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"A Millie" (rock the dub Mega Mix)

Jadakiss, Cassidy, Lil' Mama, Jay-Z & Lil' Wayne "A Millie (rock the dub Mega Mix)": Really simple. You know a shit-load of MCs have been rippin' up Weezy's "A Millie" instrumental, here are all of my favorites in one MP3, including that (no DJ) Jay-Z "A Billie" freestyle that Young Sav placed in my inbox (forever greatful). Fire, forreal. Spread the love.

Tyga No Introduction [review]

From what I understand, Tyga is the cousin of Gym Class Heroes' Travis McCoy, and is signed with both Lil' Wayne and Pete Wentz' labels. Must be nice to have friends/fam in the industry...

"Diamond Life (ft. Crash)"
Wow. Big beat with some odd female on the hook. There's a shitload going on in this beat. In his lyrics? Not so much.

"Coconut Juice (ft. Travis McCoy)"

You ever been drunk on keg beer at someone's house party, and the DJ put on a track that you didn't particularly feel, but you saw all of the ladies getting really suggestive with their dancing to the joint? That's what "Coconut Juice" sounds like to me. Drunken college slut bangers. Travis' verse is so short, it's unnecessary. I guess you gotta sell units some way.

"Supersize Me"
"I stay puffed like the Marshmallow Man"? No thanks. Dude really sounds like everyone and no one at once. Patrick Stump produced this. That's probably not a good idea, no matter how cheap his in-house beats might be.

"Don't Regret It Now (ft. Patrick Stump)"
This beat sounds like the one previous, with weaker synths. Dude goes in a bit lyrically, but his voice and that synth make the message get lost in the sauce. I could do without that hook, too, but you know.

"Pillow Talkin'"
This beat puts me to sleep. I'm not sure if that was the intention, though.

Dude sounds like crap over hi-tempo and mid-tempo beats. I can imagine him in the booth, really getting into his flow... and it makes me laugh.

"First Timers"
I could see this being a decent single for the cool summer nights, with that guitar and laid-back beat. Nice summer love cut here.

Wow. I'm surprised cats are still saying "no homo". Loads of cartoon mentions in here. I'm head-nodding to this beat, but it's definitely not that hot.

I guess this is dude trying to be the Fresh Prince. Only he's underage and packing Patron.

"Press 7"
You gotta love how semi-decent tracks get ruined by that nasal white boy singing on the hook. Not that this track was that great or anything. I'm just saying, the hook takes it from a -4 to a -24.

I wonder what the extra 'w' is for. Dude said this is a new sound. Then he says "I can make a style out of nothing". Dude says "wow" like Kia Shine does, so I guess that whole "new sound" shit is bogus (especially when he says "I don't think nobody sound like this"; maybe he didn't cop that Kinfolk CD).

Hey Tyga! You wish you were in a coma? Listen to your CD, it'll be the perfect sleep-inducer for when your life's troubles are too much for you, dog.

"Est. (80's Baby)"
His "I"m an 80s baby" track. Punchy kicks in this beat, but again, too much going on in here.

At the end of the day, I am just not feeling this. I didn't have high hopes or anything... and that's probably for the better. I can't even imagine someone actually buying this, unless they felt "Coconut Juice" was REALLY THAT FLY. Which it wasn't. Anyone got Pete Wentz' number?

rock the dub gives No Introduction a 1.5 out of 5 stars. Not much going on here, which is sad, considering the company dude keeps. Whomever greenlit this needs to be fired.

Burn Deez: "First Timers", "Cartoonz"

No Introduction is in stores June 10th. You can preview the entire LP right now over at The Leak via MTV.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Nas "Hero"

Nas ft. Keri Hilson "Hero" (prod. by Polow Da Don): I love when I hardly get anything in the e-mail, then when I get off work, I get some new Nas. Props to Young Sav for the drop. Looks like Nas' new album drops on July 15th? How do you guys rate this one?

Pic jaked from Eskay.

[rock the dub Interview]: Elemental Zazen

Elemental Zazen's The Glass Should Be Full was released on May 20th, and it was a seriously long-time coming. Most artists take four years to complete their albums because they hit writer's block. Most of them are not fighting brain tumors and house fires. Then again, Elemental Zazen is not most MCs...

khal: How did you get started rhyming?

