Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kardi The Valedictorian

With standardized tests and plans for graduation(s) going down, it makes sense that the nigga Kardi shows us a young, black and educated nigga doing his damn thing. Calls himself "the opposite of that Flocka shit", which is refreshing to hear from a cat who is in that demographic. Dude's wise beyond his years, and iller on the mic than most of the niggas his age. Cuts like "Homecoming", with it's hypnotic marching band flavor... awesome. The raw reality of "Busy", which throws the life of a cat who wants to make better for himself - without the aid of crillz or gats - it's inspiring shit. Awesome project to get you motivated - be it to mack a chick or plot your next power move. Strive to be the head of your class, folk.

DOWNLOAD Kardi The Valedictorian

[video] Dane The Beautiful Monster ft. Proph "Warriors"

[video] Adebisi "Fuck the Dollar"

Shouts to Q for this one.

[video] Sneakas "I'm An American"

previous Sneakas "Hebonics 101"

[video] Children Of The Stars "Masquerade Ball"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of April 27th, 2011)

Friday, April 29, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 4/29/2011)


Tyler, The Creator "Tron Cat"

Tyler, The Creator "Tron Cat": Had to stop everything I was doing to post this. I don't think I've been this hype about a new album in a bit - and I do get hype about some shit. Goblin is due May 10th, and I have a feeling a full leak is upon us, but for now, it's good to hear this cut, which I believe was part of that whole subvert advertisement shit they had going on a month or so ago on some of your favorite Hip-Hop blogs. And can I just say - I'm genuinely happy that some alternative niggas can get proper support and press while not compromising their music? Tyler's dropping the exact same shit he had popping before most of these fuckwad blogs and punters knew what a Bastard was. And he's still fucking young. Massive respect to that nigga. And fuck you for not looking deeper. This track is all wins. MP3 via illRoots.

Aww Man, Some One I Know Personally Leaked Tron Cat. That's Fucked Up. I Know This Cause Only OF Had That Version Of It.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Damn, That Actually Is Like Fucked Up, Not Even The Album Version. Fuck.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

[video] Neak ft. Simeon Viltz "You Gave Me Life"

4-Ize "People"

4-Ize "People" (prod. by Von Pea): HAH! Von Pea is a silent killer on the boards. You'll know the sample he USED, but not be prepared for where the nigga takes it. Perfect shit to cruise to, while 4-Ize takes us on a trek. This sick sick SICK jawn is the first leak from The Official SXSW Mixtape. SXSW been finito, but this mixtape (which is brought to you by Quality Control & Unique Squared) is sure to be a sick piece of Hip-Hop. And in the spirit of "doing it for the people", throw this MP3 into your iTunes - view the cover art in your iTunes and get a 10%-off discount code. Forreal - shit works, negro. Go get you some good tunage, and be on the lookout for the next leak! (And for you DJs, hit the Bandcamp for clean/main/instrumental versions as well!)

[video] V White & The Politician ft. Casual "Panda"

Introducing Thurnis Haley

Goblin drops May 10th.

RayDawn "Golden Ticket (Freestyle)"

RayDawn "Golden Ticket (Freestyle)" (prod. by Jahlil): I know, I know, Ray's Controlled Chaos 2 was set to drop today. It's actually been pushed back to the 13th of May, but trust, the quality of the release when it drops has been pushed up. Not to leave you lot totally devoid of heat, Ray flippeda SICK beat from Jahlil. Pure gutter shit - turn up the woofers in your trunk and let this one knock HARD. You've been warned.

[video] Dinner at the Thompson's ft.Guilty Simpson "Rice N Beans"

Bonus Beats Dinner at the Thompson's ft. Guilty Simpson "Rice N Beans"

[video] Zion I & The Grouch "Healing Of The Nation"


Sometimes, I prefer getting a detailed e-mail, giving a bio on the artist, their recent releases and their thoughts on the dynamic shit they sent. Other times, I like some interactive weirdness. While I won't divulge the conversation I've had over the last day with dancehall (or whomever operates dancehall's e-mail account), I will say that I've not been excited by a project in such an odd way. I'm still not even sure what I'd call this - there's a number of found samples and familiar textures in this, but it's thrown up against a wall of sound and through a broken filter that just feels right. An evolving dream with no ending or beginning, just a whole lot of nows that point in a vast number of directions. You lot can geek on The Weeknd, I'll have another helping of this.

