Saturday, August 04, 2012

Mad Decent Block Party Mixtape 2012

I'll be in Philly at the Mad Decent Block Party today. If you are near where the next ones are going to be at, please RSVP so you don't miss out. Devro mixed this one with the artists in mind - confirmed acts like DJ Sega, RiFF RAFF, Baauer, Major Lazer, ZEDS DEAD and plenty more share time on this tape. Proper rawkus event right here. RSVP!

[video] Rick Ross "911"

RiFF RAFF "Terror Wrist"

If RiFF performs this today, I might have to hurt someone. This cut is taken from his first Mad Decent release, BiRTH OF AN iCON, which features his "greatest htis" plus previously unreleased jawns like this DJA-produced banger. That tape drops via Livemixtapes on August 8th.

DOWNLOAD RiFF RAFF "Terror Wrist" (prod. by DJA)

[video] Nems "Cold Blooded" x "God"

[video] Cas Metah & Wonder Brown ft. Copywrite & Elias "Drowning Man"

Produced by J. Rawls.

[video] SonnyJim & Kosyne "BoomBiddyBangBang!"

DOWNLOAD SonnyJim & Kosyne "BoomBiddyBangBang!" (prod. by Wizard)

Knuckle Children - Bass Kitchen Promo Mix

Friday, August 03, 2012

[video] Snow Tha Product "Til Death"

Nappy's Catalpa Music Festival Clips

Nappy hit up Catalpa over the weekend, and uploaded a bunch of video from performances by A$AP Rocky and araabMUZIK. Hit the jump for the goods.

Murdah Baby ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Rich Quick "In The Zone"

Yeah, I know this is Murdah Baby's track, and Big K.R.I.T. is featured on and producing this one, but goddamnit, Rich Quick is doing the damn thing! You need this, trust. Definitely a great look for Murdah, but Rich, applaud you my dude. Jersey!

DOWNLOAD Murdah Baby ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Rich Quick "In The Zone" [clean | dirty]

[video] Kendrick Lamar "Swimming Pools (Drank)"

[video] Emalkay "Bring It Down"

You can download this for free via

Pavy "Icon Life" Part 1: Work

[video] Ethel Cee & Dumhi "LOST"

blackrasslin podcast, episode 42

I loved putting this episode together. AW putting the shoe to Kofi was enough for mad laughs, but I also had to go in on the Kobe Bryant joke shit. We go through the entire Raw 1001 episode, as well as a grip of news. And play some fucking dope Hip-Hop. You should already know what time it is with this one, ya heard me?!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 42

French Montana "Pop That (Styles&Complete BassTrap Bootleg)"

Those Styles&Complete boys ain't playing fair. This is everything the wonderful cover art says: equal parts Trap with added Electro Bass rumbling. It's almost like the French Montana track is more of an inspiration for this workout than anything. You need this.

DOWNLOAD French Montana "Pop That (Styles&Complete BassTrap Bootleg)"

Breakbeat Kaos: The Story of DJ Fresh & Adam F

On August 6th, BBC Radio 1 will be premiering a dope documentary on Adam F & DJ Fresh, the legends and figureheads behind Breakbeat Kaos. If you know EDM, you know their pedigrees are super official. Radio 1 doesn't fuck around when doing these, so whether you're a longtime fan or someone who's hearing their new bits but don't know the history, this is one to check out for. I threw a feature up on DOA yesterday, and now have clips (which you can check after the jump). My boy Sacha from Dogs On Acid is even featured on the first clip. Nice one!

[video] Gents & Jawns "Holler"

This is part of their latest release via TheJeffrees.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

[video] Mala "Cuba Electronic"

[video] Mint Condition "Believe In Us"

[video] Tone Liv ft. Sol Zalez & B Stilt "State of Emergency"


And if you didn't already know, this track was produced by A Sharp.

