Saturday, July 12, 2008

[video] Big Ooh "Wack Is The New Hot"

Spotted on DJ Plexx's MySpace page; Big Ooh murders a Jay instrumental, while loads of shots from my hometown are flashed. This is a bit older, from last June, but it's new to me and more than likely new to you!

ABN It Is What It Is Preview

My homey Enigmatik posted up a preview of Trae & Z-Ro's Assholes By Nature album, It Is What It Is, which drops on the 15th of July. Hit up this post for more info.

[video] Rocsi Walks Off 106 & Park

Wild, right? This was just this past Friday... you think she's out?

[video] Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Trailer

I was reading about this a few weeks ago - this shit looks tough! Supposed to take it back to the older Mortal Kombat II days.

Gym Class Heroes The Quilt Cover+Tracklist

This drops Fall 2008 (I'm hearing September), and already the leaked cuts are causing a stir:


01. "Guilty As Charged" [ft. Estelle]
02. "Drnk Txt Rmeo" [ft. Patty Crash]
03. "Peace Sign/Index Down" (ft. Busta Rhymes)
04. "Like Father, Like Son (Papa's Song)"
05. "Blinded By the Sun"
06. "Catch Me If You Can"
07. "Cookie Jar" (ft. The-Dream)
08. "Live a Little"
09. "Don't Tell Me It's Over"
10. "Live Forever (Fly With Me)" (ft. Daryl Hall)
11. "Kissin' Ears"
12. "Home"
13. "No Place to Run"
14. "Coming Clean"

What do you guys think? Cover art via Splash.

NoCanDo "Black Captain America"

NoCanDo "Black Captain America": Don't you just love when real MCs can take a beat that's really tight but not ripped and do it justice? With "Black Captain America", Nocando does that - and mixes some social commentary in to boot. Kind of an oddity - a cat who is known as a battle rapper who can actually write captivating songs?

This is taken from NoCanDo's L.A. vs. Hollywood mixtape, which drops on July 23rd.

And while I'm at it, let me just say that I'm working on a NEW blog, called MMA: Mixed Mic Assault. It will be a blog dedicated to the world of Battling, but not that 50 Cent vs Ja Rule shit. Real spitting, documenting competitions and battles past and present. I'm working on this with my homey Perpetuum, who is a battle rap aficionado to the nth degree, so expect some more info on this when I have things rollin'.

Bonus Beats: Nocando "Evil By Nature"

Friday, July 11, 2008

[video] LL Cool J ft. The-Dream "Baby"

Muja Messiah "Growing Pains"

Muja Messiah "Growing Pains" (prod. by Martin "Doc" McKinney & Gramps): Introspective tracks are always iller when it's real talk and no filler. Muja's Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy is shaping up to be a pretty sick album. July 29th, y'all!

Shouts to Jon Jon for the track.

[video] Quarantine Trailer

In theaters October 2008.

[video] Kanye West "Diamonds Are Forever" LIVE

From Essence 2008:

[video] Sin "Underdog"

[video] Nas "Be A Nigger Too" Remix

Featuring Daunte Hawkins, produced by Green Lantern:

This was on The Nigger Tape, right?

[video] T.H.U.G. Angelz "Welcome To Red Hook Houses"

Friday, July 11th 2008 playlist

I feel like shit. But still, here are your leaks...


leaks of tha week!




Throwback style, b/c I feel like it:

The Firm "Phone Tap"

What could have been... Untitled in stores on July 15th. Enjoy your weekend, fam.

[video] Cy Yung "Dreamcatcher Revisited"

Here's the unnoficial video for Cy Yung's "Dreamcatcher Revisited", starring Rosie Perez:

You gotta love the way her dancing bops to the music. The opening to Do The Right Thing is one of the best in cinema, ever. Big up to J. Slikk for hitting me with this.

[video] M.anifest "Babylon Breakdown"

There's some roots in my Hip-Hop:

Yung Berg Hates "Dark Butts"

I hope Black females are out there boycotting Yung Berg over the recent ridiculous comments he made towards Black women, especially darker-toned women, who he affectionately calls "dark butts". Nigga, sit down. How we can rally behind getting Don Imus out and hardly cover ignorance like this in our own community is beyond me.

EDIT: Yung Berg's apology

I guess Diddy was right - bitchassness is definitely on the rise. Big up to Enigmatik for the links.

