Saturday, March 07, 2009

[video] Lady Sovereign "So Human"

[video] Behind The Scenes: Fat Joe "Cupcakes"

Instead of Jealous One's Still Envy 2, shouldn't Joey Crack just named it Jealous One's Stay Envying?

[video] Pitbull "Calle Ocho"

[video] Angie Martinez Interviews CNN

[video] Westwood Interviews Flo Rida

Day26 Forever In A Day Cover

As per YK2 Daily, it looks like this is the official cover for Day26's sophmore album (which you can pre-order now). I'm not even a fan of their music, but I'm addicted to the show - I started watching the show from jump (really, ever since Diddy's been behind it), and its the one batch of remedial fuckery that I will endure, for entertainment purposes.

Here are a batch of leaks; unsure if these will be on the album, but these have been dropping over the last few weeks (months?):

That "Stadium Music" is the first joint we got to hear on the show. I could see that going down well. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for the forthcoming episode. Even if Que is sounding like a bitch. Brian too. And Robert. Mostly Robert.

Unreleased PreZZure

Here are some leftover tracks from PreZZure's PreZZident mixtape sessions:

Watch this space for more PreZZure... um... pressure.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Kutiman Thru You

Via The List.

Glenn Lewis, GFK & Novel "Don't You Forget It (RTD blend)"

Glenn Lewis, Ghostface Killah & Novel "Don't You Forget It (rock the dub blend)": When GFK's "Message From Ghostface" dropped the other day, I loved the message, but I was really moved that he flipped Glenn Lewis' "Don't You Forget It", which was my favorite record when it dropped. Reminds me of my old job at ETS; my mom even dug this joint. Got the idea earlier tonight to blend the two, and here's how it came out.

Emilio Rohas Recession Proof

Check out Emilio Rojas' first official mixtape, presented by DJ Legend and DJ Noodles. Artists featured on this project include Illmind, Khrysis, M-Phazes, Donny Goines, Stat Quo and others. Don't sleep! Shouts to Matt from Coalmine!

DOWNLOAD; shouts to OnSMASH.

Friday, March 6th 2009 playlist

This weekend is going to be sick... well, its going to be warm. Let these new (or new to you) joints be your soundtrack...




I'll leave you niggas with that ignorance today...

Gucci Mane "Stoopid"

Go get some sun in ya face. One.

[video] Behind The Scenes: Dub ft. SAS "You Ain't Us"

DOA Member Spotlight: Sol.ID

Truth be told, when I got wind that we were doing Member Spotlights over on DOA, I got at my niggas like "yo, let's do this, I got you". It took a bit of time to get this one up, from getting questions locked down from Sol.ID to getting time to have it posted in my always-moving DOA schedule, but it's here. Look at it as an extension of my previous interview with the god. He's in NY now, and getting his tunes signed to a host of labels. AND HE GAVE US A SICK MIX!



Mutt - Era's - Horizons
Random Movement - Can't Resist - Innerground Dub
Break - Shipment - Quarantine
Madcap - Consequences - Dub
Cern - Life's Curse - Hardware Dub
Mayhem - Shibuya - Shadow-Law Dub
Henree & Hiten - Naked City - CIA Deep Kut Dub
Cybass - Japonica - Vibez Dub
Hobzee & Zyon Base - One Thousand Paper Cranes - Samurai Dub
Naibu - Midori Sour - DSM
Survival & Chris Inperspective - The Right Way - Audio Tactics
June Miller - Poison The Well - Cylon Dub
Oak - Chizra - Kos.mos Dub
Proxima - Clear For Launch - Crunch
System - Near Miss - Digital Soundboy
Edward Oberon - Shadowland - Dub
Sabre & Icicle - Sentry - Hardware
Subtone & Sol.ID - Depth Perception - Dub
NC17 & Nusense - Just Heroes - Viper Dub
Fierce & Survival - Prism - Quarantine
Loxy & Cern - Jugganaught - Revolution
Escher - Austere - Future Thinkin Dub
Late - Dreams Are – Formant

Word up. Nigga fucked up the link; full DOA link coming very soon (i.e. when I get a chance to throw the updated mix on the DOA FTP). Fixed.

