Saturday, August 27, 2011

Centric ft. Trife, Sean Price & Cyrano "Loose Lips"

Feels like I can't sleep during this Irene shit. Fuck that bitch. I'll keep drinking and figure out what's good when the power dies. Until then, ride the bass that Centric threw into this track. BPA affiliate/RTD favorite Cy Yung is featured, as well as Jersey's own Trife and motherfucking Sean Price. I feel bad, because no matter whatever the fuck happens, once P! is on a track? That shit is his. I'm glad I live in an era where he is affordable enough that he can merk tracks from bigger niggas and cats on the under. LOL @ him getting mistaken for Kimbo. No word on where this shit will end up, doe. Enjoy it for what it is, nigga.

DOWNLOAD Centric ft. Trife, Sean Price & Cyrano "Loose Lips" (prod. by Centric)

Timeless Truth ft. Roc Marciano "Irene"

I'm riding out Irene with some Jameson and the Internets. Supreme Internets #1 Dallas Penn hit my inbox with the Random McRandom in form of a track that takes its cue from the insanity that's going on right now. Now, Before Greneberg, I fucked with Roc Marciano. For some reason, though, I'm finally really getting into his shit. Maybe it took the proverbial end of the world for me to realize that. Sue me. In any case, this some shit to blast while you're looting your favorite chain outlet stores in the name of media fear and consumerism. Be safe out there. Don't drown and don't drop your boxcutter.

DOWNLOAD Timeless Truth ft. Roc Marciano "Irene"

[video] Chiddy Bang "Guinness Flow"

[video] Mr. Fickle LIVE At The Khyber (8/19/2011)

That "My iPod" bit at the end is classic.

Electric Zoo Episode 18: 12th Planet

[video] Lyrikill "Yes Inf**kindeed"

[video] BIG S.I.N. "Illest Man Alive"

[video] Earl Grey ft. Vasco "Heatwave"

[video] DTMD "You"

Bonus Beats DTMD "You"

[video] S.I.N. Extraordinaire "Underground Rebel"

[video] Those Chosen ft. Blake Carrington "This Is cA"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 8/26/2011)


Friday, August 26, 2011

[video] Big K.R.I.T. "The Vent"

Solid Steel (8/26/2011)

Had to post this one. Solid Steel's gone and let DK rock the first hour, and allowed motherfucking Skream drops in for the second hour, with a special mix of his influences (featuring everything from Prince to The Bucketheads). Love mixes like this that truly showcase what someone feels represents in the new shit they create. Enjoy this one.

DJ Cable & DJ Hotpoint - UK Garage 2011

When UK Garage was really taking off, I was so not about it. I was rediscovering mainstream Rap, and digging deep into Drum & Bass. I respected the darker tinges of Bass in Garage, but the champagne sippin', pretty stuff wasn't my forte. When I got older, and my tastes started to open wide, I started appreciating more of the UK Garage scene, and find myself bouncing to some of the classic bits. From what Cable is saying, UK Garage is hitting a resurgence, and he linked up with the homey DJ Hotpoint for a dope look into the Garage of now. Featured artists on this project include Royal-T, Redlight, DJ Q, Fused Forces, Skream, TRC and many more. Rock to this.

DOWNLOAD DJ Cable & DJ Hotpoint - UK Garage 2011

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (8/24/2011)


[video] DJ Shadow ft. Afrikan Boy "I'm Excited"

Taken from Shadow's The Less You Know, The Better, which drops on the 26th of September.

Side-B Radio (8/21/2011)

In what should be the first of many, I'm going to be starting to post the podcast from the Side-B Radio shows on WPRB. Hook Jackson sent his most recent show over a bit late, but this is still a dope show. Features the one and only L.I.F.E. Long in studio, as well as a grip of new music from cats like Raekwon, Genrokka, DJ Absurd, Tone Liv, Kool G Rap and plenty more. Something to get your weekend started off right with!

