Saturday, November 26, 2011

[video] King I Divine & LD Henriquez "Amber Nights"

[video] The Lower Class "Game Over"

[video] N.O.R.E ft. Pusha T & Meek Mill "Scared Money"

Via 57th Ave.

[video] Mateo ft. Chances Martinez "Ransom Notes"

[video] Magnificent Ruffians & Owbese "Sewer Water"

Bonus Beats Magnificent Ruffians & Owbese "Sewer Water"

[video] The Demigodz "Demigodz Is Back"

[video] Christopher LeMark "M.O.T.H."

Kinda sounds like Hov. A lot.

[video] Zakee "Glory"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 11/25/2011)


Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Star "You Already Knew"

#BlackFriday didn't feature the Black Collar Biz like I planned, but that shit will drop on #CyberMonday, no matter what. I'm glad Black Star (aka Mos Def Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli) are back and working on shit. Their Madlib-produced "Fix Up" dropped via iTunes today, but they also felt like blessing cats with this cut from their Black Star Aretha mixtape, which is a tribute to Aretha Franklin. This cut is produced by 'Lib's brother Oh No, but isn't as spastic and random as his normal productions have been. I love all of his shit, and these two sound great over the Jackson brothers. Just some sultry Hip-Hop for a #BlackFriday night. Big up to Sermon.

DOWNLOAD Black Star "You Already Knew" (prod. by Oh No)

[video] Rashid Hadee ft. The Primeridian "Night Train"

[video] J-Live "The Authentic"

blackrasslin podcast 007

Still riding hard with that blackrasslin podcast. Episode #7 features recaps of this past Sunday's Survivor Series and Monday Night's RAW, with me breaking down R-Truth's Wellness Policy suspension. I also spoiled this Friday Night's Smackdown (my bad), and played a grip of slick Hip-Hop, bitch. Love doing this podcast. Let me know if you fucks with it!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 007

[video] The Roots "Sleep"

[video] Killah Priest "The Document"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mr. MFN eXquire & Peel Off - Combat Jack Show Freestyle (11/23/2011)

Video from the freestyle session that went down during last night's Combat Jack show.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (11/23/2011)

Jakwob - Daily Dose Of Dubstep (11/23/2011)

True Tiger - Daily Dose Of Dubstep (11/22/2011)

Mensah - Daily Dose Of Dubstep (11/21/2011)

Emalkay - Bristol In:Motion (11/19/2011)

Set in an old converted skatepark with a network of warehouses, cobbled front courtyard and large outdoor riverside terrace, Motion provides a unique backdrop for an explosive autumn season of seminal events. Dubbed as Bristol’s Underground Music Season, In:Motion launched in October 2010 for three months of larger than life shows featuring a veritable who’s-who of underground dance music.

First up, is dubstep don Emalkay in the mix, recorded live from Bristol In Motion.

DOWNLOAD Emalkay - Bristol In:Motion (11/19/2011)

Juan Epstein (11/22/2011)

Well shit, I totally missed this one! Just peeped that a new episode of Juan Epstein hit the Internets this past Tuesday, and they had the god Prodigy in the building. He was obviously representing for that Black Cocaine EP that dropped this week, and Rosenberg says he was "the most comfortable" he'd ever been. Celebrate Indian Slaughter Day with Ciph, Peter and Thanksgiving P.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (11/22/2011)

Gee Wiz - Sewer Music 3 / Lindsay Lohan 0

Gee Wiz's obsession/infatuation with Lindsay Lohan has manifested itself into a pretty fucking slick Instrumental project/beat tape. I'd love to hear some talented MCs take these tracks and bring some firecrotch lyrics to them. But truthfully, just kick back, watch the Parent Trap remake and vibe to these. With Redbull. And Coke (the kind you drink, not the kind you sniff...)

DOWNLOAD Gee Wiz - Sewer Music 3 / Lindsay Lohan 0

[video] Sunni Colon "Lost Tribe"

Willie The Kid - The Cure 2

[video] Myk Dyaleks "Alright"

Taken from Re@d Owt Loud.

[video] Rav.P "The Story Never Ends"

[video] SNO. "Step 2 This"

[video] Kublakai "One of a Kind"

I think I like the concept of this more than the execution.