[video] Nas Speaks On Jesse Jackson

This nigga's viral campaign is serious:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

[video] Prodigy "Veteran's Memorial" / "Nothing"

"Veterans Memorial"

"Nothing" (ft. Big Noyd)

[video] Beck "Gamma Ray"

[video] Jazmine Sullivan "Need U Bad"

Featuring Missy Elliot:

I'm really into this.

[video] Soulja Boy Tell 'Em "Donk"

[video] Plies "Somebody (Loves You)"

[video] Nas "Sly Fox"

[video] Chauncey Black "Everyday Is Your Birthday"

[video] Behind The Scenes: Nas "Sly Fox"

[video] Three 6 Mafia "Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)" (Version 2)

[video] Tanya Morgan On POW Radio

[rock the dub Interview]: Che Grand

Two years ago today, I posted my first conversation with Che Grand. It's odd how things change in two years. Back then, my blog was clockin' minor hits, and while I'm no eskay, my counter game has gone up. Back then, Che was on a pretty ill path with Loud Minority, prepping his Everything's Good Ugly album, and genuinely getting his name out there to the public. Fast forward two years, and while EGU isn't in anyone's hands right now, dude has made a pretty solid name for himself, and is rising in the ranks of URB's Next 1000. However, real life can be hard, and the struggle to make it in "this business of music" can only accentuate the trials and tribulations that real life sets upon us. In this 2nd of infinite conversations, Che and I rap about where he is today, and what he has planned. Really deep words spoken here, so listen up...

khal: Airtight, what have you been working on since we last spoke?

Che Grand: Just living… The first time I reached out the album was about 80% finished and I was in the process of switching out a few older joints for some newer ones, so it's actually been complete for awhile now. I’d say for the past year I’ve mostly been working on myself. Enjoying fatherhood and hustling to provide. After my daughter’s mother and I parted ways I got on a search for the best way to live my life in order to make better music. I’ve always made an effort to write a few inspiring songs, make something that will motivate me and my circle. For me, the glass is usually half full, y’know?! But it’s not an easy road to travel with so much negative shit happening daily. I started reading several books only to never finish them, because so many other things get in the way.

khal: What kind of things?

Che Grand: Life’s hurdles. Certain everyday questions I used to take for granted like “what am I going to eat today?” That shit is supposed to be easy but it seems all the simple questions suddenly become burdening ones when you’re in limbo. And I mean everything was in limbo, still is. The album release, my nine to fiver or lack of, my whole living situation, everything. Sometimes even my sanity (laughs)

khal: But you’re buzz has really grown since our last time speaking. With all these stressful things working against you what keeps you focused?

Che Grand: I told my mother when I was 8 years old growing up in England that by the time I turned 23 I’d be a Rapper living in New York and I also said I’d be a dad too!

khal: (laughs) Wow, what did she say?

Che Grand: She looked at me with a blank stare and said “you are going to school though, right?” (laughs)

khal: That’s an excellent comeback!

Che Grand: Now that I think back, it was some strange shit to say as a kid. I mean what 8 year old sits around saying “I’m gonna be a daddy when I turn 23…” wtf?! The rapper part was probably just as weird I’m sure. A few years after saying that we ended up moving to the states and I never stopped having that vision or talking about it, feels like I spoke it all into existence.

khal: That’s a dope way to look at it man. Did you have a plan B?

Che Grand: I thought about being a lawyer for a sec (laughs), then after that I wanted to start a business, which I still will one day. After high school, things got rough, I couldn’t get financial aid without my immigration papers so unfortunately I couldn’t go to college. I ended up starting a bunch of times getting on the dean’s list then running when a bill came in or when I couldn’t afford new books. In an alternate universe somewhere I went to Clark Atlanta University in ’99 then graduated and opened a restaurant or some shit.

khal: Restaurant?

Che Grand: Yessir. A few people out there know bout my kitchen game.

khal: What is a current day in the life of Che Grand?

