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[video] Blu & Exile "No Greater Love" LIVE At SXSW

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Footage from the Nah Right x TSS Showcase at SXSW; hit up TSS on YouTube for more.

DJ WM - Rock The Dub Mixtape (03/2009)

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A few Saturdays ago, I was on twitter, essentially asking "where the DJs at!!??"... I am prone to fuck with a sick mix over a dope album when I'm on my way to work, and haven't heard fresh shit from new DJs. I had a few cats hit me back about this idea I had, and right now, only one has hit me up with a finished mix. This is that mix...

DJ WM represents the UK, and is a phenom on the decks. At only 17 years old, homey has already won heaps of praise and awards, including being considered one of the UK's best Hip-Hop and R&B DJs. Dude started out DJing young, getting his skills showcased on a number of pirate UK radio stations by the age of 13. He was London's CK One champion in November 2007 (being the youngest DJ to hold that title), and was voted "Best Young DJ Of The Year" at age 16. He packs a bag full of tricks, cuts and scratches, but also has an airtight selection of the freshest tracks available. Don't believe me? Check it...



Asher Roth - Lark In My Go-Kart
Kid Cudi - Switchin' Lanes
Common Ft. Pharrell - Announcement
Wale Ft. Tre & Young Chris - Nightlife
The Cool Kids - Delivery Man (9th Wonder Remix)
Ryan Leslie Ft. Jadakiss & Notorious B.I.G - How It Was Supposed To Be (Rob Dinero Remix)
Method Man & Redman - A Yo
Busta Rhymes - Anthrax
Kanye West Ft. Talib Kweli & Common - Get Em High
Ludacris Ft. Nas & Jay-Z - I Do It For Hip Hop
GLC Ft. Kanye West & T-Pain - Flight School
Jamie Foxx Ft. Teairra Mari & T-Pain - Blame It (Remix)
Jay-Z Ft. Santogold - Brooklyn Go Hard
Jay-Z Ft. Santogold, Wayne Wonder & Lil Kim - Brooklyn Go Hard (Remix)
Fabolous Ft. The Dream - Throw It In The Bag
Asher Roth - I Love College (Instrumental)
Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Accapella)
Asher Roth Ft. Chamillionare - I Love College (Remix)

For more info on WM, make sure to keep it locked to his MySpace page, on twitter and his blog, where he drops fresh mixes on the regular. Thanks to DJ WM for knockin' this one out of the part for me. Any other DJs wanting to step up, get at me.

For right now, check out this video of his cuts:


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rock the dub turns 3 at the end of this month, and I figured it made sense to highlight some of the work I did prior to RTD. So, if you head on over to, you will be able to see some of the work I did, primarily for The Flow, a defunct online magazine that I wrote interviews, reviews and (some) poetry for. It folded, and I started rock the dub, but that's another story.

Right now, I just threw up an interview I did with J Period back in 2005. I was lucky to get that - I've never done phone interviews before, and he was nice enough to complete this one via e-mail. I think it came out ill, but I also think my chops have gone up a bit since then. Harshest critic on my own work, I know. Enjoy it, and keep checking back for more material from my vaults.

[video] Thirstin Howl III Jail Recipies Trailer

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EDIT Here's some vintage footage of Thirstin freestyling back in '86:

Dula-Mite ft. One-2 "Respect My Fresh"

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Dula-Mite ft. One-2 "Respect My Fresh": Here's the new single from Las Vegas MC Dula-Mite's next project, Respect My Fresh (which is hosted by September 7th). Some mid-tempo club music right here, with a lot of "fuck you" talk. I'm not fresh so you can't respect that about me, but you will respect my blog.

Holliewood "Check 1 Nine"

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Holliewood "Check 1 Nine" (prod. by Banana Bros.): One of those tracks where the cover is the hottest part of the whole experience. This is supposed to be the embodiment of what a club in outerspace would sound like, but its kind of like one of those '70s films, where the idea of the future is just brightly lit rooms, with everyone walking around in spandex. It could be true, but its not likely.

Fat Joe "Hey Joe"

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Fat Joe "Hey Joe" (prod. by Infamous) [clean \ dirty]: I'm not the biggest Hendrix fan, but I love the way Crillz goes in on this one... the first verse is definitely the best, but the whole track is fire. Love niggas really spreading their wings and flying, all the while keeping it true to themselves. Slick shit here!

