[video] Chris Brown's Apology

I've refrained from posting shit from this fucker, but I had to post this.

What the shit is that shirt he has on? On what planet am I to believe this canned, corny response? I'm just done with this. Bitch-nigga, you fail for the rest of your life. No more RTD mentions of your music, and when we do mention you, it's to spit at you for being a bitch-ass coward.

That's all.

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2 Responses to “[video] Chris Brown's Apology”

Chino D said...

Dats wats gud khal let da bitchass nigga have it! Speak ur mind n forget this fool we don't want him in this space anyways, nahmean? We got much sweeter bitchassness to cover like da Buddens kissin' Wu's ass haha!

Anonymous said...

Totally unacceptable. He should have behaved in a much more better way. That was no accepted out of him.

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