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[video] DJ Unk "Show Out"

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[video] Murs "Lookin' Fly"


Jake One Great Beat Writer Mixtape

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White Van Music is in stores tomorrow, October 7th!

Via HipHopDX & Get Right Music.

Ludacris ft. T-Pain "One More Drink"

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Ludacris ft. T-Pain "One More Drink": This does NOT trump Teddy Pain & Luda's "Chopped & Screwed". Nice mellow track, though, with some comedic overtones.

Shouts to Young Sav.

[video] Mazzi - Walking Blog #4

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[video] Making The Bang 4 Finale Clip

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I dropped the trailer for tomorrow night's finale last week; looks like this convo is real and deep:

[video] Shawn Hewitt "Try"

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[video] Common ft. Pharrell "Universal Mind Control"

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Royce Da 5'9 "Live Your Life"

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Royce Da 5'9 "Live Your Life (I'm Nice Pt. 2)": Royce drops a special track over T.I. & Rihanna's new one, dedicating bars to Big Proof, who's birthday just passed on the 2nd of October. Word is Bar Exam II will be dropping in retail outlets in November 2008 via Traffic Entertainment, featuring all original production, and is to be followed by his street album (Street Hop) and a collaborative effort with Elzhi!

Shouts to Dub MD for this one.

Junclassic 2 Much Ain't Enuff

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My homey Junclassic just hit me with some info that should make you fans of the Monster Island Czars very happy. If you didn't purchase 2 Much Ain't Enuff, dude has been gracious enough to give this LP away... for free! I actually dropped the title track on rock the dub radio a while back, and that's how Jun and I got to know each other. Now, he has a bunch of shit he's working on, including his next album, Overqualified, which drops on October 21st on Classified Recordings. I also know of some FIRE that he's working on that I don't think I can speak on at this time, but keep it locked.

Kanye West "Love Lockdown (D Sharp Remix)"

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Kanye West "Love Lockdown (D Sharp Remix)": DJ D Sharp is at it again; he hit you with Gangster Donuts, now check out his electro-infused flip of "Love Lockdown". You gotta love how he goes from the slower tempo and then funks it up with the percussion, then back to the half-time speed. One of my favorite reworks of this seminal late 2008 anthem.

Bonus Beats: Kanye West "Love Lockdown (R.O.E. Remix)"

previous: 6th Sense "Love Lockdown" \ Kanye West "Love Lockdown (J. Slikk Remix)"

The Gent$ "Supper Time"

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The Gent$ "Supper Time" (prod. by Ill Legit): Here's another joint from The Gent$ (Pugs Atomz, Wes Restless & Ill Legit), a trio who is doing some really interesting things. Watch out for their album, dropping on October 21st on Enhoes Music.

Zilla Rocca Bring Me The Head Of Zilla Rocca Mixtape

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Peep the new mixtape from Zilla Rocca (of Clean Guns and Clap Cowards fame) entitled Bring Me The Head Of Zilla Rocca. Nice, raw Hip-Hop on this from the tri-state area, featuring cats like MAGr and Slim DSM, as well as loads of production from Zilla himself. Don't sleep!

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #34

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This week, DJ Cable drops a mix just how I like it: nice and varied...



01. Bloc Party - Mercury
02. Crime Mob Vs. Bloc Party - Knuck If You Banquet (DJ Cable Mashup)
03. Santogold - Creator
04. JFB - Resident Evil
05. Rob Sparx - Attack Of The Wobble
06. Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (Nappy Vs. Benga Extended Dubstep Mix)
07. The Police - Message In A Bottle

Even drops a frenzied Nappy refix. Lovin' it! Congrats to Cable and his crew for winning the 2008 DMC UK Team Championship as well!

[video] Yes We Can Mixtape Trailer

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Looks like this star-studded, long-awaited project is set to drop October 9th:

[video] Zoo York @ Am Getting Paid 2008

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Remo Da Rapstar "I Don't Know Where To Go"

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Remo Da Rapstar "I Don't Know Where To Go" (prod. by Cookin' Soul): Here's a freestyle Cookin' Soul hit me with. CS' beats are so fresh, they can make any MC sound that more fresher

"That more fresher" is my best Kanye West impression. It's Sunday night, sue me.

