Saturday, November 06, 2010

Solid Steel (11/05/2010)

Meyhem Lauren Butter

I'm glad the homey DP put me on to Meyhem Lauren. He makes that Hip-Hop that you rock to on chilly Fall mornings like this. Throw on the bomber jacket and the skully, go handle your handle during the morning then get home, skin up and blast this one while watching some kung fu on mute. I wasn't really up on Meyhem prior to "Ray Lewis", truthfully, so this Butter mixtape that TheCrypt put together is perfect get-right material for me. Rock this, then go cop that Clarified Butter.

DOWNLOAD Meyhem Lauren Butter [via TheCrypt, by way of]

The Primeridian ft. Mike Flo "Full Throttle"

The Primeridian ft. Mike Flo "Full Throttle" (prod. by Ten Sei): Interesting cut from Primeridian. Ten Sei hooked up a Rock-influenced track here, which gets kind of psychedelic at points. Reminds me of the organ-heavy acid Rock from decades ago, which always had ill grooves IMO. Primeridian and Mike Flo let their minds go wild on this one, bringing both the aggressive and the esoteric on this. Expect this to be featured on Primeridian's Crack A Dawn mixtape, which will be mixed by Cosm Rocks and presented by The Hip Hop Project.

Prhym8 ft. Emcee Sick "The Gist"

Prhym8 ft. Emcee Sick "The Gist" (prod. by Psymun): "I'm defined by my mind control"... love that line. The beat from Psymun on this one is wild - random pitched down wailing, some found melodies, a deep bass hitting ever so often? Perfect bed for some lyrical tapestries that weave and get weaved throughout this beat. This cut is taken from Prhym8's Awfully Nice, which is thankfully produced in full by Psymun. Watch for that to drop towards the end of November. I believe these cats just embarked on a European tour, with their first date in Denmark last night... whatever the case may be, I just hope to hear more from these dudes.

[video] Atmosphere "The Best Day"

2Pac vs. Bassnectar "Gettin' Money"

There aren't enough 2Pac THUGSTEP mash-ups for me. He's one of those MCs who I respect but wasn't a HUGE fan of, so when I hear these refixes, I gain a newfound appreciation for some of his tracks. This hustler's anthem is paired up with a pretty funky Bassnectar riddim by the one like Daddy's Money, who has a great ear for these kinds of things. Nappy sent me a refix of Pac last night that had me rockin', too. We'll let that one sit tucked, as well as the Rawse one that DM sent over...

[video] Nickel Killsmics "Cleopatra Jones"

This is taken from Nickel's Tragedy & Comedy, and was shot guerilla style in Cairo and Egypt. Lovin' the beat on this; word is the beats are based on one jam session with some NYC jazz & funk musicians, that got turned into beats. For more info on Nickel, hit up his website.

Friday, November 05, 2010

RTD Playlist (Week of 11/05/2010)

"Days are shorter, nights are colder"

[video] Dirty Money ft. Skepta "Hello, Good Morning (Grime Remix)"

Via DJ Semtex.

The Combat Jack Show (11/05/2010)

Via A King: "Ladies and Gents, Dallas Penn has a cell phone (again!). That was the great news this week on the Combat Jack Show. Ha! Also former producer of Yo! MTV, Sesame Street, co-Author (“Bling, The Hip Hop Jewelry Book”) and current Corporal in the US Army, Gabriel Tolliver. The OG shared his experiences on duty in Afghanistan and much more. Shout outs to Premium Pete who also stopped by the show. You know what to do……".

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (11/05/2010) [via PNC Radio]
Combat Jack Show 11-5-10 by PNCRadio

M.anifest LIVE From Ghana: Week 1 Recap

Bonus Beats M.anifest "Live From Ghana"

Thursday, November 04, 2010

DJ Nappy x Lil' Wayne

Weezy's home, and while I imagine he's either knee deep in a) syrup b) weed c) pussy or d) all of the above, I wonder what he's listening to. I know what I've been listening to: DJ Nappy refixes. The storied archives from 2006/2007 are now up on, and I figured it made sense to pot up direct links to the Lil' Wayne refixes Nappy did back then. Hit the jump, bitch.

Benji B - Future Beats (11/04/2010)

Akomplice x Heiro

I just posted up a contest I'm helping run with Che Grand, Low Key and Akomplice, and wanted hit you with some info on this collaborative effort from Akomplice and the Hieroglyphics crew. It's a proper collab, with Akomplice creating a dope hooded varsity jacket, with Hiero crafting a track to be given away with the jackets. Hit the jump for the full details, and be sure to hit up Akomplice and Hiero NOW, as this jacket his the (e-)streets today, but is super limited!