[video] Neak "Scheming"

Flosstradamus - B⚠NNED

New mixtape that Flosstradamus went IN with this mix, featuring a number of Trap flavors from both sides, with cuts from Juicy J, Meek Mill, Madrid, UZ, Major Lazer, Thugli and many more. It also includes the awesome Baauer remix of "Roll Up", which is an odd anthem for me, considering I don't smoke. Rock this one LOUD.

DOWNLOAD Flosstradamus - B⚠NNED [password after the jump]

Agallah ft. Onyx "Dogz"

Not too long ago, I rediscovered my PS2. Long story. I ended up hooking up and in realizing it works just as well as it did damn near 9 nine years since I bought it, I was at Wal-mart and saw they had a three-disc Grand Theft Auto set, with GTAIII, Vice City and San Andreas, all for $20. I threw in GTAIII and that Game Radio was so perfect. That's the last time I remember hearing Agallah. Not sure if DP knew any of this, but he sent this nasty shit in the early morning. He's good for shit I didn't know I was looking for but end up loving. If you fucked with Onyx before DMX made shouting on tracks lucrative, fuck with this. That organ gets me. Be on the look out for the Red Velvet LP, which is said to be coming soon.

DOWNLOAD Agallah ft. Onyx "Dogz" (prod. by Agallah)

Jersey Fresh Jam Pre-Party (8/10/2012)

Hit up for more info. For those unaware of the area, this isn't far from Quakerbridge Mall on Route 1.

Frankee [PRGRAM001]

Program is a new sublabel from the Ram Records camp (full details over on Dogs On Acid); I've got a feeling this will be for tunes that aren't so dancefloor-bangin'. Not saying they'll be putting out shit tracks, but for producers that might not be as established, or guys that are dope but don't have the "Ram" sound, I think they'll get siphoned to this imprint, with guys like Meth and Wickaman already in line. Bailey got the exclusive play on Frankee's "Firethorn", but my favorite is "Pandorum". This one is due out August 26th, and I imagine Ram already has the next four or five ready to rock. Enjoy.

Flaco "Serenade"

I hadn't even realized that Rubik Records was a decade old, so big up to them! To celebrate this milestone, they're releasing one free track a week in the month of August. This first one is an unexpecting banger that never saw release from the one like Flaco. Reminds me of a clean(er) take on Paradox's drumfunk. Hypnotic bass and vibes, with the fly amens just dropping from no where. Solid work, something to slip in unsuspecting on the massive. Congrats again, Rubik!

DOWNLOAD Flaco "Serenade"

The Combat Jack Show (8/01/2012)

Back in June, Combat had Prodigy on the show. This week, the other half of Mobb Deep, Havoc, touched down, and shit isn't as sweet as P made it out to be: "A few weeks ago we interviewed Prodigy from Mobb Deep and the conversation was as they say “glass half full” or something like that. But tensions are building with the uncertainty of the legendary groups status. All kinds of allegations being made on the ‘nets. So it was only right that we had Havoc come to the show and get his account on the state of affairs surrounding Mobb Deep. Heavy stuff...". You already know.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (8/01/2012)

Homeboy Sandman "Watchu Want from Me?"

Looks like Sandman has ana lbum due out on Stones Throw entitled First of a Living Breed set to drop in September. He's probably one of the artist's I'm glad Stones Throw picked up on. Dude does the damn thing (as cliche as that term can be), and this track shows exactly what makes Sandman Sandman. You get the superb flows that aren't just words strung along a melody, but he weaves his messages in those bits. Dude's just a beast, skraight up. This cut is produced by Oddisee, and goddamn it, you need this. Don't sleep on good music.