Slim Thug Is The New Rick Ross

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I guess someone had to be. Via The YBF.

[video] SNL: Biden vs. Palin Debate

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I actually watched this live, cracked me up:

[video] Kimbo Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli

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I call bullshit on this, only because Ken Shamrock randomly can't fight, and they start with all of this "oh it could be a Rocky story tonight", and of course Kimbo gets stunned by one shot and this cat Seth just hits him until they call it:

Total bullshit. What's worse is at the end, Kimbo's just like shouting out all the companies and is like "the after party is still going down". SMH.

[video] Kanye West "Heartless" LIVE

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Here's a short clip of 'Ye performing what is said to be his 2nd single, "Heartless", at T.I.'s MySpace concert. Yeah, I like this better than "Love Lockdown", but I'm not convinced:

Kanye + Auto Tune only works on "Swagger Like Us" IMHO. Eskay reports that 808's And Heartbreak is completed and handed in, and should drop Nov. 25th!

Seel Fresh "Prosper (H.I.P H.O.P)"

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Seel Fresh "Prosper (H.I.P H.O.P)": I hit you guys with the video to Seel Fresh's "Keep It Moving" about a month ago, and got my mitts on Street Famous, with the promise that I could leak a few jawns before its October 28th release on iTunes, Amazon and other digital spots. Seel goes into how he got into producing and putting out his own music, shouting out a load of radio spots and outlets to mass produce covers and shit. I miss hearing tales like this.

I'll probably drop another track or 2 before this album drops...

Shouts to Anita over at Rapstar, Inc.!

[video] Dragonball Trailer



[video] Lumidee "Cool Like Dat"

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Three 6 Mafia ft. Pimp C "I Got"


Three 6 Mafia ft. Pimp C "I Got" [dirty / clean]: Am I at a soccer game? Did they just crunk out that crazy rave anthem? This is some anthemic electro remedial crunkfest type shit. RIP Pimp C.

[video] 2008 Vh-1 Hip-Hop Honors Aftershow Parking Garage Party

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Ep. 1

Ep. 2

Ep. 3

Dallas, you are a true guerilla. Keep it bangin' my nigga.

Friday, October 3rd 2008 playlist

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Another week over. Thank God I'm getting over this cold that had me hurt up last Saturday. Let's go!





Props to De La Soul for being honored at this year's VH1 Hip-Hop Honors. Here's one of my favorite tracks of theirs, ever (peep that pre-"Baby Daddy" era Maury Povich in the intro):

De La Soul "Stakes Is High"

Enjoy your weekend. I'm gonna take something for this headache and cool out. Enjoy your weekend!

DOA Q&A: Hive

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Finally got a chance to chop it up with one of my favorite producers, Hive. We speak on the Salvation LP and a host of other Violence-related topics. Enjoy!

[video] Alicia Keys Speaks On The Secret Life Of Bees

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This should be a good movie. I read the book a few years back while working at a shitty temp job, and enjoyed the story. Deep, deep novel.

[video] "Can't Explain"

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Joe Biden smacked her with that "bridge to nowhere" comment. Shouts to Enigmatik for the heads up.

Mick Boogie ft. Skyzoo & Mazzi "Dirt All By My Lonely"

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Mick Boogie ft. Skyzoo & Mazzi "Dirt All By My Lonely" (prod. by 6th Sense): This throwback to the classic Naughty By Nature banger is taken from the Nah Right x Press Play Fashion Forward x LRG mixtape, The Honor Roll, which is dedicated to the heads being honored at this year's VH1 Hip-Hop Honors. Should be an ill mixtape.

Shouts to BoBO.

It's So Cold In The D

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Well, in all of Michigan actually. Not cold, but definitely BLUE. John McCain has reportedly pulled out his advertising and events from Michigan, effectively throwing away those 17 electoral votes, mainly because he can't flip the state from Blue to Red. It's not a major coup in this election, but it is a significant example of McCain's thought process. Dude has already tried to pull out of last week's debate, and now he's essentially saying "fuck Michigan"; I imagine he feels he doesn't need the state. Kind of cold when we are supposed to be a nation, united.

