Saturday, January 29, 2011

J NiCS "Road To The Riches"

J NiCS "Road To The Riches" (prod. by Numonics): The video for this dropped a few weeks ago, so I'm glad we could provide the full track for you. Numonics brings those strings so ill. Something to vibe to while you're a few sheets to the wind, thinkin' on a masterplan. Trust. NiCS and Numonics have an EP dropping on the 1st of February entitled Champion Rizla, so make sure you have a full ounce of that good ready for the release!

Bonus Beats Mr. Chief ft. LMS, J NiCS & Marv-Won "Here's The Mic" (prod. by Miami Beatwave)

Legit "Why You Can't Forget Me"

Legit "Why You Can't Forget Me": Might be late, but it's still a #NewShitSaturdays leak over here. Chitown's Legit flips this Black Keys-produced instrumental for Nicole Wray's "Why Can't I Forget Him", properly doing justice to this track, while being super Hip-Hop and making the shit about him. This beastly track will not be found on Coloring Outside The Lines, which makes me think that mixtape will feature some serious shit on it.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Curly Castro Winston's Appeal

After a day fu ll of toiling, Curly Castro has dropped his long-awaited album, Winston's Appeal, to the masses. Dude's moving into that lane that only shared by a few cats, like Elucid, Scripts N Screwz and other keepers of the future funk. Personifying the "ill" in Illadelph, Cas uses his life experience to sharpen the darts he places upon these beats. The sonic buffet is right up my alley, as he goes from skraight Hip-Hop to some other other. The homey Zilla Rocca makes numerous appearances on this, as do Ethel Cee, DJ Ambush, Jawnzap7 and others. I particularly love hearing Cas on tracks like "Flatbush & Church (Filthy Dub)", which not only has Cas beasting some dubwise riddim dem, but he's also describing and revisiting his yout. Seen? BTW, this is being presented by Three Dollar Pistol and Rock The Dub. Love that.

DOWNLOAD Curly Castro Winston's Appeal

RTD Playlist (Week Of 1/28/2011)

Cold world.

[video] Redman ft. Kool Moe Dee "Rockin' Wit The Best"

The Combat Jack Show (1/28/2011)

New episode of The Combat Jack Show features sneakerfreak Premium Pete and MC Timeless Truth.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (1/28/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Premium Pete, Timeless Truth) 1-28-11 by PNCRadio

FuseBox Radio (Week Of January 26th, 2011)

DJ Cable's Wretch 32 x Annie Nightingale Radio 1 Guest Mix (20/01/2011)

New mix from the homey DJ Cable, who's stock continues to rise: "Whilst I'm working on a new installment of my Podcast for 2011 (along with some other mixtapes), here's a mix that I was asked to do last week for Wretch 32, for Annie Nightingale's show BBC Radio 1, which aired on 20th January 2011. 25 mins of Grime (and Garage) for your ears, featuring new music from Lethal B, Kozzie, Yasmin and of course, Wretch 32".

Theo Martins "Lo-Fi Love"

Theo Martins "Lo-Fi Love" (prod. by $port): The boy Theo Mar reflects upon a recent trip to South Africa. I've been posting his music for three years now, and the progression in both sound and soul is a truly awesome thing to have charted. Not as awesome as a trip to the Motherland, but it's the proof of his worth that he can take such a heartwarming trip to Africa an let it shine through so many things in his life. His forthcoming Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor project is on the horizon, but cool out to this one until then.

[trailer] Better Mus' Come

Three years in the making, "Better Mus' Come" captures the deep rooted conflict at the heart of Jamaican politics as seen in violent images in news reports and recent explosive political headlines all over the world in the international manhunt for alleged Jamaican "Don", Christopher "Dudus" Coke, leaving over 79 civilians dead and a government-mandated State of Emergency in its aftermath. In a timely and provocative production, "Better Mus' Come" traces the origins of the use of street gangs by political parties in their violent struggle to win the national election.

[video] Nicki Minaj ft. Drake "Moment 4 Life"

[video] Wayne Wonder "If I Ever"

[video] E.A.R.T.H. "Hustle Juice/Swangin'"

Homebase NYC: Live At The Clubhouse

Homebase NYC Presents: The Clubhouse featuring Homeboy Sandman "Live at the Clubhouse Vol. 1" from the Clubhouse's forthcoming EP entitled ''Fully Equipped".