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/23/2011)

Truth be told, I assed out dumb early last night. I think I made sure my tweet about the show went out about 10 minutes in, but I'd be lying if I said I'd heard any of this edition. It's bound to be a fucking doozy, though - featured guests were Kidz In The Hall and Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, which just shows that the crew is on their dean. I guess Benhameen is right, and I'm trying to be first, but as of right now, this isn't up on PNC Radio's Tumblr, nor is this available for download on Soundcloud. I got you though.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/23/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (Mr. MFN eXquire & Kidz In The Hall) 11-22-11 by PNCRadio

He Who Shines Truly - The Light Show (again)

I guess you can say that the RTD blast of this EP back on 11/11/11 was a preview. Or that the artwork here is now cleaner and more devoid of RTD affiliation (EDIT I did see that @DanielJoseph tweeted that this is the "real version", so there you go). Whatever the case may be, this beautiful EP is now up on Bandcamp, and looks prettier than ever. Everything I said then still holds water now. Shouts to the Jersey dreamers and Dub MD.

DOWNLOAD He Who Shines Truly - The Light Show

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[video] Earl Grey & Dianetics "Feel That"

[video] Chic Raw and Journalist "Tears of Joy"

[video] Apollo The Great ft. Beano "Your Dream"

Bonus Beats Apollo The Great ft. Beano "Your Dream"

[video] Rav.P, Leathle & Sol Zalez "Ninjaz In Da Garden"

Nothing like NJ Hip-Hop and anime. Produced by The Custodian Of Records.

[video] Electric Valentine featuring Kids On Drugs "Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair"

This is the funniest shit to me. Cop the track
via iTunes.

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (Re-Issue)

I heard about this a while back and forgot to mention it, but one of my favorite albums of all time got the re-issue treatment. Return To The 36 Chambers is an album I bought twice - once on bootleg cassette, once on CD, and I might need to grab this version as well, as they took the foodstamp artwork and made this a whole billfold wallet with your own ODB foodstamp card (!!), poster, extended artwork and more. It's $25, but when you realize that it has remixes, acapellas, instrumentals and other rare jams you might not have been up on, this is well worth it. Cop that shit right now, or head over to OKP and try to win a copy.

With Black Friday touching down this week, I gotta say I remember working at Circuit City, trying to save ends for my marriage the following year, and hearing the news at work that ODB died. Fucked my head up. I can still recite most of this album at will. You should be able to do the same. Rest In Peace, Ol' Dirty.

[video] The Electric "Overloaded"

Shouts to the homey Pugs Atomz for sending this one over. The Electric's Overloaded EP is available now.

[video] Big Quarters ft. Mankwe Ndosi "Perfect Match"

Damn, I miss the summer.

[video] DLRN "Mathematics"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tanya Morgan You & What Army

Just wanted to let you guys know that Tanya Morgan's You & What Army is available for purchase today. For $20 you're getting a 9-track EP, with beats from Exile, AEON, Astronote, Brizzo and the boy Von Pea himself. Don and Von talk all kinds of ish on this, from touring to issues within our city to just being ill as fuck MCs. If you're a fan of the Lessondary, or want to get a picture at what's going on with TM for the future, fucks with this. I forgot, the $20 also nets you a limited edition TM-related t-shirt of your choice. You're fucking up if you don't get with this.

PURCHASE Tanya Morgan You & What Army

Go Buy J-Zone's Root For The Villain

Out of the few books I have to finish, Root For The Villain by J-Zone was one of them. I got the press copy and due to some good fortune, I was able to knock out this one over the weekend. I'll admit - I'm one of the few who was a big Zone fan years back (still am, but you know what I mean), so I went into this trying to get a glimpse at the man behind the Old Maid Billionaires empire. What I ended up getting was a statement on old trends making the man. The same reasons I fuck with Dallas Penn (attention to great detail, humor, dedication to history) are the same reasons why J-Zone wins, and this book lays it all out there. From backstory on his family and how their ways raised him, to his many tales on discovering Hip-Hop and how it shaped him, as well as his hard work and stories about the industry, he brings out a lot in what might seem like small, quick shots. I wish I could write more like him, and I appreciate his releases even more when I read these tales. If you grew up copping CDs with the long cardboard cases... or you had a stack of cassettes on deck, this is for you. Don't sleep on this. Don't even buy it for anyone else - cop it for delphia.

PURCHASE J-Zone Root For The Villain in the following formats: Kindle , Paperback or order a personalized edition from Zone's website.

[video] Neako "LOUD Smoke & Chevy Keys"

[video] Action Bronson & Statik Selektah "Not Enough Words"

[video] RIPMC "RUN 2"

[video] Sean Hines ft. Jyshoun "Nancy Reagan"

Joker - Essential Mix (11/19/2011)

It's probably my fault, but I was underwhelmed by Joker's debut album. It's hard to get super excited when he couples years-old tunes alongside tracks that have been on the dubplate circuit for a bit. I applaud his signature sound, but just wished that I had heard less of the album before it dropped. In any case, I love his unique mixes, and bugged when I realized that he'd stepped up for the Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. He drops tracks from The Vision alongside some remixes, dubplates and big tunes from Skream, Benga, Stinkahbell, Jakes and Sam Frank's "Simple Life", which is a true gem in my life.