Elemental Zazen: Well, like most kids in the early 90’s, I was listening to Hip-Hop. The first Hip-Hop tape that I fell in love with was the first Naughty By Nature album. Then came perhaps the record that influenced me the most, Apocalypse ’91 by Public Enemy. I was a 5th grader living in Al Taif, Saudi Arabia, signing along with songs like “By The Time I Get to Arizona” and “Lost At Birth.” I had no idea what Chuck D was talking about most of the time, but he was saying it with such urgency I knew it had to be important. From there I started writing little rhymes when I was bored in class and eventually started writing verses. After moving to China in ’96 I started freestyling and doing shows - pretty much by myself (Hip-Hop wasn’t omnipresent back then).

khal: Listening to your music, the term "revolutionary Hip-Hop" definitely comes to mind. I've also read that, while you are in the Boston area now, you have traveled the world as a youngster. What about your life has drawn you to speak out on the injustices worldwide?

Elemental Zazen: Growing up in the third world and coming back to the states is eye opening for several reasons - some of which you wouldn’t expect. For example, the socio-economic inequality in China or Egypt is more visible than it is here, but in actuality it is very similar in its pervasiveness. I knew there was something wrong when I saw people living on the streets when I was kid, and after hearing all of this “America is perfect” propaganda and returning here to the same situation, I felt a need to put my two cents in. I’ve always been sensitive to the needs of people, even strangers. I don’t know. I guess I just have an appreciation for humanity. I would feel like I was failing if I wasn’t doing whatever I could to make the world a better place.

khal: Your debut, The Adolescence Weapon, dropped in 2004. Now you're on the brink of the release of The Glass Should Be Full. Can you talk about what you've gone through in the last 4 years, and how these events have helped shape you as both an artist and a man?

Elemental Zazen: I could write a novel about the last 4 years. So many ups and downs: from finishing the record to getting a full scholarship for my PhD to house fires to brain tumors. Nowadays, I try to look back on the positive things that have happened to me in the last few years. Thinking about all of the things I have had to deal with can be depressing, and to be honest there are plenty of people that have had it worse. That being said, I feel like, if anything, I am increasingly apathetic about my own circumstances. I don’t get too excited about anything, or too down either. Music is the one place where I still feel I can express myself without having to wear the mask of personal tragedy.

khal: How is your personal health these days?

Elemental Zazen: I’m feeling better every day, though I have to be on the lookout for seizures. I had a slight one the other day, and that scared me pretty bad. I’m doing my best to stay away from alcohol and things like that…easier said than done, especially for a musician who’s at shows all the time.

khal: Break down your new album, The Glass Should Be Full, for us: who did you work with, what can people expect when they hear it, etc.

Elemental Zazen: Honestly I don’t know how to categorize the new record. There are some political songs, and some more introspective songs. I guess I’d have to sum up the album as “personal”. I was lucky enough to work with some of my favorite producers, such as Joe Beats, Kno, and Maker. I think the album is too dense to really get a lot from in one listen, but repeated listens will reveal the motifs prevalent throughout the album: dealing with death and insignificance, frustration with the state of the world, and coping with an altogether imbalanced existence.

khal: What would you say is the most intriguing thing about your MC skills? While, lyrically, your tracks are more focused on world issues, do you have tracks where you just let loose and flow?

Elemental Zazen: Yeah, I have tracks where I just flow but I figure I might as well try to say something while people are listening. If someone decides to check out my music, I want to leave he/she with more than just “that beat was hot.” Having some meaning in a song gives it much more depth. That’s what makes the early Outkast records so tight. The beats were on point, and Andre was killing it on the mic AND speaking about relevant issues besides drinking, smoking, girls, etc. When I first heard ATLiens, I wasn’t head over heels for it, but after taking the time to hear what was being said on the record, it stayed in heavy rotation for years.

khal: Who are you backing in this year's election? Are there any issues you'd like to see the candidates/American government focus on?

Elemental Zazen: I don’t trust politicians. It may sound contradictory, but the reality is that progressive minds are actually more in agreement with traditional republicans (NOT neo-conservatives like Bush, McCain, etc.) than contemporary democrats. This is because traditional republicans have one major focus, and that is keeping the government out of everyone’s shit. People like Ron Paul are tapping into this constituency. Being untrustworthy of politicians, philosophically I would lean more to that concept (limited government) with the caveat of believing is social welfare and universal healthcare. That being said, I’m not backing any of the major candidates. Pat of me thinks shit really needs to hit the fan before the fundamentals of the system change. Who knows though…technology may be conducive to reform change.

khal: The Boston area seems to breed some fine Hip-Hop talent, at least on a more non-commercial level. How rich is the underground Hip-Hop scene in the Boston area?

Elemental Zazen: I swear the top ten emcees in Boston could go toe to toe with the top 10 from any city. Most people just know about Lif and Edo G but there are a bunch of talented emcees and producers here, several of which I am lucky enough to have on my record (J.Ferra, Confidence, Gnotes, Afro DZ ak). The problem with the scene here is that artists always feel like they have to move in order to make it. It’s not like I can say much, though. I’m moving to Seattle this fall.

khal: Will you be going on tour in support of your new album?