Che Grand: Unorganized as hell. Random. One day I’m waking up to go to a temp gig that could have me doing anything from making Powerpoint presentations for some high exec at a major label to watching a movie 4 times in a row for some uppity movie sound douchebag guy, shit I even worked construction last summer, really random hustles. The next day I’m hanging out at industry parties drinking free liquor at 2 in the afternoon and playing connect 4 with modeling chics. The day after that I’m chasing my baby girl round the park in between worrying bout bills and talking to my manager bout finding a place in new york to record because PA is getting much harder to get to, gas prices suck. Other than that I watch way too much Netflix.

khal: I noticed. The viral videos you’ve had circulating for "Stew Fuzz Theme" and "Crash" definitely seem like the work of a movie fan.

Che Grand: Yeah I have to give a shout to my dudes Lyle and Dave @ Dreamchasers, we’re on the same page with a lot of movies and music so it’s always fun to get together and do random vids. I’ve been writing a lot of video treatments too. Also shout to the whole Lessondary crew, we’re all heavy on the movie shit, Netflix should sign me! (laughs)

khal: Netflix has a record label?!

Che Grand: I don’t know, Red Bull and Nike have labels so why not. Its becoming the norm.

khal: What is happening with your label situation? Weren’t you signed to Loud Minority Music with Tanya Morgan?

Che Grand: Loud Minority Music doesn’t exist. No one has ever been able to purchase a physical bar-coded CD of any Che Grand music recorded under that “label” since I aligned with them in 2004 therefore me being signed was all a figment of our imagination. The “label” was really just a blog-style website that would sometimes update viewers with some new shit from me when I had it to give and eventually when the time was right I probably wouldve got a few cool looking cd’s to give to my mom. I’m unsigned, but I always have been. I gave LMM love in the music I made because I thought everyone involved with the situation over there felt the same about my product, love changes. I appreciated what it was for me.

khal: You seemed very proud when shouting them out in the past. So being unsigned, does this mean Everything’s Good Ugly doesn’t have a home yet?

Che Grand: ZFTP is it’s home.

khal: Your blog?!

Che Grand: No my label. (laughs)

khal: (laughs) Fair enough…..What inspired that album cover? It’s a very vivid image.

Che Grand: Just my life at the time, and even now. I would say the toy gun represents the music and I use that to creatively expose everything I’m going thru or “blow my brains out.” When I told people my idea a lot of folk thought I’d lost it (laughs) I was privileged to have some dope folk help me make the imagery come together the way I wanted it.

khal: Interesting. You’ve been getting a lot of praise for your live shows, I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. What do you do that may be different to other performers?

Che Grand: I really try to get into me out there. At the same time I leave it all on the stage, all the stress of that day week or month gets left on that stage. A lot of people get up there and want to tell 100 stories to the audience, that’s not my thing. People want to have a good time, so do I.

khal: I’m sure songs like "Swing" and "Girl’s Talk" help spark that good time. What do you do in prep for a set?

Che Grand: Not much before the set but after I’m done I use my drink tickets (laughs) I like to greet people so catch me at the bar I’ll probably get you a drink. I did that in DC at a joint with the Cool Kids, after my set I just started passing out free drinks to people in the crowd….. I’m still excited bout that shit a month later, the promoters/venue gave me free lasagna and a dressing room! I really felt valued as an artist which was a huge contrast to last year when I almost got arrested at my own show out there.

khal: Tell me bout that situation.

Che Grand: I don’t want to dwell on negative shit, I’d say that it’s a shame we still have venues discriminating against this music after all these years. The disrespect shown towards the artist (and their audience) from some of these club owners, bar managers and sound guys is really disgusting and a few of em are here in NYC! I’m going to give some of them another chance before I start blacklisting their names among my peers. Whether they like it or not, it’s obvious we’re not going anywhere, we’ll keep on throwing our events and pushing our art with or without them

khal: Name 1 place you want to do a show the most?

Che Grand: It’s a tie between London and Nigeria. Haven't been back to England since 1994 and I may be going to Nigeria for the first time in August, a life altering experience in the making.

khal: Are you ready?

Che Grand: I hope so!

khal: I know you have an extensive taste in music, what have you been listening to recently?

Che Grand: As usual, damn near everything, a bit of Bad Brains; I love how they could switch from hardcore punk shit to roots reggae in a split second. I rock a little post punk stuff too, still on the downtown 81 era stuff, some Kid Creole, a bit of early 80’s soul, that good ol jheri curl music, bunch of beats, also got back on my mid 90’s hip hop shit and occasionally I’ll rock some motherfuckin CeCe Peniston! Oh and I love that Santogold album, I’ve wanted to work with her since Stiffed. Let’s see, what else…. I can’t wait for the 2000Black album.

khal: Dope. So what’s next for you and will we be getting your album soon?