Akomplice x Fixtape 2 Contest!

It's been about two months since Che Grand and Low Key's Fixtape 2 dropped, and I got the word from Che and Key that Akomplice has offered up some wears for you good people out there who dare to enter this contest, which is being presented by 2DBz and RTD! Hit the jump for full details, but be quick - winners will be announced on the 25th of November!

FuseBox Radio (Week Of November 3rd, 2010)

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (11/03/2010)

Christine Barnum: Good Girl Gone Reckless

Here's some shots of Christine Barnum representing for Young & Reckless, the streetwear line from the one like Chris Pfaff, aka Drama, Rob Dyrdeck's cousin who has been seen on Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory on MTV. The thing I like about his company is that he's not trying to keep it exclusive - you can cop these off of the Y&R website, or in places like PacSun, so anyone can get a hold of it. I have a couple of their shirts, and I'm a fan. Once I get my ass in gear, I'm gonna sort out an interview with Drama, but for now... check out Christine.

[video] Homeboy Sandman "The Carpenter"

Wordsmith Buzzworthy Bangers, Vol. 1

The first installment in Wordsmith's "Buzzworthy Bangers" EPixtape series has finally arrived. An exclusive free download via AllHipHop, Coast2Coast Mixtapes & Frostwire. The EPixtape production was handled by Grammy award winning producer Streetrunner, Strada, Drum Majors ATL, Centric and the UK's Krate Krusaders. Most of the features remain in house as Word's Nu Revolution Entertainment artists Whitefolkz, Kontact & Black Knight showcase their talents while Jnes and the UK's own Neo-Keys lend there vocals to the project.

DOWNLOAD Wordsmith Buzzworthy Bangers, Vol. 1

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

THE FREAK BEAT: DJ Nappy Feature

I'd never heard of The Freak Beat until Nappy mentioned them the other day, but I needed a quality dubstep tumblr in my feed, and this will be the one I rock to. Not just because they featured Nappy (and dropped two new HEATERS from his refixing fingers), but because they have good taste in the dubstep. Although I can't stand the dubstep scene, the music moves me. Anyways, you don't want to hear me wax poetic about the virtues of a genre that doesn't want to acknowledge it's dub roots, right? Let's 'ave them beats, bruv!

Lil' Jon ft. Pastor Troy & Young Buck vs. Flux Pavilion "Throw It Up (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

Stunna Mane ft. Project Pat & Benz vs. Muffler "Drunk Gorilla (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)" is up - keep it locked for all kinds of ish, folk.

FiveSeven6roup Presents Mute Dialogue

I was going to post the track J57 did for this compilation, but I told him I wouldn't like it before I listened to it, so I figured I'd keep up that mantra. ANWYAYS, this is a sick insturmental compilation right here. I'm a sucker for good beats - hell, that's part of the reason I still fux with the ol' Hip and the Hop. I mean, I love hearing cats rhyme, but how many acapella ciphers are you trying to be in? Plus, I'm a junkie for a great instrumental. I'm also of the Ninja Tune school, where dusty samples utilized in a great way is right where my head is, daily. This compilation has all of that, from beats that border on the quirk to straight up "we need an MC, stat!" tracks. Brown Bag bredren like The Audible Doctor, marink, DJ Dyllema and DeeJay Element, among cats like Jinesis, Elaquent (and J57) are featured throughout, but you really don't even need to stare at the tracklist. Download this, throw it on your iPod, drink a 40 and take a sunny Fall walk through your city. Take a 27 minute, 35 second walk and report the escapades this comp was the soundtrack to.

Elaquent's "Mastered System" for the win. Fuck your life.

Oh, I also heard that Sene + J57 = Sene57 or some shit, but you didn't hear about that from me.

DOWNLOAD FiveSeven6roup Presents Mute Dialogue

J.A.M.E.S. WATTS The Very Worst Of James Watts

While I’ve shared some good moments with the nigga known as J.A.M.E.S. WATTS, I don’t really KNOW this nigga. So, when he said he’d be putting out a mixtape of some of his favorite tracks that he’s released, including a grip of his Re-Fixes, shit that really got me intrigued to his stee. Dude reps for Jersey, and has gotten a lot of shine – hell, this project is partially brought to you by the 2 Dope Boyz. That’s saying something. Anyways, he sees this as sort of hitting “reset” on the NES that is his music career, and bringing you a stream of solid bangers. The Game Needs J.A.M.E.S., and not just because he reps the 9-7-3 (although that’s a plus), but it’s because he blends the party vibe with the comedy with the storytelling with the pride of being a nigga from Jersey with the tough skin to deflect the bullshit commentary over in the 2DBz comments (yeah, we see you). Just good music. If you hadn’t heard WATTS before, grab this and rock to it. If you HAVE fucked with WATTS in the past, pick up what he considers a great idea of his illest jawns, and get primed and ready for the next chapter in homey’s evolution.