Mulatto Patriot & Pugslee Atomz "The General"

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Mulatto Patriot & Pugslee Atomz w/ Awdazcate & DJ Georsch "The General": This firey example of real Hip-Hop is taken from Mulatto Patriot's Sonic Visuals LP, which drops on the 21st of October; Sonic Visuals also features Ras Kass, Casual, Eternia and Decay, among others, and if this is an example of the horn-driven mania this album contains... give me more!

"so corny, you should be canned by Del Monte" - Pugs Atomz

Bonus Beats: The Vicksburg Kid "War In Da Streets" (prod. by Extreme): Pugs also hit me with this; The Vicksburg Kid represents Southside Chicago, is a walking contradiction, and is bringing some of his raw reality to the game.

[video] J*DaVeY "Mr. Mister (Future Screw Remix)"

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Bonus Beats: J*DaVeY "Mr. Mister (Future Screw Remix)"

DJ Z-Trip - Obama Mix

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Mixing with a message. Shouts to Z-Trip, DJ Times' 4th best DJ in America, for putting this together.

DOWNLOAD: Main Version \ Radio Edit Version

[video] I-20 "I Really Like Her"

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Featuring Ludacris & Rocko:

[video] Busta Rhymes Radio 1 Interview

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Part 1

Part 2

Elucid Police & Thieves

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Here is the compilation of Elucid's Warning Shots that I was bringing you a few months back, alongside some fresh cuts that I've been ITCHING to hit you cats with. Building on the ideas he brought with Smash 'N Grab, Police & Thieves is where Elucid goes in on a host of themes and topics, from straight up gutter anthems and stick-up kid fantasies to tales of love, lust and paranoia. Social commentaries on swagger and substance, politics and bullshit, Elucid shows us the flipside of each instance. I don't know if this is what he was going for with the title, but we know there are good cops and bad cops, Harry Limes and Marv Merchants. Many think Hip-Hop is dead, but this ain't Latin. It's a fresh take, injecting sounds of old and creating some new tapestries to express one's self with, and MCs like Elucid truly are the future.

If you sleep on this, go fall on your sword. "Automatic Writing" is one of my favorites (Aeon's a genuis for that beat), as is Suhburb's Dub of "Code for the Streets". "Starstruck" is a solemn anthem that should wake you mental dead niggas up, while "Mannequin (Dead Fresh)" is a pretty accurate description of you cats trying to stay fly. Special guests Spec Boogie and Che Grand work well in contrast to E, and "Lessondary Nose" has the whole fam going for broke over a loop from N*E*R*D's lastest romp.

Download this now - it'd be a travesty if you slept.

Shouts to Treezy for the sick artwork, and big ups for Elucid for allowing me to build with him, and for him giving me the go ahead to throw this up.

[video] Buckshot Does The Macarena

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Nice to see you on your feet, fam.

[video] Usher "Trading Places"

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Babs Speaks!

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I love how I asked randomly "Where's Babs" yesterday, and now WSHH has video of a recent interview she's done:

And check out Babs on the freestyle tip:

[video] Trick Trick ft. Ice Cube "Let It Fly"

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DJ Kay Slay ft. Juelz Santana, Hell Rell & JR Writer "Up In Harlem"

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DJ Kay Slay ft. Juelz Santana, Hell Rell & JR Writer "Up In Harlem": The Drama King links up with Dipset to speak on Harlem atop some happy synth flourishes. Do tracks about Uptown get more upbeat than this?

Props to BoBO.

[video] More DJ Sara

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Homegirl is 9. This is insane, still gets me open:

Mental Sharp "Pop That Shit"

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Mental Sharp "Pop That Shit": Gasm is out there promoting that forthcoming Still At War album, and dropped some dubs over to Media Contender. This is a club-friendly Hip-Hop cut from the Mental Sharp duo. Don't even try to sleep!

I dropped the DnB cuts over on dubplate digest. Still At War, October 14th.

Wordsmith "Bar-Bells"

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Wordsmith ft. Trel Mack, Geolani, & Donny Goines "Bar-Bells" (prod. by Strada & DJ Denox): Wordsmith links up with a serious selection of MCs for this cut from his forthcoming DJ Denox-assisted mixtape, The Revolution Begins with a Takeover Vol. 2, which drops on October 28th in conjunction with HipHopDX. It's on!

[video] Eli Porter x "Victory"

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Shouts to Enigmatik for hitting me with this... needed this laugh:

I have a piece I wrote on Eli Porter coming when Flawless Hustle returns. More on that when it jumps off.