DOWNLOAD Homeboy Sandman "Watchu Want from Me?" (prod. by Oddisee)

[video] Subscape "Kick The Flow (W.I.N.D)"

SPKTRM "Sector Depth"

Loving that SPKTRM is doing the damn thing. See, I've had this thing about making sure I interact with the Black DnB producers from America. Feels like there's only so many Black cats from the US who really fuck with DnB, that when I find some that are on my wavelength (shouts to Perpetuum and Sinistarr, among others), I have to get to know them. I only had one long convo with SPKTRM, prior to interviewing him for DOA, and I totally dug where he was approaching the music. I have actually had this tune sitting around for a bit, so the fact that he released it for free is great for you. Word is he's working on an album? Check this interview for more details on what he's doing. And dig the tune. Deep, dark Drum & Bass. 'Nuff said, really.


[video] King RA "Raid"

JSWISS: "Where's He At" EP2

Cymarshall Law: Pete Rock Tribute Mix CD Freestyle

[video] V-Nasty & Lil' Debbie "Gotta Ball"

Last of the trill, the game needs them.

[video] Justina "Boom Fuck It"

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Domo Genesis x Alchemist - No Idols

The more I hear from Domo, the more I dig his style. You could write him off as one of the stoner Odd Future niggas, but he really puts words together well. Don't sleep. We've been waiting for this one, with Domo and Alchemist linking up for some certified bomb shit. You already know what ALC does on the beats, and he does exactly what you think he would. My Lord. Features include Earl Sweatshirt (on three tracks), Action Bronson, Tyler, The Creator, Freddie Gibbs, Prodigy, Smoke DZA and plenty more. Roll a few of them things up and ride out to this one.

DOWNLOAD Domo Genesis x Alchemist - No Idols

Jersey Fresh Jam 2012 Set Times

On August 11th, the Jersey Fresh Jam is going down. I'm going to be out there early, live-blogging on this very site throughout the event. I saw Kasso posted the set times for the performances, and wanted to throw them up here, just in case you are planning on coming out and wanted to see when heads would be performing. Not sure if this is subject to change, but consider it law for now.

Odd Future Freestyle At Terry Richardson's Studio

Artificial Intelligence - BBC Radio 1Xtra Guest Mix (7/25/2012)

Anytime Artificial Intelligence touches down on Bailey's 1Xtra DnB show, they bring the ruckus. The recently uploaded their 30 minute mix from last week's show, and it's nothing short of awesome. Cuts from Command Strange, DRS, Jayden and more get the drop on this one. Moves from one spot into somewhere a LOT darker. Trust.

DOWNLOAD Artificial Intelligence - BBC Radio 1Xtra Guest Mix (7/25/2012)

Back & Forth: El-P x Big K.R.I.T.

Khadafi Dub - The Glitch

This is the EXACT sound I need in my life right now. Khadafi Dub has been a fixture of the scene as a talented MC over EDM beats for a minute. He proves that here, taking tracks by Skrillex, 12th Planet, TNGHT, Koan Sound, 501, Rusko and plenty more. There are snippets of tracks 6, 11 and 13 available on Fucks with this.

DOWNLOAD Khadafi Dub - The Glitch

[video] Illogic & Blockhead "Poster Boy"

[video] Alias & Fakts One "Dreamer"

[video] TNGHT "Bugg'n"

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Narduwar vs. Hannibal Buress

[video] Rick Ross ft. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z "3 Kings"

Still love this track. Still hoping they do a REAL video, doe. If you want to know what I think about this album, peep my part in the Brain Trust review over at TRU. Added note: did they get permission to use all of these copyrighted movies and shit for this video? #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmm

Audible Doctor ft. Von Pea "F.U.B.U."

WOW! BBAS x Lessondary on this one, featuring some of my favorite cats doing their GD thing on a refreshing beat from the nigra marink! Looks like the good Doctor has his I Think That... free EP is dropping on the 25th of September. Interesting tale here - that feeling that cats are getting that support from heads but the numbers / results aren't there. Shit's crazy. Grab this one for free then support the shit they got for a fee, you fuckboys. Need more artists to go in on the topic this way.