DOWNLOAD Joker - Essential Mix (11/19/2011)

[video] Bang, You're Dead "Alive"

Dope live performance. Shouts to Quickie Mart.

[video] Dre Skuffs "Kite"

[video] Vasco ft. Earl Grey "Yerba Exotica"

[video] Chase & Status "Flashing Lights"

Featuring Sub Focus & Takura:

The second drop on this one is my favorite shit of 2011.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cyrano Sinatra x Dub MD - Madicinal Libationz 2

You guys might remember Madicinal Libationz, the Cy Yung & Dub MD project that found Cyrano going in over a number of Madlib instrumentals. The powers-that-be shut that one down, so Cy and Dub decided to reimagine this one; I'll let them tell it...

Cyrano Sinatra (f.k.a. Cyrano aka Cy Yung) has reconnected with Dub MD to help remove a blemish from their immaculate first collaboration, 2009's 'Madicinal Libationz'. After assembling one of the most diverse casts of Hip-Hop underground at the time, 'Madicinal Libationz' was received with praise but ran into roadblocks to reaching as many as it could have, but this 'Bitchless Brew' will not have that problem.

The 'B*tchless Brew' features production from one of the UK's best kept secrets, Magic-Boy, Cyrano's familia, Centric, J. Slikk, Cynergy Soundz and Sharpcuts and extended fam from NC Hip-Hop's stash of heatrock-makers, this is what should have been! Brought to you by Kevin Nottingham and RockTheDub. The project is minus a few choice cuts that will make their remix appearance for the forthcoming Anniversary edition.

No better way for Dub MD to say farewell to his freely-given, classic co-sign mixtape series than with this re-invention project, a return to the buffet of lyrical wordplay Cy dropped in April of 2009. And this is only the beginning, Cyrano and Dub MD will continue to keep the flame of Underground Hip-Hop lit. Sinatra's 2012 will feature more from his 2-man group Steadyflow (with Sharp), as well as complete projects produced by Centric, J. Slikk, DJ Husky, DJ J-Rell and Doc Verbz.

This will be also be Dub MD's final "FREE" artist project, stay tuned over the next couple of months his official debut EP entitled "The Requiem" which features the best sub-surface hip-hop has to offer including Vandalyzm, Substantial, Sha Stimuli, Braille, Kam Moye, Spec Boogie, Kel Spencer, 8thW1, Genesis Elijah + more. Along with the exclusive instrumental album "P.U.S.S.Y." with D.C. producer Judah and Universal Indie Records.

DOWNLOAD Cyrano Sinatra - Madicinal Libationz 2

[video] Hardaway Smith "Casino Royale"

Associated Minds Present Hidden Thoughts

Fly compilation here from the Associated Minds crew. The UK fam have some new shit to present, but figured they'd cleanse they output that's not been released yet. Be it something from the rare/unreleased vaults, unfinished jammies or just shit from other releases, Hidden Thoughts symbolizes 2006-2010 in the unheard AM harddrive. Featured artists include Metabeats, Skamma, Ralph Rip Shit, Elucid, Blaktrix, Chino XL and plenty more!
DOWNLOAD Associated Minds Present Hidden Thoughts

[video] Zero Star "Gmail"

Taken from Star's forthcoming Maybe I'm Joking, Maybe I'm Not LP.

Bonus Beats Zero Star "Gmail" (prod. by Chozin)

Black Collar Biz ft. Ebony Porter "I Can See It All"

Unofficial video, but they did a good job splicing this one together.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

[video] Astroid Boys "Trouble Out Tonight"

Two of my favorite UK MCs over that "Trouble On My Mind" instrumental.

Bonus Beats Astroid Boys "Trouble Out Tonight"

Dutch New York - No Relief

Charmingly Ghetto - Study A'broad: The International Mixtape

The Revolutionary Riot Report Volume 19

Strick 9 & Kore - Bar Hopping

J NICS - S.N.A.S: The Tribute

Gerald Walker - It's Christmastime Again, Gerald Walker

Nemo Achida - Nemotional

SaV! - Songs For Women

Dot The One - AGL

Rapsody - For Everything

FuseBox Radio (Week Of November 16th, 2011)

Quan - The Struggle