-jungle banger. Lovin' the freaky flavor of this interlude.

This one is the closest to a trunk-rattler on this set, with some hardcore scratching alongside a boomin' bassline. I also love dude's rhymes, reminds me of the early '90s.

Does exactly what it says on the tin - this is a fly cut that would go down PERFECT in a live setting. This would get the crowds rocking, especially those who are full of couples, or those just trying to get buck nasty on a broad.

"City Man"
With the bongo/conga line in this, sounds like a classic break with dude going buck over it. Another block (party) rocker.

In the end, this isn't what I'd normally peep at all, which is sad. It's good to hear Hip-Hop coming from that leftfield side of things, especially when it's not like a crew of guys who are trying to just use Rap as a tool. You can tell The Hoarsemen both love Hip-Hop and are good at what they do, making their particular brand of shit that much more interesting. While I think the CD isn't the best way to take in a set like this (I'd imagine their live shows are a good time), it's definitely a solid base for their budding future.

rock the dub gives Snacks & Catastrophes a 3.75 out of 5 stars. Flippin' Hip-Hop on its ear, these cats bridge a love for what was great about Hip-Hop with a desire to bring in their other influences into the mix, creating a vibrant stew and a funky good time.

Burn Deez: "You're Not Allowed To Volunteer Here Anymore", "Brown Bag", "The Ballad Of Three Fingered Joe", "Rotgut", "Dookie Booty"

Snacks & Catastrophes is available on April 15th, 2008. Check out their website for more information. If you are in the New York area on Thursday, April 17th, check out their album release party at Fontana's Bar in the L.E.S.; aside from the Hoarsemen, live performances will be coming from K Banger, the1shanti, The Woes and a host of others, with drink specials provided by Function Drinks and Svedka Vodka.

Check out this in depth interview with Long Division over at What Now, Then?

[video] Lupe Fiasco "Paris, Tokyo"

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I love that beat. Still not convinced about Lupe Fiasco, though:

[video] Big Quarters "August"

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Lovin' this one from the Big Quarters crew with Alicia Steele on the chorus. Big Quarters = Medium Zach (who produced I-Self Devine's "Where's The Joy") & Brandon Allday; Minneapolis' illest come with a chilled Sunday afternoon vibe with a quirky drawn video to boot:

Lake City Browns is coming soon!

[video] Lil' Wayne @ Spring Bling '08

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WSHH has a ton of videos of Lil' Wayne performing live at BET's Spring Bling '08:

"So Soft"

Two things: 1) isn't this song called "Leather So Soft", and 2) Rizoh thinks Weezy needs a special gift for his guitar work.



"Pop Bottles"

"Go DJ"

Word is, after this performance, Weezy drowned in a tub of that drank.

Bonus Beats: Lil' Wayne "Lisa Marie" (via Nah Right)

R Kelly Is The New 50 Cent

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Remember when 50 Cent used to diss on Ja Rule, then he became Ja Rule? Looks like R Kelly is switchin' his hate for Sisqo into becoming Sisqo.

Props to Enigmatik for the link.

[video] Previously on LOST

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From Miss Info, via Popwatch:

Too funny.

[video] NoCanDo vs. Dizaster

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NoCanDo rips this no one:

Part 1

Part 2

Props to Aaron on this one.

[video] Eli Porter vs. Envy

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Yo, talk about the comedy for the morning. Shouts to J. Slikk for the link. This nigga Envy goes first, he's sub-par with his, but Eli Porter "from the class of 2005"... wow. Not only does this nigga look like he was in Freaks, but he really just keeps fucking up. I like his "running from the cat" line:

ROFL @ that "gay parade" bit. Word up, Eli Porter for VP of the world. Rosie O'Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower? If he didn't keep fucking up, he would have won, hands down.

EDIT: Eli Porter Fan Club on Facebook.

