Saturday, January 14, 2012

[video] 4th Pyramid "Webslinger"

[video] Young Lyxx "Know About Me"

[video] Smoke DZA "Less Smoking, More Rapping"

[video] Clear Soul Forces "Get No Better"

Can someone get me up to speed onto these guys? Looks like they have a project, Detroit Revolution(s), dropping on March 13th.

REMINDER 1: #nofilterday (1/16/2012)

Kurt Vonnegut smoked unfiltered Pall Malls for 60 years. You can unfilter your tweets for one day, the 16th of January. Do Kurt and MLK proud.

Hatcha - Headphone Highlights (1/10/2012)

[video] MC EMI "Pain Is Beautiful"

This was shot in still motion.

[trailer] Road 2 "Rap/Music"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 1/13/2012) #jasonvoorhees


[video] Honors English "Crazay"

Friday, January 13, 2012


I fucks with this, but when I read comments like "FINALLY SOME AMERICAN GANGSTA SHIT HAS COME TO DUBSTEP!!!", I cringe. And that's no diss to Craze. But come on. Grab this over on Media Contender.

[video] NoEmotion x Aoi "Amputee Manatee"

Taken from American Hentai.

#nofilterday (1/16/2012)

Due to a convo with @RealLifeKaz from Friday about not tweeting everything we're thinking, we decided to make today #nofilterday. No hiding. "MLK would've wanted it this way: freedom." (c) @SuzyCueZ.

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (1/12/2012)

Daniel Joseph "Off Course"

The boy Daniel Joseph is a slowpoke ass nigga. This nigga put out the Akai Pros-produced Pretty/Ugly in 2009 and was asked around the time of release to post the lyrics one day. So two+ years later, this nigga gonna send over the lyric sheet. To appease, he did include the track for download, and it is dope, so fuck it, I'll let him live. Download it, then hit the jump for the sheet.

DOWNLOAD Daniel Joseph "Off Course" (prod. by Trinidad)

blackrasslin podcast 014

You already know how we do. Got a recap of this week's RAW, alongside new shit from Rick Ross and Deal - The Villain, as well as ranting on a grip of things from WWE HOF inductees to classic WCW/NWA shit. Love this.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 014

Rome Cee "Something Beyond"

Whoa. I mean, I fucks with Rome already, but I was NOT expecting the effortless excellence of this one. Loving the beat on this one. Some real throwback winter flex right here. This is the kind of track that you can just zone out to, soaking in your own thoughts. Word is Grey Area will drop mid-February, with ArtByShake (check the tracklist after the jump)... hopefully this cut has got you hungry!

DOWNLOAD Rome Cee "Something Beyond" (prod. by August Flight Gordon)

[video] Phil Ade ft. Raheem DeVaughn "High On Life"

[video] Thirstin Howl III "Surrounded By Criminals"

Boom Blake "You Don't Know Bout It (Remix)"

Bonus Beats Boom Blake "You Don't Know Bout It (Remix)"

[video] Proph™ "MONSTA"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

NJ Rebels - Our First Mixtape

Had no idea this one was dropping today... nor that it was going to get a Mad Decent feature! Heads call NJRFSU a lot of shit, but fuck it, these are our young rebels. Even see the homey from St. Joe Louis, Elete Wright, got a few credits on this one! Stream and download below.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (1/11/2012)

[video] SmCity ft. Oddisee & Phil Ade "Mr. IDGAF"

[video] KOAN Sound "Funk Blaster"

Shit feels like a funky-ass video game.

[video] Hardaway Smith "Black Bouquet"

[video] Phil Da Phuture (PDP) - Peso Freestyle

[video] Moe Green "Mean Green Okerlund"

Adam F vs. Sonic C "In The Air"

I let this one marinate over on DOA. My Monday was jam packed, and sorting out the first of two Adam F posts for Dogs On Acid was part of my night. I interviewed him briefly about "In The Air", a 128BPM jam that's been getting into many-a DJ's set, for good reason. Some infectious funk for you, with a hype, quick beat accented by a twisted bassline. Dude's got a deal with Universal right now, so expect more from him in coming months (including a video for "When The Rain Is Gone", which is his next single), but for now, check my feature on DOA, where you can grab the mastered 320.

[video] STS "Cut Me Off"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (1/12/2012)

Another one in the can (no pause). Special guest this week was TourĂ©, who was in to talk about Who’s Afraid Of Post-Blackness?; you know how race talk gets on this show. You've been warned.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (1/12/2012)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[video] Stalley ft. Rashad "The Night"

[video] J NiCS "From The South"

[video] Notes to Self "All of the Above"

[video] M.E.D. ft. Oh No "War & Love"

[video] Gods'illa "Sal's Pizzeria"

Love the Do The Right Thing references.

[video] William Cooper ft. Kool G Rap "American Gangsters"

[video] The Garden Variety Show (10/22/2011)

A dope collection of performances from last October's #GardenVariety Show in Trenton. Featured performances from "Rap/Music", King Ra, Surg & Earl Grey.

[video] Dutch New York "The Campaign"

[video] Sahtyre "The Buddha"

Bonus Beats Sahtyre "The Buddha"

[preview] Homeboy Sandman Subject: Matter

Click that pic for a larger version of Homeboy Sandman breaking down his Subject: Matter EP, which drops on Stones Throw late January 2012.