Elemental Zazen: I have a few shows scheduled in the northeast in the next month or so, and then I am heading to Europe for a little over a month this summer. After that, I will be moving out west so I am sure I will get something set up out there for the late summer/early fall.

khal: One thing I recently read on the 'Net was a post asking where the revolution songs in Hip-Hop were. Why do you think so few artists speak on more concrete and "real" issues, as opposed to sticking to some of the fodder that is played on the radio?

Elemental Zazen: It seems to me like it is trendy now to speak out against the government, which is both a gift and a curse. I obviously want people to keep their eyes open about what is happening in the world, but if all of that energy goes unorganized, it will die out like what happened in the 1970’s. As far as popular music goes, the radio is slowly sinking into irrelevance…not a moment too soon. Artists obviously avoid speaking out on record if they want serious radio plays, because the idea of being against the status quo is exactly the opposite of what radio stations want to promote. When things change, they will no longer be able to pimp artists and labels in exchange for plays.

khal: What do you think Elemental Zazen's place in the Hip-Hop history books will be?

Elemental Zazen: Honestly, I think I will leave a larger mark on academics and class struggle than music. I love music, but my goals are bigger than simply making an album. I just hope that when people pick up an album of mine, they might feel inspired to change something about their life; whether it’s a viewpoint about something or an approach they take to an issue.

khal: Do you have any plans on a follow-up album?

Elemental Zazen: Of course. And the next one won’t take nearly as long as this one. I’ll be dropping the follow-up next fall, at the latest. I have been feeling inspired lately.

khal: How do you unwind?

Elemental Zazen: No different than the average man, although I party much less than I used to. I like to exercise and keep my thoughts clear. Besides that I go to a lot of shows and make music.

khal: Do you have any final thoughts/shout outs?

Elemental Zazen: Shout out to Gnawledge Records for putting out my album. A big thank you to Gnotes and Canyon for all of their hard work. Also, check for my label mate Afro DZ ak’s record Elevation which hits stores this fall.

Check out Elemental Zazen's video for "Handcuffs":

Props to Canyon Cody for hooking this interview up.

DJ Kay Slay "Don't Take It There"

DJ Kay Slay ft. Papoose & Junior Reid "Don't Take It There" (prod. by Clinton Sparks): This is taken from More Than Just A DJ album, which drops in September. I'm trying to figure out what else Kay Slay is.

Big up to the homie Young Sav.

[video] Estelle "No Substitute Lover"

[video] Jordin Sparks "One Step At A Time"

[video] Khia "Be Your Lady"

[video] Towelhead Trailer

Jasira, a 13-year-old Arab-American girl, navigates the confusing and frightening path of adolescence and her own sexual awakening. When Jasira's mother sends her to Houston to live with her strict Lebanese father, she quickly learns that her new neighbors find her and her father a curiosity. Worse, her budding womanhood makes her traditional and hot-tempered father uncomfortable. Lonely in this new environment, Jasira seeks friendship and acceptance from her neighbors Mr. Vuoso, an Army reservist, and Melina, a meddling but caring expectant mother. Thrown into an unfamiliar suburban world, Jasira must confront racism and hypocrisy at home and at school - and at the same time struggle to make sense of her raging hormones and newfound sexuality. Her boyfriend, Thomas, though a few years older, provides some comfort - but even that relationship causes problems when her father discovers that Thomas is black. Surrounded by adults who are just as lost as she is, Jasira yearns for understanding, even amidst often brutal acts.

Sounds interesting... in theaters this August.

[rock the dub Interview]: Genr8

Stateside Drum & Bass, sadly, seems to be a term that Internets users like to frown upon, as if the tracks coming from American soul are, for lack of a better term, crap. With a crop of producers who, over the last few years, have been stepping up with some sick releases, it's good to dig in and chat with some homegrown talent. Genr8 is one of these producers; reppin' both coasts, Genr8 has gone from a guy who is just "fucking around with equipment" and seeing what happens to being acknowledged by veterans like the EZ Rollers, Maldini & Vegas, and a host of others, and is part of the new breed of American producers. I got to fling some questions at him, and he vollyed with precision...

khal: EZ Genr8, thanks for taking the time out to chat. Can you first introduce yourself: give us your affiliations, where you’re from and all of that?

Genr8: Whatup man, thanks for having me. Well, I started out in Miami Fl. DJing and eventually got into making tracks. I’ve worked with labels like Intercom, Bad Company Presents, Cartel, Incite, Human/System, Nemesis, Evol Intent and most currently with Project 51.

khal: How did you first get into Drum & Bass? Do you remember the first tape/CD/vinyl DnB release that you bought, and why?

