Saturday, November 19, 2011

[video] Jon Connor ft. Pill "Don't Fall In Love With A Bitch (Remix)"

[video] Young Lyxx "Cake"

[video] Dee-1 ft. Kennedi Rayne "The Garden of Eden"

[video] Deuce Jones " Money In The Air"

[video] J. Pinder "Go Farther"

[video] J-Love ft. Ag Da Coroner, Wigs & Whyz Ruler "Dark Clouds"

[video] Mago x E.R. "Best of Both Worlds"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 11/18/2011)


DJ Cable - 3am Mix

Friday, November 18, 2011

DJ Cable x RTD - Big Tyme: A Tribute To Heavy D

When I heard that Heavy D had passed away last week, it had me trippin' on elementary school memories. Heav was one of the true stars within the Hip-Hop game, if you look at how his music crossed over, as well as his different acting opportunities. He's got a grip of classics in the chamber, and I was literally going through Heavy Hitz like "damn, Heavy had it". Crazy how the act of not remembering your past can make you forget things like that. In any case, I figured a tribute mix would be needed, outside of Mister Cee and DJ Premier and the other selectors out there. I know Heavy came through when the New Jack Swing phase of Hip-Hop and R&B was in full effect, and my UK bredren DJ Cable is big on that '90s flavor, so I asked him to sort out a tribute mix for RTD. This one came about pretty quickly, track-wise, and the final mix landed in my inbox overnight. 52 minutes of funk, spanning a number of Heavy's tracks, as well as features that he's done for both Michael and Janet Jackson, among other bits. Spread the word on this one, forreal. And once again, Rest In Power, Heavy D. And a big shout to Squincy Jones for knocking out the artwork for us.

DOWNLOAD DJ Cable x RTD - Big Tyme: A Tribute To Heavy D
Big Tyme - A Tribute To Heavy D by djcable

blackrasslin podcast 006

If my job could be doing podcasts like this, I'd knock these shits out daily. This is one of the few things I enjoy weekly, aside from my wife, my son and good alcohol. This week, we break down this week's RAW, the WWE Twitter-sucking fiasco, Kamala's recent battle with diabetes, why John Cena shouldn't turn heel and this Sunday's Survivor Series, as well as new music from Torae, Hawdwerk & Jansport J, Tone Liv, iLLmont and a new J.Slikk remix of a Cyrano track, among other jawns.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 006

Botchamania 194

[video] Nitty Scott, MC ft. Mike Maven "Tell Somebody"

[video] Constant Deviants "Fulton Street"

Taken from The Platinum Mixtape.

[video] Mr Muthafuckin’ eXquire "Lou Ferigno's Mad"

[video] Elite "Gone"

Taken from Awaken.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

RE: GENERATION: DJ Premier x The Berklee Symphony Orchestra x Nas

Bonus Beats Mobb Deep ft. Nas "Get It Forever"

Cartoon vs. Rednek "Till We Gone (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

No download on this one, but I had to throw this one up online because it's so fucking hectic. While he's been dropping a fuckload of mixes, Nappy has been kind of silent on the refix tip. Of course, the silence doesn't mean he's been doing nothing... he's got a grip of Cartoon refixes, picking up where we left off with From Mississippi To Mars, and hopefully another project of that caliber is on the horizon. This one features an insane riddim from newkid Rednek, who Nappy's put his stamp on and I've heard some great things about. Keep it locked for more info on all of this, but prepare to be amazed.

DOWNLOAD Cartoon vs. Rednek "Till We Gone (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"
Cartoon - Till We Gone (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Rednek Thugstep Mix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

EDIT Bumping this because the download is now available. Enjoy.

Elite, Torae & Jon Connor - Combat Jack Show Freestyle (11/16/2011)

The boy Benhameen posted this video from last night's explosive freestyle between Torae, Jon Connor and Elite on the Combat Jack show. Probably one of the best ciphers in the show's history. #GetReadyForCombat Wednesday nights, 10PM - 12AM on PNC Radio.

[video] Dave Raps "Cashmere Dreams"

[preview] Koncept - Awaken

You can cop the Royce da 5'9-featured single "Watch The Sky Fall" now, and pre-order Awaken via iTunes.