DOWNLOAD J.A.M.E.S. WATTS The Very Worst Of James Watts

Vasco "Loverman"

Vasco "Loverman": On twitter the other night, I got caught up in a goddamn #inhighschool discussion, which had me thinking on the ladies that I liked/loved but never really got anywhere with. In listening to Vasco’s examination of a few failed relationships with “Loverman”, I’m again revisiting where I went wrong. I think all of this (Ed. Note: writer points to all of himself) was fucked the fuck up. I still have a grip of the insecurities I had back then, but I have matured and learned how to man-up more often than I used to back #inhighschool. And #incollege. And in the year or so #aftercollege.

Jéan P. "A Crush On Roxy"

Jéan P. "A Crush On Roxy" ( Thelonious Martin): Anytime the boy Thelonious Martin is involved with a track, I’m all ears. Love how he twisted the sample used on this ode to Roxy Reynolds. First time I’ve heard of Jéan P., but Ohio (or what I used to know as OH10) is in the house on this one. Why is some of my favorite Hip-Hop a nice compliment to the flavorful shit I grew up listening to? Watch out for Jéan’s Rise & Shine, which drops on November 14th.

PVD & 8th W1 Are Lux DeVille

I love random heat. I’ve never heard of Jersey City beatsmith’s PVD aka Pat Van Dyke, but I know what 8th W1 is all about in terms of his pen game, so hearing that they released a free (for this week only) EP under their new Lux DeVille group, I was intrigued. Then I threw on “The Biz”, which is a healthy slice of Jazzy Hip-Hop pie. Love those horns thrown in there. The proper shame is that this is only four tracks, but as a satisfying primer to what BETTER BE a proper full length release in the near future? I’m open.

DOWNLOAD PVD & 8th W1 Lux DeVille EP or cop via iTunes

[video] MiLKMEN "Raise It Up (Remix)"

[video] Joell Ortiz ft. Novel "Night Train"

[video] Iron Braydz "Golden Legacy"

[video] Janelle Renee "Paralyzed"

[video] Jeff Spec ft. Moka Only "Fly B.S."

Bonus Beats Jeff Spec ft. Moka Only "Fly B.S."

[video] Wordsmith & Centric "Hear The Whispers"

[stream] DJ Shiftee + DJ Cable - Sloppy Mayhem

Dj Shiftee + Dj Cable: Live Tag Team // Sloppy Mayhem by Dj Cable on Mixcloud

The Setting: 4:30am-5:10am, Rhythm Factory, London, Oct. 22, 2010
The Party: Needlework Presents...
The Players: DJ Shiftee, DJ Cable
The Inspiration: lots of alcohol
The Result: Sloppy Mayhem

[video] Celph Titled & Buckwild ft. FT & RA The Rugged Man "Mad Ammo"

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

DJ Nappy "Thugstep Architect" (Part 1)

Been hectic since Nappy's caressed freedom. He's got about six months left before he starts to shit on everything you found holy, and this interview, done in conjunction with Pat Renton and the Sharp Shooters Media fam, is just the tip of the iceberg. I actually linked up with Nappy for a short two hours this past Saturday, voicing our grievances and sharing stories for tomorrow. The plan is to murder everything moving, with both silenced weapons and C4. No warnings. But for now, we just have the words of a man who lit a fuse but had to leave before seeing the powder keg explode. Now everyone is mixing dubstep and Hip-Hop. It's not right, but now's the time to right the wrongs and regain the throne.

[video] Phil Ade ft. Kevin Ross "Toast 2 Life"

The "Toast 2 Life" single is also available on iTunes right now.

[video] The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo "Beautiful"

[video] Dave Raps "High Life"

Via Ashley Outrageous.

previous Dave Raps Too Unknown

Monday, November 01, 2010

[video] Neako "Regulate"

Bare "Shot Me Down"

BareShot Me Down”: I featured Muffler’s forays into dubstep for Dogs On Acid last month. His work is coming out on Dieselboy’s subHuman imprint. Bare is a cat that Dieselboy is working closely with, and this cut is a free gem from Bare, sampling that Nancy Sinatra “Bang Bang” made ever so popular with Kill Bill. So noisy, so tough, this is the kind of dubstep that DJ Nappy would smack the warden over.

Bare's subHuman release, "Bring It Back" / "Thugs In The Hood", is on the horizon.

