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FuseBox Radio Broadcast (Week of July 11th, 2012)

[video] STS "Tonight"

Legit "Soul of Revelations"

DOWNLOAD Legit "Soul of Revelations" (prod. by Ju Malone)

[stream] Camp Bisco 2012

Watch live streaming video from djcntv at

Dieselboy - Live At Beta (4/13/2012)

I've said it before, Dieselboy is a fucking machine. This mix right here proves it. As this story goes, D hit the Beta Nightclub in Denver for the first time. Legend has it that he merked the entire club, and the massacre was streamed live on uStream. For some reason, the raw audio was NOT recorded, so what's he do? He re-creates it. Three decks, 96 minutes. A serious grip of bangers, Spanning a number of different sounds within the DnB and Bass Msuic scenes. You should probably be ready, but I doubt you are.

DOWNLOAD Dieselboy - Live At Beta (4/13/2012)

Skrewtape ft. Black Collar Biz "The Lock Out"

Jersey still has the freshest underground. Try me. Skrewtape's putting this The Skumbag Millionaires Project in a category all its own. Everything I've heard from it is ridiculous, and I believe this is the cut I heard rumors about back in March. I think. Not sure. Whatever, this shit is disgusting. Love the beat, and both of these cats body it. Wanna see this done live.

DOWNLOAD Skrewtape ft. Black Collar Biz "The Lock Out" (prod. by Young Roc)

The Two. Fifteens "January Chick"

Might have to dedicate this one to wifey, who's my January chick. This magnificent cut is from The Two. Fifteens' The Commute Vol. 2, which should be out in August. I still owe a mix of their shit, but I might have to redo it. Sound like this is exactly what I'm about and need in my life. Hit the jump for a preview of another new bit from that tape.

Kusher & Al-Kayduh - KushNAKs EP

Klever "Whistling Atcha"

Wake yo punk ass up to this. I saw a weird convo on a forum that shall remain nameless that has been campaigning to call the "Trap" music that EDM producers are making be called "Post Trap". I think that'd have legs if the "Trap" Rap that we hear was make to be specifically outside of the Rap world. But I digress. Dope freebie from Klever, who said he's working on a five-track Trap EP and felt like leaking something that's not been too fleshed out. This one has whistles. And BLAOWs. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Klever "Whistling Atcha"

[video] Ka "Up Against Goliath"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Accro - Use My Music

Sick release from Nappy, introducing the one like ACCRO to the people. I've been hitting you with a bunch of his tracks over the last few months, and he threw this 14-track compilation to you for free? Features his Moombahton, Trap, Dubstep and other Bass Music mutilators. Use it. Seriously. Use the fuck out of this project. He's got even more on deck. Don't sleep, though.

DOWNLOAD Accro - Use My Music

[stream] Pitchfork Music Festival 2012

Distance "A Result of Sound"

Totally enamored by the A-side on this one from Distance. His Chestplate imprint has reached 20 releases after five years, and he celebrates with some really intriguing tunes. Love the melody that's laid atop that menacing bass. It builds like some of my favorite Aphex Twin tracks, really showing you how the complexities of Electronic Music can form something truly awe-inspiring. Also included in this clip is the flipside, "Deserted", which is a headnodding heavyweight banger. Sick release all around.

DRS "Count To Ten" b/w "Holding On"

Straight out of Soul:r, MC DRS has his debut album finally dropping. Love the title (I don't usually like MC's but…), and these two tracks, produced by Enei ("Count To Ten") and Lenzman ("Holding On") are featured on it. I'm all about DnB putting some stock into the MCs that can be taken for granted, and Riya's vocal on "Holding On"? Heaven. Couple of anthems for the Summer months right here...

Konrad OldMoney - Solar Maximus EP

I know it's not even 3PM on Friday, but with the mood I'm in right now, I need a stiff drink and some bass pumpin' to get the weekend mentality right. This EP full of remixes of Mark Morrison, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Driicky Graham and Mavado (among others) should get you sorted out properly. Straight up DJ tools to drop on unexpecting crowds, especially if you like to blend genres and such. Guaranteed satisfaction. Shouts to Konrad OldMoney for this one!