[video] KRS-One "Just Like That"


KRS is dropping his 20th album next year? Salute!

[video] hasHBrown "HEAVEN"

Break Something November 30th.

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/16/2011)

Another one in the chamber. Jam-packed issue of The Combat Jack Show featuring Dallas Penn, although the first break featured questions of whether DP was going to stay with the show. For the record, I respect his decision(s), as being that free spirit is what makes DP DP, but I truly think the show, while great, is better with all the parts in play. And that was perfected with the line-up of guests: Torae, Elite and Jon Connor all stopped by tonight. And peep DJ Benhameen's sample set in the middle. 'Nuff respect. Via PNC Radio.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/16/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (Torae, Elite & Jon Connor) 11-16-11 by PNCRadio

[video] O-Skeez ft. YFame "The Watcher"

[video] Darren Hanible "DTF"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wrecking Crew "Scallops"

If there's one thing I've been wanting to leak the fuck out of, it's been these Wu-Tang Pulp tracks that Zilla Rocca entrusts nerds like me with. Some of my favorite slept-ons paying homage to one of the greatest groups in music? And doing it fucking WELL?!?!? This shit is very necessary. With a flip of "Fish" by Y?Arcka, Zilla, Has-Lo & Curly Castro (aka Wrecking Crew) go ham, eggs, bacon, toast, milk, OJ and Frosted Mini Wheats on you. Love Philly. Makes me want to buy a Phillies New Era 59Fifty, just because. Not sure when this shit is dropping, but it needs to drop already.

DOWNLOAD The Wrecking Crew "Scallops" (prod. by Y?Arcka)
Zilla Rocca x Curly Castro x Has-Lo - Scallops (prod by Y?Arcka) WU-TANG PULP by wreckingcrew

[video] Gods'illa ft. Sean Price "Saviours & Punishers"

[video] DJ Shadow x Little Dragon "Scale It Back"

Send Fanu some votes for his remix.

Sol Zalez - Reisende

Not sure what's good, but I'm digging the Jersey Underground dropping these fly projects on us for $free.99. One cat I always saw this summer at the Garden Variety shows in Trenton was Sol Zalez, but we never builded. No worries, homey speaks through these tracks, and this is some straight up Hip-Hop for you. Back to the essence with cuts like "Uprock 4 Me" dip right into weeded journies like "So High". Not too many features, aside from cats like Tone Liv and Phace, with beats from The Custodian Of Records, DJ A Sharp and DJ Priority (among more). Short and sweet, but there's a lot going on here. Take that ride.

DOWNLOAD Sol Zalez - Reisende

[video] The Roots "Stomp"

Tanya Morgan "We Rollin'"

Final leak from You And What Army before it drops next week, and this one is what old waterhead niggas might call "a doozy". Brizzo brings 'nuff heat as a producer, and doesn't get his props. I'd like to see him getting more shine in 2012, word up. This one right here? Straight infectious - has those sinistar pianos, with the funky kick/hi-hat drums? Time to throw your glass up and get crunk to this one. This ish is clean, and is a great intro cut for their live shows, I'd imagine, seeing as it's all about touring and chicks getting their tetas out. If they're pretty, of course. Might also be a veiled question to heads who might have thought that Don and Von fell off b/c they ain't heard much heat from them - although those lames don't need to be spoken to. Yeah, we rollin'!

DOWNLOAD Tanya Morgan "We Rollin'" (prod. by Brizzo)

Hawdwerk & Jansport J x Acrylick Interview: BlackBalls

Cop BlackBalls today.

Bonus Beats Hawdwerk & Jansport J ft. General Monks "Bars & Noble"

[video] iLLmont "Green Slurpee"

Word is Danny! is presenting iLLmont, which is a nine-member crew featuring Allen Thomas, Felix Von Soco, Khalil Who, Olde English, L7one, PLEX, Nihlus, EyeBelllin, Aaron and Powl Abraham. This is the 2nd single from their Bruh The LP.