Senor Kaos "The Download Song"

Senor Kaos "The Download Song" (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros): Dub MD told me about a possible 2 Hungry Bros. project a while back, and now Open Buffet is on the way just in time for Thanksgiving (aka November 23rd); Kaos spends most of the track breaking down the art of illegally downloading music. I’m not mad at cats being upset for shops like Fat Beats closing, but that’s why I cop what I fuck with. It’s not my fault that the majority of the albums for sale aren’t worth it. If everything sounded like Von Pea’s Pea’s Gotta Have It, I’d buy everything. They don’t, though, so I buy what’s worth it. Anyways, 2HB’s Open Buffet also features cats like Fresh Daily, 8thW1 and more. Hopefully Kaos won’t get mad when I download that project.

RED ft. Kris "Go To Sleep"

RED ft. Kris "Go To Sleep": RED has this thing about painting pictures with his tracks. I don’t know if it’s the tracks that he picks to sing over, or the lyrics, or the entire picture, but everytime I put one of these jawns on, I can visualize what the video should be looking like. Halloween has just passed, but this Freddy Kruger In Love feeling of the lyrics is too intense. Stalker-ish, but this is how shit feels sometimes, especially with “the one”. Shivers.

B.Lewis "Data Overload"

B.Lewis "Data Overload": I listen to instrumentals a lot. I have a thing about words: I use them daily, but when I’m trying to unwind, I don’t like hearing more words than the litany that bounce inside my mental. So instrumental compilations always appeal to me. J57’s dropping Mute Dialogue, a compilation of beats from beatsmiths who can craft a beat like no other. Or something. This cut right here? Perfect quirk for the beginning of November, like a batch of bubbly synths crashing into each other in the bathtub, while you’re cleaning rubber ducks and your female. Yeah, it’s that kind of party. Rock on.

Zilla Rocca Big Stupid Bangers

Some of you might only know of Zilla as a super-able MC from Philly. You know, fondness for shadowboxing and hats. Dude’s also a monster on the beats, and cooked up this 35-track beat tape for your enjoyment. Or perusal. See, some of these are too good to go unused, trust. Some of these are also like 5 years old, so I’m glad they are out of the box. If you willing/able MCs want to touch down on these tracks, get at the good Rocca for specifics. Don’t sleep on the heat...

DOWNLOAD Zilla Rocca Big Stupid Bangers

EDIT And here's a lil' treat...

p.smith Lucid Dreams

Being the kind of nigga I am, read a fucker who eschews covering all of the "mainstream" in order to discover cats you might not have heard, from time to time I get e-mails from publicists, artists and DJs to put their mans and them on. Rarely do I get notes from fans of the blog, or at least cats who say they are fans of the blog, but I’m glad I peeped the e-mail that introduced me to p.smith and his Lucid Dreams project. The whole of the project isn’t my thing (the hook on “So Good” is too R&B for me), but P is inspiring. Not sure about much of dude’s backstory or anything, but he feels like someone’s uncle – a cat who isn’t afraid to impart his wisdom on the babies, mostly just to see them prosper. I also love that he purposefully did an acapella track to show that you need more than just a hot beat to kill shit. Or at least you should. Some nice food for thought found in this tape.

DOWNLOAD p.smith Lucid Dreams

Heroes & Villains We Off That

I think this was supposed to drop last week, but better late than never, right? Proper slices of THUGSTEP from the Heroes & Villains crew out in the ATL, hosted by Lil Jon & Cobra Corps, and presented by Mad Decent. I'd say I've been telling you guys about that sound, but you pricks aren't listening. Nor do you care. Enjoy this, though.

DOWNLOAD Heroes & Villains We Off That

Myk Dyaleks Make'em Yell(ow)

Keeping his projects built around colors and shit, Brokn.Englsh’s Myk Dyaleks brings forth his next project. With the colder mornings in Jersey, this project is morning time sunshine. Blinding light, that kind of light that makes you see the way but won’t let you walk it… not yet, anyways. You have to chart paths and understand why you are going where you’re going before you go. You can go in blindly, but every well executed movement needs to be planned. Or should be. 9 tracks of excellence, with some surprises on the instrumental side of things. Also features cats like from Lyriq2Go, Cayan and Emperess on the helpout.