EGU Or Nothing

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If you've peeped rock the dub over the last few years, you've seen quite a few posts regarding Che Grand. I consider dude a dope MC, a cat who has made his own lane and, above many of the cats who get major love on the blog tip, needs to be heard. Yet, his 3+ year in the making album, Everything's Good Ugly, is still without release date or proper home. I was doing some backtracking and found a post of his from last week where he speaks on the ills of his life, and is at the point where if this project doesn't get picked up he's pretty much done with trying to make a go at being an emcee in the "career" sense of the word. Which, while some might see this as being a good thing/bad thing kind of deal, would ultimately be a letdown for those of us who a) believe in dude and b) those who don't know shit about dude, but would be willing to pay him to perform/put out music. He mentioned that he might "need more people"...

So I started a petition. Whore it out, sign it, and who knows, maybe it will get peeped by some exec who is willing to take a chance on a dope MC.

Make sure you keep posted to Che's blog, and hit him up on MySpace.

EDIT: Shouts to Meka, BANANACLIPSE, DJ Lowkey and DJ Cable for posting links to the petition.

EDIT: Tanya Morgan's Von Pea posted about the petition, and threw up some ill Che tracks ("Crash" is my shit, had no idea Pea produced that!)...

EDIT: Che's posted about the petition, and challenged you heads out there: 500 signatures, and ZFTP 7 will get dropped. If you know Che, you know that those ZFTP mixes are pretty ill excursions. Get on it!

EDIT: Shouts to THATDUDEDAVE for hitting me with the link to his UN-official Che Grand Mixtape, ver. 3.0, which covers a lot of older Che Grand material. I need to get up on this myself!

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 29

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Cherish ft. Sean Paul vs. Slaughter Mob "Do It To It (DJ Nappy Extended THUGSTEP Refix)": Back like I left something, I hit you with this latest Nappy refix, and it's a fresh one. The original was a minor hit, and this foursome has put out their 2nd album already, but the flip with Slaughter Mob's "Guts 'N' Bones"?!?! It just fits perfectly. The bass has that perfect bounce to it, and the drums are steppy, but hit you hard enough. Sad thing is, I love this refix the most when the drums aren't there, and they are singing that infectious hook over that groove. So so sick.

Black Milk "The Matrix"


Black Milk ft. Sean Price & Pharoahe Monch "The Matrix": Damn. If that lineup isn't sick enough, DJ Premier is on the cuts. Eskay noted that the Ruck verse is recycled, but you know what, this is too lethal to get upset over that. Tronic in stores October 28th.

Theo "Jurassic Harlem"

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Theo "Jurassic Harlem": This is the first of Theo's "Channel Surfin'" series. Epic sounds, too. Can't wait to see how this new venture develops.

[video] Jadakiss Uncensored

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[video] Don't Get Gassed 1 Year Anniversary

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Here's some video from Cipha Sounds' Don't Get Gassed 1 Year Anniversary event, which went down last week up in NY:

[video] Making The Band 4 Finale Trailer

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The YBF has been keepin' us abreast to the Danity Kane fuckery, from Dawn Richards' reported solo career to Aubrey and D. Woods getting the boot. Looks like the ball is finta drop October 7th:

Yeah, sue me for getting wrapped up in Reality TV. It's either this or some shit like Big Brother. Odd thing is, I like the show, but I can't listen to any of their tracks, whether its DK or Day 26 or Donnie Klang. Where's Babs?

[video] Ludacris' PSA

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[video] The Alchemist, Dilated Peoples, Aceyalone & 88 Keys "Fresh Rhymes & Videotape Anthem"

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Project Pat "Keep It Hood"

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Project Pat ft. OJ The Juiceman "Keep It Hood" (prod. by DJ Paul & Juicy J) [dirty / clean]: The Three 6 Mafia/Hypnotize Minds crew is back at it again with this new single from Project Pat. I love the combination of straight gutter themes overtop some of the freshest, hypest production. 808s and Soul samples FTW.

[video] Redman On The 2008 Election

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This is brought to you by the good folks over at; now, more than ever, is the time for a change. Turn Texas (and the rest of the country) Blue.

Shouts to Aaron B for the link!