Shouts to Splash.

Real Talk: The R-Word

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In light of Obama's recent slip-up on Jay Leno, the Special Olympics is wisely using their time in the sun to help promote something that needs to be called attention: the (over)use of the word "retard". Retard, like "faggot" and other words that fly off the tongues of a lot of us, is something they feel needs to be re-thought, so on March 31st, they are calling for a national day of awareness for America to look at their use of the r-word, just like people look at the use of nigger/nigga or fag, and try to curb it. They've even set up a website, asking for people to pledge to stop their use of this slur, which is every bit as offensive as other slurs out there.

And I'm all about it.

As a Black man, I get where my people are coming from when they say "stop using the 'n-word'", but cats won't think twice about terms like retard or faggot. Maybe they hold race closer to them than developmental disabilities, or sexual orientation, but you have to look at the whole picture... if we're truly striving for one human race, we have to show respect to all humans, not just those who look and speak like us.

Defeating racism is one step, but we as a nation, we as a people, we as one... we have a LONG way to go before we can break down those barriers that define us if we are truly to act like one united front.

Think on it.

Shouts to wifey for the heads up.

Hellz Yea! "Blaa Bla Bla"

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Hellz Yea! "Blaa Bla Bla": BKLYN's Hellz Yea! is becoming one of my favorite artists right now; here he is beasting Jim Jones' "Na Na Nana Na Na". I have a special treat from him coming on Monday, over one of my current favorites. Came out kind of fresh, too. Keep it locked!

[video] Biggie's Last Party

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Via RapRadar.

[video] J. Wells "Already Famous"

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Featuring Kurupt, Da Brat & Mister:

Killah Priest The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP

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Big up to the hooded druid who passed this EP onto me. Got the word to let this 12-track release go, for the masses to have their appetites whet before a slew of new/remixed Killah Priest material comes. Fans of the Priest will DEFINITELY know what time it is, especially on the lyrics. Grab this and go huddle into a dark corner, pull on your hoodie and practice some escapism to this pack.

DOWNLOAD Killah Priest's The Eternal Thought of a Killah Priest

Friday, March 20th 2009 playlist

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Happy Spring! Go get your free Rita's Water Ice!



Forgot to post this gem of a video earlier... Killer Mike interviewing the nigga No ID:

Enjoy what should be a beautiful weekend!

Blaq Ink & Chip Fu Present Stop Playing

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Click the picture to download the new mixtape from Chip Fu, aka Jungle Rock Jr.; this jammy features him flipping both Hip-Hop and Dance Hall over found ("Day N Nite", "Come Around", "Flashing Lights", a live version of "A Milli", etc.) and original beats. Dude DEFINITELY still has the chops. Props to Blaq Ink and Chip Fu for keeping in touch with me over the years...

GLC ft. Kanye West & T-Pain "Flight School"

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GLC ft. Kanye West & T-Pain "Flight School" (prod. by Arrowstar): The GLC-less version leaked a few weeks back, but Fake Shore Drive has the mixed/mastered/complete version for the first day of Spring. I'm digging this song a LOT more than Kanye's outfit in the above pic.

[video] Barack Obama On Jay Leno

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Here's my BLCKPRSDNT's full 24 minute appearance on Leno:

Now, he's already catching heat over his "Special Olympics" remark:

I don't condone at all, but he has already been the bigger man and apologized for it. Not a good look at all, but I gotta give it up to him for coming forth and saying sorry for a poor choice of words. My BLCKPRSDNT.

Mr. Pay Attention Presents Somethin' To Fuck To: Pinky Edition

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Shouts to DubMD for hitting my inbox with some random R&B freakytime tracks, many of which are classics (that Art of Noise track is the joint); thick-bottomed Pinky plays her position to a T (or is that to a "B") on this Mr. Pay Attention compilation...



01. R. Kelly - Seems Like Your Ready
02. Deesharp - Porno Star
03. Missy - Friendly Skies (feat. Ginuwine)
04. Chris Brown - Take You Down
05. Scola - Lets Get Personal
06. R. Kelly - Etcetera
07. Ciara - Explode
08. Art of Noise - Moments In Love
09. Usher - Trading Places
10. Ronald Isley - Blast Off (feat. R. Kelly)
11. R. Kelly - Tempo Slow
12. Pleasure P - Interlude
13. Pleasure P - Boyfriend #2
14. J. Holiday - Its Yours
15. Jagged Edge - Lil Umph (feat. Ashanti)

To be honest, I shouldn't even co-sign this, with that molester and Ike Turner-Lite on this, as well as Usher's suspect "Trading Places" joint on there, but I imagine some of you Patron-slurpers will get this on and poppin'. Get your mind grind right.