Roni Size/Reprazent New Forms² [review]


It's odd that it's rainy here when I sit down to review this album; it was a rainy weeknight when I bought two important albums in my collection: Reprazent's New Forms (the US, 2xCD version) and V Classic, Vol. 1. I was already into DnB, but aside from Goldie's Timeless album, and a string of compilations from Liquid Sky Records (and tapes I made from the various Jungle shows on WPRB), I hadn't found something to truly latch onto. Roni Size and New Forms was it. The jazz, the lyrics - this opus was a very different approach to the Drum & Bass I was used to. We had real song structure, live instrumentation, and an aesthetic that screamed "we do what we feel works". It went on to be highly lauded, and is one of the greatest albums in DnB history. Now, 10 years later, Size has gone back in and re-edited the original 13 tracks, giving them a 2008 polish, but does it work?

"Railings (2008 re-edit)"
Not bad so far - you can hear the fatter break on this one, with a few synth notes being played under Dynamite's rhymes. The tempo feels a bit slower than I remember the original to be, but that doesn't deter from the cut at all.

"Brown Paper Bag (2008 re-edit)"
You remember this one, right? The video is epic. Again, this one has a crispier feel to it, with some harder drums added underneath. The subtle differences (the random bleeps thrown in, echoes thrown on Dynamite MC's rhymes, etc.) seem unnecessary, this track is vivid enough for those tweaks, but again, I'm with it so far.

"New Forms (2008 re-edit)"
This is where things get kind of confusing. I fucking KNOW this one is slower than the original, and it comes off feeling awkward. It's damn near Breaks-esque, with Bahamadia's rhymes coming across too slow over the track. Wrong move, this one worked so much more when her vocals attacked that faster beat. Side note: did you know that she didn't record her rhymes with Roni? She actually got the info from Size, did her vocals, but when the tape came to Roni, she mispronounced his name... Sykes instead of Size. I forget where I read that, always made me laugh though.

"Let's Get It On (2008 re-edit)"
And then what does Roni do? He takes my FAVORITE cut from the album, and turns it into an interlude. This whole thing about this track is the calm before that frantic storm when the beat drops. But we miss that. Guess he had to make room for something better?

"Trust Me (2008 re-edit)"
Anthem status. This one has been mashing down raves for a long-ass time. It was a staple in '97, and I remember like 4, 5 years ago, it re-emerged, for good reason. Simple melody that murks the crowd. This one is kept relatively unscathed, which is nice.

"Digital (2008 re-edit)"
I was never that big on this cut, but it actually works very well with the new coat of paint on it. Hasn't aged badly at all.

"Matter Of Fact (2008 re-edit)"
This is a classic, and I'm glad he hasn't toyed with this one either. When you want to talk about one of the things that drew me into DnB, it was the manipulation of the breakbeat. This one sounds like Max Roach or someone doing an extended solo, and those classic V/Full Cycle atmosphere sounds always got me. Special sleeper cut.

"Heroes (2008 re-edit)"
When I listen to this re-edit, I keep thinking about DJ Die's "Drop Bear". I really don't remember how the original one sounded, but this cut could get released today and still mash down the liquid crowd.

"Share The Fall (2008 re-edit)"
Another epic cut, "Share The Fall" is all about that big vocal. Roni really just threw a new sheen on a ton of these cuts, which definitely sounds better than what many fans thought this would sound like. I think people were expecting Roni to retwerk these in his newer style, but he definitely stayed true to the originals, for more or less.

"Heart To Heart"
The first of the new cuts is my favorite new cut. This is pure downtempo, jazzy mood music. That sample is pure genius. Loads of emotion gets built into this one, as well... once that sample hits, its orgasmic. Trust we.

"Less Is More"
Unfortunately, more is what this cut needs. Another trip in a Break-y territory, instrumental cut is funky, yes, but doesn't seem to fit into the vibe of what's been established so far. Too funk/electro for this set, in my opinion.