DOWNLOAD dancehall

[video] The Freeze Tag "The Voices"

The Freeze Tag = Cassettes Won't Listen & Bisco Smith.

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (4/28/2011)

[preview] Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss "Meant to Be"

As I was saying the other day, you need to pay some respect to Brown Bag AllStars, as they have contributed a grip of quality music over the last couple of years. Shit, I rarely am like "eh, this is wack" when I get something new from them. The homey Soul Khan is the cat at the battle that ignorant fucks would clown, wondering why he was there... only to eat their food and make their momma come get them once the shit was over. He's lyrically gifted, and more than most, he knows how to take that talent and craft quality tracks. If you fucked with Soul Like Khan, his most recent free release, you know that. Well, the homey DeeJay Element has produced Khan's latest EP, Acknowledgement, which can be purchased right now at It's a four track opus, plus a bonus and the video version of "Soul Like Khan", and is WELL WORTH the FOUR DOLLARS they are asking for. Don't deny your Hip-Hop cravings. Support some true shit, for all of the music they've hit you off with - give a cat some funds. If anything, it'll be a lil bit of scrilla for the keg kitty. And that'll only end up meaning - you guessed it - more bangers for you to enjoy. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the true definition of #winning.

Garden Variety Preview: Jermaine

I'm HOPING you fox with Emcee Jermaine; he'll be rocking at this Saturday's Garden Variety Show in Trenton, and you NEED to be there if you support Jersey Hip-Hop. I'll be in the place to be, too, so shout me out!

[video] Jakk Frost ft. Peedi Crakk "Code Of The Streets"

[video] Theo Martins "Up & Away"

[video] Pusha T "Can I Live"

[video] dead prez "The Beauty Within"

Nardwuar vs. Lil Wayne

For remedial shits and giggles.

[video] Alpha MC "Still Bangin"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[video] Ras Kass ft. Frankie Finch "ADIDAS"

Danny! ft. Von Pea "Hoedown Showdown"

Danny! ft. Von Pea "Hoedown Showdown": Still on the promo for the all-Danny! produced Where Is Danny? album, and we revisit a track that had me open for this project almost two years ago. I loved the "original", but I love how Danny flipped this one - starts out with some sick drums, and in flies a sly bassline that builds into some pure slick shit. Love that flavor that flows in. Also love how well the lyrics hold up - I realized I must've rocked the fuck out of this track, I'm playing hypeman right now. Don't sleep, you hockeypucks! Word is Danny's LP is due out August 2011.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (4/27/2011)

SigNif Significant Wizdom

I love EPs that feature one MC and one producer really exploring each other. NYC (by way of Milly Waukee) spitter SigNif linked up with producer Gee Wiz for this eight-track exercise, and I’m in heaven. I loved “Round Here”, but had no idea they were flippin’ a full project together. Shit isn’t that long, either – just under 22 minutes, Sig sinks deep into each instrumental, and really squeezes out the rawness from her pen. Love how tough she is, too – a lot of female MCs are coming on the underground right now, but not a lot of them attack their words the way Sig does. Ferocious is probably one of the better words I’d use to describe it. Whether it’s real life or just expressing her skill, she can do a lot, and Wiz is the perfect producer for her brand of spittery. “Ready4War” is the shit. Trust.

DOWNLOAD SigNif Significant Wizdom

Damani "PSA"

Damani "PSA": Introducing… Damani. Homey reps Philly, and has a new mixtape, Story Of Our Lives, which will be out this summer. Love this one immediately – has a laidback Hip-Hop flavor to this, and D let’s that allow him to deliver this PSA on the womens. It’s hard to be a real nigga and have these dimes pass you by for some dumb ass rockhead nigga for WHATEVER reason. Well, it was – I’m murried now, but I gotta say, if what Damani spits in this cut is true, you might need to go find the nigga. Talented mufackoos who are keeping it real are in a minority, you smell me?