Raekwon "Staten (We Go Hard)"

Raekwon "Staten (We Go Hard)": The Chef makes Jay-Z's latest Brooklyn anthem his own on this one. Even has the hook resung. Rae is doing the damn thing right now, you can't even front!

Shouts to Alex for throwing this one my way!

Juan Epstein x Capone-N-Noreaga

Definitely been waiting for this one. Juan Epstein x Capone-N-Noreaga!? Nothing but Hip-Hop hilarity. They go IN on a host of stuff. You will not be disappointed.

Plus, Ciph says we should be getting hit with more Juan Ep goodness next week!? Say word!

EDIT Did Ciph & Rosenberg get the 5AM to 10AM morning show slot!? Check the title of this video...

Naeem Oba ft. Whygee "Get Mo"

Image Hosted by

Naeem Oba ft. Whygee "Get Mo" (prod. by KenLO) (mirror): Here's the promo single for N.O.'s The King And I EP, which is set to drop soon. This is the first audio from Naeem Oba and Whygee's crew, N.O. Why, and they have some heat to drop on you guys in the coming months. Shit's about to get grimey.

Image Hosted by

N.O. Why (Naeem Oba & Whygee) feat. DJ BrikAbrak Coming Soon!

S-Preme ft. Mr. Music "Super Futuristical"

S-Preme ft. Mr. Music "Super Futuristical" (prod. by Mr. Music): Here's an exclusive from Gowhere Hip Hop (shouts to J. Slikk for the heads up); the track sounds just like its title. Sometimes you need to go a bit leftfield, but still keep it Hip-Hop. This is future music for future niggas. Enjoy!

DJ Nice Presents AZAGE A Different World

Here's the new mixtape from the homey Azage, going in over a host of classic instrumentals from the '90s. You know DJ Nice don't fuck with no garbage, and Azage is one of the more promising cats in the game right now. Should be a dope tape to bump this weekend, with a case of that goodness in the fridge and an O of that goodness in the stash. Holla!

Chi-King "Order"

Chi-King "Order": Here's a leak from Chi-King's The Big Record, which is set to drop on April 1st. Chi's going on a 10-day tour with Killah Priest, Planet Asia and G-Dep in April, so keep a lookout for the god.

Shouts to Killer Bees, all day.

Pugs Atomz ft. Primeridian & Rashi Hadee "Hey Y'all (Ego Trippin' Mix)"

Pugs Atomz ft. Primeridian & Rashid Hadee "Hey Y'all (Ego Trippin' Mix)" (prod. by Mulatto Patriot): Here's an ill flip of that classic "Ego Trippin'" cut, taken from DJ Illa Noise's Revenge Of The Back Packs mixtape, which you can download for free right now.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

[video] P.O.S. "Optimist"

[video] Aceyalone ft. Bionik "The Way It Was"

[video] Chris Brown In Court

Ghostface Killah "Message From Ghostface"

Ghostface Killah "Message From Ghostface": Wow. That Glenn Lewis track was my shit when it dropped. Ghost takes the Rihanna saga and gives a special message to the ladies out there who are going through that same shit.

Props to OnSMASH.

EDIT Here's the final version, featuring Novel. Props again to OnSMASH.

Rapper Big Pooh, Kurupt & Sha Stimuli "Homage To Pete Rock"

Rapper Big Pooh, Kurupt & Sha Stimuli "Homage To Pete Rock" (prod. by Focus...): Focus...'s "Homage" series comes with the fire lune-up in dedication of The Soul Brother. I wonder who's next...

Hat-tip to Shake.

Novel "Makes You Happy"

Novel "Makes You Happy" (prod. by DJ Toomp): For some reason I always slept on Novel; I recently saw an article on him in Spin, and was glad when Sowmya hit me with this banger. I thought he was just an MC; I had no idea dude sang too. This is a fresh, grown-man track showcasing his ill vocals over a slick Toomp banger. His album, The Autobiography, is set to drop June 30th. Keep it locked!

