Saturday, July 24, 2010

[video] Three 6 Mafia "Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth"

Featuring Waka Flocka & Project Pat:

[video] The Union "The Life"

The Union x Lyle Horowitz x The Metamorphosis x Purple Rain =

KRS-One: The Gospel Of Hip Hop Event (7/28/2010)

Here's a DOPE event going down at Amoeba Music Hollywood, featuring KRS-One, who is currently promoting his book, The Gospel Of Hip Hip:

Amoeba Music Hollywood Welcomes
KRS ONE - In Conversation And Book Signing
KRS ONE: The Gospel of Hip Hop
At Amoeba Music Hollywood
Wednesday, July 28th at 6pm

Standing room only! Amoeba is honored to host a private lecture/Q&A and book event with the legendary KRS ONE, a.k.a. “The Teacha”. This special event will take place in Amoeba’s Jazz room where a smaller group of fans will be able to hear KRS ONE read selections from his new book and answer questions.

Due to the intimate nature of this event and space constraints, Amoeba will sell advance Gospel of Hip Hop packages. Includes a copy of the book on event date, guaranteed space in signing line to meet KRS ONE, and a ticket to hear KRS speak and answer questions in Amoeba’s Jazz Room.

Package price is $25 and they are available at Amoeba Hollywood now, while they last! All tickets/book orders are final sales.

Amoeba is even selling signed copies of the book HERE for those who can't make this extraordinary event!

The Death Set Cover Daedelus

Dope punk rock cover/remix of Daedelus' "Fair Weathered Friends", which plays the soundtrack to a twisted animation video:

The Death Set is brought to you by Counter / Ninja Tune. Be on the lookout for their album, Michel Poiccard, which was mixed and executively produced by XXXChange. Features/collaborations found on the LP include Diplo and Spankrock. They plan on dropping a mixtape in October, singles in November and the full release in January 2011.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Mad Bloggers Show, EP15

Back from hiatus, The Mad Bloggers come correct with a new intro, a new logo and a slew of new beats, featuring cats like Trek Life, Black Milk, STS and more.

Diplo ft. Lil' Jon "U Don't Like Me"

Diplo ft. Lil' Jon "U Don't Like Me": How I let this slip by me is ludicrous. Diplo comes with a nasty bass riddim on this one, and Lil' Jon is, well, Lil' Jon, which is always a great thing when his fury matches the dancehall pandemonium of the track. Thugstep indeed. And if this doesn't get you hype, you might wanna check the remix Heroes & Villains did; Dj Megan Foxxx dropped this at HEAVY, check it out!

[video] No Surrender "Godda Get It"

[video] Kid Sister "Big N Bad"

Via FSD.

The 54 Reality Show (7/21/2010)

Tanya Morgan "On Our Way" LIVE At SOBs

Via Von.

[video] Reef The Lost Cauze "Trigger Talk"

Featuring Bloodsport:

[video] Fresh Daily "Thanx"

previous Fresh Daily "Thanx"

RTD Playlist (Week of 7/23/2010)

I don't think I've properly woken up as of yet...


RTD_PLAYLIST_(07162010-07222010).ZIP (~781MB)


Check out the homey STS getting a tat and giving HoneyTV an interview:

And with that, I say enjoy your weekend. Be easy.

Neako The Rubix Cube: Yellow Edition

After a grip of leaks (in both audio and visual form), NJ's own Neako comes correct with The Rubix Cube: Yellow Edition, his latest mixtape opus, brought to you by the good folks at DJ Booth. This nigga produced all but 2 tracks on here, and pretty much does it on his own, aside from featured MCs like Curren$y, Millie Square and more. Hit the jump for download links and the full tracklist.

Octopus Jones "A Dream"

Octopus Jones "A Dream": The last time I brought you some Octopus Jones music, it was more on an Electro tip. The new instrumental opus, Angler Fishing, is an extended metaphor on love. I dig the vibe in this track here - has a dope throwback '70s Jazz jam feel to it. Something to start a revolution with.

<a href="">A Dream by Octopus Jones</a>

Armond "Chevy Impala Music"

Armond "Chevy Impala Music": Not only did Armond break his writer's block utilizing the "Maybach Music III" instrumental, but they threw in a bit from the modern-day classic, "Short Bus Shorty", in the beginning. Armond, you did the damn thing... but what about coming up off these instrumentals!!?!?