"Down (2008 re-edit)"
Back to the nasty, vocal-driven cuts. I love when this one gets funky. So raw, rugged and refreshing.

"Hi Potent (2008 re-edit)"
This is one I forgot about. I remember the double bass in this, harkening to "Brown Paper Bag" a bit, but that vintage V bassdrop in this was something I guess I forgot about. Big big tune.

"Don't Hold Back"
The new single. Roni trying to recreate today's Hip-Hop production, I guess? Dynamite does his thing on the mic, but this just doesn't even fit into the scope of what this album was about, at all. Disappointing choice.

"Beatbox (2008 re-edit)"
When I made my corny mixtapes, I used to use this as an interlude. I love how they totally re-created a DnB track vocally. So impressive.

This is cool, definitely sounds dope, although I think it would be cooler in concert than it is on CD.

"Destination (2008 re-edit)"
I love that sax sample. It's so simple, but so damn effective. True jazz right there. And he didn't muddy this one up that much. I always loved this being the final cut.

All in all, while I am not totally disappointed in how Roni handled this project, I think it wasn't necessary. For the most part, the re-edits aren't that diverse or special to truly necessitate a release. And I get it, this is a landmark album in Drum & Bass history, but why not do like true landmark albums do, especially in the Jazz world: why not release a deluxe edition, say a 3 disc thing. Make it where the full original release is spanned over the first two discs, and the third can be a mixture of remixes/B-sides/alternate takes - hell, even throw the newer tracks on there, if need be. Don't go in, throw some new clothes on these older tracks and expect the masses to gobble it up. In reality, what this disc does is make me want to listen to the original more (which I COULD if I hadn't loaned it to this chick I used to cop weed off of). Maybe I should buy that instead of this...

rock the dub gives New Forms² 3 out of 5 stars. While it is a treat to hear these classic cuts polished with a new shine, this should have been called New Forms Revisited. Note to Roni: those new tracks are NOT enough to make someone cop this.

Burn Deez: "Heart To Heart", "Destination (2008 re-edit)", "Trust Me (2008 re-edit)", "Hi Potent (2008 re-edit)"

New Forms² is available NOW via Play. For more info on Roni Size and Reprazent, check out the Full Cycle Records website.

Bonus Beats: "Don't Hold Back", LIVE in Milan (Feb. 2008)

Excerpts from their gig at The Scala (London):

[video] G-Unit In Hawaii


50, Banks and Yayo with Whoo Kid in a state I need to visit, Part 1:

They stay fuckin' with Whoo Kid.

[video] Out Of Character with Corey Parker Robinson

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Check out The Wire's "Detective Leander Sydnor" out of character:

[video] Out Of Character with Reg E. Cathey
[video] Out Of Character with Tristan Wilds
[video] Out Of Character with Andre Royo

[video] Out Of Character with Reg E. Cathey

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Check out The Wire's "Norman Wilson" out of character:

[video] Out Of Character with Tristan Wilds
[video] Out Of Character with Andre Royo

Digital Undaground Vol. 1

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Props to Wanja (of the I Still Love H.E.R. Show) for hittin' me with this mixtape, Digital Undaground Vol. 1, which she hosts and is mixed by DJ Chuck. This set features cuts from a lot of hype artists that are below the radar, including CyMarshall Law, Pace Won & Mr. Green, Pastlife Pretense, Tiron, Crew54, Drupy and many more! We here at rock the dub always love projects involving cats who deserve shine, and give this mixtape two thumbs up! Nice for your spring time excursions.

Hopefully there's a volume 2!

Crooked I Hip-Hop Weekly Mixtape Vol. 3

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New Crooked I mixtape with September 7th; download this banger, early!

Via The Rap Up.

[video] Hezeleo "So Sensitive"

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Check out this video from the soundtrack to the forthcoming Pimp C Tribute DVD entitled Trill Don't Die from Lyme Lyte Entertainment. Hezeleo takes you sensitive-ass niggas to task on this cut:

UGK Records stand up!