Bonus Beats Homeboy Sandman "New York Nights"
Homeboy Sandman - New York Nights by Stones Throw Records

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[video] Skyzoo "Could've Struck The Lotto"

[video] DJ Brace "Synesthasia"

You did grab the album, right?

[video] Youngman "Who Knows?"

Produced by Skream.

[video] Black EL x Durkin "Under The Influence"

[video] Blacktivity "Knuckle Sandwich"

[video] Moka Only & Chief "Crickets"

[video] Kayo "One Step Away"

[video] Tef Poe "Coming Outta Missouri"

Grime Daily: Astroid Boys

[video] Pill "New Clothes, New Shoes"

Monday, January 09, 2012

2 Niggas and a White Dude Play "Niggas in Paris" in Paris

This is amazing. Download it, too. The best part? It syncs with the original perfectly.

The Garden Variety Show (1/21/2012)

The homey Kasso sent over the latest flier for the #GardenVariety show, which is going down at the Trenton Atelier on the 21st of January. Another show hosted by Edobeci, featured acts include Shawn Lov, Steve Smiff, Biz Mighty, Spitatainment, $am Hill and plenty more. Beats from Divine Drummah and DJ Priority, with J. Gaimey & A-$harp on the decks. Hell, they even have Ed Hayes & The Heat playing live! Shouts to Self all day. FB Event page to get your Attending on.

Coachella 2012 Line-Up

Severe lack of Drum & Bass (save for acts like Nero, NOISIA, Sub Focus and others whod abble in more than DnB), but a pretty stacked line-up. araabMUZIK and Company Flow might be the real treats. Coachella on FB for more details.

[video] Die & Break ft. MC Fats & Buggsy "Peace & Dub"

Taken from their forthcoming Grand Funk Hustle EP, which will drop on Digital Soundboy.

Two EPs From Deal - The Villain

The boy @Deal_TheVillain been talking about that The People's EP for a minute, and he laced me with it last week (if you heard "Deal Cornelius", you already know). He also flipped an instrumental jawn, The DTV Beat EP, including some serious beats (highlighted by the instrumental for "Caveman Boogie"). As you can see, we've been charting the god for a bit, so to be able to (re)present two EPs, for $free.99? Had to jump at the opportunity. High quality ridiculousness. Effortless. If DTV isn't on your "niggas to watch" list, you better get a late pass, you hockeypucks! Hit the jump for both projects.

#SevenQuestions: Dallas Penn

If you're not up on the movement that is @Dallas_Penn in 2012, you might seriously need to consider dragging a razor across a major vein and ending it all. If you're using the term Internets, you probably heard someone who heard someone who fucks with say it. He's a true pioneer in the Interconnected Hip-Hop Networks, and someone whom I consider an inspiration. I asked him some questions, and he obliged. Simple.

St Joe Louis ft. Rasheed Chappell & Peter Hadar "A Days Life"

LinkWord is that the SJL trio held a number of open studio dates, dubbing the collective that rolled through The Upstart Cloud Club. One particular session birthed this cut, which really showcases Elete Wright's production, and the varying MCs bring their own tale of having and the realization of losing what you had. You've all felt it. Let these niggas bring light to your emotions.

DOWNLOAD St Joe Louis ft. Rasheed Chappell & Peter Hadar "Day's Life"
St Joe Louis feat Rasheed Chappell and Peter Hadar- Days Life by michaelcardigan

Skrewtape ft. Tone Liv, Mr. Fickle & Sol Zalez "Legendary Status"

Well shit. This track right here? Imagine some of my favorite MCs from this summer's Garden Variety shows in Trenton, all on one creeper of a beat. Wait, that's EXACTLY what this is! Underground to the core, but all four of these cats are beasts with theirs. Might need to start it from zero and let this one soak in a few times. Skrew's Skumbag Millionaires LP is due out sometime in the near future.

DOWNLOAD Skrewtape ft. Tone Liv, Mr. Fickle & Sol Zalez "Legendary Status"

Main Course & Sky 7th "Orphans"

If you fucked with The KhemLab, Main Course and Sky 7th should be two MCs that you're more than aware of. These two were all over the album, and for good reason. In any case, Main is prepping his A Beautiful Blend album, which should be dropping on the 13th of February. The full project is produced by Soundproof, and this one is just wild. Love how this track has an undercurrent of hype to it, but flows at its own pace. These two don't waste a bar at all. KhemLab 2012 and onward. Get involved.

DOWNLOAD Main Course & Sky 7th "Orphans"

PNC Radio Presents Protect The Cosign (1/19/2012)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 27: The Eating a McRib Episode

[video] Versis "Travelin'"

J. Slikk x R.O.E. - The 30 Minute Experiment

Me & Roe in the lab doing a 30 minute challenge. 30 minutes for me to create a beat from scratch using limited materials & 30 minutes for Roe to come up with a verse from scratch using nothing but an ipod touch to "pen" his rhymes. An hour n a half later (recording & mixing considered)... here it is! - J. Slikk

[video] NEAKO "1 333 777 2323"

[video] Pusha T "What Dreams Are Made Of"

[video] The Electric "Simple As Easy"

[video] Mike Flow "Get Down Or Lay Down"

[video] Skream "Nefariousa"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of January 4th, 2012)

[video] Aaron Cohen "Never Should Have Let Me Go"