DOWNLOAD Konrad OldMoney - Solar Maximus EP

Capone "I Feel Strong"

With Big Bad and Heavy Part 3 ready to drop on the 30th of July, V's sister imprint Chronic felt the need to let a lil' flavor fly. This one is by Dillinja under his Capone guise, and while this one has the makings of a mid-set Summer DnB crowd mover, compared to a lot of the Capone work, this one is underwhelming. I've been and continue to be a loud proponent of Dilly's post-2002 work. Tunes like "Fast Car" and others were definitely crap, but he's had a lot of bangers that got swept under the rug because people want him making "The Angels Fell" again. This one right here? Feels very uninspired. Love the conga work, but I can find myself leaving the dancefloor to get a bit of water when a DJ drops this one.

blackrasslin podcast, episode 39

I apologize (sort of) for the hiatus of the podcast. It was only one week, and we're BACK with a new URL and a strong episode, covering not only Raw and previewing this Sunday night's Money In The Bank PPV, but I dig into news regarding the Raw 1000th episode, WWE rehires, returns and new acquisitions and much, much more. Even drop some dope new music. You ain't ready.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 39

Mario Dones "Fuck Banks"

Crazy world. Especially as a parent, you fucking need money, dog. No escaping it. I wish I could live without the need to utilize banks or other institutions, but right now my money is too funny to work outside of the mainstream. Trying to make moves to make a better life for me and mines, and I might just go ahead and cop a safe to stack chips. Like where Mario is headed with this one. Check his views on the theme on this second single from California Dreaming. Can't wait for you guys to hear more from that - dude's not playing around! If you missed it, be sure to check out "Made".

DOWNLOAD Mario Dones "Fuck Banks"

[video] Kyle Rapps & Diwon "Mr. Rogers"

This is killing me.

Planet Rock & Other Tales Of The 808 [Teaser 1]

You Know and Arthur Baker bring you a documentary on how the Roland TR-808 changed the musical world starting from its most seminal record Planet Rock. Coming 2013.

[video] Rome Cee ft. Wize Wisdom "Illusions Of Love"

[video] Zeds Dead "The Living Dead"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

DJ Sliink "I Rep Jersey"

Yeah I know you guys hound over Sliink tracks, and this track is ready for the Clubs, but if you shit on New Jersey 364 days out of the year, I don't wanna see you dance or champion this one. Pure anthem for us Jersey heads. Big up to Newark.

DOWNLOAD DJ Sliink "I Rep Jersey"

Coki "Mid June Madness"

Exactly what I needed. There's a tune of Coki's that Hatcha has been playing, and while that particular bit isn't on his forthcoming Don't Get It Twisted Vol. 2 EP, which is set to drop on DMZ at the end of August, this particular track right here? Praise Black Jesus for the ratchet disgustingness found in this one. Coki has a natch for building some serious bangers out of a grip of off-kilter sounds, and once that first sound springs forth? Can't do anything but screwface through it. After the jump, preview "Drop N Run" and "On Board", two of the other cuts from the EP.

Dillon Francis "Masta Blasta (The Rebirth)"

As it's always happens, every producer worth their weight in Google hits has to drop their own rendition of the current craze. Trap's the thing to do, so Dillon Francis (who was recently announced as part of the Mad Decent Block Party series) leaked this cut to his SoundCloud family the other day. Has a bit more dance-friendly flavors to it, with some molly-soaked breakdowns and build-ups. Sonically crispy, and something for tank top-adorned hipsters to get their boat shoe shuffle on to.

DOWNLOAD Dillon Francis "Masta Blasta (The Rebirth)"

The Foodchain ft. Von Pea "Prescription Cocktails"

Something unexpected to hear Von Pea on. I've seen The Foodchain referenced on the Internets before, but I feel like this is the first time I've heard them. Or maybe I'm just crazy. I'm at work wishing I was off the things these cats are rapping about. This is the third release in Foodchain's Summer Series - and this is that dip to get lifted to during these stick Summer nights.

DOWNLOAD The Foodchain ft. Von Pea "Prescription Cocktails"

Gramatik Vs. The Beatles "Don't Let Me Down 2012"

Brilliant track. BenHaMeen put me onto this the other day, and I was in heaven. Then of course he dropped it during last night's Combat Jack Show in the first mix break. Not sure of who Gramatik is, but he really flipped this Beatles cut on it's side. Great marriage of their take and a multi-layered dream. Amazing material here.

DOWNLOAD Gramatik Vs. The Beatles "Don't Let Me Down 2012"

Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack (Konrad OldMoney Remix)"

Full disclosure: the original version of this tune already annoyed me. Never got into that beat. Felt like it came about after that craze died, but whatever. It's had lasting power. Konrad from Old Money felt like updating it, and really injects some life into this one. Maybe it's Mark's voice. Not sure what it is, but fuck it. I can rock to this one. Looks like Schitz Popinov is presenting an album from Konrad tomorrow? I didn't get much info on this. No need to pop that molly!