The Southwest Invasion Mixtape

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I leaked a track and the teaser to this earlier in the week, and now the DJ Dutchmaster mixed, Donny Goines hosted Southwest Invasion mixtape is here! That tracklist is serious, but when Coalmine Records & The Press Play Show collaborate, fire occurs!

[video] Mos Def "Words"

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Via Mo is Dead Serious.

Fes Taylor "Ocean Drive"

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Fes Taylor "Ocean Drive" (prod. by Falling Down): Here's the official single from Inspectah Deck Presents Fes Taylor: Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly), which drops on April 7th. Word is that Deck, Fes and Mickey Factz will be hitting the tour circuit soon, so be on the lookout for that.

[video] Biz Markie "It's Spring Again"

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Even though we had some random snow-shower this morning:

related Dave Raps "Liquor, White Hoes" (for you Spring Breakers, this should be your anthem!)

[video] Eric Benet "Chocolate Legs"

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Snoop Dogg ft. Tanvi Shah "Snoop Dogg Millionaire"

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Snoop Dogg ft. Tanvi Shah "Snoop Dogg Millionaire": Yes, Snoopy D-O-Double-G is definitely rhyming over Chase & Status' "Eastern Jam". And you guys straight SLEEP on THUGSTEP! Wait 'til I tell Nappy...

Via DJ Semtex.

[rock the dub Interview]: Dylan Dilinjah


Not sure if you guys are aware, but I was a reality TV junkie, especially the shows on MTV. Aside from shit like The Hills, I have to watch the first episode or 2 of each new one, and get hooked on a lot of them. I didn't fuck with O-Town AT ALL, but when I heard Diddy was doing Making The Band, I was hooked, and instantly consumed every episode of this show. One of the figures that was blown up was Dylan Dilinjah; many remember him from his various situations during the show, or the infamous Chappelle show bit, or even his brief back and forth with Diddy himself. In 2009, he's back like he never left; his Reborn mixtape (with EMG and Gallic Wars, who helped me secure this interview) was just released, and he has even more music to hit the massive with in 2009. We chopped it up about the past, his present and looked toward the future....

khal: Let’s get this out of the way first: The majority of the people who know of Dylan, was from your stint in Da Band, and from the Making The Band TV show. Do you still have people coming up to you on the street, asking about that time in your life?

Dylan Dilinjah: I remember the day that I signed my Bad Boy Records contract in Daddy's House (Puff's studio). He looked at us and said "from this day on you will ALWAYS be famous… now I ain't saying that you’re gonna be rich (lol), but you will ALWAYS be famous... what you do with it is up to you". He laughed when he said it and ‘nuff people took it as a joke, but I didn't. I knew he meant every word and I honor working with him ‘cause I learned so much. Some things I learned the hard way, but regardless I learned a lot and THAT was one of the biggest things. There is not a place that I go that I'm not recognized. It’s a good and a bad ting… I love the fact that if I go to the club that I wont have a problem at the door, butt sometimes if I'm with my son and just food shopping in Pathmark, I really don't wanna answer questions about my relationship with Diddy and how I feel about Chappelle, feel me? I'm not just a character in a show... I'm a real dude, with real situations, real blessings, real ups and downs like everyone else. Furthermore, my history did not start with Making The Band, and it did not end there. I was a DJ for years before that and did everything in the streets you can imagine. My life prior to the band was full of excitement from living in Grenada as a rasta youth to later on beating niggaz headz in BKLYN and being very gang affiliated....shyt....they could make a movie out of my life with just shyt from BEFORE MTV, so that is the part that bugs me out... but I cannot blame the people, because up until now, that is ALL they know. So yes, it's an everyday ting fi mii (lol). The people know who I am from here to Japan. They are simply just waiting for the music and the right machine to help with that push.

khal: Speaking of Chappelle, some people might also remember him spoofing you on his show. How did you feel about his portrayal of you on MTB?