Genr8: I used to go to raves to listen to breaks mostly; Drum & Bass started becoming the "other" room where shit was popping even harder than on the main floor. The first mixtape that strongly influenced me was from LP of the Soul Providers. From that same lot I later picked up on DJ Element's mixtapes, as well as events. Then I herd the infamous A.W.O.L. Live CD. That was the first time I heard a “massive”; it blew my mind. As far as production, some early names that pop to mind are Kenny Ken, DJ Rap, Mickey Finn & Aphrodite, Metalheadz, Hype & Zinc, Trace, Ed Rush & Nico, Ray Keith, Roni Size, Dillinja and Shy FX.

khal: I know you’ve been billed as being from Orlando, but your MySpace has you listed as being out in Los Angeles. In terms of DnB scenes, how similar/different is the Orlando scene from L.A.? Do you prefer one to the other?

Genr8: I've been setting up fort in L.A. the last few months. I've only been able to make it out to a handful of parties. The few that I have been to have been very cool, some serious junglists out here. Orlando was more of a small, intimate core of friends that just happened to also be die hard DnB lovers. I do miss Orlando sometimes, but I am very exited about my future here in LA and abroad.

khal: When did you start getting into producing? What is your setup like these days?

Genr8: I started off taking basic MIDI classes in college; then I got an MPC2000 and started fucking around with that. Eventually sorted a PC, updating to faster processors and better software. It has pretty much been the same until now. I recently had to sell most of my setup cause it was gonna be too much to ship it cross country so I am just starting to build it all back now. I work mainly in Nuendo on a PC. Before I sold everything I had Mackie 624 and JBL LSR43 monitors, Soundcraft FX16 Console and a PC. Some of the programs I’ve used in the past to produce Drum & Bass include Protools, Cubase and Reason.

khal: Many first heard your output from the work you did with Alliance and The Chosen. How did those crews come together, and what did you pick up from them?

Genr8: Both were incredible growing experiences as well as strong bonds with some unique individuals. Alliance was born out of a chance encounter at a local music gear shop where I went in to purchase my first serious studio setup. Ivan, who became my Alliance partner later, was the guy that was there to sell me the rig. Long story short, we decided to link up to fuck around with some beats and about 12 tunes came from that =). The Chosen happened a few years after when I took up a job in Orlando instructing audio at Fullsail. I met Darren SST and a few other DnB heads there. We very quickly gravitated into a group of four very motivated operators. These projects gave me the chance to experiment with other sides of DnB. Although we’ve hit rough patches, for the most part it was really fun and fulfilling. I would not hesitate to work with
any of these guys again in the future.

khal: You got some of your first good looks, release wise, from the EZ Rollers remix you completed as part of Alliance. How did it feel to tie for the top prize in that contest a few years back?

Genr8: It was a great opportunity to showcase not only our talent but many others that I’m sure went on to make quality music. It was an awesome confidence boost for us to know that we had just been singled out from countless others around the world. It was also very cool to know that we where selected by the people instead of just a few judges. Up until then we where just amateurs fucking around with beats to play at parties.

khal: Now, what’s ill about you is that you went from being virtually unheard of to collaborating on tracks with the likes of Craze, Infiltrata and Counterstrike. How does it feel to make that leap, having tracks out on labels like Evol Intent, Cartel and Bad Company Presents?

Genr8: Well, I had already been rolling the ball strong under Alliance so it was easy to work with these cats from there. With the help of AIM, it was pretty simple to directly hit up the people that I was interested in working with, as well as have people hit me up to collab or sign a tune. I've also been lucky to have a small but influential group of people that dug my music and wanted to see me succeed. People like Mr. Mendez, Jae Kennedy, Vegas, Craze, Infiltrata, Suga-B, Influx Datum and most recently Peer Pressure. I’m very grateful to you all.

khal: What do you have on the horizon in terms of releases? You working on any EPs, albums or any special remixes?

Genr8: It’s been a bit tricky to stay in the game with the big move to the west and having to get rid of all my gear, but I managed to get some studio time in with my laptop and make a few things happen. I got in the studio with the Koldfront trio (Jae Kennedy, Karl K, & Kaos) and will be putting out a 12” early next year on their own Saints & Sinners imprint. I also just finished a tune titled "Counter Culture" for Gridlok's P.51 label, for which I am also putting together an EP for. From The Chosen lot we got our long awaited "Faith of the Fallen" coming out on Ohm Resistance this fall. On the remix tip, I’m looking forward to working on a
“Vice” remix for the Koldfront guys and an undisclosed remix for the forthcoming Bad Taste Remixes EP.

khal: Do you have any favorite tunes that you’ve created?

Genr8: "Thru My Eyes" from Alliance and "Faith of The Fallen" from The Chosen are the two that stand out in my mind.

khal: You’ve recently mixed the latest DnBTV podcast. Can you tell us a bit about this mix – was there any running theme? Is this an accurate example of your DJing in the club?