[video] Peedi Crakk "Sweet Dreams"

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[video] Prodigy "Shed Thy Blood"

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Featuring Big Twins & Un Pacino:

Kooley High Burn After Listening

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Got an e-mail blast on this, sounds interesting. Some North Carolina cat named Ace Jones, Zilla and Travis hooked up and made this compilation of cuts from Kooley High, a group many should check out. Burn After Listening features some production from 9th Wonder, as well as verses from Median, Edgar Allen Floe and Chaundon. That lineup is a recipe for satisfaction in my book, and I'm glad this got shared.

Dub MD Presents Nametag Classic Cadence Vol. 1


Fresh new mixtape from Dub MD and Nametag, with a host of featured MCs and producers... don't even try to sleep!



01. Intro Speech
02. The Campaign (Produced By Magnif)
03. Champagne Bottle Flow (Produced By Ski Beatz)
04. Stylin On 'Em (Produced By Black Milk)
05. Grammy Family (Freestyle) (Produced By Kanye West)
06. Back To It (Produced By Magnif)
07. Pipe Down (Produced By Black Milk)
08. Forfeit (feat. Marv Won & Quest M.C.O.D.Y) (Produced By Black Milk)
09. American (Freestyle) (Produced By Will-i-am)
10. Bang Dis Shit (feat. Black Milk) (Produced By Black Milk)
11. Neva Heard Neva Seen (feat. ONPoint) (Produced By ONPoint)
12. The Beaten (Produced By Black Bethoven)
13. The Lookout (feat. Black Milk & Fat Ray) (Produced By Black Milk)
14. Rambo Rap (feat. B.Stormz) (Produced By B.Stromz)
15. Say Somethin' (feat. Black Milk & Slim S.D.H) (Produced By Black Milk)
16. Red Alert (Produced By Black Milk)
17. Hollywood Divorce (Freestyle) (Produced By Andre 3000)
18. Outro Speech

Black Milk is ALL OVER this one! That's worth the price of admission in itself!

Q Da Kid "On A Mission"

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Q Da Kid "On A Mission" (prod. by No I.D. & JD) [dirty / clean]: While I'm not really seeing a record label with a deoderant company as a winning combination, you can't deny Q's name has been in a lot of people's mouths. This beat > his rhymes, but I wanna see how he handles this spotlight on him.

[video] Joe Budden "Touch & Go"

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Via 2DB.

previous: Joe Budden "Touch & Go" \ [video] Behind The Scenes: Joe Budden "Touch & Go"

Bonus Beats: At Home With The Buddens:

[video] Avant "When It Hurts"

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DJ Babu Duck Season 3 Cover+Tracklist

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I'm always a fan of DJ Babu's albums. This one looks like it will be no exception to that trend...


1. DS3 Intro f/ Dilated Peoples
2. Dearly Departed f/ M.O.P.
3. Fan Mail f/ Little Brother, Joe Scudda, & D-Brock
4. The Unexpected f/ MF DOOM & Sean Price
5. Frozen f/ Guilty Simpson
6. East West Connection f/ A.G.
7. My Opinion f/ Bishop Lamont
8. 2 Feet f/ Kardinal Offishall & Rakaa Iriscience
9. Black & Brown Army f/ Chace Infinite & Sick Jacken
10. Graveyardshiftin f/ Cali Agents & Roc Marciano
11. For Whatever It's Worth f/ Evidence
12. It's A New Day f/ M.E.D.
13. O.G. f/ Strong Arm Steady
14. Guns Gon' Blow f/ Termanology
15. That Ain't Gangsta f/ Likwit Junkies
16. Meant To Be f/ Roc C. & Oh No
17. SBX2LAX2OX f/ Wildchild & Percee P
18. Ahead Of My Time f/ Niko

All tracks are produced, mixed and arranged by DJ Babu, and will definitely be something to look forward to. In stores October 28th. Shouts to Matt, as per usual.

BK Cyph "Dirty Games"

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BK Cyph "Dirty Games": One of the illest out of BK goes for broke over this Primo beat that I cannot place for the life of me... right now. Dude is getting his exposure on, I'm not mad at that at all, fam! His new mixtape, NSC2: Rhymes R Ez, Life is Hard, should be out in about 2 weeks.