Method Man & Redman "A Yo!"

Method Man & Redman "A Yo!": You know anything Red-related is getting instant burn. Question, though: who the FUCK is this fake Nate Dogg on the hook?!?!?

Shouts to Nah Right for this one.

TiRon Ketchup (mixed by DJ Low Key)

West Coast monster TiRon links up with Denver's DJ Low Key for this mixtape that's been getting loads of love on a host of your favorite blogs, for good reason. It features frequent collaboators Pacific Division, as well as current wunderkid Blu, and mixed by one of the game's finest. Sleep is the cousin of death, so stay away from your cousin's house.

Primeridian ft. Imani "Good Mornin' High Noon"

Primeridian ft. Imani "Good Mornin' High Noon" (prod. by Dirty Dunnz): Here's a fresh slice of old school appeal from the forthcoming mixtape from Primeridian and Dirty Dunnz. Pugs Atomz & Primeridian are featured on a track that's dropping on Offshore Drilling, whenever that comes out. Shit's the shit, too. Fuck what you heard.

Gallic Wars Presents Death Before Dishonor

Here's the latest fire mixtape from Gallic Wars; this is hosted by Sha Money XL and Riz, and features a GANG of cuts from Riz, as well as pictures from model Tracey Obanna. What more could you ask for?

Don't answer that...

Epiphany ft. Sincere "Fake Niggaz"

Epiphany ft. Sincere "Fake Niggaz": Here's a track that needs to be memorized by a lot of you cats out there. Lots of faking going on nowadays. Piph is a hungry cat who's hit me off with a few joints over the last week. I say you keep an eye peeled for his work...

[video] Bisc1 "Strange Love"

[video] Show Your Stanky Contest

Show the GS Boyz your version of the crazy "Stanky Legg" dance. The HOTTEST 5 dancers will win a brand-new Flip cam (

Enter using the Video Response feature on this video or the official "Stanky Legg" video

Check out stankyvision for more info. Shouts to Sowmya K for the heads up.

E.A.R.T.H. Crew "Sexin' After Textin'"

E.A.R.T.H. Crew ft. TIE "Sexin' After Textin'": Here's an aural representation of how drunk guys feel after talkin' that dirty sex talk with a fly honey on the cell. This is taken from E.A.R.T.H.'s Grass Roots: From The Ground Up album, which was recently released for free! Sounds like a nice grown-up romp for the digital age.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

[video] Rick Ross ft. John Legend "Magnificent"

[video] M-Dot ft. Krumb Snatcha "Gotta Be"

You guys should be up on this; I posted the behind the scenes, as well as the MP3 of "Gotta Be" over the last week or so; this track has been getting burn on Boston radio, as well as on MySpace and on various blogs. Shit's dope, I highly recommend peepin' this, then hitting up M-Dot's MySpace page for more info:

[video] Jazmine Sullivan "Dream Big"

[video] Katy Perry "Thinking Of You"

[video] Charlie Wilson "There Goes My Baby"

Ferris Bueller "Bragger Rap"

Ferris Bueller "Bragger Rap": How a nigga who's real name is Cameron calls himself Ferris Bueller is beyond me. Anyways, this is dude who produced Beyonce's "Upgrade U"; he represents Houston, TX, and this is from him Mind Of A Genius mixtape. I'm fucking with this right now - beat has that bounce, and the right amount of quirky cut-up in the background, and he definitely rides this right. Watch out for dude.

Slaughterhouse "Fight Club"

Slaughterhouse "Fight Club" (prod. by Frequency): Here's that new four-headed monster posse cut BANGER. This cut features Crooked I speaking on the recent shooting incident, but really, fuck all of that. Listen to how these niggas dip in and out of each others rhymes. Christ. Nickel Nine don't like playing it casual - all business with that nigga.