Bonus Beats: Hezeleo "So Sensitive" / Hezeleo "Don't Touch Me Freestyle"

Mariah Carey E=MC² Bonus Tracks

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Mariah Carey's E=MC² drops on April 15th, and oddly enough, two bonus cuts have hit the 'Net today:

If this album duds out, I'll be super surprised. Spotted both leaks over at

[video] Ying Yang Twins "Drop"

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New single from the Ying Yang Twins; I'm still mad about that Beastie Boys sample, but this is gonna murk the clubs:

previous: [video] Ying Yang Twins "Drop" (Making Of)

[video] Blood Raw EPK

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How long has CTE affiliate Blood Raw been "Mr. Florida", and does that make Flo Rida mad? Check out Raw's EPK:

[video] Out Of Character with Tristan Wilds

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Check out The Wire's "Michael" out of character:

previous: [video] Out Of Character with Andre Royo

DJ L Gee & Crack Distributors Tha Pyrex Way, Part 1

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Loads of new bangers from Crack Distrbutors, hosted by DJ L Gee. If you are lookin' for the fire that's burning up the blocks, here it is!



1. Cant Ya Tell - Red Café, Hot Rod, Trazz, Murphy Lee & Jay Rock (DJ Noodles)
2. Lets Pray – Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne
3. Hip Hop Cant Save Me – Young Buck
4. Freestyle - Chance
5. Oceans Seven – State Property
6. Hunt em Down – T.I.
7. Fast Car Remix – Wyclef Feat. Lupe Fiasco
8. Fresh Out The Gate – 151 Feva Gang
9. Am I In The Right Game – Styles P
10. Who Hotter Than Me - Plies
11. Fresh – Reed Dollaz
12. Lollipop Freestyle – Chance
13. Head Noddin – Ludacris feat Block Xchange (DJ Pharris)
14. Big Baller – Mack 10 ft Glasses Malone & Red Cafe
15. Splurge – 151 Feva Gang
16. Live In Effect – State Property
17. Stack Money - Juelz Santana feat Jim Jones & Rabbi
18. Stay Together – Ludacris
19. Stuntin is a Habit – David Banner feat Chris Brown & Chance
20. Big Wheels - Ransom
21. Gangsta – Juice feat Bun B
22. I Got Money – Young Buck
23. Fresh Out – Brisco
24. Heart Weeps Gently – AC
25. Hot Commodity – Trina feat Rick Ross


Doc Jensen On The Set of LOST

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There's a new article over at, with Doc Jensen dishing some teasers/secrets/spoilers from the set of LOST, which returns on April 24th. Be warned: if you want to know NOTHING (not even brief touches of what's going on), don't read it. There's hints at story points, and info on how the finale will shape the rest of the show...

Friday, April 11th 2008 playlist

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My G is so futuristic, I decided to shun the old school boom boxes/ghettoblasters for this, the Nu Blaster. A lot of shit is leaking, btw - this spring/summer might be an interesting time...


leaks of tha week!


Come and get'cha late pass!:


Speaking to the boy Elucid earlier, who hit me with this funny ass link, made us realize how ill Busta Rhymes was, and, with his "Don't Touch Me" cut out there blazin' the airwaves, how our faith is possibly restored. In regular playlist tradition, peep this video, one of Busta's oddest and illest of all time:

Busta Rhymes "Gimme Some More"

Have a good weekend!

SDSU Interviews The RZA

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Props to Wes on his recent interview with The RZA on his forthcoming Digi Snacks album under the legendary Bobby Digital guise. Sounds like a wild project!

related: Wu-Tang in NYC, circa 1992 (via BGDB)

A New Low Has Been Reached

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Check out this guy. This is the face of a man who gets into fights over which gang his four year old should join. This asshole stormed into his girlfriend's place of employment and threatened to kill her... because she is a Crip and he is a "Westside Baller", and they are trying to figure out how to rear their son best.

