Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Deadpool

Allow me to indulge some non-music shit right now. I mean, if you allow me to live-blog life right now, I'm on my third glass of wine today after putting up like 90% of my Christmas decorations after a chill Thanksgiving holiday break. I've been consuming comics with a rabid appetite for the last three years, re-reading Deadpool's first solo series, among a fuckload of other Deadpool-related books. I get my nerd on from time to time, and instead of waiting for/making conversations on twitter about Marvel books, I figured I'd take this fucking pedastal of free thought I've nurtured and, well, feed it summo. Subject? The "Marvel NOW!" version of Deadpool.

Jansport J - For Love.

Not sure when/how this leaked. I know J was dropping his latest instrumental LP, For Love for free, but this literally hit the 'Nets on some silent night shit. Dude's a fucking genius, doe. I heard this a MINUTE ago, then got super busy, so I don't think I even lamented to Jansport how much I fucked with it. But download the shit out of this. Then tell him you fucks with it, and so does khal. Maybe next time he'll put me on to leaker it.

DOWNLOAD Jansport J - For Love

The Free Cartel Music Compilation 2012

[video] The Others & Emalkay "Fallout"


Dom O Briggs ft. Zoo Breeze "Karl Kani"

[video] Snow Tha Product "Cookie Cutter Bitches"

DJ Fresh "Gold Dust (TC Remix)"

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Combat Jack Show (11/20/2012)

Via TheCombatJackShow: "Moses Michael Levi walked us through that fateful night and talks about how he aimed at the shoulder meats and not the ceiling, his thoughts on the Israel/ Palestinian conflict, why he endorsed Mitt Romney, whether he’s having fun or not in life and why he doesn’t need therapy. It’s bigger than rap."

You can also download BenHaMeen's mixes via PDS.

Hustle MC & Black Collar Biz "Presume the Unpredictable"

I do hope you guys have been paying attention to the movement going on with in the NJ Hip-Hop/art community right now. On November 9th, S.A.G.E. Coalition put on Presume the Unpredictable, a serious Hip-Hop art show featuring Kasso and his associates. If you've hit any of the Trenton Hip-Hop shows, preferably the Garden Variety shows, you already know who Its Just Ahmad is. He's ALWAYS repping on the decks, providing a serious selection of fresh tracks, be them classic or shit you ain't even up on from today. He's been curating this Presume the Unpredictable mixtape that you can cop at their mixtape release party on the 8th of December at 219 Studios in Trenton (the $10 cover charge gets you this dope tape). This tape will feature that brand new from Black Collar Biz, Rich Quick, Venomous2000, Hustle MC and many more. Ahmad told me that the MCs featured on this tape "were and still are the soundtrack and inspiration for a lot of art work created by" Will Kasso.

Today? We're hitting you with an exclusive. Biz and I hit you with #BlackFriday last year, so why not celebrate Black Friday with some knowledge and dope Hip-Hop from this tape?! Title track stee, from Biz and Hustle. Over one of my favorite Wu beats. With cuts from Ahmad. My homies do this! YOU AIN'T READY!

DOWNLOAD Hustle MC & Black Collar Biz "Presume the Unpredictable"

Thursday, November 22, 2012

[video] Loadstar ft. Benny Banks "Black & White"

Pre-order the single today.

Shiftee & Badman Shark - Time To Die

[video] 9th Wonder & Buckshot "Crazy"

[video] Sean Price "Haraam"

[video] NoEmotion "Cookie Monster Magnum"

[video] DLRN "House Of Matches"

[video] Karriem Riggins "Summer Madness"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DJ Cable - Faded Promo Mix

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Was the Rihanna 777 Tour a Success?

Juan Epstein (11/21/2012)

Juan Epstein is five years old, like officially. That's right, the first episode of Juan Epstein went down around Thanksgiving 2007! Not sure if they purposefully dropped a two-fer, with Big Boi and The RZA on Thanksgiving Eve to celebrate, but I'll take it!

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (11/21/2012) | iTUNES

Smooth "I Try"

[video] Signif "Rocket Fuel (PCP)"

DOWNLOAD Signif Significant Wizdom II: Atypical

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Royal-T vs. N*E*R*D "Trapdance"

Mayhem x Antiserum "Spend It"

Styles&Complete "Blackout"

Those Can't Hardly Wait samples are so necessary. #KegTrap

Emcee Jermaine: Gone In 60 Seconds (Part 2)

preview Emcee Jermaine: Gone In 60 Seconds (Part 1)

The Pixies "Where Is My Mind? (Numonics + The Infinite Remix)"

You guys might only know Numonics from his Hip-Hop production, but he's got EDM roots, fam. Just check this Drum & Bass-leaning remix of this classic Pixies track. Alongside The Infinite, they will be dropping a multi-genre album entitled SUPERNOVA before 2012 is out. Expect more from them in this vein - don't be skurred!

BONUS BEATS This cut was found on A3C Vol. 2:

Atlantic Connection - MCMLXXXIII.

Redlight "Lost In Your Love (Benzi & Aylen Remix)"

Girl Trapz 2 drops November 29th.

I Am Benga, EP2

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Combat Jack Show: Dru Ha, Parts 2 & 3

Check out Part 1, and the full episode.

[video] Tef Poe ft. Peetah Morgan "Change The World"

The Combat Jack Show: Dru Ha, Part 1

Via the Dru Ha x Sean Price episode.

Closed Sessions: "Break Ya Neck"

Hodgy and Thelonious make crack together.

Sinistarr & Grimm "Anything"

Forthcoming on the Tuned In Two compilation, dropping on Total Science's C.I.A. imprint soon today.

Lyle Horowitz - One Night Only

From Lyle: "One Night Only is a collection of instrumentals that I recorded live by chopping samples in Virtual DJ and triggering them via AKAI MPK. Although the majority of my beats were produced in Logic, FL Studio & Pro Tools, I've developed a new-found appreciation for hardware and the human element of creating music.

I will be performing live at Matchless in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on November 28th @ 9PM recording an entire instrumental album live on stage (plus, no admission fee) -- consider One Night Only a precursor to that show. Enjoy..."

Gee Wiz Presents: Still #1 Junkie

[video] Venomous2000 & Layzee D ft. Chopzilla "Write/Right Travel"


Shouts to, Dallas Penn & Premium Pete. First episode features Bun B. If you want an MP3 of the full episode, say no more:

[video] MiLKMEN & A.Jay.D "Item 9"

DOWNLOAD Dope Dealers Item 9

FuseBox Radio (Week of November 14th, 2012)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dirty South Joe On Diplo & Friends (11/18/2012)

The Drum and Bass Diaries EPII: What is a rave?

BURNTmd ft. Keith Murray "Building Blocks"

Brandy "Do U Know (ill-esha remix)"