What's deep is I'm scared to see what a Slaughterhouse album would sound like. I'd love for it to be just straight spittin', maybe some themes but just real fire on the mic. I have a feeling its gonna be on some other shit, ala Padded Room, but that's for another post entirely...

Shouts to OnSMASH.

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 44

Bonus Beats Amanda Diva Spandex, Rhymes & Soul EP [via 2DBz]

[video] Lil' Wayne "Prom Queen"

Bonus Beats Lil' Wayne Interview On Jimmy Kimmel

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

[video] Musiq "Sobeautiful"

Soulja Boy "This Is What You Become"

Soulja Boy "This Is What You Become" (prod. by Cookin' Soul): On this track, and the majority of the shit he's done, Soulja Boy sounds like Juvenile at age 14, right after skin poppin'. This nigga said "when I look in the mirror, swag in the mirror/cash in the mirror, glass in the mirror". Can we get this nigga back in school, help him formulate some complete thoughts?

C-C-C-C-Cookin' Soul!

The Rapture "Homecoming"

The Rapture "Homecoming": Representing both NJ and Texas, The (mutha fuckin') Rapture is a nigga I just met. And he's dope. This nigga said "ask me who the best MC is, i pull a mirror out of my pocket, point a finger at it and say 'HE IS'"; what?!? This cut, and the others I'm posting, are from his album, The Point. I should be getting some more of his fire to post soon, including shit from The Co-Op (aka The Rapture and his wife). Say word.

Bonus Beats "Carry On" & "Wide Open"

Nu Jerzey Devil Art Of The Devil

I know a lot of you have been feelin' Nu Jerzey Devil's latest leaks ("Rapper Slash Rocker", etc.), and here's the Livelihood/SoBe Entertainment mixtape, Art Of The Devil.



1. Intro
2. Official Bloodline f/ Jay Rock
3. Rapper Slash Rocker f/ Ya Boy
4. Shyne Like Me (freestyle)
5. Different Girls f/ Lil Wayne - prod by Nu Jerzey Devil
6. Drink By The Pint f/ Josh Franks
7. Rep Where You Stay
8. Put My Flag On (freestyle)
9. Somebody's Gonna Die 2nite f/ Viper - prod by Oddz&Endz
10. Do You
11. Hate f/ Young Buck
12. Meet The Devil (freestyle)
13. Jerzey: We Go Hard
14. How I Does - prod By MegaMillz
15. Jerz Is Nice (freestyle)
16. That's Me f/ Urban Mystic - prod by Scott Storch
17. So Wet f/ Ray J
18. Colorful Clothes f/ Lil Wayne, Baby, Maino, Trae, K.Dot
19. In My City f/ Stack$

Marinate on that. Shouts to Tygereye.

[video] The 54 Reality Show (3/02)

Jango x YOU!

And by YOU I mean you emerging artists out there, burning to get your music heard. is the leading "social radio network" (think MySpace x Pandora) on the 'Net, and they've cooked up a new service called Jango Airplay, which is "an online radio promo service for emerging artists that guarantees plays next to established artists of their choosing". Essentially, you (the artist) would upload your song and a photo, and select 10 artists whose fanbase you think relates to your music. What Jango does is then give those songs placement alongside the artist they selected when users of Jango rock out to the stations they've created. Once this happens, fans can then rate your music, and you know what that means - they start to Google you, follow your music, overall become real fans of your ish. It's cool because this blog shit can be niche-oriented, but with Jango, you get spins (and love) from fans who probably don't even touch blogs - which opens up crazy doors for you and your craft!

Here's a few examples of artists who are getting burn on Jango:

So there you have it. I've even attached a widget to this post, so interested parties can get involved.