<a href="">Chevy Impala Music (Maybach Music 3 Freestyle) by Armond</a>

[video] Gemstar "All Around The World"

DJ Daddy's Money - Gamma Ray Gurl

Some Friday morning thugsteppery funk for you. Gucci Mane's "Freaky Gurl" was the first track of his that made me take notice - for good or ill. For his latest blend, DJ Daddy's Money throws Gucci's freak bitch 101 speak atop Downlink's "Gamma Ray". Proper fit, Nappy would approve!

previous DJ Daddy's Money - Jahova's Rubber Band

Mary Anne Hobbs Is Leaving Radio 1

One of BBC Radio 1's finest selectors Mary Anne Hobbs has taken to her MySpace to announce her resignation. Doesn't seem to be any ill will - looks like she has some new opportunities and wants to leave while she's on top. She's one who helped push dubstep (and many other sounds) the mainstream - remember the Dubstep Warz broadcast!? Hit the jump for her full statement.

[video] Rah Digga "This Ain't No Lil' Kid Rap"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

DJ Hero 2 Gameplay: DJ Qbert

DJ Hero 2 is due out in October.

Che Grand "The Mood (Jungle Music)"

Che Grand "The Mood (Jungle Music)": No idea when Uche is going to be dropping the Fixtape 2, but dude is coming with some heat, as is evident in this new leak. You can hear where he's going - nigga taking it THERE! Walk with him...

MP3 via Meka.

Big Shug "Spit Six"

Big Shug "Spit Six" (prod. by DJ Premier) [clean | dirty]: Reppin' Murdapan, Shug breaks down a shitload of sixes over a classic Preem banger. Loads of strings throughout. Special project coming involving Shug... gonna keep that on the low, though. Be on the lookout for I Am Forever as well.

duce "PIMPlee"

duce "PIMPlee": In a scene where niggas leak a track to promote something, it's good to hear an MC just dropping shit to drop it. Especially when it's a laidback flex built around a cat not having acne. Something in the water down in VA - niggas be different and ill, in many different flavors and hues.

Shouts to Ant THHE; MP3 via

Diamond D LIVE At The Shrine (1/27/2010)

Here's a SICK mix from Diamond D, cutting up classic breaks using nothing but 45's:

Shouts to 33jones.

OTO & Catch Wreck "Waitin'"

OTO & Catch Wreck "Waitin'" (prod. by Igor Buckets): Lovin' this beat right here - it's hard but rocks a fun sample as well. Not sure if Catch & O have a project lined up, but a video is definitely on the way. I imagine if it's gonna be a bunch of C.O.'s singing and dancing with a jiggin' ass nigga on his way to death row. Via RapperSlashBlogger.

[trailer] DJ Jean Maron & M-Dot Run MPC

Bonus Beats DJ Jean Maron & M-Dot ft. Masta Ace "You Don't Know About It"


The ILLZ "ILLYTAL" (prod. by ILL Tal): "Being how we life, a mufuckin' trife life" is what a lot of you might shout when this drops, and that makes sense, but instead of outlining the wild shit many see in the streets, the two ILLs from Jersey bring some fly shit in the form of fluid lyrics and boom-bap. This precursor to the In Between Video Series has a video that's currently being made - be on the lookout for that one. Jersey is active!

<a href="">ILLYTAL (Produced by ILL Tal) by The ILLZ</a>

Theo Martins On KarmaloopTV

[video] DaVinci "Concrete Jungle Juice"

[trailer] Night Creatures

I spoke on Lyle Horowitz' Night Creatures recently, and got sent a teaser for the project earlier:

Word is the lead single, which features Elucid, is set to drop next week. Night Creatures, which Lyle co-produced with MidPoint, is due out on August 30th.

J Wheels ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Nose Candy"

J Wheels ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Nose Candy": Told you guys Legs wasn't chillin' - he killin'. The homey J Wheels is known for that "Mighty Floe Young" jawn - as a matter of fact, Wheels and Edgar Allen Floe have Floetry In Motion on the way this Fall, but to prelude to that, check out Let The Tracks Go, which features Nottz, Royce Da 5'9, Jean Grae, Edgar, Legs, 7even and many more. This track finds Leg expanding on the musical dope that he continues to feed to the people. Love the blues-y feel in this one, nice vibe on it. The rest of the project is dope; an ill showcase of what a dope producer can do.