Genr8: Basically some of the tunes that I am digging at the moment combined with some of the work I've done this year. There's a little bit of each tip that I am interested in developing at the moment. The mix has its progression from start to finish with a few ups and downs throughout. As far as comparing it to the live experience, I would have to say yea, its pretty much what you would hear from me for the exception that in the club it would be more based on the immediate feedback I receive from the crowd and perhaps more top secret shit that I am not allowed to post online ;]

khal: Do you have a current top 10 for June?


Gridlok - The Media Is a Joke
Atlantic Connection - "Soul Musiq"
Alliance - "Jive" (GENR8 VIP)
State Of Mind & Concord Dawn - "The Deviants"
Quadrant & Cease - "Blood On Our Hands"
Gridlok - "Lab Rat"
Genr8 - "Invaders"
Koldfront & Genr8 - "Broka"
Origin - "Nonsense"
Jade & Matt U - "Cracks In the Ceiling"

khal: Before we wrap this up, do you have any shout outs or words of advice for the massive?

Genr8: Yea, keep focused on your goals but don’t determine your ultimate happiness on them. Thanks to every one that has supported what I do over the years. Hold tight for the next phase ;)

For more info on Genr8, including audio and further info on his budding carrer, hit up his MySpace page, Shouts to Matt PPR for the hookup, and one love to all DnBTV crew (Grayfox, I see you)!

Friday, June 6th 2008 playlist

Check out this week's leaks, from various sites, while I try and decide if I dig Seeing Sounds:


leaks of the week!




Don't ask me, but yesterday Trackstar and I got into a convo about Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and it reminded me of this classic video from, oh, 8-9 years ago:

Will Smith ft. Biz Markie & Slick Rick "So Fresh"

Enjoy your weekend!

[video] Ghetto Economics with the Internets Celebrities

The iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES sat down with Brian Lehrer to speak on Checkmate:

Obama Mashup Tribute: He Really Deed It.

soon come...

It's been a long time coming... well, try 5 months or so, from when I broached the initial idea (and subsequent updates) to today, 4 days before the release of The Lighthouse Project. I look at lighthouses as a beacon, a light in the dark that will signal the course you need to go. In expounding on that idea, I try to make rock the dub a spotlight, helping you see the future of Hip-Hop with dope acts who get shine but aren't "there". Or need to be there.

This project has aggravated me at times, but as with anything you are passionate about, that's par for the course. I got so many submissions that I loved that I figured, why not split the release in two; so, Disc 1 drops on Monday, June 9th. It will feature heads like L.E.G.A.C.Y., JunClassic, Hustle Simmons, Cy Yung, Che Grand, Black ELement, R.O.E., Aych, as well as remixes from The Amps and Benja Styles. Among others, of course. It's a bit harder, while Disc 2, which drops on Monday, June 23rd, gets a bit more soulful and introspective, with joints from the likes of Elucid, Amanda Diva, Cave Precise, Praverb and a shitload of others I can't think of at 8 in the morning. It's a deep CD, and DJ Cable is working on the mixtape, so I would imagine that once that's done, it will be an even iller look at the tracks I've compiled (with some exclusives thrown in to boot).

One thing to note: this project is split between tracks that have been released (either on someone's album or on the 'Net) and tracks I got exclusively. Some are new, and some might be new to you. They are all tracks I feel, from artists I feel, and hope you, the listener/blog reader/hater/big upper/peer are into it.

soon come...

[video] D. Woods' MTB4 House Tour, Pt. 1

Word is the new season of Making The Band 4 is coming in August?

[video] Dizzee Rascal "Dance Wiv Me"

Nas "Black President"

Nas "Black President" (prod. by Green Lantern): Nas' track about Obama, from the forthcoming Nigger Tape. Hit up 2DB for more info on this, and where the track came from...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jelani "Wait You Can Rap?!?! (Intro)"

Jelani "Wait You Can Rap?!?! (Intro)" (prod. by 6th Sense): Harlemite Jelani bringing you right inside of his head, with some crucial organs, as well as rants from Kanye West and Stringer Bell, from his forthcoming Wait, You Can Rap?!?! digital album, which will be dropping in 2-3 weeks. Keep it locked!

Northerground Music, bitches.

Ludachrist "Ghost Busta Rhymes"

Ludachrist "Ghost Busta Rhymes": Who would have thought that taking Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" and throwing Busta Rhymes' "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" on top would sound so fucking dope? Ludachrist did! This is taken from their Bangfest mix; more MP3s from this will be making their way out, so keep posted to their blog for the freshness.