[video] Rick Ross "Devil In A New Dress"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Botchamania 161

City Slickers Smokin Cigarettes And Tellin Lies

Crazy new mixtape from City Slickers, mixed by the good homey Nelly ProToolz and hosted by J.Saki. Loads of beats flipped by Mr. Moses, and of course the City Slicks come correct with the rhymes. I mean, seriously - BARS, nigga. Straight out the Northeast, in those pockets of the United States you dismiss for bangin' Hip-Hop. Some real nigga music here, seen?

DOWNLOAD City Slickers Smokin Cigarettes And Tellin Lies [via Pollymore Music]

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (1/26/2011)

DJ Food "'88 Was Great, But '89 Was Mine"

This is a proper treat; Strictly Kev of DJ Food says "I was recently asked to play a night called Classic Material in London. The idea for the club is to give each month over to a year from Hip Hop's past and only play tracks released during it. I was given 1989 and this set was all done from original vinyl". Full tracklist after the jump.

DOWNLOAD DJ Food "'88 Was Great, But '89 Was Mine"

[video] Ghostface Killah "2getha Baby"

Benji B Flying Lotus - Future Beats (1/27/2011)

[video] Reks "25th Hour"

[video] U Dot Fam "Hoody Weather"

Bonus Beats U Dot Fam "Hoody Weather" (prod. by MG Tha Kush) [clean | dirty]

J-Live At Triumph (1/29/2011)

[video] Big Ooh At Jah Yummy

[video] Stalley ft. Rashad "Slapp" Interviews Sene & No Games

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot 97 Scared Straight

And just so we're clear, Kenan Thompson is one of the best reasons to watch Saturday Night Live.

[video] Dutch ReBelle "Leve, Kampe"

Bonus Beats Dutch ReBelle Beauty vs. The Beast

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (1/25/2011)

The Combat Jack Show (1/21/2011)

In this episode of the Combat Jack Show we had Sean Price come through as a guest host. Nothing short of hilarity. Where else are you gonna hear about Lil B, colonic irrigation, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier etc.? Shit, even Bonsu Thomson, the EIC of The Source, breezed through to see what all the fuss was about. Shouts out to BosNaud, JusDave and Maffew Ragazino who also came through and showed love. You want to know what Sean P has in store for 2011, or how he feels about Slaughterhouse, or him potentially being in a rap boy band, or the rumored Def Jam signing a few years ago when Jigga was at the helm? It’s all here and of course Sean P and Maffew spit some bars too! You know what to do...

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (1/21/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 1-21-11 (Sean Price) by PNCRadio

Curly Castro ft. V/A "You & Who's Army"

Curly Castro ft. Verso, Burke, Raskull, the OneSunLion Ra, Unless, dj Ambush, Ethel Cee, Rokbottom, Law-1, Larry Guevara, JawnZap 7, Akilles, Zilla Rocca & L-TyrannicYou & Who’s Army”: Ever since I was a likkle yout, I always loved Philly. I’ve probably mentioned it before, but Trenton’s in between Philly and NYC, so we have two ABCs, NBCs, CBS, etc., one for NY and one for Philly. I stay close to Philly, and seeing the progression of their underground Hip-Hop culture is intense. I wanna take a weekend and build with some of the cats, but with the wealth of skills out there, I feel like I need to spend a few weeks! Curly Cas brings in a plethora of talented MCs on this one, from the mighty Zilla Rocca to the magnificent Ethel Cee, among others. Winston’s Appeal, which is being presented by Three Dollar Pistol and RTD, will be out on Friday (1/28/2011), so consider this boisterous posse cut as the final warning, bitch. And once again, props to Fresh from 33jones for the artwork!

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Five Steez & DJ Ready Cee Momentum: Volume One

Jamaica meets classic Hip-Hop, no Kool Herc. Five Steez hails from Jamaica, and with a classic batch of instrumentals (which are expertly handled by DJ Ready Cee), Steeze gets loose over 18 tracks. Word is this is volume one of a three-part series, and I’m hoping we get to see more of both of these cats super quick. This has a dope mixshow vibe to it – not sure if it’s the way this mixtape was produced, or the superb selection of beats, but this feels like I committed it to Maxell. Introduce yourself to this, and stick around for the next bit.