Dylan Dilinjah: Well... I am Dylan... Dylan... Dylan... and I spit hott Fiyah!!! LMAO. It's funny, and I'm a fan of David Chappelle, so its great. He had the choice of picking anybody from the group to make fun of and he wanted to pick the people who stood out the most, so he chose myself, Puff and Mr. Bentley, so I'm honored. I don't think he has done jokes on people who were not successful, and I definitely wanna meet him one day and have him in my first video.

khal: I saw last week that Ness and Choppa City are going back and forth on each other. Do you still speak to any of your former bandmates? If so, any plans on working with them on some music?

Dylan Dilinjah: I seen it, too. God bless Da Band…that’s all. If I see them its love, but I don't really keep in touch. No love lost, no hard feelings, I just don't. If they wanted to reunite for a project one day in the future, I would say yes.

khal: Now, let’s get into Dylan today. I asked some heads on twitter what they’d like to know about you, and theefunklord wondered "Where does your inspiration to still create music comes from; What keeps you going?"

Dylan Dilinjah: Everyone has their own gift. People have to realize that melodies, harmonies and the gift of making music is a true gift from the Almighty. Now, when you have experiences that I have and seen (probabtion, jail, close ones dying, love, hate, sex, relationships, club stories, revolution, battles and more), and can TAKE THAT SAME GOD GIVEN GIFT to speak on it... NO ONE CAN STOP THAT. So it’s a natural inspiration to keep going; to be the voice of your hood, your people, the world and add on to the legacy of those who make great music. Furthermore, I have a 4 year old son that I raise by myself and a country that will be very proud, so of course… I keep going. It really has just started. My solo career has just begun (and biig up theefunklord).

khal: What’s your label situation like? Can we expect a full length album from you in the near future?

Dylan Dilinjah: Right now I am putting the final touches on my real full length solo debut album entitled No Regrets... It will be released on Uprising Records/RED/Sony so we are looking like a summer release. (It is amazing...truss)

khal: Dancehall tracks have a love/hate relationship with the radio, especially in the last couple of years – it seems as though the Sean Paul craze has died down, and the scene is a bit below the radar. What’s your take on the scene as it is currently, and who are you feeling?

Dylan Dilinjah: I'm a fan of the music and I was a selector fi years before becoming an artist... I seen the growth of the music and I think it’s good. I think that in dancehall, we have come a long way from "dancing and dubbin’" with your girlfriend, to nowadays "daggering and drillin’" the girl dem on the dancefloor... but its all in fun and entertainment. I love the scene and it’s only gonna get bigger. As far as ME now, I can do Dancehall music, but I consider myself an artist. There are no boundaries. My management considers me a Pop artist, and I love that; if there is a Roots riddim, then I can give you a reggae song, as well as Dancehall, and still be myself and keep it Dylan DilinJah.

khal: You just dropped the Deluxe Limited Edition of Reborn with Gallic Wars and EMG. How did this project come together? What would you say is the illest track on this release?

Dylan Dilinjah: Big up to Gallic Wars. I always heard about them, and they are always putting out mixtapes with artists that I love and respect, and they don't just put out anyting, only the ones they personally believe in, so this is just another case of "real recognize real". Thank you to GW. Also, EMG is my management company (Exposure Management Group) and, musically, I recorded all the songs at producer Eddie Loco's studio. It was arranged by Mazi-O and everything was written by me, except for the chorus of "Dancers Step Out", which was written by a good friend and artist named J-Lane. NOE from Byrdgang/Dip Set and Nicky Nealy did the intro & outro, and Tasha Rozez from Gunz N Rozez (the number 1 female champion sound) hosted it. It came together reeeal well and I take pride in my baby Reborn. My fav tracks... um... personally, damn... I love them ALL, but my favs are "Shake It all Around”, “The Letter”, “You Don’t Want War”, “The Freestyle”, “Enticing”… ( should I keep going? lol)

khal: I noticed that you perform live with a band, Triad. How long has this group been backing you? Will they be featured on any tracks you do in the future?

Dylan Dilinjah: Yes, for a lot of my live shows, I'm backed by a band, my band: The TRIAD Band. Sometimes the girls help out with background vocals like the bonus track "Baddest Girl", that's backed by Indigo from Triad. I really want them all to come on tour with me; there is nothing like live music to back an artist.

khal: What are some of your goals with your career?