DOWNLOAD Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack (Konrad OldMoney Remix)"

The Combat Jack Show (7/11/2012)

Newest latest episode of The Combat Jack Show features author Terrance Dean, who wrote Hiding In Hip Hop.With guys like Frank Ocean recently coming out, and the question of who's the gay/downlow rapper, that's a topic that's probably more relevant NOW than ever. Jack also goes in on the recent craze of niggas videotaping attacking other niggas.


J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla: Gators-N-Furs "(Un)Safe Sex" Mix

Gators-N-Furs is back! From J-Zone: "For those who actually remember and enjoyed these themed mix shows I used to put out monthly: Here's the random Gators-n-Furs reunion that happens every now and then.

This show's theme: Safe sex. Or unsafe sex. Take your pick. After all, why spend hours at the gym preparing for summer and spend all that money getting fresh gear at Marshall's when you're exposing yourself to a sexually-transmitted gamma ray? Just a thought. From STDs to unwanted pregnancies, this show is the soundtrack to the irresponsible, painful, and scary (albeit hilarious at times) adventures of glove-less love. Yes, I found 25+ great songs about this stuff. Ignorant and crude at times, but oh so informative".

[video] Stalley "Midnight Satori"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

D/Will & Dominique Larue - diem.

Eight months after organically assembling diem., D/Will & Dominique Larue felt like the less pressure, the better. After knowing each other for five years and developing a musical chemistry with Larue being in Ohio and D/Will being in Missouri, following up their 2010 EP, carpe. (presented by could only come at ease. diem. certainly has a relaxed undertone with Ms. Larue showing her emotional struggles on songs like I'm Good and telling vivid stories on The Boulevard. They were also able to capture a lighthearted Larue on Make Love/Make War and her a little cocky on But I Will. Regardless, the goal is satisfy the listener with a multitude of ideas on 7 tracks with the privilege of not skipping a track.

Klever "Atencion"

Any of you guys producers or label heads? This cut right here is a familiar tale - cats get tunes to labels and they say they'll put them out - then shit sits for whatever reason. Who knows why. Klever wanted to get this to the people out there, and gave this one for free. Real DJs will know what to do when they hear this one. Moombahflex. Thanks, Klever!


Calyx & TeeBee "Elevate This Sound"

I see a number of forum heads aren't feeling this one as much. Need tunes like this - loving that vocal, and truthfully, it's vocal tunes like this that will do exactly what it says on the tin. Plus it's got a great bit of understated bass in this. Clip's too short, feel like I need to hear that in the mix. Also included is the flipside to this, "Hurting", which the heads are digging more. This is RAMM120, and another single from Calyx & TeeBee's forthcoming All Or Nothing LP. Look for this one to drop on August 13th, with the digital release having original, radio edits and instrumentals for both tunes.

Dubmonger "20 Paces Dub"

"Dub" is more than just the cool word in the title of this blog. I really truly fucks with this music. Drum & Bass producer Morphy does as well, so much so that he has an AKA, Dubmonger, where he crafts tracks in a classic dub mentality, preferably heard on his Experiments In Dub release. I got an interview with him for DOA where we speak on all of this, and he gave DOA the exclusive on this tune "20 Paces Dub" as a free download. It's limited, so grab it EARLY!

Mr. Mitch "Zippo"

Here's another cat that Nappy put me onto via a refix that ended up having to be taken down. Dude's got beats, though. This cut right here? Proper mix of Grime aesthetic inna Hip-Hop meltdown. I challenge any of you to kick some bars to this one. Email them to

DOWNLOAD Mr. Mitch "Zippo"

[video] DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles "More Levels"


I don't go ham for Jordans like that, but these are crispy as hell.

Butterz & Hardrive 3 (7/07/2012)

Parties like this make me wish I was in the UK. This spot Cable always hosts the flyest parties, and this one featured heavy hitters like Spooky, Mr. Mitch, Terror Danjah, Newham Generals and plenty more. Hit the jump for some of the mixes, which have been hitting the 'Net over the last day or so.

Rob Jay - Weekly Vlog Vol. 8

[video] Alias & Fakts One "Sorry"

DOWNLOAD Alias & Fakts One "Sorry"

Danny Brown x araabMUZIK

This track "Molly Ringwald" is going to be crack. More info via

[video] Bonde do Role ft. Ce'Cile "Brazilian Boys"

[video] Diggaz With Attitude ft. Apathy, Roc Marciano, The Alchemist & Evidence "The Gusto"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[video] Tanya Morgan "Borrow That (Boogie's Revenge)"

Forthcoming on the physical release of You & What Army, which is out next week.