Jango Airplay

[video] YN x BoBO

[video] Big Quarters 2nd LP Teaser

The sophmore LP from Big Quaters (From the Home of Brown Babies & White Mothers) is set to drop May 7th:

Here's the tracklist:

1. Newborn (prod. Medium Zach)
2. Barter System (prod. Medium Zach)
3. Protection (prod. Medium Zach)
4. All Day Long (prod. Medium Zach)
5. Ladies Know (prod. Mux Mool)
6. Blessed (prod. Medium Zach)
7. Prom Mrs. ft. Mankwe Ndosi (prod. Medium Zach)
8. One on the Lip ft. P.O.S & Alissa Paris (prod. Medium Zach)
9. Firebird (prod. Mux Mool & Medium Zach)
10. Wipe the Dust ft. Crescent Moon (prod. Brandon Allday)
11. Good Look (prod. Medium Zach)
12. Can't Wont (prod. Medium Zach)
13. Free Shipping (prod. Medium Zach)

Should be a treat for those who know the score.

[video] Jimmy Fallon's First Monologue

This is pretty big for Hip-Hop:

"Slow-jamming The News" FTW!

[video] Christina Milian's New Look

Christina Milian x blonde hair = FAIL:

[video] Jesse McCartney ft. Ludacris "How Do You Sleep"

Thank You, Jay Dee (Act 4)

I seriously thought Vol. 3 was the final volume! J Rocc comes for ANOTHER 45 minutes of Dilla goodness for the Stones Throw Podcast. And for that, I am thankful.

DOWNLOAD (mirror) \ iTUNES \ RSS

A-Trak Infinity +1 Minimix

A-Trak's Infinity+1 mixtape is dropping on Thrive in the near future; he's hooked up this 8-minute teaser to whet your appetites for its release.


Here's the tracklist for Infinity+1:

1. Intro / John Dahlbäck “Sidewalk”
2. KIM “Party Machini”
3. Laurent Wolf “The Crow”
4. Farley Jackmaster Funk “Love Can’t Turn Around” (Lifelike Remix)
5. MSTRKRFT feat. N.O.R.E. “Bounce” (A-Trak Remix)
6. Donnis “Party Works”
7. Kid Sister “Life On TV”
8. Sébastien Tellier “Kilometer” (A-Trak Remix)
9. The Golden Filter “Solid Gold”
10. Bag Raiders “Nil By Mouth” (Knightlife Remix)
11. Holy Ghost! “Hold On”
12. DJ Mehdi “Pocket Piano” (Joakim Remix)
13. Midnight Juggernauts “Shadows”
14. Gonzales “Working Together” (Boys Noize Dub Mix)
15. Soundstream “Freakin”
16. Little Boots “Stuck On Repeat” (Fake Blood Remix)
17. Housemeister “What You Want” (Siriusmo Remix)
18. A-Trak “Say Whoa” (DJ Spinna Remix)
19. Dam Funk “Galactic Fun”
20. Alexander Robotnick “Problèmes d’Amour”
21. James Yuill “This Sweet Love” (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)

Keep it locked to the Infinity+1 Tumblr page, as well as A-Trak's Twitter account for more details.

Songs Of The Colorado Rap Report

Check out this free, 22-track compilation from The Colorado Rap Report.



1. 1865 "I Am Gangster...I Am Money" (The Sodium Girl EP (2008)
2. 1865 "Men From Space" (TCRR Exclusive)
3. 1865 "Animal World" (Dark Meat Damage (Coming Soon)
4. 3 The Hardway ft. Defari "Mainstage" (Set In Stone (Feb. 28th, 2009)
5. Whygee ft. Charley Brand and Ms. Jones "A Colorado Life" (TCRR Exclusive)
6. Whygee & Sunken State ft. DJ BMoney "Good and Bad" (The Suicide Watch EP (2008)
7. Whygee & Sunken State ft. DJ BMoney "Adam and Eve" (The Suicide Watch EP (2008)
8. The Pirate Signal "Hood Hop" (Of Gods and Gangsters Vol.1 (2008)
9. The Pirate Signal ft. Sence One "Bang!" (Of Gods and Gangsters Vol.1 (2008)
10. Maneline ft O.N.E. "Good & Bad" (& Sew Its Seams (2008)
11. Maneline ft. 9th. Ave Choir "Ain't Real Ain't Right" (& Sew Its Seams) (2008)
12. Kid Hum "Prayer" (Fossil Fuel (2008)
13. Iman S. "Dada Day" (TCRR Exclusive)
14. The Illacide "Work Hard" (TCRR Exclusive)
15. Ichiban "Day In The Life" (Psycle Analysis (2008)
16. Emily McLean "Man on Fire" (Untitled LP (Coming soon)
17. Distrakt "Stereotypes" (Distraktions (2006)
18. Dent ft. Sol Powa and D.O. "Just Ride" (Confi-Dent (2008)
19. Deca "Aquarium" (The Hedonist (2007)
20. Colorado Casuals "Its Denver" (TCRR Exclusive)
21. Bad Clients "Say Sumpthin" (Check The Resume (Coming Soon)
22. Audible Audities ft. Luckyiam "Headnodic" (Last Call Poets (2007)