Dylan Dilinjah: Goals; you mean aside from Platinum success, awards and at least one Grammy (which WILL all happen)? To be happy and inspire others to keep pushing, no matter how great the odds are against you.

khal: Would you be against doing another reality show in the future?

Dylan Dilinjah: LOL shhh... chill. Mii nah talk di tings dem.

khal: Will you be touring anytime soon?

Dylan Dilinjah: Of course; Ill keep you in tuned, also go to and follow the updates.

khal: What’s something about Dylan Dilinjah that many might not know,
but will find interesting?

Dylan Dilinjah: I love Dancehall soundclashes, I DJ on the side. I cook a meaaan steam fish. I travel to the West Indies and love the country side. My aim when bussin’ a gun is fierce (shooting range... I'm not encouraging violence). I read my Bible. I love my fam, love my son. And if there is a problem, I will not dis you in a song....I will see you in person - I love the old school approach to things. LOL all in all, just real. Mii cool, man. Not some wild CRAZY dude - I'm just a wild CRAZY dude (LMAO).

khal: Do you have any shout outs or final thoughts before we wrap this up?

Dylan Dilinjah: Yeeea... I wanna shout out YOU... and you... and you (LOL). Big up Gallic Wars, EMG, Kevin Connal, D. Original, all Kaya Crew, Greenz, All West Indians, 50s Crew, Flatbush, F.U.M.G., all BKLYN Crew, LI, Batcave, Mazi-O, G.M.B. and everyone who believes in me – Thank You!

RTD would like to shout out the good folks over at Gallic Wars for putting this together so quickly. Hopefully this is the first of many...

WYC Presents Secrets To Fame

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I love when people hit me with ill messages about trying to help people empower themselves. My homies at came at me with this e-mail earlier in the week...

Me and my business partner are down here in Miami doing some work and decided that we needed to step up to the plate and do something more meaningful. We decided to provide a free course teaching the hip hop community how to self develop, become successful and overall change their lives for the positive.

We are giving this course away 100% free with no strings attached – no email list or anything … we set a goal at 1 million downloads and are looking for other influencers to help us help the hip hop community and start changing lives

How ill is that!? Most cats on that "self-help" shit usually are looking for some duckets on the back-end, but offering up a whole course for free!? And it's for you Hip-Hop cats? Get in on this one...

Download the entire disc HERE; hit up for more information.

[video] Murs "Me & This Jawn"

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[video] DJ Vadim ft. Sabira Jade "Hidden Treasure"

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Bonus Beats DJ Vadim ft. Sabira Jade "Hidden Treasure"

The Notorious BIG Tribute No DJ Leaks

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Those dagblasted New Music Cartel niggas got the exclusive heads-up on some No DJ versions of cuts from The Notorious BIG Tribute mixtape from Cookin' Soul & DJ Drama. Love these.

My lawd. CS got that fire!

Dave Raps "Liquor, White Hoes"


Dave Raps "Liquor, White Hoes": I know a lot guys who only go to college parties to see drunk white girls, and hopefully get something poppin'. The comedy in the track, as well as the laidback feel, should make shit like this Spring Break anthems. Let's get this one moving!

Check out more Dave Raps ish via MySpace.

Props to stunnakicks for passing this to me!

Icadon ft. Redman & DJ Kay Slay "Wus Dat Sound"

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Icadon ft. Redman & DJ Kay Slay "Wus Dat Sound" (prod. by Rockwilder): First time I heard Icadon (back when he was Icarus) was with the Funk Doc, and its always good to hear them link back up for a banger or 2. Robot-ic drops on March 20th, AKA tomorrow!

related [video] Robot-ic EPK

[video] Behind The Scenes: GLC ft. Kanye West "Big Screen"

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Shouts to Andrew FSD for the heads up:

[video] The Il Experiment Updates 2

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Did you miss this? Why?

Raekwon "Want In Freestyle"

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Raekwon "Want In Freestyle": Chef goes IN over 50 Cent's "Get It In" instrumental. I need that mixtape! Big up to Alex for continuously lacing cats with the flyness.

[video] Jim Jones "Blow The Bank"

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Featuring Oshy & Starr:

Phil The Agony Think Green Cover+Tracklist

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Phil The Agony will be dropped this eco-friendly digital EP on April 22nd, followed by a physical release on May 5th. The usual suspects are featured, and the results should be sick!