Paradox Vol. 12: PM024 Radioshow

I forget that Paradox has one of the best podcasts around. It's exactly how I'd do a show - just play dope beats and do minimal chatter (well, he can get wordy but it depends on how the spirit moves him). This 12th edition of his show is to celebrate Paradox Music 024, which is out now. Dude's a don with the drumfunk, and if you're looking for more deep/moody Drum & Bass, and are unfamiliar with the progress he's made, let this be your funky introduction to how nice he is.

[video] Pavy "Left Shouldver vs. Right Shoulder"

[video] Al-Kayduh "Same Ol Shit"

DOWNLOAD Al-Kayduh ft. Kusher "Background Singer"

Kastle & iO "Only You"

This is what I love about EDM - at times you can bridge the most Soulful sounds with technology and solve a lot of problems with mainstream music. Nappy put me onto Kastle, and I'm glad for it, as he's a varied producer who is capable of a LOT of great sounds. This one is a collab with iO, set to drop on Symbols on July 31st. Dubstep-y, Garage-y. Funky. This one has potential, and should be the kind of cut to make some babies to.

YC The Cynic x Yuri Beats - Good Morning, Midnight

If you're smart, you've already downloaded this 2DBz x Rot10 Musik presentation. YellowCake is sad that Jason Kidd is no longer a Maverick, so to fuck with my Nets-loving ass, he gonna send it to me after errbody else. I'd smack him but it'd probably blow up his entire album release party, which is in NY tonight you blockheads. If Emcee Jermaine is in the building, tell him I said WHATTUP. Enjoy this, YC and Yuri have been cooking crack together.

DOWNLOAD YC The Cynic x Yuri Beats - Good Morning, Midnight

Toddla T ft. Shola Ama "Alive (Dismantle Remix)"

Mixmag got the exclusive on this one, taken from Toddla T's new single on Ninja Tune. Love what the kid Dismantle is doing. It works in dubstep sets, but the kids on the floor will be sweating their asses off to this far quicker than Skream or Benga bangers. Toddla T is a don in his own right, but I think Dismantle merked this one. This shit isn't even due out until August, but I figure the festivals will be rinsed by this one before release.

Disc Jockey Nappy x Elucid "If U Scared"

Sucks to be you. You probably think Elucid's silence on the released-tune front is something to get upset about. You don't have the luxury of hearing the shit he's been cooking up. Including the album that he is working on with Nappy. All Nappy beats, all Elucid rhymes. Shit's like halfway done, it sounds like, and this short(!) snippet is just a taste. You ain't ready, nor do you even know.

Mensah ft. Katy Shotter "Should Have Known"

This is ANOTHER one of those secrets I'm glad is finally out. Digital Soundboy has some BANGERS up their sleeves, and this is one I've had my mittens on for a minute. You should know the refixed vocal that kicks this one off. Shouts to Zane Lowe getting the first play on this - love beats like this. I'm no crazy dancer, but cuts like this? They'll get me RIGHT off the wall and onto the floor with the quickness. Proper funk. Forthcoming Digital Soundboy - not sure when, doe.

J. Dot The MC "Don't Stop (Get It)"

This is one of those secrets I like holding onto. I got put onto J. Dot The MC by the BackPackNY fam and really got into the tracks I heard. Dude's got that younger vibe, but he has a hint of the quirk that always get me, be it his choice of instrumental or his flow. he goes in on this cut right here, which is the latest single from the forthcoming Phlegm EP, which you'll become familiar with very soon. Like more info to drop on July 15th kind of familiar. Trust, you'll like it. Fuck with this one right here. Might wanna find some food and cook to this.

DOWNLOAD J. Dot The MC "Don't Stop (Get It)"

Random ft. Homeboy Sandman "Faculty Lounge"

Great combo here. It's dope because Ran is a teacher, no kayfabe. Or he was. Summer's in, school's out, but I imagine proper teachers still sit and reminisce about the bullshit and drama they see walking down their institution's halls. Taken from Language Arts, Vol. 2, which drops August 22nd. Cuts by DJ LES735.

DOWNLOAD Random ft. Homeboy Sandman "Faculty Lounge" (prod. by DN3)

Kinzy "Tree Tops"

I didn't know shit about Kinzy until he was featured during Hatcha's Kiss show recently. They tore the entire show down. After some digging, I realized dude's a capable producer, as you can tell by this freebie he threw out the other day. This one isn't about big fat basslines, but a more roots-y vibe. Love the kick, really gets you rockin', feels like a dubstep clash in a rainforest with the chilled atmospherics. Takes you to the edge, where you THINK it's going to drop into some merky shit, but it then pulls back and keeps you at bay. Fire. Word is a VIP should be expected... oh my.