[video] L-Vis 1990 "Lost In Love"

Not my normal flex, but I like the Soul vibes in this one.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[video] The ILLZ ft. Michael Francis "November Sky" LIVE

[video] Rukus "Pass Out"

The Come Up (8/26/2011)

Should be a dope event tomorrow night in Brooklyn at the Southpaw. Nitty Scott MC has been making a name for herself, and will be headlining, with catsl ike The Black Sunn & 810, D.Julien, Emcee Jermaine, Adebisi and OTiS CLaPP touching the stage. Feels like I booked this event! More info via MFM.

Genrokka ft. Corey Kelly "Imagine Dat"

Genrokka is really going in with these classic flips. Grabbing the classic "Close The Door", Genny peers into the looking glass, trying to get an idea of what would happen if this life wasn't really life. Sounds like the dreams of kids looking out of project windows, stomach grumbling. Or those just struggling. AKA US. He did well with grabbing a singer from Trenton, Corey Kelly, to touch down on the hook. I know Kelly had some ish on the way, but hadn't heard if it came to fruition. I know Genny has his James Bernard Mixtape Series Vol 1 project on the way. Soon. Might wanna get lifted to this and really contemplate life.

DOWNLOAD Genrokka ft. Corey Kelly "Imagine Dat"

J NiC$ "Til Death"

I've never been a G. Nor will I ever be a G. Not that I'm some poo-butt pussy ass nigga, I just am not the one to be wearing my certification on my sleeve. I won't back down from the fight. But I might not win. I might need a blackjack in my backpack. Oh, I'm supposed to be taumbout this track, huh? J NiC$ knows how to pick 'em, don't he? Putting his pedigree down over some bangin' beats with a fly organ atop. Til the day that he die. His Southern Niggas Ain't Slow is dropping soon, and will be in two parts, I hear: "The Tribute" will feature J coastin' over "rarely touched Souther classics", while "The Product" will feature new jawns over original beats. That's a lot of work, Polar Bear!

DOWNLOAD J NiC$ "Til Death"

Wildabeast - Rising Shadows EP

The other day, Jelani and Wildabeast turned on the cameras and let the world see them record an EP, live. A few minutes ago, Jel sent over this seven-track opus, and goddamn, I love this kind of Internets output. Two talented individuals linking up and getting a project written, recorded, mixed and mastered, and eventually released later that week. For free. And it's fucking ill! First time in a minute I heard some new Wil, so I'm glad this came about. Fits the odd mood I'm in due to this rainy day. "Aftershocks" might be my favorite, trust. Noise x boom bap. Enjoy that. And be on the lookout for the next EP, which should materialize in October. Yall don't hear me doe.

DOWNLOAD Wildabeast - Rising Shadows EP

The Jake ft. J.Gunn, Daniel Joseph & Edge "The Hit & Run"

I hope you guys picked up Dream Season. I know I appreciate it, and The Jake is appreciative of all of the love that the EP has gotten. This cut right here? This was actually going to drop the week the EP dropped, but delays caused both the EP and this track not to drop when they should've. Never fear, we've got some freeness from The Jake, who brings a slick instrumental on this one. Love the fact that most cats would probably bring in some of those harder snares on this, but Jake plays it Soulful and brings the thumping kick but has a number of different percussive elements in it. Three top shottas touch the track, as frequent collaborator J.Gunn, RTD-fam Daniel Joseph and the one like Edge each go for theirs over this one, taking the "dream season" idea and really bringing their own spin to the proceedings. Again, be sure to grab Dream Season if you haven't already, as it's a project I'm feeling so strongly about. And be sure to look out for The Accomplices! Shouts to sites like When Giants Meet, This Is Book's Music, Flawless Hustle and everyone else who has helped spread the word.