The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit, Vol. 2

We already got Vol. 1, so why not continue with Ill Legit's 200+ track, multi-mixtape opus, The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit. Cats like One, J Liveharder, Pugs Atomz and more stop by on this edition. Love seeing an artist fully let loose of their back catalog in a fashion like this.

DOWNLOAD The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit, Vol. 2
<a href="">Bang For Ya Buck by Ill Legit</a>

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 7/21/2010)

[video] Ski Beatz ft. Mos Def "Cream Of The Planet"

[video] Christina Aguilera "You Lost Me"

[video] Aleon Craft "Strange"


Trek Life & Oddisee West Coast Beats

Nice teaser of tracks over here. Some are exclusive Trek Life album cuts, others are new beats from Oddisee backed up with some world premieres. If you fuck with either of these cats, you're going to ride out to this tape for the remainder of the summer, trust we.

DOWNLOAD Trek Life & Oddisee West Coast Beats
<a href="">Still Never Rains [Instr Snpt] by oddisee</a>

Joe Budden On The Star & Bucwild Show

Bonus Beats Joe Budden ft. Emanny "Short Summer" (prod. by Beewirks) [via Nah Right]

[video] T.I. ft. Keri Hilson "Got Your Back"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[trailer] Hollywood Floss "Here I Am..."

[video] Llamabeats & Parable "Gun In My Hand"

Good*Fella Media x Emilio Sparks: Tanya Morgan Interview

@VonPea and @Donwill speak on how @TanyaMorgan met up.

Genrokka "When I See U"

Genrokka "When I See U": Gen flips a current favorite to reminisce on all of the niggas passed away/not on the street. It's almost like he's writing a letter to them on wax. Light a candle and let that shit dissipate into the air, they see you right now. This is off of James Bernard. Enjoy that.

Scripts N Screwz Speak

Scripts Talks Director's Cut

Screwz Talks Satellites

Nucci Reyo On Goodfellas Radio

STS "Oniomania"

STS "Oniomania": On this cut from STS' Sole Music EP, he breaks down the disease that you weekend shopping spree ass niggas suffer from. "Women be shoppiiiiing!", you feel me? Nice mellow track, and STS shows his range on this one - love tracks that showcase our people, our struggle and put some humor in it. Reminds me of Kanye.

Nina Sky "The Other Side"

Nina Sky "The Other Side" (prod. by DJ Yummy): Nice hybrid sound on this, the title track to Nina Sky's forthcoming EP, which is set to drop on August 3rd. Blends the Club/Electro feel perfectly with their vocals. Dips and flows nicely throughout.

previous NiNa Sky: The OtherSide (Episode 2)

Walmart Soundcheck: Big Boi

Check out Big Boi's Soundcheck performance; there's a free download in it for you! And follow Soundcheck on twitter for updates and other related funnery.

[video] Joell Ortiz "We Don't Believe You"

Featuring Joe Budden & Novel:

[video] B.Dot On The Star & Bucwild Show

Via Rap Radar.

[video] Zane One "Zane One (L.A. Woman)"

Zane's L.A. Woman is available on iTunes right now.

Introducing Alyson Barnhart

I'm no Randy Jackson, but homegirl can blow, dawg. Straight out of Nova Scotia, Alyson Barnhart is featured on Quake & Kayo's The Search, which we started previewing the other day. Shouts to Ritchcraft.

Malkovich "WTF"

Malkovich "WTF" (prod. by Dibia$e): Dibia$e has been getting a lot of love as of late, and this is just as crazy. How you make video game melodies go all off-kilter w/ the pitch is amazing, and Mal blasts a hole right through this one. This is the 6th cut from Mal's AYATOLLAH PRESLEY mixtape, so I might need to double back and re-examine what he's been beasting.

<a href="">WTF by Malkovich Music</a>

Killa Kyleon & Chyco "Miss Me Freestyle"

Killa Kyleon & Chyco "Miss Me Freestyle": Damn, niggas beating the shit out of Drake beats for no reason. With this and the other heat recently leaked, I'm hoping Ky has a new mixtape or project on the horizon. This is crazy!