DOWNLOAD Myk Dyaleks Make'em Yell(ow)

Green & Husky "Suddenly Beautiful"

Green & Husky ft. Monsta X, junclassic & Infinit Evol "Suddenly Beautiful": My son has this fascination with dinosaurs and monsters, and recently has been playing the hell out of Godzilla’s Revenge via Netflix. It makes me laugh, b/c I hear all of this “Monster Island” speak, and it makes me think on X, jun and the rest of the M.I.C niggas. Not sure where the sample in this is from, but it has that vibe, and is some shit you’re gonna wanna rewind a few times. Jun said this is taken from Green & Husky’s Kill For My Masters, which I’m not sure is a pun or not. Enjoy.

Dave Raps Too Unknown

After a number of leaks, Ashley Outrageous presents the latest mixtape from the boy Dave Raps, Too Unknown. This one right here? Mixed by DJ Flow, Raps picks up a number of instrumentals and expresses himself, or his thoughts on being fly, womens and his lyrical acumen. I’m too old and dirty to rock on dude’s style level, but I can appreciate when someone can be so enthusiastic with whatever they are spitting on. This is cool to rock on your way to work or school, but this is truly a Friday night, dutchmaster/Henny session tape, something to pop in before the club while you’re getting right. Try it.

DOWNLOAD Dave Raps Too Unknown [via Ashley Outrageous]

The Combat Jack Show (10/29/2010)

Via A King: "Didn’t think I was gonna be able to post this after recovering from the #murderdeathkill that is the “4LoKo”. Combat Jack convinced Dallas Penn and myself to experiment with liquid crack (caffeine x alcohol x a myriad of harmful additives.) Outcome? No bueno! Anywhoo, the big homie Shaheem Reid (formerly of MTV & VIBE) stopped by The Combat Jack Show to chop it up about his departure from MTV, his early beginnings in the industry and how the infamous MTV list(s) was created. All that and much more."

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (10/29/2010)
Combat Jack Show 10-29-10 (Shaheem Reid) by PNCRadio

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just in time for Halloween, Left Brain & Hodgy Beats present their latest album under their MellowHype guise, entitled BLACKENEDWHITE. I think Left looped Tyler, The Creator saying "what the hell" on "Hell", which is one of my favorites on this. I fuck with this more than YellowWhite, but that might be because I understand OF more now. Might have to revisit the first album, though. ANYWAYS, Tyler is also featured on this LP, alongside Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G & Frank Ocean. As the OF Tumblr said, "Fully Produced By Left Brain, Hodgy Beats Takes On A Darker Note This Time Around... This Album Is Packed With Gun Sounds, Grams OF Coke And Dead Cops. The Perfect Soundtrack For Mobbing On A Dark Halloween Night." Trick or treat, bitch nigga.


Associated Minds - Metabeats Halloween Mix

Crissy Criss - 30 Minute Drumstep Mix (10/28/2010)

As he's known to do, the one like Crissy Criss took to the decks during this week's 1Xtra D&B M1X Show and dropped a nasty 30 minute drumstep mix. Drumstep is a hybrid sound, kind of like dubstep made at a DnB tempo. Lots of the wild, heavy bass but with a halftime drumbeat. It's easier to understand when you hear it rather than explaining it. Crissy featured some of my favorite drumstep tunes, but I think a three deck mix might've been a bit much in some spots. Glad someone finally did a proper full mix of this sound. Check it out.

DOWNLOAD Crissy Criss - 30 Minute Drumstep Mix (10/28/2010)

Ludachrist Talk Is Cheap

DeeDotMillz Treat Me Well

No one truly knows who you are. Sometimes we stand alone with facades that we've created for our selves. Hopefully we can accept the fact that we are all different, reveal our faces amongst friends, and stand completely comfortable in our own skin. When I do reveal my face, I just hope that you'll Treat Me Well.

The third mixtape from DeeDotMillz heavily inspired by Sleigh Bells! Include are 5 tracks fueled by DeeDotMillz' favorite tracks from Sleigh Bells debut album Treats! It's nothing but LOUD coupled with explosive, passionate delivery, and witty lyricism. Treat Me Well.

DOWNLOAD DeeDotMillz Treat Me Well [via Signed To You]

Horror Spit

Just in time for Halloween, EMS Productions brings you this special treat!!! A conceptual track featuring 5 emcees & 1 femcee spitting from the perspectives of rap horror characters and cleverly blending the two worlds of Horror and Hip-Hop over a sinister beat produced by Reef Ali (who's worked with Reef the Lost Cauze, Bekay, M-Dot, Singapore Kane, etc.) with cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa to finish off this bone-chilling track. Enjoy and Happy Halloween from EMS Productions!!!

DOWNLOAD Horror Spit ft. GoD iLLa, Revalation, Catalyst, Kayda Luz, Nailza & Mayhem (prod. by Reef Ali, Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)

XLR8R Podcast 170: DJ Food & DK vs. Coldcut

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