Bonus Beats Damani "So High"

Jhene Aiko ft. Daddy Nino "Stranger"

Jhene Aiko ft. Daddy Nino "Stranger": I think the majority of the tracks Nino has sent have been solo dips, so I appreciate him dipping into his catalog and showing his diversity. He’s prepping Something About #Bowie (which drops June 1st), and I’m not up on Jhene Aiko – so thanks, nigga, for putting me onto this jawn from her Sailing Souls project. Beat on this one is kind of crazy, has a different vibe entirely from what I’ve normally been fucking with the last few days. Shit’s fly, but it’s in a different lane, slowed a bit, nothing too crazy – just hypnotic sounds that coax you in and let you sit next to Bowie’s bars. Fly shit.

Fresh Daily "Say Yes!"

Fresh Daily "Say Yes!" (prod. by Shuko & Fonty): New shit from the Daily Fresh ass nigga? Why not! Fresh has a new project, The Quiet Life, dropping on May 3rd, but with this first leak feels like some shit that’s going to make me scream YES! like I was about to… whoa, slow down. just some feel good shit to rock to, windows open style. New sneakers and a crisp fitted shit. Fresh’s email with this spoke about a lot of owning the summer, so I imagine he’s about to slap the fucking shit out of you and make you love it over the next few months. Be on the lookout for the video.

Camp Lo "Tall Glasses"

Camp Lo "Tall Glasses" (prod. by Smoking Apples): The homey Gotty and the TSS camp have leaked another Camp Lo-ah track, dedicated to niggas who chill in the VIP and shit. I’m too un-jiggy and too much of a homebody to relate, but this shit feels like something you need to blast while puffing some clean weed in the back of a stretch limo, sipping champagne out of a heavy glass. Or, if you’re me, you’d rock this in your backyard, during a summer night, rapping into a tiki torch with a beer in one hand, rib in another. That’s my high life. Backyard Saturday Night, I’m still.

Brown Bag AllStars "Crumbling Down"

Brown Bag AllStars "Crumbling Down" (prod. by Mr. Green): Despite the inevitable brawl that J57 and I will have to have someday, BBAS is my shit. Talented crew, who gets a LOT of love these days. I fuck with that. No matter how many shows, blogs or labels put out their shit, I know if I need something musically, those cats have my back. Word from J57 is that the crew has their debut album due out sometime next year, and they’re putting in that work to make it as special as it should be – while sorting out their own individual projects and such. For those who need a fixing before that, be clear – the BBAS have a double-disc project of unreleased and rare material set to drop on the 17th of May, and this beautiful track is from it. Love Green’s instrumental here, and of course cats like Soul Khan excel, always. Hearing all of the cats spitting on the same track, after seeing them plant their own individual seeds, is beautiful. Also love the hook. Just an overall fly cut. Jah bless the BBAS!

[video] Ruinz Ason ft. Gramma "Side View"

[video] Esinchill "Feel My Pain"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Evol Intent - To Protect & Swerve

Those Evol Intent boys come CORRECT with their latest mix. Damn near 60 (!!) tracks in a little over 72 minutes, featuring many styles (although mostly DnB, dubstep and all forms in between) from some of your favorite artists. They drop a mix like this just about every year, and we always have to show them some love. Now we just need more original tunes from them.

DOWNLOAD Evol Intent - To Protect & Swerve [mirror]

[video] Soul Khan "Soul Like Khan"

Juan Epstein: Cam'ron & Vado (4/27/2011)

This is one of those classic Juan Epstein episodes right here. We get to hear a tad about the behind the scenes with the morning show, then Vado shows his personality on this one. About 20 some minutes in, Cam steps in and runs down his history. Everyone from Biggie to Big L gets brought up, and by the end, you'll wish they came with a second part sometime in the near future. Muma! Check this out!

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein: Cam'ron & Vado (4/27/2011)

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 37: Jonathan Mannion

Great episode of Hype Men - this time featuring Jonathan Mannion, who's taken a shitload of iconic Hip-Hop pictures, featuring everyone from Jay-Z to DJ Quik: "Legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion joins the Hype Men to discuss how he got DMX to bathe himself in blood + what Jay-Z thinks of his Jay-Z impression + breaking new artists from Eminem to Lil' Mama + Game's Compton street reality + trashing hotel rooms with Sum 41 + the madness of Foxy Brown + Lil' Wayne's genius water + the ODB-Donna Summer connection + so much more!".