The Throne "Niggas In Paris (DZ Remix)"

I might have not been paying attention, but I feel like I've not heard much from DZ in a bit. Dude's one of the few North American dubstep producers I latched on to when I first started researching this shit, and he's never done wrong by me. For this Dubstep.NET exclusive, he flips Hov and 'Ye's "Niggas In Paris" with a more club-rockin' undercurrent. He utilizes the infamous "that shit cray" to his advantage, while pretty much just gankin' part of the beginning of Jay's verse for this one. Really dope declarative statement on how well Hip-Hop and dubstep can be mixed together.

DOWNLOAD The Throne "Niggas In Paris (DZ Remix)"

[video] Lewis Parker "Shark"

This shit feels like 1996 underground shit. And I'm not mad.

[video] Moufy "Star Gang Anthem"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Soul Khan "Lord Knows Freestyle"

Cotdamn. Quick story: #McDuck hit me and said that he was working with Soul Khan in the studio and was like "new shit tomorrow". I was like #ProveIt, and he of course didn't, but he and Khan said "you'll know why next week". Sho 'nuff, this hit the inbox yesterday, and they merked a Just Blaze instrumental - hell, this dude fucking annihilated the "Lord Knows" jawn from Take Care. Fuck Drake. I wish Khan did this more often. Just beasting for beasting sake.

DOWNLOAD Soul Khan "Lord Knows Freestyle"

Tone Liv - Jersey's Junk Yard Dog

Been waiting for this one all Summer, it seems. Randomly and unexpectedly, Tone Liv drops his Jersey's Junk Yard Dog, further establishing himself as Jersey's Rap Mayor. You think I'm joking? Not only does the production ring true to his keen ear for heatrocks, he features a cornucopia of Jersey's Underground, with cats like Daniel Joseph, Sol Zalez, Mr. Fickle, Rhymageddon, Venomous2000, Phace, Blackout, B. Stilt and more. Jersey's all I know, indeed. This is straight pitbull off the chain Rap, niggas.

DOWNLOAD Tone Liv - Jersey's Junk Yard Dog


[video] Uptown XO "B.A.M.N (By Any Means Necessary)"

[video] SoulBrotha "Way Of Love (Never out of Season)"

[video] Quan "Gotta Let Me Go"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Big Kapitol - 2 Fat Boys & A Studio (Hosted by DJ Big Jae)

The homey Big Kapitol linked up with DJ Big Jae for this special freestyle mixtape, featuring the Jersey spitta ripping through "Victory", "Lighters", "John", "No Hands" and plenty more. No nonsense, just some fatboy burgers and some bigboy beats. Jersey stand up!

DOWNLOAD Big Kapitol - 2 Fat Boys & A Studio (Hosted by Big Jae)

Side-B Radio (11/14/2011)

Newest/latest edition of Side-B Radio, and the guys welcomed Jersey vet El Da Sensei to the studio for a chat. They play a cut of his, as well as cuts from Heavy D (RIP), Genrokka, The Primeridian, Mr. Fickle, Rhymageddon and more. Sick show.

Side b radio 11 13 11 by wprbdj

DJ Premier - Heavy D Tribute Mix

Looks like I haven't had to post a DJ Premier tribute mix since the Guru 1 Year Anniversary throwdown on Hot 97 this past April. I wasn't even thinking about him doing a tribute mix to Heavy D, and this one just popped up via DJ Premier Blog (full tracklist is over on Mixcloud). About 44 minutes of that funk. The rockthedub-presented DJ Cable tribute to Heavy D should be dropping this week (tomorrow?) as well, so keep an eye peeled for that one.

DOWNLOAD DJ Premier - Heavy D Tribute Mix

LA TYMES: The End is Just the Beginning (Season Finale)

L.A. Tymes, L/\ 's mini documentary series season finale til Season 2 of L.A. Tymes January 2012. Check out the recap of L/\'s summer and then some. Documented by Scene Media.

[video] Young Lyxx "Star"

[video] Darren Hanible "DOMO"

[video] Tone Liv "Fuck The World"

Taken from Tone's The New Pollution. He's got Jersey's Junkyard Dog and the ToneJoseph project on deck, too.

[video] Suave The Ape "Philosophy"

Suave's going in.

