Saturday, September 13, 2008

[video] Hipster Rap

Dude def. makes some good points... Full Force did have some jams, too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

[video] Ludacris' 106 & Park Freestyle

[video] John McCain On The View

Bonus Beats: Palin sounds like an idiot in this interview...

Obama '08.

Peedi Crakk "More Towels"

Peedi Crakk "More Towels": Here's a radio version of the first leaked single from P. Crakk's A Night In The Life, forthcoming on Amaglam Digital. Peedi has a knack for picking those old school-drenched bangers, right?

Shouts to Matt for the heads up!

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 26

[video] Flobots "Rise"

Friday, September 12th 2008 playlist

You already know...





Been on some NJ shit as of late; check out this classic video/posse cut:

EPMD ft. Redman & K-Solo "The Head Banger"

Take a bit of a drink and relax this weekend...

LUDACHRIST The Legend Of Curtis EP

Download; get more info on Ludachrist's forthcoming material, a t-shirt design contest and more over on Dogs On Acid.

[video] T.I. "What Up, What's Haapnin'"

[video] Muja Messiah "Get Fresh"

Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy will be re-issued on Koch this November; you should also check out this City Pages article with Muja. Shouts to Jon Jon.

[video] Olivia Munn Does The Truffle Shuffle

Thursday, September 11, 2008

[video] Travis Barker & DJ AM "Fix Your Face"

[video] Erykah Badu - okayplayerTV Interview

[video] 50 Cent on Conan O'Brien

[video] Immortal Technique - KarmaloopTV Interview (Part 1)

Rapper Big Pooh Rapper's Delight Mixtape

Download; via URB.

"Love Lockdown" Part 2

I got passed this in the inbox, and fell out. You guys should already know how I feel about Kanye's new single, and this Part 2 is just the perfect addition. Hell, I'd listen to THIS before putting the 'Ye track on...

The Gent$ "Cold"

The Gent$ "Cold": The Gent$ = Pugs Atomz, Ill Legit and Wes Restless (who produced this monster); their album drops on Enchoes Music on October 14th. Witness the intro...

Shouts to Pugs for the info.

B Young "Alarm Sound"

B Young "Alarm Sound" (prod. by Tha S Ence): My homey Tha S Ence hit me with this cut he produced for B Young, aka Brandon Young, who many fans of The Wire may remember as reporter Mike Fletcher. From what I understand, dude has been making music for a bit, doing shows, and this is just the beginning... peep this recent interview with Classic Drug References. Fresh.

[video] Asher Roth vs. Heltah Skeltah

DP tries to figure out who the fuck Asher Roth is:

Flowdan "Moving To Me"

Flowdan "Moving To Me": New joint from Grime MC Flowdan (of the Roll Deep crew) from the UK. I first got turned on to his work from Loefah's remix of "Jah War", and this is a pretty fresh track itself, reminiscent of Wiley's "Wearing My Rolex". Another brick in the Grime crossover wall? We shall see...

Shouts to DJ Cable for the heads up.

[video] Q-Tip "Gettin' Up"

Moment Of Silence

Black ELement "All I <3"

Black ELement ft. NAV "All I <3" (prod. by Danksta'): Here's the first official single from Black EL's A Major Minority, which will be dropping in one week's time. I had the opportunity to hear this one a minute ago, and it's dope, end of. Dude is definitely in a zone, and is helping bridge that gap within the music. Enjoy!

[video] Mr. Feeble "I Fell Through"

Bonus Beats: Mr. Feeble "I Fell Through" \ "Fine"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[video] Obama vs. O'Reilly, Round 4

related: [video] Obama vs. O'Reilly, Round 3

[video] Ludacris "What Them Girls Like"

related: Ludacris "What Them Girls Like"

Jadakiss ft. Jay-Z "Who Run This"

Jadakiss ft. Jay-Z "Who Run This": Not as monumental as I'd hope, with Jay just chatting and not doing any real rhyming, but Jada has some cool-ass lines in this one. Nice cut to bang in your whip, though. Jada is definitely in the building.

MP3 via Best of Both Offices; pic jacked from OnSMASH.