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 37: Jonathan Mannion

Neako ft. Juicy J "Flossin'"

Neako ft. Juicy J "Flossin'" (prod. by Neako): 4/20 was last week, but Neako is a proper weed vet. Off this cut from his forthcoming LOUDpack: Tree release, he brings some real regal shit with the beat. Kind of like the herb he was smoking on was named “King Midas” or some shit. Pharaoh. Anyways, Juicy J adds the right hint of ignorance, making me remember why I fuck with nignorant shit so often. Some hypnotic shit to throw on and get lost in, with or without the aid of them trees. But trees help.

Intalek "On"

Intalek "On" (prod. by Ritchcraft): Here’s another leak from Ritchcraft’s 30 In 30 EP, and we’re blessed with a special cut from this duo that blazed a super trail with Lives & Vibes. In goes dumb on each verse – props to him for switching three different flows. Proper MC shit over a fly beat. No nonsense. Word is In and Ritch have an EP they’re working on – given how dope the last outing was, I’m all-in!

John Dew ft. DJ StarrSkywalka "Back To It"

John Dew ft. DJ StarrSkywalka "Back To It": Real throwback feel on this bonus cut to Dew’s STJv1.9 album, with cuts from StarrSkywalka. Has a real dirty synth vibe to it. Some shit to ride heavy down the block to while you’re sipping henrock straight from the bottle. No swervin’. On a Saturday evening, when you’re out running errands in between chillin’ with the homies. Fun shit, and I love those cuts.

Back To It ft. DJ StarrSkywalka by johndewmusic

Garden Variety Preview: Sol Zalez

Thin Blue Lines (vocal - Sol Zalez + The Latebloomer) by The Latebloomer

Sol Zalez will be touching down at this Saturday's Garden Variety Show here in Trenton. If you fox with any of THAT, definitely come on through!

Marc DeCoca "Bigger Fish"

Marc DeCoca "Bigger Fish": Another new cat to my ears, but I mess with this string-meets-beat machine banger here. This is one of those tracks where homey goes deep into what’s pissing him off and just lets it all fly atop that track. Easier to get all of the shullbit out at once, because we truly have bigger shit to get down to. Fuck the sucker shit. This cut is taken from Enjoy, Marc’s forthcoming EP.

SkyBlew "Blew Note Samba"

SkyBlew "Blew Note Samba" (prod. by Backdraft): Damn, Blew sounds young. Don’t let that fool you, though – he’s already performing alongside cats like Kendrick Lamar, Copywrite, Phil Ade, PUSH! Montana and more, and he hit the inbox with the first leak from his forthcoming album, Above The Stars Is My Landing (the follow-up to Earth Is Just My Airport). Don’t know where Backdraft ganked these sounds, but those pianos sound awesome. Blew goes in, too. Some feel-good shit, really. Throw this on and marinate for a minute or 5, then watch out for the May release of his album.

[video] A.M. Breakups ft. V8 & Shortrock "Low Bombing"

TheSeKondElement + Bettis "Heaven Sent"

TheSeKondElement + Bettis "Heaven Sent": Tough. Apparently SeKondEl and Bettis completed a project, The Korner of Ahmir & Hillman, set to drop on the 28th of April (aka Thursday), featuring nothing but her “heaven sent” rhymes and Bettis’ intelligent drumming. Love how the use of a live drummer draws something else out of SeKondEl – it’s not like Bettis just laid down drums and she laid verses after; this is a proper performance. You can feel how she flips her rhymes a bit different, just like how Bettis adds his fills and drops to match her bars. Intriguing. Can’t wait for the full project.

[video] Small Pro "I, Savant" LIVE

Well he played the track live; taken from the Beats & Rhymes night, April 23rd, 2011.

Gus ft. Craig G "Only For You"

Gus ft. Craig G "Only For You": Here’s something from Gus, a fine beatmaker who reps Greece and has a new album dropping, Road To America, that not only features Craig G, but also has bars from M-Dot, Souldread, Brown Bonez, Mark Deez and more. This is some fly shit that reminds me of the early aughts. That sample in the chorus kills me. Kind of wish Craig did more than one verse, but his shit is tough, so you can’t really get upset. This might be one of those bangers to show heads who think the scene is dead – catch-up, niggas.