01. Green Skit 1
02. Intro
03. What It Is feat. Blaq Toven
04. Nothing Can Stop Us feat. Planet Asia & Krondon
05. Hunters feat. Krondon & Talib Kweli
06. Thousand Dollar Omelettes feat. Planet Asia & Krondon
07. Green Skit 2
08. Think Green feat. Talib Kweli
09. Time feat. Planet Asia & Krondon
10. Stick Together feat. Blaq Toven
11. Green Skit 3
12. Black History feat. Planet Asia & Chace Infinite
13. Everyday feat. Big Twin & Jean Grae
14. Turkey Bacon feat. Chace Infinite
15. Think Green (Remix) feat. Mitchy Slick & Chace Infinite

Word from Tunji is that Phil's gonna plant one tree for every album sold? I'll buy two, then plant a tree, just because I love that idea!

[video] Consequence ft. Kid Cudi "Buggin' Out '09"

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This used to be my favorite song back in the day:

I bet Mr. Don't Tase Me Bro's eyes were looking like that when he got shocked.

D-Black ft. DJ Dutchmaster "If You Want It"

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D-Black ft. DJ Dutchmaster "If You Want It" (prod. by J Clyde): Here's a leak from The Southwest Invasion, DJ Dutchmaster's mixtape with The Press Play Show for this year's SXSW. This jammy is hosted by Donny Goines, and features cats like A. Pinks, Cory Gunz, Emilio Rojas, Donny Goines, U-N-I, Heltah Skeltah, D-Black, Termanology, Bekay, CL Smooth, Skyzoo, M-Phazes, Khrysis, Frequency, J Clyde, Shuko and a host of others. Check this fly shit out.

Bonus Beats The Southwest Invasion Teaser

[video] Robot-ic EPK

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[video] PreZZure Presents CanYaFeeliT???

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Bonus Beats PreZZure Presents CanYaFeeliT??? (Commercial)

PS PreZZure is definitely Offshore Drilling...

MIMS ft. DJ Class "Move (Remix)"

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MIMS ft. DJ Class "Move (Remix)": Shouts to Kasey at Digiwaxx for blasting this one; I definitely slept on the Digiwaxx blast, not realizing that DJ Class (of recent "I'm The Shit" fame) being on this one. That's right, this is that Bmore flavor that you need in your life right now. Turn the speakers up on this one!

Icadon "I Did It Myself"

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Icadon "I Did It Myself" (prod. by Rockwilder): After the 10 Days Of Fire is complete, two things should be evident... 1) Icadon is a dope MC and 2) that nigga got some JOINTS! Robot-ic drops March 20th on Amaglam.

Juan Epstein x Reflection Eternal

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We've seen video and heard clips, and now the next installment of the world famous Juan Epstein podcast is here, featuring a group that many-a backpacker and UGHH head has loved, Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek AKA Reflection Eternal. Not only do they chat and reminisce on their classics, but they also perform some of their cuts LIVE! YES!

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein x Reflection Eternal

Articulate "Get Loose"

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Articulate "Get Loose" (prod. by Richie Jacobs): Here's a cut taken from's The Interviews, Vol. 1 mixtape, which mixes up fresh music with interviews from Juelz Santana & Kim Osorio. Hit this post for more info on the tape.

Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis "The Spirit"

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Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis "The Spirit": Here's another cut from Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis; in Raydar's own words: "(this is) a song about having enough self pride to go out there and better yourself and in turn the people around you". Some uplifting words for a Wednesday morning, no?

Champs vs. The League drop March 24th. Shouts to Lucy B for this one!

previous Raydar Ellis & Quite Nyce ft. Project Move "Love Is"

[video] Yea Big & Kid Static "BOTS"

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[video] Reflection Eternal On Juan Epstein

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Ciph, Rosenberg - we need this episode already!

Apparently Matt Pinfield barged in on the podcast:

Once I see this out, I'll post it.

EDIT Looks like this is dropping today...

[video] Diamond D "Bad/Good"

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[video] CNN "Bang Bang"

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[video] Kidz In The Hall "I Got It Made (Reebok Classic '09)"

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[video] Ray J ft. Truth & Shorty Mack "Sexy Ladies"

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Freestyle Invasion (April 18th, 2009)


I'll definitely be in the house for this event. Freestyle is the love music of the ghetto, and one of wifey's favorite genres. We missed last year's event, but will definitely be there for this one! Definitely going to be backed - Trenton's Sovereign Bank Arena can hold the weight, but I imagine the tri-state is going to be THICK out there! More details on SBA's website.