Che Grand: It’s hard to answer the album question when trying to figure out if i’ll have enough for rent this month, but I’m pressing on, there’s a lot more at stake now and bigger decisions to be made, I’m grateful for the position I’m in. Like I said, the album is done and I’m getting a ton of love for the few tracks that have been previewed so far. I want to keep up the energy, keep attracting genuine interest. In this current climate, things move so fast, there’s 100 new songs on 1000 different blogs everyday, but not too many songs stand out, you might know a certain artist's name because he or she is being branded with crazy co-signs, but at the same time you can't name 3 of his/her songs, and you don’t really know them as a person, what do they stand for? A lot of these cats were geeks in high school who built a new identity for themselves online. I’m not part of that crowd, I’ve always been about trying to make an impact thru my work, I want it to be quality and I want you to remember me. Without dodging the question too much I’ll say that you can expect me in your city really soon and if you don’t mind bringing an extra $5 I may have something special for you. Word.

So there you have it. Che Grizzly is still on his Grizzly, working what so many niggas on the radio proclaim to be about: the struggle. Strugglin' is not dealing with legal red tape while a Korean buffs your nails in the backseat of your stretch limo. Nor is it deciding which gaudy medallion goes with your diamond-studded belt buckle. To paraphrase Mos Def, struggle is "real life, happening, every day"... and some day, I have a feeling that Che will be coming out on top.

You want more info on Che? Hit up his MySpace page. Or check out his blog. If you're in the NYC area this weekend, check him out at SOB's on the 13th of July. And make sure you vote Che into URB's Next 1000 NOW!

Joe Budden "Who Part 2"

Joe Budden "Who (Part 2)": I'd say something, but Joe Budden pretty much says it all. And there's going to be a Part 3?

Fuck You, Jesse Jackson

I guess Amanda Diva was spot on when she dropped her "Watch Your Back, Barack" video earlier this week. I just don't think she really imagined a jealous-ass, wannabe leader punk nigger like Jesse Jackson would be the one talking about wanting to cut Obama's "nuts" off.

Do niggas even say nuts?

And you did the shit on Fox News? Are you kidding me!? You knew what you were doing, and if it wasn't for your poor standing within the community, you wouldn't even be trying to make nonsensical comments about what could become the first Black President of the US. You couldn't do it, and this nigga has a shot. Why cut him down in Fox News studios, you worthless piece of shit?

Who do you think you are? You trying to lynch Obama? Enigmatik hit me with a pretty solid comment, too, inre: the "cutting his nuts off" comment: "mr. civil rights, don't you know that's what they used to do to black men in lynchings only about 50 fucking years ago? that's what they try to do to us metaphorically every fucking day in the corporate world"... that's real talk for your punk black ass, Jesse. Go learn something and keep it quiet until after Novemeber, you shoeshine boy.

Warning shot Wednesday (7/9/08)

I fucked up last night - didn't hit the PC after I got home, and I wake up this morning with new spit from Spec Boogie AND Elucid, so please accept my humble apologies for posting the Warning Shot Wednesday on a Thursday...

Spec Boogie "Tight": It's crazy when two random worlds collide. I've actually spoken to the heads behind Ninjasonik for a bit, although we haven't spoken in a while. So imagine my surprise when Spec takes their "Tight Pants" and reinvents it as a bragadaccio cut. Gotta love it. Favorite line: "fuck up the whole world like Europeans did the whole world"...

Elucid "Code Of The Streets": I was speaking to E the other day, and he hipped me to the fact that he has been falling in love with dubstep, just a likkle bit. I hit him with a bunch of tracks, but to my surprise, it's a 77klash track that he had pegged for this week's Warning Shot. You gotta love how he flips a punky dub number into a tale about what plays as an anthem for the stick-up kids who many might call punks. I really wanna hear homey over more cuts like this...


[video] Futuristic Brunch

The iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES take McDonald's to task again, this time exploring the confusing world of the breakfast/lunch menu switch over. Hilarious, and damn does it look good:

I actually helped produce this... did you?

Lloyd Lessons In Love Cover+Tracklist

Lloyd's new album, Lessons In Love (The Inc / Universal) drops on August 5th. With Ja Rule stuck in "pushed back" heaven, Lloyd has The Inc on his back right now...