[video] Lil' Wayne's Blueprint Performances

Weezy performed "Dey Know", "Block Is Hot", "Leather So Soft" and "Lollipop" on BET's Blueprint:

related: [video] Lil' Wayne Blueprint Interview

UMC's vs. OK, circa 1992

Via The Meaning Of Dope (props to Rafi).

Sean Price At The Khyber, Philly (6/27/2008)

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 19

[video] Lil' Wayne Blueprint Interview

This was on BET last night. I DVR'd it for no good reason, and haven't watched it as of yet. I believe he performs on this show, too, but this is just the interview:

[video] Lloyd ft. Lil' Wayne "Girls Around The World"

Lil' Mama "A Millie Freestyle"

Lil' Mama "A Millie Freestyle": Lil' Mama murders Weezy's "A Millie" instrumental. Damn she murked it. Via 2DB.

related: On That Leak: Lil' Mama "L.I.F.E."

Black ELement "Ama Tell It Like This"

Black ELement "Ama Tell It Like This" (prod. by Rami Afuni): While working on his A Major Minority project, Black EL came with these two tracks; although they won't be on the final version, he wanted to unleash these to the masses because they speak on growth, which is exactly what he's been doing while creating the album - growing. Enjoy, and make sure you hit up, because dude is really letting you into his world over there.

Bonus Beats: Black ELement ft. NAV "Folks Don't Cost A Thing" (prod. by Rami Afuni)

Tame One "Catch Me"

Tame One ft. Del The Funky Homosapien "Catch Me": This is taken from Tame's Da Ol Jersey Bastard album, which is a tribute to ODB; Da Ol Jersey Bastard drops on July 29th, 2008, and is produced entirely by Drum and Knowledge of Parallel Thought, and features only two guest rappers: Del and Sean Price. This project is a prelude to Tame's next project, the download-only album Acid Tab Vocab.

Such a dope sample, whenever it's used. Peep the tracklist to Da Ol Jersey Bastard, which will be coming out on Amaglam Digital, which comes with bonus tracks when purchased from their digital store:

1.) Da Ol Jersey Bastard: Live & Uncut
2.) Action Word
3.) Against the Grain
4.) Move ft. Mr Turner
5.) Haha Da Rah Rah ft. Sean Price
6.) J Dilla Summer Camp Unplugged
7.) Milk of Magnesia
8.) Supanatural
9.) Catch Me ft. Del the Funky Homosapien
10.) For You
11.) The Night Cap (After the Jam)
12.) Now

Matt's killin' it with these promos right now!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

[video] Spec Boogie "Bed Stuy"

From Spec's forthcoming EP, Loosie In Bed Stuy With Diamonds, which drops in July 2008.

Team Blackout "Lights Down Low"

Team Blackout "Lights Down Low" (prod. by Rockwilder): Team Blackout, who's been featured on this blog a few times, comes with a certified club banger on this one. Dude's aren't the illest on the mic, but they know how to coast enough on a grimey beat and keep it going. I also like how they are giving it up to the DJ. Too fire.

Once again, nuff respect to Matt for this one.

Culture VI ft. Joe Budden "Dangerous"

Culture VI ft. Joe Budden "Dangerous": Let me know what you think about this R&B/Hip-Hop cut that is ready for the club, and lifts a classic, "poisonous" beat. I'm a bit back and forth on this one, but let me know what you think. Taken from their forthcoming album, ninety-four, which drops in August 2008.

Props to Matt for this one.

J The S ft. Skyzoo & Lord Touch "Pump"

J The S ft. Skyzoo & Lord Touch "Pump": Some heavy shit to rock to in your SUV, taken from J The S' When In Rome. I could actually hear this going over well in the club, too... just has that ill vibe to it.

Thanks for this one, Matt.

[video] Kimbo Slice vs. James Thompson

This is the full fight:

[video] Lil' Josh & Ernest "Jigga Juice"

Here's the completed video, featuring Diamond & Hurricane Chris:

related: [video] "Learn How To Jig"

Obama's So Hood

Peep the daps Barack and Michelle share before he gave his speech last night:

Hood. I love it. Big up to Enigmatik for the link.

[video] Serius Jones "Bang"

donwill + suhBURB = Suburban Sprawl

1/3 of Tanya Morgan, Donwill celebrated his born day yesterday and posted this free album he worked on with producer suhBURB. I could go on about it, but your best bet would be to hit this post and read for yourself.


Bonus Beats: Here's a video for "Night Time"

Vote Eli

Now that Barack Obama has the nomination on lock, he needs to think running mate (just say NO to Hil, no matter how open she is to the VP nod). I used to think Tay Zonday would be the perfect candidate for that VP position, but he's gone corporate.