DOWNLOAD The Jake ft. J.Gunn, Daniel Joseph & Edge "The Hit & Run"

Tef Poe - The Preview

If you're not hearing from a nigga, assume they're working hard. I see Tef Poe jabbering on the tweets, and have gotten a few freestyles from him recently, but I know he's been tackling a couple of projects simultaneously. I wasn't really prepared for Poebama to email me this morning taumbout "I'm sitting on nearly two albums worth of new music". I also wasn't expecting him to hit me with The Preview, which is what you're getting today. If you remember War Machine, you'll remember two things: the full potential of the project wasn't reached, and Poe was saying some SHIT! Be happy to know that War Machine 2 is on the way, and this preview gives you a peak into what you can expect for that - although some of these jawns might not make the final cut. Shit happens. Love this, and prepare for a few things that Poe has down the pike, including The David Ruffin Theory, which is an EP he is doing with Rockwell Knuckles. Power Over Everything is the mixtape he's sorting with DJ Trackstar, which features Poe going in on the freestyle tip. Word is the listening party of P.O.E. goes down this Friday, August 26th at The Gramophone, and features Rocky as well as Family Affair. Also be sure to grab that GLC I Know Who You Pimped Last Summer mixtape, which features their "Out The Kitchen" remix. Phew. Slow down, son, ya killin' em!

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe - The Preview

Element Tree Presents: Jersey Fresh Jam 2011

I wasn't able to be there this year, but here's a dope video from Element Tree.

EDIT Here are a bunch of recaps from the Jam.

The Combat Jack Show (8/24/2011)

A few days removed from the epic #BYOBBBQ2, and the Combat Jack show feels stronger than ever. Featuring co-host Sean Price, CJ and Dallas recap the BBQ (niggas was fighting?!), chop it up with Dee-1, and DP drops a bomb that you probably should've seen coming if you'd been following the movement over the last few weeks. Or maybe I'm reading too much into things. All I know is I fell asleep while listening to the show, so I will reserve my thoughts on the sicciashun until later today. Feels like Combat Jack show, Season 2 premiere and shit. And the SoundCloud for last night's show is just preview only, so I cooked up my own download link. #GetReadyForCombat

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (8/24/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (BYOBBBQ2 Recap, Sean Price, Dee1) 8-24-11 by PNCRadio

@Dallas_Penn is really taking a "hiatus" from the show. *Puff voice* what the fuck I'm 'posed to do now?!?less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

[video] Supanice "Black & White"

[video] J.Nolan "Round"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[video] Kendrick Lamar "ADHD"

The Opus ft. Pigeon John "Up & Away"

Shouts to Pugz Atoms for sending over this track. This shit is kind of dark - wasn't expecting this at all. The Opus have an ominous regality to the loop on this, with some skitterfied drums to accent it's dark flavor. Nighttime music. This is another cut from The Opus of the Opus II mixtape (which is mixed by DJ Intel), which drops on September 6th. The Midwest! Is it weird that the name "Pigeon John" immediately makes me think of those Staple Pigeon kicks? Oh and you guys do realize that this cut could turn into a Drum & Bass BANGER with just a little thought, right?

DOWNLOAD The Opus ft. Pigeon John "Up & Away"

[video] Illus "Old Friends (DJ Johnny Juice Remix)"

Taken from DJ Johnny Juice's Feel Good Remixes LP for Illus. Yes, the same Johnny Juice from Public Enemy / Bomb Squad fame.

Whitefolkz ft. DC Don Juan "Call A Penalty"

For some reason, I've been sitting on this track for almost two weeks. The boy Whitefolkz has been putting it down, and always knows how to come with some shit I can rock to, even if I don't think it's more of my speed. It's funny, I could see dude at LEAST being a regional favorite because of tracks like this. This bangs just as hard as a number of cuts that have to be cluttering radio in the South. It's catchy as FUCK, and hell, I could see some chicks rockin' to this one. Nice play on "charging", too. Might not be your speed if you're looking for something deep and intellectual - this one is more for stuntin' and ballin', I guess. Word is Folkz and Juan are working on an album, and this is the first taste of it. I have a few other cuts Folkz is affiliated with for you as well...

DOWNLOAD Whitefolkz ft. DC Don Juan "Call A Penalty" (prod. by Cashflow)

Bonus Beats Harmony Muzik ft. Whitefolkz "Trails" (prod. by Certified)
Bonus Beats Dutch Capital x Whitefolkz "Sellin' Dreams" [clean | dirty]

[video] Smoke DZA ft. ASAP Rocky "4 Loko"

I've still never drank 4 Loko. I respect that "all these old niggas on Gotti dick, real life he ain't even like niggas" line.