DOWNLOAD Audible Doctor ft. Von Pea "F.U.B.U." (prod. by marink)

Starkey "Solar Flare"

New Starkey is always a win. His contribution to the Fool's Gold Clubhouse Vol. 2 compilation that dropped today is straight murder. Feels like a thousand sun rays raining down on the sound system. Fuzzy funk emitting at 70 BPM. Kind of trappy in it's presentation, but that's mainly because of the 808 flex he employs. No one is doing this kind of sound this well. He locks into a unique groove and it's hard to remove yourself from it, trust.

DOWNLOAD Starkey "Solar Flare"

MTV Introduced EDM VMA Category

New to the MTV Video Music Awards for 2012 is the "Best Electronic Dance Music Video" category. Just shows how far EDM has grown, although the clips chosen aren't my favorites of the last year. As you can see by the pause-worthy clip up above, my vote is with Duck Sauce's "Big Bad Wolf", which I'm not even sure got a lot of play on MTV (hell, does regular MTV play videos?). Other artists included are Avicii, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig and Skrillex. I'm gonna assume Skrillex will win, but hell, go vote now for your fav!

Gridlok "Heatwave VIP"

This track hit my radar at the EXACT time. Gridlok released the original "Heatwave" back in 2003, and as he said on SoundCloud, it opened up a LOT of doors for him. I wanna say this might've been the tune that introduced me to how fire his production could be. He let loose the VIP version of the other day, and it's firing. Serious tune to get your day started... or your night raging. Enjoy it, and say thanks to Gridlok, one of the US scene's finest!

DOWNLOAD Gridlok "Heatwave VIP"

Juan Epstein (7/31/2012)

I had been looking for the Season 5 premiere all day yesterday, but it looks like it dropped today - without the new Juan Epstein app, sadly. No worries, a dope two-hour, three interview extravaganza in one clip! I've not made it all the way through this one, but I had to get this up NOW so you Juan Ep heads could enjoy the newness. Should be legendary! Congrats to Ciph & Rosenberg for sticking with this. Subscribe via iTunes in the meantime.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (7/31/2012) [mirror]

DP Does Dallas: KixPo 2012

More info via

[video] Nico The Beast ft. Rec Raw "Dead Planet" LIVE

Footage from the Philadelphia Get Your Buzz Up Showcase, June 13th 2012. Forthcoming single from H.O.M.E..

Waka Flocka x TNGHT "Hard In Da Goooo (DJ Cable Refix)"

Trust me when I tell you, this isn't the last you'll be hearing of TNGHT refixes. Cable went in early, throwing that "Hard In Da Paint" over this banger because... well... why the FUCK not?!

DOWNLOAD Waka Flocka x TNGHT "Hard In Da Goooo (DJ Cable Refix)"

Monday, July 30, 2012

Meek Mill "House Party (Pase Rock Remix)"

Full disclosure: I don't think I listened to Meek Mill's Self Made 2 that much. I know this song, but I'm not enamored by dude's shit. I also have not been to a house party in years. I've had parties at my house, but most of them involve my wife's friends. Or old womens. Sometimes both. Point is, they aren't shindigs I'm getting crunk in. Throw this one on doe? I might need to doublefist whatever's potent and do some variation of that cooking dance the kids are doing. Pase Rock wins for this remix, trust. Not sure what it's developing into, if anything, but fucker just enjoy the free shit.

DOWNLOAD Meek Mill "House Party (Pase Rock Remix)"

Odd Future "H.A.M. (Sandwich)"

Tyler, Earl and Domo go in on Hot 97.

The Red Giants ft. Che Grand & Omar Aura "Wordspray"

Lovin' this one. Niggas know about Jermiside (I hope) and Brickbeats (I hope!), but do you know they've done their thing as a duo, under the guise The Red Giants? They're dropping their next opus, Supercharged, late August, and I've slept on posting this one for no good reason. Jerm links up with Lessondary affiliate Che Grand and the one like Omar Aura over this magnificent beat. Feels like some proper lazy Summer afternoon shit. Pour a couple of brews to this one and hop in a cipher afterwards.