DOWNLOAD Five Steez & DJ Ready Cee Momentum: Volume One

[video] Black On Black Rhyme "Money"

[video] T.I. ft. Rico Love "Lay You Down"

Diggy Simmons ft. DOE "Everybody Late"

Diggy Simmons ft. DOE "Everybody Late" (prod. by Jahlil Beats): So JoJo is the one who not only got a label deal, but had his group perform numerous times on a reality show on MTV, but his brother outshines him with the pen, and with the label signing? You can hear it in his verses – lil’ nigga can spit, for real. If my son was Diggy’s age, I’d prefer him rockin’ to Diggy’s tracks than some of this other coonery tomfoolery. “Everybody Late” sounds like how I used to tell cats about Drum & Bass tracks, or THUGSTEP for that matter. Hype four alarm blaze, for the illegal drinkers out there.

Bonus Beats DJ Spin King ft. Diggy Simmons “S550

Rob Jay "Do U Believe"

Rob Jay "Do U Believe" (prod. by Jett I. Mastyr): Rob has dropped three tracks this month that have really made me take 2nd and 3rd looks at him. I don’t know what’s in the water in his town, but something has this nigga Hulking out and attacking shit – but on different angles. This cut is taken from his forthcoming Rap Phenomenon, and really feels like some super-hero shit. It also has him breaking down his cipher like a Ben Ulrich, reporting on the different super heroes in the field. Hits me like a cat like J-Live, where dude’s are almost bored of what’s going on in the scene and really spend some time taking their mastery and trying to work some uncharted paths. Just some shit that’s needed within the scene, seen?

[video] Floacist "Let Me"

[video] Gucci Mane "Turnt Up"

Featuring Sliq B & Tracy T:

[video] Oakademy LA Launch

Bonus Beats D.Julien "Lights"

[video] JSWISS "Look Easy"

Dutch New York "Harlem Musik"

Dutch New York "Harlem Musik" (prod. by Max Dollas): DNY keeps his foot on niggas throats, forreal. I love beats like this – I think the last track from dude was an araabMUZIK/Dipset orchestrated kind of thing like this. Guess that’s that Harlem vibe, yeah? DNY’s No Relief is on the way – but slow down, let this one marinate for a bit.

The NU Revolution Camp "Another Day"

The NU Revolution Camp "Another Day" (prod. by Lucki Handz): Super Hero Theme Music, Vol. 1 is on the way (released date: Feb. 7th), and I see this doing very well. Since bringing Whitefolkz into the NU Revolution fold, it feels like Wordsmith and company have reignited the fire, picked up their secret identities and are out there slaying the evils of the Hip-Hop scene. It’s also not some hyper-negative shit – you gotta balance out the nignorance with music like this, that you can feel good playing around the youth, you smell me?

[video] Copywrite "Confessional"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

William H. & Indiana Rome Eastern Conference Finals

While I love the NBA, and will always follow what goes on, I’m no where near into the game like I was in the ‘90s, when seeing cats like Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller go at it with a lot on the line had the rest of my life shut down until the game was over. William and Rome want to bring that back, and use that exact feeling to attack this project, going hard like it was 1998! Beats from Rome and the homey Tech Supreme, with some serious woofer-destroying bass on some of these jawns. You might wanna put this on repeat and grab a pick-up game or 2. Better than 5 hour energy!

DOWNLOAD William H. & Indiana Rome Eastern Conference Finals

[video] Curly Castro "Da Ingredients"

Winston's Appeal, Three Pistol Music x RTD, 1/28/2011.

previous Curly Castro "Eulogy To L"

Soulbrotha & Rukus "Starbreaker"

Soulbrotha & Rukus "Starbreaker": Esbee and Ruk come back like they left something over a proper warning alarm/hammer banger track. The title isn’t just some kind of witty random word affixed to an MP3 – these two really dig into their views on what’s ailing the current state of the scene, in many facets. And they don’t mince words. And what’s better is their un-minced words fit along with what many of my peers feel. Soulbrotha says he has an untitled EP currently in production, while Rukus has the following up to his latest mixtape, The Hunger, on the horizon. 2011 just got a lot hotter, and more aggressive.