Botchamania 169

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[video] Flux Pavilion "Bass Cannon"

[trailer] Kardi The Valedictorian

Kardi's The Valedictorian drops on April 30th.

Dallas Penn After Random Axe Listening Event (4/25/2011)

This Is A Rule4080 Exclusive.

K-SISE "Player Shoes"

K-SISE "Player Shoes": After assuming a new name, the nigga formerly known as Monsta X is back with a new one! This is for the niggas who rock Stacy Adams and have no problem chatting chicks up whenever, wherever. I was never good at just kickin’ it to chicks. Maybe it’s because I never had on the right shoes. I always talked to females and ended up being like “why are we bullshitting?”, but never went into a convo like “I’m bout to chat her up and smash”. Don’t know why. Also don’t know what K-SISE has poppington after this, so I’m just gonna open a window and let the sun shine in.

MiLKMEN "Real Deal"

MiLKMEN "Real Deal" (prod. by Mistah Sandman): 2011 finds the MiLKs still smashin’ shit – this cut is kind of club-ready, you feel me? Something different enough and bangin’ enough to have the chicks winding and the guys brushing their shoulders off. The MiLKs have their Preview EP dropping in two weeks, but don’t trip – they also have their Far From Perfect mixtape on the horizon as well. No mirage.

Hollywood Floss "Take Notice"

Hollywood Floss "Take Notice": The New Houston fam are definitely working hard. This cut was leaked via a project Flawse has with TheHipHopEffect, where music’s Nat Turner will be dropping tracks on THHE every few weeks, and once they feel enough jams are dropped, they will be compiled into a mixtape. This should be happening about twice a week or something, although I know this dropped a lil bit ago and I didn’t get anything new. Be on the lookout for Stray Shots Vol. 1 regardless.

Wais P ft. Maffew Ragazino & Ras Kass "The Perfect Bitch"

Wais P ft. Maffew Ragazino & Ras Kass "The Perfect Bitch" (prod. by Shuko): The track title is pretty self-explanatory, as these three adept lyricists play Dr. Frankenstein and break down how to construct their perfect female. Don’t let that artwork fool you, though – their females will have elbows and thighs and shit, too. You know how it is, though – there’s certain things that the eyes of guys flock to. They flipped this kind of like a “Dreams” 2011, but not just with R&B chicks – more like flipping through your favorite gossip websites and drooling over the females there. Wais P’s It’s In the Game mixtape is on the way, while producer Shuko’s The Foundation 2 is in the works – and this cut plays double duty, as it’ll be featured on both projects!

Jermiside "That Money"

Jermiside "That Money" (prod. by The Jake): I LOVE when worlds collide. Lessondary fam Jermiside tackles this inspiring instrumental from The Jake, expounding on one of the more important things in life: money. I’m a broke ass, and while money doesn’t rule my life, it’s necessary. Cats will say “it’s only money” – tell me that story when rent’s due, or the lightman is about to cut your shit off. Money makes this country go ‘round, and while you might not be thinking about it 100% of your day, don’t act like it’s on the backburner daily.

Rich Quick "Do It To Death"

Rich Quick "Do It To Death": Not sure who Rich Quick is, but the fam over at Exponent Ent. Sent this over, so I’m assuming neph is from the Philly area. He caps off on this Statik Selektah BANGER and lets you lames know how he puts in his work (spoiler alert: he’s a hard worker). This is taken from his forthcoming I’m With The DJ mixtape, which is hosted by DJs NoPhrillz and Benja Styles. Is Rich in great hands? Definitely.

[video] Smokey Robotic "SuperVicious"

Bonus Beats Smokey Robotic "SuperVicious"

[video] June G. "Supa Star"

Bonus Beats June G. "Supa Star"

D.Julien x WeGoHardTV

Dutch New York ft. Pistol Da One "Say My Name Twice"

Dutch New York ft. Pistol Da One "Say My Name Twice" (prod. by Max Dollas): Damn – Dutch sounds like he’s ready for war on this one. I love how you can go to him for a certain sound; if you’re trying to harken back to what the Diplomats gained their fanbase with, you need this. The last grip of tracks I’ve gotten from him have had that flood of hi-hats and that hint of weed-soaked braggadocio. Dutch and Pistol will make you puff out your chest and start buckin’ at that nigga across the club/street/supermarket that you’re not fucking with. Music to whip babies to.