Bonus Beats Killa Kyleon "Light It Up"

Mark Milly ft. Tragedy "Smile In Ya Face"

Mark Milly ft. Tragedy "Smile In Ya Face" (prod. by Probz): Ill beat here - NJ's own Probz flipped the chorus from "Backstabbers" for this ode to fake fucks from Milly's Now And Later EP, which is set to drop on July 26th (check the trailer HERE). There are a bunch of bullshit suckass niggas out there, bunch of shady pricks in general, so blast this one and mush those assholes right in the mouth.

Exile Radio Bonus

If you're smart, you should remember Lessondary's "We're All In Power" from last August. They were working on a Lessondary Radio project, which is essentially them beasting Exile's Radio album. Exile has a new LP (AM/FM) coming on August 31st, which is basically a grandscale remix/re-envisioning of Radio, with MCs over the original tracks and outside producers remixing some of the beats. Exile says the submissions were so plentiful, there was too much meat for the entree, so he decided to hit you with this FREE release here. Aside from the Lessondary banger, cats like Dibia$e, Marco Polo, DJ Rhettmatic, DaVinci and more feature their takes on Radio, as well as some special bonus cuts thrown in for good measure. Nice summer heatrock!

DOWNLOAD Exile Radio Bonus [via Dirty Science]
<a href="">So We Can Move (Teebs Remix) by Dirty Science</a>

[video] Nicki Minaj "Your Love"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DLRN The Bridge

I'm a sucker for a few things: cool words that get slick abbreviations (sans vowels), random references to Back To The Future and dope Hip-Hop. Delorean have all of those bases covered, and have dropped their new album, The Bridge, earlier today. Oh wait, Cosby Show reference on track 2! I treated you lot to some leaks over the weekend, but you need the entire project, forreal. Shit, mad pro wrestling references in "Trill Cosby"! Some futuristic flunkerton for you spaceage fucks, yadig?


Willie Joe Focus Promo

Willie Joe's Focus street album is set to drop on 8/24/2010. Features include B.o.B. (presumably on "Lil' Rascals", my shit), Playboy Tre, Mistah FAB, Big Rich, Wes Fif and many more. Dude's got talent, now it's just on the world to hear it.

Mayra Veronica "If You Wanna Fly"

Goddamn. I don't know spit about Mayra Veronica, but I hope that she succeeds in whatever she is doing. Oh wait, she was/is on Univision and her music is described as "ultra feminine pop, with a dash of rock". This is the first English-language single of hers, and she has an album on the way (Saint Nor Sinner). This track is already impacting the US Dance Charts, hitting number #13 on "Hot Dance Club Play", so I imagine the Jersey Shore heads are all over these. Hit the jump to stream/download a few versions of this crap Club favorite. Or something. She's fine.

[video] Venomous2000 "Amazingly Fresh"

Produced by DJ Priority.

[video] GDP "Gateway To A Savage Frontier"

Via GRANDGOOD. If you fuck with this, go grab Bullet Time.

Fresh Daily "Thanx"

Fresh Daily "Thanx" (prod. by Devonwho): Thanx to my mom for buying me a NES back when I was a shorty. Thanx to Nintendo for employing cats who let that 8-bit system sing. Thanx to Devonwho for taking me back to the video game melodies that would stay stuck in my day when I was trying to go to sleep. Thanx to my mind for always having a dope soundtrack going on. Thanx to F dot Daily for making me shout a bunch of random shit in this post. Thanx to those who don't pay attention - and for those who do. Thanx to everyone, and no one. Thanx...

<a href="">THANX by Fresh Daily</a>

Mothership/Land drops on August 3rd.

[video] Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz "The Flyness"

[video] Bambu "Old Man Raps"

[video] Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff's Guru Tribute

Via DJ Premier Blog by way of

Fly On The Wall: The ARE & B.E Talk What's Next

The ARE & B.E drops on July 27th. You can catch Brokn.Englsh alongside Daniel Joseph, St. Joe Louis and more at the "NJ Has It" showcase on July 24th.

Internal Quest Flight 973 To Sydney

Here's some NJ heat from the homey Internal Quest; it's been a bit since I've received/heard new music from him, so it's good to have a full package of tracks - both with Quest as MC and Quest as producer - to digest. This tape is hosted by Aussie DJ Nino Brown, and features some classic cats, including El Da Sensei and 5FT (from Black Moon). Shouts to Jersey Soundlab; hit the jump for a stream, tracklist and download info!