1. Sex Education
2. Girls Around The World feat. Lil’ Wayne
3. Treat U Good
4. Year of the Lover
5. I Can Change Your Life
6. Lose Your Love
7. Have My Baby
8. Love Making 101
9. Party All Over Your Body
10. A Day In The Life
11. Touched By An Angel
12. I’m Wit It
13. Heart Attack

I'm actually a fan of Lloyd's, so I'm interested to hear this in its entirety, especially with, judging by the title and the song titles, seems to hit a certain theme...

Snoop Dogg Power 106 FM Interview

Check out this interview, which features Snoop Dogg talking to Big Boy about his Adventures Of Tha Blue Carpet animated DVD, as well as Dr. Dre's Detox.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Tomorrow? Reunion styles...

[video] N.E.R.D. "My Drive Thru"

Featuring Julian Casablancas & Santogold:

[video] Busta Speaks To

Peep Busta speaking on the trials and tribs he's gone through over the last year, and how this might have affected his career:

Props to AaronM for the link.

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 23

Here's the final DivaSpeakTV before they go on summer break:

Part 1

Part 2

Theo "Sweetest Language"

Theo "Sweetest Language" (prod. by Profit): I hit you with the snippet of this a few weeks back, and now, after Okayplayer leaks it, here's the full version. Seriously slick track... Theo is definitely one of those niggas to watch.

His new mixtape, The Birth, will be dropping on 08.08.08. Keep posted to more info on that.

[video] Fade Wizard & The Scratchaphone

I just got hit with this link, showcasing a portable scratch turntable, making the term "turntablist" take on a whole new meaning:

Props to T for the link.

[video] Run's House Season 5 Trailer

Spotted over at Metal Lungies. Season 5 premieres July 16th with back-to-back episodes.

[video] Behind The Scenes: Nas "Hero"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

related: [video] Nas "Hero"

Bonus Beats: TSS has provided a nice, neat Nas Untitled Bonus Tracks package for you, featuring tracks that did not make Untitled, in quality, No DJ glory.

Papoose ft. Busy Signal "We Gotta Take It"

Papoose ft. Busy Signal "We Gotta Take It" (prod. by K-Salaam & Beatnick): This will be dropping on K & Beatnick's Whose World Is This album/DVD project, which drops on July 29th on VP. Check out this video clip of Pap speaking on why he got down with this project:

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #24

To quote an old Dillinja track, it's "time to get GRIMEY!" DJ Cable put this together with a host of Grime tracks, old and new, and threw in some blends to boot:



01. Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U
02. DJ Mondie - Pull Up Dat
03. DJ Cable - Stay Fly Ice Rink
04. Roll Deep - Celebrate (JME Remix)
05. More Fire Crew - Oi
06. Danny Weed - Shank Riddim (Wiley Remix)
07. DJ Cable - Still Tippin On Pulse
08. Sway Feat. Stush - F Ur X

And if you remember last week's mix, you heard Cable's edit of Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker", right? He's offered this DJ-friendly mix up to the public for $free.99. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

[video] Amanda Diva "Watch Ya Back Barack"

Amanda going political over M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes":

Big up to E for the link.

Fakts One ft. Boot Camp Clik "Don't Stop"

Fakts One ft. Boot Camp Clik "Don't Stop": New freshness from the forthcoming Long Range album. Word is Steele did a lil work on the production as well. Fakts and Bucktown? Yeah this one is hype.

Long Range drops two Tuesdays from now, aka July 22nd.

Props to Matt, as always.

RZA ft. U-God & Inspectah Deck "You Can't Stop Me Now (Remix)"

RZA ft. U-God & Inspectach Deck "You Can't Stop Me Now (Remix)": This is an alternate version of the Digi Snacks banger, featuring a long skit/intro with Raekwon, 12 O'Clock, Prodigal Sunn and Brooklyn Zu.

Props to Alex.

Bonus Beats: RZA ft. David Banner, Berretta 9 & Monk of The Black Knights "Straight Up The Block"

[video] Busta Rhymes on Bangladesh TV

Part 1 of 5; Busta speaks on what got Jay-Z to create "A Billie":

[video] Generation Kill: Evan Wright, Embedded Reporter

I had no idea dude who played Tobias Beecher was in Generation Kill:

This premieres Sunday, July 13th on HBO.