Who better to take that role than Eli Porter? He has the internets on lock, just Google him. And with those internets viewers, that's your young people contingency right there. And think about it, dude goes up to the podium for a speech, and just kicks a freestyle about McCain?

Such a good idea. My 2nd suggestion for Obama's VP would have to be Kimbo Slice, for the scary nigga vote.

Alfamega ft. T.I. & Nitti "Uhh Huh"

Alfamega ft. T.I. & Nitti "Uhh Huh" (prod. by Nitti) [clean / dirty]: More new ish from Grand Hustle. T.I. calls this cat the realest guy on the radio, but he sounds like Rick Ross-lite, circa "Hustlin'". I can see this bouncing in the whips and clubs off the beat alone, but dude isn't anything new.

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Step Careful"

Elucid "Step Careful" (prod. by Waxwerks11701): I've been sitting on this track for a minute. Elucid gave this track to me for my forthcoming rock the dub compilation (part 1 out next week - get prepared!), and this is also coming on his Save Yourself album, which is due out in the future. Tight drums, synth washes and a funky harpsichord play the soundtrack to Elucid's revolutionary warfare. This is not a game, people.

[video] Barack Obama's Victory Speech

[video] Kid Slaps Mom On Dr. Phil

Blacks kids could NOT get away with shit like this. If I told my mom to shut up and slapped her in the face, she would have been arrested for attempted murder, and I'd be in traction. What the fuck is going on in the world?

Smarten Up Dwayne

Bonus Beats: Doo Wop "Go DJ 2008 (Lil' Wayne Diss)" (prod. by Cookin' Soul) [via Nah Right]

Skillz has also taken Weezy to task for his bone-head comments on DJs.

related: [video] Doo Wop's Response To Lil' Wayne

[video] Wiz Khalifa "Paper Planes Freestyle" Live

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

[video] Summer Jam 2008 Fashion

Fly ass Miss Info took to the crowd at this year's Summer Jam, looking to see who was fresh and who was, well, frumpy:

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Trackstar the DJ Presents John Hill 3:16

My boy Trackstar just hit me up with this highly-anticipated mixtape he did with John Hill. It's actually a 3-part series... let Track explain it:

This mix is part of a 3-mixtape series he's doing with three different St Louis DJs called 3:16 (his son was born on 3/16, 3 16s = a song, 3 CDs with 16 songs each, the Bible verse John 3:16, cute, I know).

One version is more soulful (with DJ Reminise doing the bulk of the beats), one more for the club crowd (DJ Sno is mixing that one), and my version is more raw, uncut straight up hip hop. Beats by Basement Beats (yes, the dudes behind Nelly--they got some serious hip hop shit, I'm tellin you--NOT just club type joints...) among other dope StL up-and-comers...

Definitely interesting, especially for an MC who is at times both emotional and hilarious, honest and personal, with excellently-executed songs and style. Do not sleep on this one:


And make sure peep both John and Track's MySpace pages for future bits from both.

[video] Making It Rain

Peep this expanded short from their "Checkmate" video:

EDIT: I had no idea these cats made the front page of YouTube with this vid. Good work, yo! I knew this was the truth when I first saw it...

Cpas & Jones - Backyard BBQ Mix

Yum. Via The Stencil by way of Krudblog:



rush - spirit of radio
the fixx - one thing leads to another
cyndi lauper - she-bop
flock of seagulls - space age love song
head east - never been any reason
thin lizzy - jailbreak
kansas - carry on my wayward son
black sabbath - behind the wall of sleep
joe walsh - life’s been good to me so far
blue oyster cult - godzilla
weezer - the world has turned
sonic youth - teenage riot
dinosaur jr - freak scene
blondie - hangin on the telephone
the clash - remote control
tom petty - yer so bad
the cyrkle - red rubber ball
joe walsh - in the city


[video] Scanz "A Dimepiece"

Taken from Scanz' Prelude To A Legacy; watch out for the Scanz/Four Hour Future mixtape, Basement Chronicle, which will be a FREE mixtape featuring cats like KRS-One, Channel Live, Sha Stimuli, Reef the Lost Cause and more. Props to Jared for the heads up.

[video] Charlie Baltimore Sub Zero Interview

Bonus Beats: Charlie Baltimore "PS" (prod. by Scott Storch)

[video] Slick Rick on KarmaloopTV

Peep this video taken the day before The Ruler was pardoned. Big up to Chelsea.

[video] Serius Jones "Do You Believe?"

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #19

Cable's all over the place on this one - from some new to some old, spanning from Pop to Hip-Hop - but it definitely works. Don't even try to sleep:



01. Dizzee Rascal Feat. Calvin Harris - Dance With Me
02. N.E.R.D. - She Wants To Move
03. The Stone Roses - Fools Gold
04. Madonna Feat. Timbaland & Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes (To Save The World)
05. Mr. Spastic - Net (Alf Alpha Club Remix)
06. Twista Feat. Pharrell - Give It Up
07. Newcleus - Jam On It

Hit up Cable's blog for the past weeks, as well as the other wealth of exclusives he has up.