[video] Jadakiss MTV Documentary Teaser

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Smoke DZA "The Wrestler"

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Smoke DZA "The Wrestler": Shouts to my boy EvyChase for hooking me up with this one. This isn't a track dedicated to the recent feature film; this is a track dedicated to those of us who fuck with Pro Wrestling. Just count the number of stars, past and present, that DZA references. It's comedy, but its also FIRE!

Evy also let me know that DZA got the wrestling trivia game on LOCK! He is taking on all challengers, including you, Rosenberg. Get at him on twitter with your best questions!

[video] The Kid Daytona "Fly Shit"

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Hit up Nah Right for some behind the scenes video.

Icadon ft. Rockwilder "Robot-ic"

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Icadon ft. Rockwilder "Robot-ic": Here's the title track from Icadon's LP, which drops on Amaglam on March 20th, AKA this Friday.

Did you miss that The New Deal mixtape? For shame...

Bonus Beats JP Network Presents Hip Hop's New with Icadon

Rob Kelly St. Patrick's Day Massacre

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Irish MC Rob Kelly has a new mixtape dropping, when else, on St. Patrick's Day. The DJ Mo-K-hosted St. Patrick's Day Massacre features MCs like Memphis Bleek and Reef The Lost Cauze (what a contrast), with beats from J57, Show N Prove and others. He even recreated House of Pain's "Jump Around"!



DJ MO-K Intro
Jump Around
Dropkicked Featuring Slaine
Cool It Featuring Selah
Bubblin Featuring Memphis Bleek
Grimey Freestyle
Mo-K Freestyle
Sweet 16
Rockstar featuring Frankie Krutches
Jealous on BBC1
Green Lantern Featuring Frankie Krutches
Shook Crews Runnin Featuring Reef The Lost Cauze
Big Bad N Heavy
Take It All
Garage Freestyle
Bizerkk On Radio 1

Drink a pint of that green stuff, smoke a pound of that green and blast this.

The Paxtons "Ain't I"

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The Paxtons "Ain't I": Here's a lil' teaser from The Paxtons while I await the receipt of their completed album. They're definitely shittin' on this beat.

Fabolous Loso's Way Preview

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If you weren't aware, Fabolous' Loso's Way album should be dropping soon. A few leaks hit the 'Net overnight, and I figured I'd throw this up... mainly so Tika could smile at her boytoy.

I'm guessing The-Dream & Tricky Stewart produced Tricky Stewart defintiely produced "Throw It In The Bag". Has that "Shawty Is A Ten" vibe to it, with the piano. And on what planet is ALC and Khalil doing beats together? I hear this is the intro... your thoughts?

Per Wikipedia, both of these cuts are confirmed, as well as the Marsha Ambrosius-assisted "Stay" and "I'm Feelin Ya Style", which is produced by Jazze Pha.

Props to Mr. X.

[video] Lil' Kim On Dancing With The Stars, Round 2

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[video] Brooke Hogan Works The Pole

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[video] CNN "Talk To Me (Big Tyme)"

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[video] Flo Rida "Magic"

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[video] St. Lunatics "St. Lunatics"

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Icadon The New Deal Mixtape

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Icadon's new mixtape, The New Deal, is available for you heads right now for free download. His 9th mixtape drops at a time where he's definitely rejoicing, as he's just inked a deal with Amaglam Entertainment; they will be putting out Robot-ic on March 20th. Johnny Pump!

Little Boots x Old Money

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Little Boots "Meddle (Old Money Edit)": From the remixes I've heard Old Money do, I imagine I'd get a long kind of well with them. This one flips Little Boots' "Meddle", adding dashes and seasonings here and there but nonetheless keeping the original in tact.

Sleep all day, I dare you.

Bonus Beats Little Boots "Meddle (Old Money Warp Mix)"

The Deal Dub, Episode 4

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It's almost not a Monday without a new episode of The Deal Dub; Deal's joined by the homey C.I.O.N. Burris, who is back from wherever he been had been. Loads of new DOOM played, including "Chinatown Wars", as well as shit like the version of "Lightworks" with Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip and Talib Kweli on it. I'm not the one who wants niggas to spit overtop of "Lightworks", but I prefer this to DOOM's version.