[video] Termanology ft. Bun B "This Is How We Rock"

previous: Termanology ft. Bun B "How We Rock"

Black ELement A Major Minority Cover+Tracklist

I've been telling you guys about Black ELement's album for a minute, and the moment of it dropping is upon us. You can grab this FREE album, presented by 2DB and illRoots, on Sept. 18th...


01/ You Can't Hide (AM) (Produced by Kush Klien)
02/ The Stickup Kid?!?! (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
03/ Can't Call It (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
04/ All I <3 (feat. NAV) (Produced by Danksta')
05/ Out In The Cold (Produced by BboySpaz)
06/ Human (Produced by Kush Klien)
07/ It's All Relative (Family First) (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
08/ Headaches (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
09/ Where My Heart Is (Produced by Kush Klien)
10/ Ride It Out (Produced by Rami Afuni)
11/ Runn'n Young'n (Produced by Kush Klien)
12/ Roadtrip (Produced by Kush Klien)
13/ The Burbs (Produced by BboySpaz)
14/ Quiet Nights (feat. Jelani) (Produced by Danksta')
15/ Never Thought (Dreaming) (Produced by Rami Afuni)

You've been crazy warned - get familiar, and get prepared!

Mary Anne Hobbs On Radio 1 (Sept 10th 2008)

DOWNLOAD: mirror 1 \ mirror 2


Chase & Status - 'Eastern Jam' (Ram)

Headhunter - 'Prototype' from the new LP 'Nomad' (Tempa)

LV and Errol Bellot - 'Don't Judge' (Dubplate)

Speedy J - 'Bootes' from the LP 'Red Shift' (Electric Deluxe)
Mount Kimbie � 'Maybes' (Hotflush dubplate)
LL - 'Out The Club' (Dubplate)
King Midas Sound - 'One Ting' Daybre mix (Hyperdub)

Tes La Rok - 'Spritual Thing'

Mike Slott Vs The Gaslamp Killer

Mike Slott mix:
Mike Slott - '23 halfs' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Black Keys' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Musics Fun' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Flunky' (All City Records)
Rustie - 'Quick Tunnels' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Knock Knock' (All City Records)
Yann Kesz - 'Like a Purple Shade'
Mike Slott - 'Bamhouse' (unreleased)
Nicole willis - 'Soul Investigators Theme Mike Slott Reflunk' (ATC Recordings)
Heralds of Change (Hudson Mo+Mike Slott) 'Future' (All City Records)
Mike Slott - 'Cadet' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'My Lightbridge' (All City Records)
Mike Slott - 'Home' (unreleased)
Flying Lotus - 'Roberta Flack' Mike Slott Reflunk - (Warp Records)

The Gaslamp Killer mix:
The Gaslamp Killer - 'Intro'
Lorn - 'Unreleased'
Kode 9 Ft. The Space Ape - 'Nine Samurai'
Bar 9 - 'Untitled Symphony'
Bar 9 - 'Murda Sound'
Caspa - 'Oh R Ya?'
Mike Jones - 'Still Tippin'
Trick Daddy - 'Shut Up'
Portishead - 'Over'
Mr.Chop Featuring Malcolm Catto - 'Metropolis Del Ferro'
Ghostface Killah - 'Nutmeg'
Samiyam - 'The Return'
Flying Lotus - 'Ab-Original'
Mrr - 'Mikepsych'
Fando Y Lis' Outro

Break - 'Hooked Up' (Symmetry)
Heny G - 'Delayed Style' (Dubplate)
Grovskopa - 'Sex & Violins' Surgeon mix (Token Recrds )
XRABIT & DMG$ - 'Killin' Em' (Big Dada)
Rustie - 'ZigZag' (Wireblock)
King Cannibal - 'Arigami Style' (Ninja)
LD - 'Not Going To Cry ' (Dubplate)
Conc_etta - 'In Attention Opitae' from the LP 'Micro' (Moteer)

Radian - 'Forever' (DPR Recordings)


[video] Behind The Scenes: Nas "Make The World Go Round"

Shouts to Best of Both Offices.

[video] Obama vs. O'Reilly, Round 3

previously: [video] Obama vs. O'Reilly, Round 2

Quest For Obama (Sept. 11th 2008)

I won't b e there, but this even looks dope. ?uestlove on the decks, voter registration, $10 donations to Obama '08? Get focused, get involved. More info via Okayplayer. Shouts to Z for the heads up.