Legit "So Far Gone"

Legit "So Far Gone": Legit is another cat who I think has a bright future if the right machine gets behind him or gives him a chance. Leg dialogues an episode outside of his relationship, and appropriates a Curtis Mayfield sample to help tell his story. Shit’s kind of deep, and I hate to keep harping on it, but shit like this makes me feel like the future of music will be OK. This is a throwaway (!!) cut from his forthcoming mixtape, Coloring Outside The Lines, which is due out by this Summer (!!). I’ll add a couple more !!!! in there. Someone look this kid out.


Jesus. I have no idea where the BLKHRTS idea came from, but I’m loving this vowel-devoid project from King Foe, Yonnas & Karma. There’s an ill sonic slant on this – there’s a feeling throughout most of this of really going “there”, keeping that fly Hip-Hop appeal but almost forcing oneself to channel the darker part of the heart and sitting in the muck, exploring what the fuck turns your mood black. Or BLK. This EP is for rainy days, or dark, cold nights, before a riot. I’d love to see these cuts performed live!


Intuition vs. Equalibrum Inna Live Meltdown

Botchamania 160


This actually dropped on the 11th of January, I believe, but I didn’t hear about it until a few days later, and haven’t been in the proper mindstate to vibe to this. CNCPTS II is some shit you zone to while you’re in that, ahem, session with your peoples. Let the smoke marinate and permeate the area while you’re blasting this. Put the intro on and you can smell whatever strain you really vibe off of, seen? Love “1234”, and I won’t like, it’s primarily b/c Versis is featured on it. He’s one of the next, I can feel it. Anyways, you need to get into this project. Even if you don’t chief Ls. Fuck with this, then be on the lookout for their debut LP, Dusk ‘Til Dawn.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Curly Castro "Eulogy To L"

Curly Castro "Eulogy To L" (prod. by Zilla Rocca): Remember that “Boomin’ System” remix that Zilla Rocca did? Back then, word was that Cas was going to jump on this, and the nigga takes Rocca’s flavorful revamping of one of my fav LL Cool J tracks and really explores some shit that needs to be studied – the evolution of Uncle L. I know a number of cats who aren’t feeling this niggas progression for murderous MC to whatever the fuck he thinks he’s doing now. Castro doesn’t hold back, and I’m glad for that. Winston’s Appeal is out on Friday, January 28th, and is presented by Three Dollar Pistol and Rock The Dub. There’s another cut that Cas sent this morning that I’ll be featuring on Wednesday, so be on the look for that, SEEN!?!?! Props to Fresh for the bomb artwork. Check out Part 1 of 33jones' interview with Cas.

[trailer] Tef Poe "Mel Gibson"

previous Tef Poe War Machine

Rob Jay "Stick To Your Dreams"

Rob Jay "Stick To Your Dreams": This is a dope track, and some shit most heads only reserve for people who’ve passed, or are in bad spots and reminiscing about “what could’ve been”. They say you need to let people know you appreciate them as they are alive, and with Rob seeing his boy Chris B. Young’s path from being a minor league baseballer to getting called up to the Diamondbacks and paralleling that to his own journey through this murky game of being noticed as an artist. Damn. Rob’s got that vision, and is set apart from not only his peers, but from the majority of the game out there. Take notice to neph, trust. I’ll have another cut of his dropping in a few days, so keep it locked.

The Sit Down w/ Dee Vazquez: Bloggers vs. DJs

[video] Versis "The Journey(4U)"

Via 2DBz.

preview Versis "The Journey(4U)"

[video] The Kid Daytona "On The Hill"

Via L-R-G.

previous The Kid Daytona The Interlude

[video] Criss Lyric "Happy"

[video] MiLKMEN & Dutch New York "Black & Yellow" LIVE

[video] Catch Wreck "1Tyme4UrMynd"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

501 - XmiX Guest Mix (14/01/2011)

[video] Whitefolkz ft. Tone Trump "All I Know"

[video] AP The Mayor ft. Dre Skuffs "Don't 4get Me"