You can't make this shit up. I love how ignorant ass gang bangers think that proper upbringing involves gang ties. Then again, the kid is 4, and pops is 19, so we're in a situation where ignorant-ass babies are potentially rearing more ignorant-ass babies. Talk about the circle of life!

The end cap is, this cat is now in jail - does that mean the kid is now a Crip? And what is a Westside Baller, anyways?

Shouts to my wifey for the link.

Tyga No Introduction - The Series: April 10th

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illRoots posted this new mixtape from Decaydance/Young Money Ent. artist Tyga, that was compiled by DJ Nice & PDA. You might have heard dude's recent single, "Coconut Juice", which features his cousin, Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes on it (Tyga was also on that "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" remix from last year). Props on this one. More info on Tyga HERE.

DOWNLOAD [mediafire \ zshare]


1. Supafly
2. Exquisite feat. Lil Wayne & Gata
3. Google Me Remix w/ Teyanna Taylor
4. Summer Girl feat. K-dot, Gata & Q
5. Know Ya Self Out Freestyle
6. Get With This
7. X-mas story
8. Dey Know Freestyle
9. Rotten Mind
10. Photo
11. Bless You
12. Tyga's world
13. Pain

EDIT: Just got some more info on this mixtape; this is actually the first in a two-part series. This dropped on April 10th, and the 2nd tape drops on May 10th, leading up to Tyga's No Introduction debut album which drops on, you guessed it, June 10th. Dude is currently on a school tour with the Gym Class Heroes & Kidz In The Hall, and actually hits my area on Saturday:

April, 11 2008 08:00 PM - University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
April, 12 2008 08:00 PM - Rider University (Lawrenceville, NJ)
April, 13 2008 08:00 PM - Washington College (Chestertown, MD)
April, 16 2008 08:00 PM - University of Missouri-St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
April, 17 2008 08:00 PM - Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
April, 18 2008 08:00 PM - Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware, OH)
April, 19 2008 08:00 PM - Lock Haven University (Lock Haven, PA)
April, 20 2008 08:00 PM - Millersville University (Millersville, PA)
April, 24 2008 06:00 PM - George Mason University (Fairfax, VA)
April, 24 2008 08:00 PM - Wootton High School (Rockville, MD)
April, 25 2008 08:00 PM - Niagara University (Buffalo, NY)
April, 26 2008 06:00 PM - University of Hartford (Hartford, CT)
May, 1 2008 08:00 PM - Fitchburg State College (Fitchburg, MA)
May, 2 2008 08:00 PM - Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
May, 3 2008 08:00 PM - Manhattan College (Riverdale, NY)

Damn, that's some serious grinding! Props to Think Tank's Scully for the additional info.

[video] The Dino 5 Intro

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Does this mean there is going to be a DVD telling the story on the album?:

previous: The Dino 5 "What About 10"

[video] The Making Of "Big Dreams"

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Peep this video of The Game creating "Big Dreams" with Cool & Dre:

Via Nah Right.

Trick Trick "Fuck The Police"

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Trick Trick "Fuck The Police" (prod. by DJ Denox): Detroit in the house. Fuck the cops, forreal. Really angry, with a knocker of a beat from Canada's Denox. It's all about that third verse, real talk. Make sure you leave a comment about this banger over at HipHopDX.

[video] Presto "Conquer Mentally / On"

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From the from Presto's forthcoming State Of The Art album (Concrete Grooves/Fat Beats), which drops on June 17th. "Conquer Mentally" has a sick beat, and features Sadat X & Large Professor, while "On" features LOWD:

"Conquer Mentally" is the truth. LP review coming soon.

Shouts to Francesca!

The Cool Kids "Oscar"

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The Cool Kids "Oscar": New Cool Kids cut from their forthcoming That's Stupid!: The Mixtape, as well as the Benzi X Mick Boogie Re-Motivation mixtape, which the Cool Kids are hosting (and I assume is the sequel to this mixtape).