SOB's (July 13th 2008)

Check out this video about this Sunday's ill event at SOB's, featuring live performances from Wale, Blu & Exile, Skillz, Che Grand and others, which is co-hosted by Peter Rosenberg & Sucio Smash:

Big up to Kozza for the video link.

Nas "Sly Fox" Poster

I saw stills from the video shoot up, so I imagine this video will be dropping mad soon...

Killer Mike "I Gotcha"

Killer Mike "I Gotcha": Taken from Mike's I Pledge Allegience To The Grind II, which dropped today. Gotta love that ghetto gospel music.

Via Boo Goo Doo Boom.

[video] Santogold "Creator"

Mya's Back

Wordup. Someone put out a new album by homegirl, so we can see her slink on videos 50 times a day. More shots over at TheYBF.

A-Trak - Live at Glastonbury 2008

A-Trak drops a pretty intense 25 minute mix, recorded live from Glastonbury '08.



Chromeo- ‘Fancy Footwork’ (Crookers Remix)
Treasure Fingers- ‘Cross The dancefloor’ (Lifelike Remix) (Fools Gold)
Fred Falke- ‘Sanctuary’ (Work it Baby)
Count & Sinden- ‘Beeper’ (A-Trak remix) (Domino)
Laidback Luke & A-Trak- ‘Shake It Down’
Boys Noize- ‘Oh!’ (A-Trak remix) (BNR)
Manice- ‘This Is Acid’ (Boys Noize Edit) (Trax)
Four Colour Zack- ‘Elox FCZ’ (Fools Gold)
Diplo- ‘Fired From Work’
Kanye West- ‘Stronger’ (A-Trak Remix) (Def Jam)
Sammy Bananas- ‘All The Girls’
Surkin- ‘Kid Gloves’ (A-Trak Edit) (Institubes)
Nachos Lovers- ‘Acid Life’ (Fools Gold)

Via h.e.r..

[video] Team Blackout Vs. Square OFF

Wild. Team Blackout, which has Rev. Run's son JoJo on it, battles this crew Square OFF, which is a group that has Doug E. Fresh's son in it. How sick is that? Next generation shit:

Run's House, Season 5, premieres tomorrow.

Monday, July 07, 2008

[video] Nas "Hero"

[video] Prodigy "I Want Out" / "The Doe"

"I Want Out" features Havoc:

[video] "Rebop For Bebop" Minisode

The Minisode Network has been producing 5-minute shorts for classic shows like He-Man, The Ricki Lake Show, Married With Children, Facts of Life and a host of others, and is now producing 5-minute minisodes of Fat Albert! I saw this earlier, and then got a press release about it, so I figured I should hit you guys with this. Enjoy, and make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel.

[video] Swizz Beatz "Where The Cash At?"

DJ Forge & Keisha Shontelle Featuring Shontelle Mixtape

Those of you who are familiar with 9th Wonder's productions should be up on the name Keisha Shontelle, who has done a lot of hook work and other vocal fire with 9th. Here's a mixtape she has with DJ Forge showcasing a lot of the work she has done...



1) Intro
2) I Got Dem Hitz (ft. Kash Kream) - prod by Kash Kream
3) Buckshot - Whats Up With You - prod by 9th Wonder
4) Cool Like Dat
5) Freeway - "Untitled" - Prod by 9th Wonder
6) I Dream ft. Panama G.A.T - Prod by Panama G.A.T
7) Jozeemo - K-I-S-S-I-N-G - prod by Black Jeruz (Snippet)
8) Sunday ft. Chaundon - prod by 9th Wonder
9) Little Brother - Nobody But You - prod by 9th Wonder
10 Where I Wanna Be - Prod by 9th Wonder
11 It Ain't U ft. K-Hill - prod by The Gyphted
12 Strained ft. Brick Stacks - prod by 9th Wonder
13 Buckshot - I Don't Know Why - prod by 9th Wonder
14 Panama G.A.T - My Nigga - prod by Panama G.A.T
15 Never Be Safe - prod by FAME Entertainment
16 Spectac - Raindrops - Prod by 9th Wonder (Snippet)
17 You - Prod by 9th Wonder
18 Ness - Energy - Prod by 9th Wonder
19 Situations ft Joe Scudda - Prod by 9th Wonder
20 L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Sista Girl - Prod by 9th Wonder
21 K-Hill - A Letter 2 Sick L - Prod By 9th Wonder
22 Buckshot - Birdz (Fly the Coup) ft Phonte - Prod by 9th Wonder
23.Summertime - prod by DXTC

That "I Don't Know Why" vocal gets me everytime. Lovely work!