[video] MiLKMEN "My Mind"

DJ Cable vs. MC3000 - UK Bass Mix

[video] Real J. Wallace ft. Bam Circa 86 "Juan Luhh"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

M..O.P. – The History Of M.O.P. (Mixed by Statik Selektah)



Statik Selektah Intro
How About Some Hardcore
Rugged Neva Smoove (Dj Premier RMX)
New Jack City
World Famous
Stick 2 Ya Gunz ft. Kool G Rap
Downtown Swinga 96
Downtown Swinga 98
My Kinda N!gg@
My Kinda N!gg@ 2 ft. Heather B
New York Salute
Handle Your Biznezz (Dj Premier RMX)
Breakin the Rules
Blood Sweat & Tears
4 Alarm Blaze ft. Teflon & Jay-Z
New York Giants ft. Big Pun
Half & Half ft. Gang Starr
Calm Down
Cold As Ice
Ante Up
Ante Up Remix ft. Busta Rhymes & Remy Ma
You Don’t Know (Remix) ft. Jay-Z
Wolves ft. Krumbsnatcha
We Got Gunz ft. Gangstarr & Fat Joe
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
For The City ft. Jadakiss (prod. by Statik Selektah)
What I Wanna Be
Crazy ft. Termanology (prod. by Statik Selektah)
Whip Yo Head (Rmx) ft. 50 Cent
Get Yours
Sparta (World Premier)
Secret Outro track

PreZZure - Darkside Of The Good Guy EP

The good homey PreZZure celebrates his 25th birthday with this four-track EP, Darkside Of The Good Guy. If you peeped The Woodside Boys, you know that he has the demons and isn't afraid of confronting those alternate sides of his mental/personality. Four tracks isn't enough, but it'll do. Nice lil' birthday gift for us, the fans, with the promise of an LP on the way. Grab the EP, and read his words on turning 25.

DOWNLOAD PreZZure - Darkside Of The Good Guy EP

[update] Help Kickstart 1 More Hit

It's been four years since 1 More Hit was premiered at SXSW, and we're finally on the cusp of this thing being completed and released. Well, almost. A measly $289 is still needed to help Kickstart this project. Please spread the word - J Swift is the shit, and his story of abuse and recovery will be inspiring. I posted about this last month, and we're nearing the end of this one. Hit the jump for details, hit the official 1 More Hit site for more details, and please contribute to the cause. The $17,000 will be lost if the goal is not met by 11:14AM tomorrow, November 14th.

EDIT Looks like the goal was met! Donations are still being accepted, though. I'm psyched!

Botchamania 193

The Cause & Knowledge - Jersey Shore EP

DJ Alamo Presents Sucker Proof New Jersey

Kasso's Heavy D Tribute Piece

Just logged onto Facebook and saw this piece that Kasso posted; he was a featured artist at a Graffiti battle and knocked this one out in five hours.

Illmaculate - The Skrill Walton EP

Nitty Scott, MC – Doobies x Popsicle Sticks

DOWNLOAD [shouts to 2DBz]



This dropped on 11/11 via 11 different blogs, and 11 different videos for the 11 songs in total, "featuring production by BeatMafiaFire/Feeray (ATFU), Edot Spencer (ATFU), Melvin Junko (GCE), PJ Katz (518), The Vinylcologist (518/GCE), Dr Khil (GCE), PosafeBeats (GCE) & Raw Threat (F-Word Records). Other features include Nick Nice (GCE), Arlene Marie (GCE), Juice Mega (TGF/GCE) & B Cole".


Sky 7th - It Don't Cost Nothin'

i-EL - The Book Of Elijah

Interesting project here from Ilyas. I always wondered what was going on with the homey, and he breaks down a lot of his awakenings on this tape here.You niggas wish you could open up like he does, and keep that honesty in your words. Dude is a deep thinker, and lives what's on the inside outside. Might be too heavy for most, but you need to accept what you were and who you are and learn to embrace that.

DOWNLOAD i-EL - The Book Of Elijah

Big Ooh - God First, All I See Is The Money

Iron Lyon - Groundwork EP

FuseBox Radio (Week Of November 9th, 2011)