DOWNLOAD Kinzy "Tree Tops"

Danny Brown: Hybrid Talk

Parts 2+3 after the jump.

Lost "Groupies"

Lost is one of those producers that I feel needs way more exposure, especially in the dubstep scene. Dude just seems to put his headphones on, think about getting punched in the gut (or punching people in the gut) and turns that frustration and anger into some of the most screwfacingest dubstep out there. This is the title cut from his new EP, which is out now exclusively to D-Style, and this Hench release is a mother. Not much to do to this but put your hoodie on, close your eyes, and twist dark tales of white lines and white thighs in a dark room. Grimey. Nasty. Dirty. You want it. AND THE ENTIRE EP IS FIRE.

[video] Elucid "Braking For Zombies"

Taken from Super Chocolate Black Simian; video by Ali Boombaye, re-editing Night Of The Living Dead. Mental clip.

[video] Roc Marciano & The Purist "Change"

Monday, July 09, 2012

Pryme Prolifik ft. Biz Mighty & Dutch Dap "Buck"

Had no idea Pryme had beats like this. Also had no idea he fucked with Biz Mighty, who murders that first verse. Sheesh. No idea where this cut is going to end up. Just a great Jersey to Philly banger. The kind of shit the Garden Variety is built on. You're gonna rewind this like 20 seconds in, trust.

DOWNLOAD Pryme Prolifik ft. Biz Mighty & Dutch Dap "Buck"

Concord Dawn - 2000-2013 Mix for BBC Radio 1

On a recent episode of Friction's BBC Radio 1 D&B Show, Concord Dawn stopped by and kicked a sick mix. In 25 minutes, Matt spanned 13 years of CD tunes, from cuts like "Morning Light" (a personal favorite) and "Raining Blood" to Recent bits like "One Tear" and some forthcoming 2013 tunes. Serious selection of CD bangers, trust. He uploaded a .wav file onto his SoundCloud because heads were putting their own "HD" versions out, but I made sure to convert it to a crispy 320 for you freaks out there. Enjoy this trek.

DOWNLOAD Concord Dawn - 2000-2013 Mix for BBC Radio 1

[video] Drumsound & Bassline SMith ft. Tom Cane "Through The Night"

[video] Murs "Animal Style"

Taken from Murs' Love & Rockets Vol. 1. More info on why Murs felt the need to make this video after the jump.

Aquasky - Summer Slam DJ Mix

I've been jamming to the sampler for the Bring The Ruckus album that Aquasky compiled for their Passenger imprint. The shit is tough and features them alongside the Ragga Twins, 601, Spyda, Heavyfeet and more. They are keeping it 140 and funky, which you can hear in this Summer Slam mix they put together late last month. Fuck with this with the windows open (preferably with a drink in hand). Select cuts from the project, as well as a host of other jawns, are included. Enjoy!

[video] Fearce & Bean "Bully"

Side-B Radio (7/08/2012)

Love this episode of Side-B Radio. The homey Phil actually had people calling into the show and give suggestions on artists/releases that he should be on the lookout for this Summer. Most shows might act like they support and know everything, but it's dope to hear people give some suggestions - including cats like Genrokka, Mr. Fickle, Jawnzapp7 and Biz Mighty, who all were on the show live to give their input. And of course that Side Beatz is the truth. Already!

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (7/08/2012)

[video] Netsky "Love Has Gone"

[video] 2 Dash Tone & Audio Games "Out The Mind"

[video] La Coka Nostra "Mind Your Business"

Produced by DJ Premier.

[video] Native Sun "Gallery of Dreams"

[video] Young Lyxx "Hella Active"

Love the beat to this one.

Dee Lilly - OBEY

Methodus - Midnight Special

Sunday, July 08, 2012

RTD Playlist (Week of 7/07/2012)


Tom Chase & Deal - The Villain - Power Co. Bros.

Collection of tracks with Tom and Deal, some you may have heard (like "Kung-Fu Treachery" and "The Catalina Wine Mixer") alongside bangers that many of you are hearing for the first time. Production by DTV and The Jake on this one. Don't sleep.

DOWNLOAD Tom Chase & Deal - The Villain - Power Co. Bros.

Nutso & DJ Skizz - Mr Collabo

FuseBox Radio (Week of July 4, 2012)