DOWNLOAD The Deal Dub, Episode 4 (mediafire)

All this DOOM is making me want to go back to my vaults...

Bonus Beats Villainous Volume Radio Volume 8 [via PIMB]

Fes Taylor Apollo 13

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Shouts to Alex for passing over this Apollo 13 pack, full of 10 free tracks from Fes Taylor. This is in preparation for Fes Taylor's Inspectah Deck Presents Fes Taylor: Flight 10304 (T2-Fly), which drops on April 7th.

Check out one of the tracks from this release: "Right Back @ U".

[video] Spree Wilson "Dreamworld" LIVE

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Bonus Beats Spree Wilson ft. Novel "Dreamworld"

[video] Bloc Party "Signs (Arman Van Helden Remix)"

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This is taken from Intimacy Remixed, which drops on May 11th. I'm gonna put the NSFW tag on this:

Metal Fingers "Coca Leaf"

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Metal Fingers "Coca Leaf": So when I finally grabbed the leak of DOOM's Born Like This, I noticed that the first beat in the intro was CRAZY familiar, but I could not place the name for the life of me, only that it was released on one of the Special Herbs instrumental compilations. Well, after a few hours of Google-hunting, I found it. The sample in here sounds straight out of Wayne Avenue Baptist, with DOOM flippin' the furious snares with his own crazy drums. If you've never been to a Black church, with a choir who is just going OFF during one part, you might not understand this right here. At Wayne Avenue, it was right before the pastor went into his sermon - our choir would zone out for like 10, 15 minutes, stuck on one movement near the end. That's heaven.

I could listen to this all day.

Epiphany "Crack A Bottle"

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Epiphany "Crack A Bottle": While this is over Eminem's "Crack A Bottle", we're talking about bottles full of Similac over here. Piph puts to beats the story of a guy who is dating a female with a seed. I been there, before, homey. This is what I like to call grown man business.

Bonus Beats Epiphany "Take 6000"

Chase & Status "Saxon"

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Chase & Status "Saxon": Posting this strictly for the fact that I'm guessing most heads who had been itching for this one were not aware that this fantastic dubstep journey was featured on the "Against All Odds" CD Maxi single. Also included are 3 remixes for "Against All Odds" (Xample DnB remix, Chase & Status dubstep remix and a Dave Spoon remix) along with the original version.

[video] 88 Keys ft. Kanye West "Stay Up! (Viagra)"

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Soulja Boy "Bump This In Ya Lambo"

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Soulja Boy "Bump This In Ya Lambo": I don't get half of what this nigga says. Is it because I'm knockin' on 30, or because he's definitely a remedial English student? He just threw this up on twitter, but it looks like its about a month or so old? Hey, I figured some of you needed a laugh on a Monday morning - where the hell did the weekend go!?

Icadon ft. Ncredible & Whuteva "What I Do"

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Icadon ft. Ncredible & Whuteva "What I Do": The 10 Days of Fire continues on. That Ro-bo-tic album is sounding like its going to be some fire. Looks like both Ncredible & Whuteva have LPs lined up for Johnny Pump Ent.

Did you guys know that Icadon has twitter in a chokehold? Follow him.

Dylan Dilinjah Reborn (Deluxe Limited Edition)

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This dude and his blow-ups are part of the reason I still watch Making The Band today, and now Gallic Wars & EMG have linked up to provide the deluxe, limited edition of his Reborn project, featuring a boatload of fresh music from the Dylan that you love to hate. Or hate to love. Whichever way it is, he's still doing the damn thing.

DOWNLOAD Dylan Dilinjah Reborn (Deluxe Limited Edition) (DatPiff \ zshare)

Jim Snooka AKA Dirty Dickens Who Killed Kenny? (FuseBox Radio Edition)

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Fusebox Radio & Never So Deep have put together a dope mixtape showcasing Never So Deep's new artist, Jim Snooka (gotta love those classic wrestling references). You might have heard Snooka's "Hostel", which has been catching spins all over, including in the UK, Japan, the Netherlands and elsewhere (its also featured on this mixtape). Check it out and get in tune to the new breed of quality Hip-Hop.