Learn about that CO fire. Shouts to TCRR for this one!

[video] Hezekiah "In The Wind"

[video] Riz "Shotty On Me"

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Deal Dub, Episode 2

Here's the latest episode of The Deal Dub, hosted by Deal - The Villain on the solo tip. Crack a cold one, or get a piping hot cup of whatever, kick back, and let Deal inside for 56 minutes or so. Loads of ill shit played, but you should already know THAT!

PIMB has Villainous Volume Radio Vol. 6 up as well. Don't sleep!

previous The Deal Dub, Episode 1

related SuperJail "?"

Capone-N-Noreaga "Grand Royal"

Capone-N-Noreaga "Grand Royal" (prod. by DJ Premier): See, tracks like this, when you see those names on one track at the same time? You already know what to expect. Screwface subway hoodie rap. And that's what it is.

It's nothing for CNN to come back with what NY shit.

Via Nah Right.

Tiara Wiles This Is Tiara

Today's the day for the Soul Rebel NYC x Flawless Hustle release of Tiara Wiles' This Is Tiara mixtape, featuring the slick vocal stylings of Miss Wiles. Check out what many are feeling is part of the next phase of that good R&B. Holla.

Props to Hav for putting this together.

Buggs Tha Rocka ft. Little Brother "Get Away"

Buggs Tha Rocka ft. Little Brother "Get Away": I definitely want to get away with wifey. Right now. Buggs is from Cincinatti, and has a few things in the pipeline right now: the HIP HOP SUPA HERO mixtape, as well as his The Chronicles of a Rockaboy album. Dude has been getting radio spins from Wiz 101.1 to London, so get a taste of a nigga that heads are saying might be one of the next...

[video] Cymarshall Law Visits VIMBY's Backyard

SuperJail "?"

SuperJail "?": I keep telling you niggas that NJ is in here. Atop an instant-classic of a gutter rumble, Daniel Joseph, Myk Dyaleks & Deal - The Villain go IN. Period. How niggas just know that oddball shit like this is RIGHT up my alley is either a testament to the shit I lay down on this blog, or just some gloriously arbitrary cosmic funk. I swear.

NJ got the heat for this late-winer, bitches. Grab your skullies.

related World Class Wrecking Crew "March Madness"

Tonedeff "Pervert (NumberNin6 Remix)"

Tonedeff "Pervert (NumberNin6 Remix)" (mirror): I love unexpected Dubstep-leaning remixes of quirky tracks. Apparently NumberNin6 came out of nowhere with this one, and QN5 put their stamp of approval on it. And now dude should be collaborating with the clique in the future. Power of the 'Net, no?

Kidz In The Hall The In Crowd: Deluxe Edition Cover+Tracklist

The digital-release only, deluxe edition of The In Crowd drops tomorrow (March 3rd), and is packed with free videos, new tracks (the Jay Electronica-assisted "Cool, Relax" and a house remix of "Love Hangover") (and instrumentals), and is only going to cost $9.99!