Praverb "Hip Hop Legacy"

Praverb "Hip Hop Legacy" (prod. by Smokewell Productions): Some old new to you fire from the Wyse one. This track has that throwback flavor to it... "need to put this one on a tape and rock to it on the bus" type steelo. I had no idea homeboy had a) a blog and b) been interviewed by Wake Your Daughter Up. Check out all three, ya dig?

Joe Budden "Addiction Freestyle"

Joe Budden "Addiction Freestyle": "That NJ bullshit, I'm on it". Joey comes with a quick freestyle, referencing Bam Bam Bigelow. Too dope.

related: Joe Budden "Who (Part 1)"

[video] Internet Gangstas '08

[video] The DunkXChange on KarmaloopTV

For all of you sneaker freaks out there:

M-Phazes ft. Skyzoo "i Shine"

M-Phazes ft. Skyzoo "I Shine": Wow. Some laidback horn flavors from the Coalmine Records fam. M-Phazes is currently wrapping up a compilation album where his beats are graced by MCs like Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price, Emilio Rojas, Chaundon, Sha Stimuli & Termanology, CL Smooth, Skyzoo and more. This shit here? Some ill Hip-Hop to wake up to. Light up a tree, get some sun in your face and shine!

Oh, did I mention that Phazes reps Australia?

Check out Pete Rock giving M-Phazes the co-sign in this video taken at the 2nd annual iStandard "Beast of the Beats" battle that was held on Sunday, June 29th at Club Touch:

'Nuff respect to Matt Diamond, Koncept and the Coalmine Records fam.

[video] Red Cafe "Paper Touchin'"

Featuring Fabolous, Fat Joe & Jadakiss:

[video] 50 Cent & Freeway LIVE in A.C.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Joe Budden "Who (Part 1)"

Joe Budden "Who (Part 1)": Flexing over a Marvin Gaye sample, Joe Budden tries to figure out where Hip-Hop went wrong...

Via Nah Right by way of Xclusives Zone.

[video] The Theo Show (Episodes 5 + 6)

"The Air Max 95 Hunt"

"Graduation Party"

Congrats on graduating college, fam!

"Dreamcatcher Revisited" = OKP Approved

Yes, that's definitely J. Slikk, the man who produced Cy Yung's "Dreamcatcher Revisited" with The Roots' Black Thought. Props to J for pounding the pavement and getting that single out there, it's a thing of beauty. I might be getting my hands on some physical copies as well... and I know Slikk and some other ill MCs are working on some heat on the low. And it's probably because of me. Don't wanna toot my own horn but you know what it do.

Ray Protégé Hipster Hop Mixtape

Ray Protégé put this mixtape together to try and destroy the "hipster rap" label that many artists are getting tagged with. Kind of heavy on the Kidz In The Hall/Mickey Factz side of things, with cats putting their own thoughts on the label. Check it out:



1. Double O (Kidz In The Hall Speaks On Hipster Rapper Label
2. Kidz In The Hall f Donnis and Chip The Ripper Mr. All of That Sh^T
3. Pac Div Paper
4. Mic Terror Hiooo (Produced By M$M)
5. The Cool Kids Oscar
6. The Knux Capuchino Remix
7. Mickey Factz f N.E.R.D Don't B Light
8. Wale Artistic Integrity
9. Kid Cudi Mastered (Produced By A-Trak)
10. The Cool Kids Dinner Time
11. Kid Cudi f Wale IS There Any Love
12. Mickey Factz Addresses Hipster Label
13. Mickey Factz f The Cool Kids Rockin And Rolling
14. Izza Kizza f Missy Elliot Walking The Dog
15. Phone Call W/ Hollywood Holt
16. Hollywood Holt Hollywood
17. Mic Terror F Donnis Owee
18. Mic Terror Talks about Hipster Label
19. Pac Div Love it
20. Donnis L.o.v.e. Boyfriend

What do you think? Shouts to Becca, as per usual.