Wordsmith "Rhymesayer Revivial"

I'm telling you, the work I was doing when interviewing cats like Wordsmith years back are the direct reason why rockthedub is even in existence, so I have to give him all the props. He might not realize what that work did for me and my focus. In any case, Words brings a laidback beat into new light, turning this revival into something more - this feels more like a mission statement, laying the foundation of what he's about when he goes into these numerous projects. This is another jawn from his King Noah mixtape, which soundsl ike it might be something you Internets come latelies need to be waiting on.

DOWNLOAD Wordsmith "Rhymesayer Revivial" (prod. by Strada, cuts by DJ Ykcor)

JSWISS "August 24th"

In customary rapper fashion, on his birthday, JSWISS decides to drop a freestyle in celebration. Tackling Murs & 9th Wonder's "Used To Love Her", he gives us an idea of why many consider him one of the nicer up-and-coming MCs currently not being widely-praised. Go 'head, nigga, enjoy that 20th. I'll cop you a bottle.


J-Zone's Guide To Pay Phone Pimpin'

[video] Apathy "Peace Connecticut"

Name The Sean Price Dance

During Random Axe's performance at Royal Arena this past Friday in Switzerland, Sean Price stunned the fans with a new dance. Tweet your suggestion (for the record, my entry was "P Walking") for the dance's name to @DuckDownMusic and Sean will choose his favorite one. Winner will be credited for naming the dance on and will receive a signed Random Axe CD.

[video] GLC & Ro Spit "Max Julien"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[video] Rob Yung "Code Of The Streets"

One of my favorite Gangstarr instrumentals.

[video] Scram Jones "Back In The Park"

Kind of fuck with how Scram kicked this one.

[video] JCapps & Keaton "Fireworks"

Spooky On DejaVu FM (8/22/2011)

LinkThe homey Spooky touches down on Deja Vu FM bi-weekly, and this week's show finds him dropping a SICK grip of Grime and dubstep, including his "This Is Anger" refix. I know Nappy is grinning from ear to ear about this one. Spooky also drops loads of dubs, including a world premiere of "Lord of The Hypes". Tough.

DOWNLOAD Spooky On DejaVu FM (8/22/2011)

The Dub Below

I'm not sure what promopted this, but Justin Pardon has sorted out The Dub Below, a refixing of a grip of Outkast tracks, utilizing cuts from the likes of Rusko, Dillon Francis and more, with varying degrees of success. The intro cut is cool, with Ellie Goulding meeting the "Black Ice" vocals, but I'd be lying if I didn't think her vocal was a bit too much with their rapid fire lyrics atop them. I actually tried getting some THUGSTEP projects going down with a few SMKA-affiliated artists, but they never panned out. Good to see they still understand the power of this movement. Big up to The Notes Music Group as well.

DOWNLOAD The Dub Below [mirror]
The Dub Below by The Notes Music Group

[video] City Slick "Llama Lasers"

The Money and His Fool drops September 20th, 2011.

Bonus Beats City Slick "Llama Lasers"

[stream] Jelani x Wildabeast LIVE EP Recording Session

If you remember BeastRoc and Thin Walls, you should be familiar with Jelani and Wildabeast's excursions into knocking out an EP in a day. Instead of rocking this late(r) at night, they decided to turn on the camera and let the music get created in the afternoon. Now, all of the beats have been sorted out beforehand, so Will will be hearing these upon arrival and writing/recording to them on the spot. You can see that entire process, mixed and mastered, then release. Fucking tough, right? Enjoy that.