1) The Blackout featuring DJ GI Joe
2) Paper Trail featuring Phonte of Little Brother
3) Drivin Down The Block featuring Masta Ace
4) Lucifer's Joy Ride featuring Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes
5) Snob Hop featuring Camp Lo
6) Mr. Alladatsh*t featuring Donnis & Chip The Ripper
7) Love Hangover featuring Estelle
8) Let Your Hair Down featuring Skyzoo & Lil Eddie
9) Middle of The Map Pt 1 featuring Fooch
10) Middle of The Map Pt 2 featuring Black Milk & Guilty Simpson
11) The In Crowd featuring Tim William
12) The Pledge featuring Buckshot & Sean Price
13) Inner Me
14) Drivin Down The Block Remix featuring Pusha T of The Clipse, Bun B & The Cool Kids
15) God Bless
16) Cool, Relax featuring Jay Electronica
17) Love Hangover House Remix featuring Estelle
18) Drivin Down The Block Instrumental
19) Love Hangover Instrumental
20) Drivin Down The Block Video (Album Only)
21) Love Hangover featuring Estelle Video (Album Only)

Word is, in their recent linking up with Reebok to create "The Classic Remix Collection",KITH will be re-making Special Ed's "I Got It Made"! You can only get it if you cop the sneakers on March 10th, though.

[video] Pitbull "Defend Dade"

Willy Northpole ft. B.o.B. "Hood Dreamer"

Willy Northpole ft. B.o.B. "Hood Dreamer" [clean \ instr.]: Were you looking for some anthemic-sounding DTP-affiliated rap music? Here you go. $20 says most of you peepin' this are doing so because of B.o.B.; I don't blame you.

Shouts to BoBO.

World Class Wrecking Crew "March Madness"

World Class Wrecking Crew "March Madness": HAH! For March's WCWC leak, the five nigga ferociousness completely bodies "Wu Ooh". NJ's in the building.

Via 2DBz.

Coast 2 Coast Exclusive Series Vol. 4

Coast 2 Coast's March Mixtape Madness soldiers on, this time with a mixtape full of exclusives from the Blacksmith camp, hosted by Talib Kweli. Do you even need me to tell you not to sleep!?

RUKUS ft. Naira & Soulbrotha "Diva (Remix)"

RUKUS ft. Naira & Soulbrotha "Diva (Remix)": Uh oh! Two of my favorite Nigerians help introduce the world to Naira, who blows the back out of this heatrock of an instrumental.

And I'm definiely still trying to figure out when a diva became the "female version of a hustler". That shit makes no kind of sense in life.

Lil' Buddy ft. Muja Messiah & Slug "Show Biz (Remix)"

Lil' Buddy ft. Muja Messiah & Slug "Show Biz (Remix)" (prod. by Mac Ness): I hit you guys previously with "Get It Right", which featured this exact same line-up; check out this smoother, laid-back throwback sound, perfect for maxing on this snowy day.

Props as always to jon jon for the hookup.

Excess Bangers 15: State Of The Union

I need to hit my homey SBK with this one; he's been flippin' his shit over that "I Used To Get It In Ohio"; this edition comes so correct...



01.Cam’ron - Cookies and Applejuice
02.Busta Rhymes - Anthrax
03.Kanye West feat. T-Pain - Flight School
04.Chamillionaire ft. The Game & Ludacris - Creepin Solo
05.Cam’Ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio
06.Big Kuntry King - Geeked Up (Prod. By Nard & B)
07.The Dream ft. Kanye West - Walking On The Moon
08.Grafh - Hard Living (Produced by Cool & Dre)
09.Marsha Ambrosius ft. The Game - Murdah
10.Big Kuntry King - Beem Beem Beem (Prod. By Nard & B)
11.Nina Sky - On Some Bullshit (Prod. by Salaam Remi)
12.Raje Ft Lil Wayne - So Fly
13.MainO Feat. Busy Signal - Nah Go To Jail Again
14.Bone Thugs N Harmony - The Game Aint Ready
15.Uncle Murda - Load Up Music
16.Reks - Play My Music (Produced by Statik Selektah)
17.Knaan ft Mos Def, Chali - America
18.Five - Stay In Your Lane (Saigon Diss)

Highbrid Nation done done it again!