[video] Primeridian, Rashid Hadee & Pugs Atomz "Money"

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New video, which was directed and edited by Pugs Atomz. Beat done by Tall Black Guy:

[video] Alicia Keys & Jack White "Another Way To Die"

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Via Enigmatik.

[video] J Brice "Put On" Freestyle

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Y'all remember Namond from The Wire? He's on the mic:

[video] Heltah Skeltah "So Damn Tuff" Video Teaser

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Watching fights is the shit:

Video coming soon!

Britney Spears "Womanizer"

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Britney Spears "Womanizer" (prod. by The Outsyders) (radio rip): I just got word that Britney Spears' "Womanizer" was leaked to radio today, and the jawn has already been ripped and thrown on the 'Net. Not really my cup of tea; kind of reminds me of that Electro-Pop feel that Danity Kane touches on, Rihanna grazes this flavor at times too. Really uptempo swing beat on this. The title basically tells you what the track is about, and a good look for those who are longtime fans of Britney.

Circus is set to drop on December 2nd. No word on a video for this cut as of yet.

EDIT: Here are some photos from the "Womanizer" video shoot.

EDIT: Here's the CD single. The above link has also been updated. In other Brit news, she's not only planning a 2009 World Tour, but she should also be getting her lawyer game up for a possible sex tape that could surface for the right price, even though she denies its existence. Hey, maybe she shouldn't round up the lawyers? She also spoke to People about "Womanizer", calling the track a "girl anthem", and also speaks on her shock about winning three VMAs this year.

[video] Vinnie Paz & Outerspace Speak On God's Fury

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Shouts to Sam P for the heads up.

[video] Busta Rhymes' "Arab Money" Dance

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SMH, even if the crowd gets hype off that. Shouts to Enigmatik.

Black Uhuru "Sponji Reggae"

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Black Uhuru "Sponji Reggae": Flashback time...

Blame TV Land and their weeklong marathon of The Cosby Show last week. It's their fault. I'm just happy I got the ID on this. Taken from Black Uhuru's Red LP (1981), I couldn't tell you what the point of this joint is, but that hook B2B the xylophone twinkles B2B those skankin' guitars? Heaven. JAH!

Alfamega "Uh Huh (Remix)"

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Alfamega ft. Bun B, Rick Ross & T.I. "Uh Huh (Remix)" [dirty / clean]: If you didn't like the original, I can't see a new verse from William Roberts making you love this, but hey, you know what it is!

related: [video] Alfamega "4 Or 5 Ways"

[video] Katt Williams It's Pimpin' Pimpin' DVD Trailer

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Shouts to Enigmatik for the heads up.

related: Katt Williams It's Pimpin' Pimpin' Tour [recap]

[video] Torae "Switch"

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[video] Mazzi - Walking Blog #3

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[video] Ludacris "Undisputed"

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Co-starring Floyd "Money" Mayweather:

[video] Joell Ortiz "Can't You Tell? / Ghetto"

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Statik Selektah produced "Can't You Tell" (MP3 via Nah Right); those who grabbed The Nigger Tape should remember "Ghetto".

[video] Skillz "Be Alright"

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Featuring Kornbread & Aaries:

[video] Negroes On Ice

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Negroes On Ice = Prince Paul and his son, DJ Paul Fresh. Great name, great legacy:

More videos over at GRANDGOOD.

Q-Tip The Renaissance Cover+Tracklist

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If you look carefully, the tracklist is on the cover. Drops on Election Day 2008 (November 4th). Via The Rap Up.

Bonus Beats: Q-Tip ft. D'Angelo "I Believe" [via 2DB]

[video] SNL: Sarah Palin & Katie Couric

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Tina Fey strikes again!

If that video dies, here's a link to it up on Hulu.

related: [video] Tina Fey As Sarah Palin On Saturday Night Live

K.O. "She Wants 2 Get It"

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K.O. "She Wants 2 Get It": K.O. is doing the damn thing out in L.A., where "She Wants 2 Get It" is getting some good spins on Power 106 (where he was a five month champion on their "Whoa Call". There's a new mixtape he's completed with Clinton Sparks (featuring remixes of cuts from Soulja Boy, Plain White T's, Missez and others) that you can grab for free from his website, and he has some projects on deck with some major players, so be on the lookout!