Curly Castro "Playing With Fire (The Girl Who Remix)"

This one's been in the vault for a minute. Not my vault, Castro's. One project I've been waiting to drop is the Curly Castro vs. RTD EP we're looking to drop, which finds Castro rocking over dubstep/leftfield beats from Definate, Skream and others. And this Starkey jawn was penciled in. The original "Playing With Fire" was found on Starkey's Space Traitor Vol. 1, which Civil Music dropped last December. In typical Castro fashion, the he straps this jawn to his back and jumps straight out of the plane, letting off poisonous darts from the sky, infecting those hit with knowledge and a story that sounds like something from Breaking Bad. Word to the wise: if you want to get Castro going ham, talk about Breaking Bad. Take this track in vein and let it marinate. Then realize what the fuck I've been trying to bring forth with the Hip-Hop/bass music hybrid sound. And be ready for Curly Castro vs. RTD - we're trying to get that out soon-ish. And Fidel, which also is on the pipeline. And the numerous other jawns Castro has coming. Make some room on your harddrives, CD shelves and all that. Trust.

DOWNLOAD Curly Castro "Playing With Fire (The Girl Who Remix)" (prod. by Starkey)

My Man Shafe "Street Funk"

After dropping "Look At Her" about a month ago, the homey Fresh slid this throwback JB's flavor to me yesterday. My Man Shafe has a knack for those dusty samples, and this one is a great example. Rockin' over "more bass than a dub track", this is straight up styling over some vintage Fawnk. If you needed a jolt in the morning, some shit to get you in the PROPER mood to deal with the hellish ills that encompass the everyday struggle in the urban jungle, or just life in general, you'd be playing yourself if this wasn't your soundtrack.

Word is another track, featuring Atlanta's Ajaray on the vocals, will be dropped, and then the Who's That?! My Man Shafe! album will be released. Keep your ears to the ground, seekers.

DOWNLOAD My Man Shafe "Street Funk"

The Two. Fifteens "Extra Cheese Slapp"

Well of course, a few days after Benji B drops "Cloudy. Got 'Em" on BBC Radio 1, Starkey drops a few bangers from The Two. Fifteens on MistaJam's 1Xtra show during his mix. One of them is a banger entitled "Patch'dUppRugbySlapp", which isn't available right now, but also features "Extra Cheese Slapp", which got a big premier on XLR8R earlier. It's in the vein of exactly what you expect from these two. LMAO at XL8R almost scoffing at the press description of "what Burial would sound like if he was from South Central", although it's a pretty solid comparison. Fucking bass in this one goes ham, and the bleeps and atmosphere will have you rocking to this one. Proper infectious EDM for the uninitiated. Don't want to say "I told you so", but we are about two years removed from their proper reemergence.

DOWNLOAD The Two. Fifteens "Extra Cheese Slapp"

[video] Adam Warlock "Slugging Percentage"

This video is the visual representation of Dark Weapons (from Mars), a project I dig but haven't gotten around to posting for whatever reason. The video pretty much sets up what sparked the project - a robbery that occured to Warlock's spot. Taking that frustration and channeling it into beats that Nasa created around The Mars Volta's music, you really get thrown into the shame, fear, rage and depression that a situation like this can throw at you. Some heavyweight shit.

[video] G-Scott "Folded"

Monday, August 22, 2011

[video] Neta ft. Gee Dubs "One Up"

Drums on this is tough.

Introducing The Accomplices

During our conversation prior to the release of Dream Season, The Jake mentioned his latest project, The Accomplices, which is Jake and BroadNMarket on the beats. From what I understand, they have Got Away: The EP set to drop early September, with MCs like Daniel Joseph, Tom Chase, DeuceZ, J. Gunn, MaG, Trek Life and more featured. I got hit with the cut "The Getaway" with MaG, and you cats need to hear it. It's exactly what you know you needed from the game, but slept on for whatever reason. Don't let this shit get away from you. Hopefully we'll get some more jawns like this?

DOWNLOAD The Accomplices ft. MaG "The Getaway"

Brown Bag AllStars "Psycho Dwarf 2011"

I'm not sure what prompted this, but I'm loving that the Brown Bag fam decided to pay homage to the Beatuts, kicking their own cover over "Psycho Dwarf". Maintains that throwback flavor, but also includes enough of the BBAS swagger to make sure you know who it is. I'm mad most liquor stores don't sell brown bags anymore (my hood has the black plastic, but I was in Brooklyn on Saturday and they had these white plastic jawns?). I would've been 40'd up at the #BYOBBBQ2 if that was the case. Nevermind all that, McDuck hit me witht his one, and I'm glad to present you heathens with it. Cuts by DJ Brace if you were wondering.