Monday, April 25, 2011

[video] NORE "NORE Shot Somebody"

previous N.O.R.E. NOREaster

Rob Jay Rap Phenomenon

Some of you sites are funny. Don't even know a good thing when its sitting on your hard drive. I've been rockin' to Rob's bars for a bit. Dude has more of an intellectual flavor to his shit. He ain't beating you over the head with SAT words or anything, but he takes a bit more time in constructing his rhymes and truly gives a fuck about putting people onto something more than how ill he is or how fine his bitch is. Stories, lessons, life gems. Dude's on it, and I guess that's why Kevin Nottingham put him on. Or maybe cats just want to capitalize and be "ahead of the curve". Who knows. Dude's a proper Rap Phenomenon, and I'm gathering a number of you cats will still sleep. New Houston is doing it - I bet if Bun B co-signed Jay, yall would be all over it. #runtellthat

DOWNLOAD Rob Jay Rap Phenomenon

JSWISS ft. P. Rob "View"

JSWISS ft. P. Rob "View": JSWISS revisits a classic De La instrumental for this week's Monday treat (+2 for IDing the beat). Some shit to kick back, crack a brew and puff a tight L to. I love how SWISS tackles the problem with mediocre music taking center stage these days. "Eff 'em" is a great way to look at that shit... but making and leaking fire shit is a better weapon.

The Combat Jack Show (4/20/2011)

Special 4/20 edition of the Combat Jack show - while I imagine CJ, Dallas and the crew have done the show on reefer before, but to have the show fall on 4/20? Legendary. Benhameen also gets busy with his track selections. You should already know, though.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (4/20/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 4-20-11 (420 Edition) by PNCRadio

Garden Variety Preview: Black Collar Biz

MC (MORE COMPLEX) by Black Collar Biz

Black Collar Biz will be touching down at the Central Jers Edition of the Garden Variety Show this Saturday (4/30/2011) in Trenton - if you fox with ANY of this, come on through!

Kickstarter: Trebles and Blues The Blue Note

If you fucked with Trebles and Blues The Blue Note, you might want to look into the recent Kickstarter that's launched. Homey's asking for $1500 to provide a physical release, with special artwork, wall posters and more. This is going until the 19th of May, so you might as well get involved, y'all.

Whitefolkz Year of the Dogg

LinkAfter building MAD anticipation, the NU Revolution camp has brought forth Whitefolkz' new mixtape, Year of the Dogg, showing the multifaceted fury that 'Folkz brings to the game. I personally dig that he does the majority of this dolo - aside from a pair of posse cuts and a Pro'Verb feature, this 12-track release is an all-'Folkz party. He brings some boisterous banger, some more sentimental songs and some skraight up Club smashers. Dude's got it on lock - this could definitely be his year! Don't sleep!

DOWNLOAD Whitefolkz Year of the Dogg

[video] Zero Star "72 Dolphins"

[video] K Hill "The Declaration of An Independent"

[video] K-Beta ft. B. Sheba "Soul Cry"

Bonus Beats K-Beta ft. B. Sheba "Soul Cry" (prod. by Grussle)

[video] Señor Kaos "Til Your Dead"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

N.O.R.E. NOREaster

Not sure what got Noreaga in the spirit - love the play on the holiday and the fucked the fuck up weather, though. While your kids are off snacking on chocolate and enjoying fanciful stories of candyman rabbits, N.O.R.E. got that pure criddack, with beats from Scram Jones, The Neptunes, Hazardis Soundz, Digga and more. Big up to 57th Ave for this adult Easter treat.

DOWNLOAD N.O.R.E. NOREaster [mirror]

[video] JoJo Pellegrino "Confessions"

Bonus Beats JoJo Pellegrino "Confessions"

[video] Knife "Irresponsible Rap Song"