DOWNLOAD The Red Giants ft. Che Grand & Omar Aura "Wordspray"

Gee Wiz - The Tera Patrick Tape

D-Man - E.P.


Ground Up ft. Action Bronson "Hold Me Down"

This Bij Lincs beat feels like some shit I always figured I could make. That's no diss; the idea of flipping loops into dope beats always come across my head, and that snippet of wailing, pitched in different ways, thrown over a solid drum? It's perfect. That added to Ground Up and Action Bronson completely doing their respective things over it? I definitely wish I had more folks to hold me down, but I'm grateful for the cats who've stuck by. It'll all be worth it, trust and believe. Supernatural drops September 18th.

DOWNLOAD Ground Up ft. Action Bronson "Hold Me Down" (prod. by Bij Lincs)

Laelo "The Thirst"

Am I the only one who hates the sound of niggas drinking on tracks? LOL that aside, I mess with the story Laelo spins on this one. Instead of the straight forward WE FUCKING HO'S IN THIS CLUB, SPENDIN HALF A DUB, he attacks this one with more of a cinematic flair. Would love to see a video for this one. Word is Laelo is dropping his The Essence of a Lifer EP in mid-August. Fucks with it.

DOWNLOAD Laelo "The Thirst" (prod. by Sergio Cortez)

Black Collar Biz "Broken Home"

Good to hear Collar finally releasing these tracks... or is about to. This track is him kicking exactly what the title suggests: tales from broken homes. Coming from Trenton, we've both seen our people be driven to crazy lives due to the stress and strife that starts within the home. Scary shit, indeed. Quantic's hypnotic track helps pull you into Biz and his bars. Taken from the forthcoming #HGA - High Grade Artistry mixtape.

[video] The Black Opera ft. Vaughn G & Jade Lathan "The Magician"

Vicious Circle "Emma's Dilemma"

Great moody number for your Monday morning slumber. They released this one for free alongside their bootleg remix of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games". Grab both via their Facebook giveaway.

[video] GLC ft. Cold Hard "Empty Town"

[video] Big K.R.I.T. ft. Ludacris "What U Mean"

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mick Boogie x Hypetrak - Represent The Stripes

Moruf & Iman Omari - Euphoria

The Alchemist - Cigarette Glow (KCRW Mix)

[video] Mr. J. Medeiros "The Rockies"

Potholes Music Presents Cosmic Island

DOWNLOAD Potholes Music Presents Cosmic Island

[video] Suede Jury "R.E.M."

[video] VAS "Food (Glorious Phood)"

DOWNLOAD VAS "Food (Glorious Phood)"

[video] Rick Ross "Hold Me Back"

Legit ft. Tink, Blak Dubb & Average Bo "Average"

DOWNLOAD Legit ft. Tink, Blak Dubb & Average Bo "Average"

Brenmar & DJ Sliink "Bait"

Ralph Rip Sh!t & Lemonface "Spanish Ass"

DOWNLOAD Ralph Rip Sh!t & Lemonface "Spanish Ass"

Dillinja LIVE At London's Calling (6/23/2012)

I truly didn't know what to expect from this mix. Dillinja is one of my favorite DnB producers, and one of the more misunderstood figures in the scene. Once he shied away from the styles he beasted prior to the 2000s, many dismissed his sound. I hope this mix from last month can help more of you understand. He rinses a number of his bigger tunes, and mixes up eras, with "Hard Noize" and "Gangsta" getting play alongside "Grimey", "Fast Car" and other hits he's had. It's also one of the better examples of his mixing that I've heard recorded. Might wanna light something up for this one, trust.

DOWNLOAD Dillinja LIVE At London's Calling (6/23/2012)

[video] SaV! "Cash Smeer"

FuseBox Radio (Week of July 25th, 2012)