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 11

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She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Her Yo! MTV Raps tribute is classic.

Bonus Beats: Amanda Diva "Windows Over Harlem" (which was previously heard on rock the dub radio)

Ponderer P

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I have to give it up to Prodigy for his 2nd post over at from inside the belly of the beast. He kicks some knowledge on books he's reading, his routine, and some deep Black image problems within Disney movies, TV and in general. It's deep, even though he makes some odd comment son Mother Goose & Snow White. P still that nigga, regardless of the points of his legacy that I don't agree with. Dude, hold your head. Matter of fact, for all the niggas locked down, especially my niggas, keep it thoro in there. We got you on the outside.

Via Nah Right.

AC ft. Trife Da God "Trapped On The Island"

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AC ft. Trife Da God "Trapped On The Island" (prod. by Mental Instruments) [dirty / clean]: This cat AC has been on his grind as of late! Peep this new one that just got thrown into my inbox; the Steven Tapia-directed video is coming soon.

Tha Carter III Pushed Back Again?

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Cover pic jacked from Nah Right.

So HipHopDX has reported that it looks like Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III, which was slated to drop in May, is now set to be released in June? What's really good with that? I assumed, based on the hits my site got from posting the video for "Lollipop", that Weezy had the public ablaze... why keep pushing the shit back? I swear this album is going to be underwhelming. Dude will have some heat on there, but I don't think this will be Weezy's Reasonable Doubt, or even his Doggfather. Something just tells me that Wayne is incapable of making a classic album, something to truly put his name up there with the all-time greats. Prove me wrong, Weezy.

[video] Tanya Morgan LIVE @ Western Front

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Check out Tanya Morgan reppin' at The Western Front (Cambridge, MA) on the 3rd of April:

"And You Say" is that shit. Via Von Pea's blog, which you should keep bookmarked for more info on TM, including massive tour recaps and shit.

[video] Che Grand "The Stew Fuzz Theme"

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Spotted over at 2DB, as well as ZFTP. We need that album, Che!

With Chains Like This...

No Comments » can niggas seriously question the way outsiders view us? Via C+D.

[video] Joell Ortiz Live @ S.O.B.'s

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Peep some footage of Joell Ortiz from his recent show at S.O.B.'s:

[video] Miss Rap Supreme Trailer

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Via The Rap Up (with a YouTube link via YN himself); this is different than the trailer I posted last month:

I already have my DVR set.

Wordsmith "Word's Signing Day" Freestyle

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Wordsmith ft. Kontact & Black Knight "Word's Signing Day Freestyle": I had this in the inbox for a minute, threw it on last night and remembered how ill it is. Wordsmith and his Nu Revolution soldiers doing the damn thing over Pete Rock's excellent "We Roll" instrumental. This is forthcoming on Dub MD's Hip-Hop Renautus mixtape, which should be dropping very soon.

P.S.: Wordsmith has an epic cut on the forthcoming rock the dub compilation as well. I told you it's gonna be a problem!

[video] Teen Girl Beat, Uncut


Well, at least 3 minutes of it. You've had to have heard about this story, it's all over the news. I've seen worse beatings, but it sounds like they keep saying something to one of the girl's mothers, who must be at the house. That's kind of wild. I mean, put the shoe on the other foot. NOTE: This can be kind of disturbing, so if you do not like seeing someone beat up, don't watch:

[video] Living Legends LIVE @ Amoeba

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Always Hustle has some exclusive footage of the in-store the Living Legends & The Grouch had yesterday:

Amoeba will be sorting more video, from what I'm told.

[video] Mickey Factz Spin Magazine Photoshoot

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I didn't know dude was getting looks like this! Maybe I should pick up a music rag other than XXL every now and again:

Bonus Beats: Mickey Factz ft. Curtis Santiago "Automatic"