Atlantic Connection - Morning Sex (2008 Studio Mix)

Atlantic Connection has put together this fresh mix to hype up a load of forthcoming Westbay tunes (watch out for Westbay Intl 005, which I reviewed for Knowledge Mag #103); no (complete) tracklist on this (as of yet), but its fresh, ba-leeeeeeeee dat!

DOWNLOAD: megaupload \ dnbshare \

RiotControl 13

...Sonny and Burt are back for an end of the summer cool down to slide into whatever it is you may be sliding into post-Summer. Enjoy RiotControl 13 with the careless nature of someone eating chocolate ice cream while wearing white gloves. Then smack someone in the face with those gloves and challenge them to a duel...



Riotcontrol Theme - Burt Fox
Poison Flour - Dr. Alimantado
Guns Of Brooklyn - Santogold
Passin Me By - Hot Chip Remix Instrumental
Let The Dollar Circulate - Billy Paul
Dollar - Steve Spacek and J Dilla
Healer - Erykah Badu
Tea Leaf Dancers - Flying Lotus
? - "Trap Door" record
Weekend Wars - MGMT
Sunshine - Handsome Boy Modeling School
Summer Madness - Kool And The Gang
Hurry Up This Way Again - The Stylistics
So Fresh And So Clean - Outkast
Before The Night Is Over - Joe Simon
Footprints On My Mind - Annette Snell
90% Of Me Is You - Gwen Mcrae
90% Of Me Is You - Karime Kendra
133 331 - Discuss
Close To You - Phyllis Dillon

Keep It Locked...

[video] Ludachrist ft. Richard Simmons "New World Hustler"

Old Skool Show x Nas

DJ Envius sent over audio from an interview he and MC Serch conducted with Nas recently on the Old Skool Show.

DOWNLOAD: Part 1 \ Part 2

Fresh cuts, insightful interview. Any Nas fans... scratch that, Hip-Hop heads, get in on this!

[video] L.E.G.A.C.Y. at Sonar (August 31, 2008)

L.E.G.A.C.Y. performs live at Sonar before the Freeway show; he also briefly speaks on his forthcoming album:

[video] Common ft. Pharrell "There's Nothing You Can Do" LIVE

New joint Common and Skateboard P performed in Houston last night; tentative title:

Via BGDB; Rizoh also speaks on the changing of Common's forthcoming album's title.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

[video] Maino "Hi Hater (Remix)"

Featuring: T.I., Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss & Fabolous:

Via Nah Right.

[video] Rapper Big Pooh "Plastic Cups"

Featuring Joe Scudda & Chaundon over one of my favorite J Dilla beats:

The 88 "All 'Cause Of You"

The 88 "All 'Cause Of You": This was on the You, Me & Dupree OST, but fuck you, I only know this from Almost's Cheese & Crackers DVD (whattup SBK?!?):

That's all.

[video] Butta Verses "If I Die"

[video] Theo "Sweetest Language" LIVE

He performs this with his live band:

Joulz Il "You Don't Hear Me Tho'"

Joulz Il "You Don't Hear Me Tho'" (prod. by Entity Starr): This diss track is the sound of a lion who realizes that the cage door is wide open, pouncing on the teenage punk who's been trying to egg him on, not realizing that the lion's ill demeanor is playing it coy, not lazy or sleepy. Joulz had some cats on a Dallas Hip-Hop forum going off on him, over and over, and he kept it quiet... not anymore. Pretty much closes the casket on that shit, no?

"Keep my name outcha moooooooouth!"

Nine Inch Naliens

Nine Inch Nails x Outkast, by ill poetic. Enjoy.

Ayatollah "Brolic"

Ayatollah "Brolic": This is taken from Ayatollah's Drum Machine LP, which will feature 22 never-before-heard instrumentals from Ayatollah himself. This is essential for those who have loved the beats he's freaked for cats like Mos Def, Rakim, D-Block, Monch, Wu-Tang and many others. This drops on Nature Sounds on Sept. 30th, and is a digital download affair.

Shouts to Matt for the heads up!

More Ciara In Vibe

Shake posted a gang of hi-res images from Ciara's Vibe spread. Cotdamn.

Che Grand "City On Fire"

Che Grand "City On Fire": Fresh, club-tastic, b-more x juke friendly joint right here. Get your lighters out and rock to this one. Che is a champ.