Fat Joe "I'm Gone"

Fat Joe "I'm Gone" (prod. by DJ Premier): Last week, Preem's jawn with Bun B was my shit, now my savior is this banger from Crack's The Darkside, Vol. 1. I messed with "No Problems", but this is my favorite off the album, hands down. Perfect beat to match the mood; apparently this was made the night Guru passed, and you can feel it. Damn. Grown man Hip-Hop FTW.

MP3 via DJ Premier Blog.

Monday, July 19, 2010

FTG ft. Shinobi Stalin & Daewon "One Step From Greatness"

FTG ft. Shinobi Stalin & Daewon "One Step From Greatness": Here's another leak from Sean J & Soy's WTF? mixtape, with a crazy beat. I love when people chop those older-sounding TV or Movie scores, with the weird bands and odd textures. Beat must've been good, Soy even got on the mic on this one!

89 the Brainchild ft. Wordspit "I'm On"

89 the Brainchild ft. Wordspit "I'm On" (prod. by Tai the Infamous One): Slick #NJHIPHOP from 89, featuring Brooklyn's own Wordspit, taken from Trill Cosby, which is set to drop this Fall and feature Michael Cardigan and many more heads. No real theme on this, aside from niggas slapping the shit out of a dope beat.

QuESt "Everybody Has A Story"

QuESt "Everybody Has A Story" (prod. by M.Will The Shogun): Much better than the last track I posted from QuESt, this talented cat coasts over that jazz bass. Oddly enough, this won't be on The Reason: A Defense Mechanism; I hope the project has tracks that beast like this and not the other.

[video] Bamboo Bros "Celebrate Life (Up In The Heights)"

[video] Serum & Manifesto ft. Saheed "Millenniums Ahead"

[video] Ayatollah "Reefer"

Via Nah Right.

[video] TRUTHLiVE ft. Moe Green "Ready Set Go"

[video] The ILLZ "Dreams of Life & Beth"

TheSekondElement "Closer Pt. II"

TheSekondElement "Closer Pt. II": Loving this new one from homegirl. The singing along with the beat, paired with her buttery vocal, reminds me of Floetry. I'm glad to hear that the first time I got sent some tunes by her, it wasn't a fluke. Very talented MC, loving the style.

<a href="">Closer Pt. II by TheSeKondElement</a>

[video] Kano ft. Michelle Breeze "Upside"

Ill Poetic The World Is Ours Instrumentals

From Ill Poetic: "So in continuance of "The World is Ours" Re-Release campaign that I've been working on for the Summer, I wanted to release the Instrumentals for this record as a free download. I realized 2 weeks ago that I've never even actually made an instrumental version of this record for myself. So I had the pleasure of digging through the original files for this album and getting nostalgic at all the recording sessions. There are even a couple added instruments here and there this time around, since I got to dig fully back into each songs format.

I'm doing all this as a way of preparing for a huge run of projects that I'm in the midst of wrapping up now (including the follow-up to this record). So I promise I'm not stuck in the past, Just catching the past up to the present so i can work on the future. Hope y'all enjoy it. Hope some emcees catch some writing inspiration. Hope some people catch some riding inspiration".

If you guys hook up anything over these beats, let me know!

DOWNLOAD Ill Poetic The World Is Ours Instrumentals
<a href="">Home (Instrumental) by Ill Poetic</a>

Nucci Reyo "Change My Name"

Nucci Reyo "Change My Name" (prod. by Elete): Following up "Mean What I Say", Nucc and Elete link up for this interesting track. Nucci is definitely immersed in his new-found religion, and you can't get mad at that. If you know the story of Saul/Paul in the Bible, you might get where Nucci is coming from. In Due Season is still on the way.

[video] P.SO "1,000 Deaths of Wackness"

YC The Cynic "Summertime High"

YC The Cynic "Summertime High" (prod. by JFree): This summer has been some bullshit. I'm waiting for some kind of reprieve from the muggy air, but all I find are Yuenglings and sweaty sheets. This is one of those tracks that could turn a horrid day fun, though - perfect soundtrack to beat the heat right here. Looks like Cynic has a project, The Spectacle on the way, so be on the lookout!

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Summertime High by YC The Cynic&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;