KONCEPT "Mic Controllers"

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KONCEPT "Mic Controllers" (prod. by Slarc): Yet another cut from KONCEPT's Konverses mixtape, with a fat beat (pun intended) cooked up by Slarc. If you haven't picked up Konverses, you're playing yourself. Grab the physical CD @ Fat Beats NY, or order a copy from KONCEPT's MySpace page.

related: Brown Bag All Stars "Undeniable" \ KONCEPT "The Great Hype" \ KONCEPT "Your Charm" \ KONCEPT, JLOG1C & Soul Khan "Make Way"

6th Sense "Love Lockdown"

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6th Sense "Love Lockdown": While not a remix, 6th did grab the stems that were distributed and made his own version. The lyrics, which 2DB posted, are kind of leftfield, but when reworking a track where Kanye West sings the entire thing, leftfield is appropriate.

Bonus Beats: Kanye West "Love Lockdown (Tech Supreme REmix)" (instrumental) [NOTE: I see you with those Sonic The Hedgehog samples, fam!]

PS: Keep sending "Love Lockdown" remixes, producers/MCs! If I like them, I will post them!

previous: Kanye West "Love Lockdown (J. Slikk Remix)" \ Articulate "You Lose (Love Lockdown Freestyle)"

[video] Theo Opening For Nas @ Burdenis Univ.

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Theo, alongside Jon Hope, opened for Nas at Burdenis University on the 20th of September. Check out this clip:

More footage is available at ChannelHopeMedia's YouTube page.

[video] 4th Annual Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam 2008

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Still mad I missed this.

Hustle Simmons Mentioned In The Source

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Congrats to Dave Ghetto & Tha S Ence. Review coming soon!

The Game "Baggage Claim"

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The Game "Baggage Claim" (prod. by Cookin' Soul) [CDQ / No DJ]: Shouts to CS for sending this CDQ/No DJ banger from Black Wall Street 5. Friday nights are for dope Hip-Hop, right?

[video] Ciph & Rosenberg's Jay-Z/Beyonce Plea

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On their morning show (which I'm seriously addicted to, via archives), Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg have been pleading to Jay-Z and Beyonce to come on their show... why you ask? Because they were skraight disrespected, and don't go on Hot 97 before 3PM (crazy!). In any case, check out the making of this plea:

Via Nah Right.

[video] Live Through This: Kanye West

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Via FuseOnDemand:

We examine the personal tragedies overcome by one of hip hops biggest stars Kanye West, including the car wreck that nearly ended his life and inspired his hit song "Through the Wire"

DJ Plexx Stay In My Lane Pt. 2 Mixtape

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At various points in my life, I've both worked with and lived on the same block as Trenton, NJ's DJ Plexx. For those who don't know, dude is dropping heat in the form of mixtapes, and one of his specialites are what hipsters called "mash-ups" (circa 2003), but Hip-Hop mixshow heads knew as "blends" from years back. I noticed he dropped his latest mixtape, Stay In My Lane Pt. 2 on his MySpace page, and figured I'd share some homegrown flavors with you heads, for the weekend. Loads of R&B blends on this one, with an array of beats. Click the image for the full tracklist, complete with the instrumentals blended on this monster, which includes hot joints from the likes of Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Ryan Leslie, Keyshia Cole and others blended over beats from Rick Ross, Diddy, Kanye West, Playaz Circle and more!

PS: Lil' Wayne's "A Milli" over Gucci Mane's "Freaky Girl" is my SHIT right now!

[video] T.I. Speaks On Paper Trail Leaking

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TBH, I feel a good 50% of the album. I'd cop a bunch of the jawns on iTunes. Dunno about buying the whole ALBUM, but Tip did his thing.

Friday, September 26th 2008 playlist

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Odd week, working off some reserve energy over here. Loads of tracks flying by, so just take a few minutes... hit the green a few times, take a sip or 3, and engage yourself with these dope cuts. And the wack ones, too...





Let's take it back to a joint that Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg played on their morning show this week, throwback that hits me everytime I heard it:

Slick Rick "Hey Young World"

Real words being spoken. My tri-state niggas, make sure you pack your umbrella (ella). Obama owns McCain TONIGHT! Chris Rock x Mayorga vs. Mosley Saturday night. Holla.