Monday, June 02, 2008

[video] Weezer "Pork and Beans"

[video] Linkin Park "Leave Out All The Rest"

[video] Saigon "True Story (The New Begining)"

[video] Killah Priest "Hood Nursery"

Redman vs. J Dilla

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Bonus Beats: Mos Def vs. J Dilla

[video] Eli Porter - DNB Mix

Props to Rafi for the heads up.

RIP Bo Diddley

The originator passes. Rest in power.

rock the dub radio: episode 021

rock the dub radio can buy beer in the US, legally. To celebrate, peep this mix, featuring a few new tracks from Tha Carter III, an interlude featuring Alexyss K. Tylor and a host of slammin' new joints from a host of ill artists - and a lil' DnB selection at the end, due to N.E.R.D.'s "Spazz":

rock the dub radio: episode 021

(direct MP3 dload : mirror)


01/Busta Rhymes ft. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil' Wayne, Nas, The Game & Big Daddy Kane "Don't Touch Me (Remix)"
02/Young Chris ft. Beanie Sigel "Rush"
03/Jim Jones "Good Shit"
04/Lil' Wayne "Dr. Carter"
05/Lil' Wayne ft. Juelz Santana & Fabolous "Nothin' On Me"
06/Cassidy ft. Fabolous & Lil' Wayne "6 Minutes Of Death"
07/Fabolous ft. Pusha T "Jokes On You"
08/Bun B ft. Bullet Proof, Chino XL & Killer Mike "Some Hoes"
09/Craig G & Marley Marl "Made The Change"
10/Reks "Say Goodnight"
11/Jadakiss "From Now 'Til Then (DJ Premier Mix)"
12/Nino Bless "Name Droppin'"
13/Elucid "E! Channel"
14/9th Wonder & Jean Grae ft. Phonte "The Time Is Now"
15/Wale ft. Skyzoo "The Hacksaw Jim Duggan"
16/Mazzi "Class Dismissed"
17/Mic Terror "Detention"
18/Mikkey Halsted "Success"
19/Nas "N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)"
20/Binkis "Testimonial"
21/Myk Dyaleks "Sound Alikes (All Rappers)"
22/interlude: Alexyss K. Tylor vs Radius
23/Elzhi ft. Royce Da 5'9 "Motown 25"
24/Fokis "Can't You See"
25/J Dilla "Diamonds"
26/N.E.R.D. "Spazz"
27/Infiltrata ft. Mental Sharp "Kingdom Come VIP"
28/Redman "I Got A Secret"

Subscribe: RSS \ iTunes. Enjoy!

[video] Hot 97 Summer Jam Snippets

D-Block with Red Cafe, Fat Joe & Fabolous

The Dream

Lil' Wayne & Kanye West

Lil' Wayne


Kanye West

Alicia Keys with Raekwon & Method Man

Anyone go to Summer Jam? Your thoughts?

[video] Miss Info's Summer Jam Update

[video] Xzibit "Thank You"

[video] Madonna "Give It To Me"

Wordsmith The Mid-Year Review Mixtape

I have been hipping you to this, and it's finally out. Wordsmith, HipHopDX & DJ Denox linked up for this massive outing. Review coming soon.



01. The Soulless Saint (Produced by Strada)
02. Grudge of a Madman Remix (Produced by Capish & Wodzu)
03. Danger Zone Feat. Black Knight (Produced by Professa)
04. Quest for My Existence (Produced by Professa)
05. The Missing Element (Produced by DJ Denox)
06. Dreamin' of Superstardom (Produced by Capish)
07. Scrapbook Vol. 1: The MC Years (Produced by DeMo)
08. Word's Signing Day Freestyle feat. Kontact & Black Knight
09. Above Average Status feat. RhymeZwell & Black Knight
10. The FunkBox Remix feat. Kontact & SoL, Black Knight & RhymeZwell (Produced by Capish)
11. Park & Ride (Produced by Strada)
12. A Psychedelic Side to Love feat. SoL tha Analyst (Produced by Street Level)
13. Diaries of Deception feat. D-Dub, Deedaman & Black Knight (Produced by Strada)

Shouts to Dub MD for the heads up.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

[video] DJ Abilities @ Knitting Factory

Eyedea and DJ Abilities take a lil' break during there show, where Ab catches wreck over the "Mr. Me Too" instrumental:

Bonus Beats: Eyedea & DJ Abilities "Exhausted Love" on the same night (May 29th 2008):