Via 2dopeboyz, who are def the Che Grand leak train.

TRL To Premier New Kidz In The Hall Video

Shouts to Matt for the heads up. Vote this one in when it drops!

Sugar Tongue Slim "Write Your Name"

Sugar Tongue Slim "Write Your Name" (prod. by MP3): Uses the sample you'd associate with a track with that title, and it's fly. Works really well... this is taken from STS' Demand More mixtape, which is being hosted by Tapemasters Inc x The Empire x More on that when I get more info, homey.

The 20/20 Contest

I've already hit you guys with "Do What It Do", from the forthcoming Fokis & Focus... EP entitled 20/20, which drops on September 16th (check out DubCNN's interview with them for more info). I know they have been working on this for a bit, and the fruits of their combined labor will soon be hitting the 'Net for all to partake in...

We do have a special contest for you guys, and it's pretty interesting. Do you see that image up there? The contest question is in that image (you can download the image as well); what you need to do is:

  1. Figure out the question
  2. Answer the question
  3. Send your answer, along with your name, location, MySpace page URL (if you have one) and the URL of the site you saw this contest on to!

That's pretty simple, no? The first person with the correct answer will be the winner, and will receive

  • A 20/20 T-Shirt, courtesy of a.Fam & Loyalty Records
  • An autographed copy of Fokis' first album, More Than One Way

Get crackin' on this, as I will be naming the winner on Sept. 16th.

NOTE: those who enter the contest and are looking for the answer - be resourceful, i.e. use Google, MySpace, etc. to do some reasearch and get the answer. GOOD LUCK!

Unreleased Cool Kids Tracks, Round 2

Optimus Prime hit me with a couple of more unreleased Cool Kids joints that he and Shogun are leaking... the track titles are theirs, so don't hold them to these titles at all:

related: Unreleased Cool Kids Tracks

[video] Izza Kizza "Hello"

Monday, September 08, 2008

[video] Obama vs. O'Reilly, Round 2

related: [video] Obama vs. O'Reilly, Round 1

[video] Alfamega "4 Or 5 Ways"

I told you niggas the video was coming:

The Foreign Exchange "Daykeeper"

You can grab this jawn for free by signing up at The Foreign Exchange's website. Eskay has the tracklist/cover to their forthcoming album, Leave It All Behind. Should be a dope project.

Tunji "Still Risin'"

Tunji "Still Risin'" (prod. by Kno): This track premiered on 2DB's mixtape that dropped last week, but Inverse's Tunji has dropped the full track on its own. And it's dope. Props to him - keep an eye out for homey!

[video] Joell Ortiz "Memories"

[video] Sandman "Anchor"

[video] Tricky "School Gates" LIVE

Tone Tank The King Of Surf Guitar Rap

First off, I love this kind of shit. Surf guitar shit? From like Gidget? I always got into that shit...

I'm not sure how many other MCs are up on Surf Guitar Rap, but Tone Tank is set to destroy all ya sand castles with this four-track EP, The King of Surf Guitar Rap. And damnit, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I also love how this isn't like a guitar sample set to some boom-bap... dude really kicks over some vintage loops. It's kind of exciting - makes me wish I could surf and ride out to these.

[video] A 6-Pack With Black

[video] The Roots "Get Busy" LIVE

So wild to see a tuba player going for broke:

This was taken from Midwest Broadcast, who has more clips of The Roots (and the GZA) from the SoCo Music Experience Festival. Shouts to Mike for the link!

Old Money "Just Got Chopped (Crack)"

Old Money "Just Got Chopped (Crack)" (prod. by 6th Sense): I love getting tunes passed in the inbox. I hate thinking I got the drop on shit, though, and then seeing Shake beat me to the punch... on Thursday. You know how it goes, though... trickle down effect and all. This track is dope, though. I love when cats can captivate you with snare-less beats.

[video] Kanye West "Love Lockdown" LIVE

Kanye's new single:

This should be available on iTunes today. Video and MP3 of live recording via Eskay.

EDIT: If this is how this year's VMAs ended, I'm glad I didn't watch it. I think I turned it off right after Britney won her award. Did I miss much?

[video] Kano "Hustler"

[video] Wildabeast "Many Levels"

Sunday, September 07, 2008

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