DOWNLOAD Brown Bag AllStars "Psycho Dwarf 2011"

Diamond District ft. Fat Trel "Tol' U So"

Yeah, I know this is technically an Uptown XO jawn, but both yU and Oddisee are featured (as is Fat Trel), so you know. In any case, I'm fucking with this one. I have a thing for vintage-sounding string samples, and this one has a tough one, making almost anything these cats say sound ill. Good thing they don't waste a bar, you feel me? XO's Monumental 2 drops on August the 30th, digitally (not sure if that's free or for a fee). Whatever the case may be, get ready for that one.

DOWNLOAD Diamond District ft. Fat Trel "Tol' U So" (prod. by AB the Pro)

[video] Dinz "Eric Peters"

I imagine a number of you have stories similar to this from your high school memories. Fuck the Eric Peters of the world. Respect to the nigga in the nWo t-shirt in the background as well. And big up to Pryme Prolifik for the mean mugs in this one.

Tracy Cruz Wants Remixes

Definitely get on this - the opportunity to be featured on this remix album could be super beneficial. Find out more, and grab the acapellas (in MP3 and WAV format) HERE.

[video] MiLKMEN "Cop A Brick Freestyle"

Anne Hathaway x Nero & Skrillex

Shouts to DJ Woody for this. Comedy.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

[video] K.I. Project "Birthday Beat"

K.I. Project are back... This time it's Innocent's birthday, so what better present can Kensaye give him than a beat... See what he does with it.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of August 17th, 2011)

J.Nolan - Chaos Theory

I Left My House

I kept it pretty Internets yesterday and trekked up to the #BYOBBBQ2 yesterday. Wild journey, awesome event. Got to meet Internets I'd not met face to face. Anyways, Who Shot Ya? has a grip of pics up from the event, and I'm in one of them. No, that's not me in the gray skull wing shirt. I'm the nigga on the left, with the Cobra New Era on. Yup. Enjoy that.

Scripts-N-Screwz ft. Scrub "Test Pattern"

Second week of these #SNSSundays, Scripts-N-Screwz come forth with a Loose Screwz-produced 808 banger featuring STL up-and-comer Scrub. Love beats like this, with that "bang it in your Jeep" flex to it. Go hardbody down the block in this one. Po something up.

SNS-Test Pattern feat. SCRUB by loosescrewz

Action Bronson LIVE At #BYOBBBQ2

Bronson ran through "Barry Horowitz" in this clip from the #BYOBBBQ2. He also performed jawns like "Jerk Chicken" (with Maffew Ragazino) and "Jar of Drugs".


Danny Brown LIVE At #BYOBBBQ2

First time I saw Danny Brown live. Grab that XXX if you haven't already. Performance had the crowd looking like a cult - for good or ill. Video via BarrelHouse BKLYN.

Shouts to all of the Internets that I finally got to meet In Real Life: Dallas Penn, Combat Jack, A-King, Meka, Che Grand, Donwill, Von Pea, Ben Hameen, 6th Sense, Premium Pete, Matt Raz, Preezy, Ev Boogie, Alex MFM and anyone else I might have forgotten. I had a great time, even if the L train tried to cripple me. And shouts to Internets like Amanda Bassa and ItsTheReal, who I spotted but didn't get to properly speak with. And extra special shout outs to Elucid for rockin' with a nigga. All love!

THANKS to EVERYONE that supported yesterday's Combat Jack and @Dallas_Penn# BYOBBBQ2011. It was a successful event. We did it. #Salutes!less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

Curbside Jones - The Cherry Blossom Effect

[video] The Kid Gashi "In My Lifetime"

This used to be one of my favorite instrumentals.

[video] Indo ft. Truest "Old Spice"