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Kanye West - "Facts"

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For the second year in a row, I'm sitting here writing about new Kanye West on New Year's Eve. Last year's "Only One" is a totally different flex that "Facts," a trap drum-infused cut that has Yeezy talking about jumping over Jumpman because of course.

Where's SWISH at, though?

S-Type - "NYE"

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LuckyMe's been killing it with their '15/'16 Advent series, and their fifth release is a NYE-centric banger from S-Type. All bright synths and crisp drums. Dude is forever crushing it with beautiful melodies, and this cut is no different.

Hopefully you and yours are doing it right for the New Year. Everyone over here at RTD wishes you the best.

Skillz Says Goodbye to 2015 With the "2015 Rap Up"

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You already know what time it is. Skillz basically takes everything you talked about on Twitter and put it over a track. Smart and hilarious, dude wins, especially when he says Creed was better than Pacquiao and Mayweather. #FACTS

The RTD Yearmix 2015

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I was never into the whole "Yearmix" thing before DoAndroidsDance was a thing. There's something about EDM DJs doing huge "best of" mixes that always intrigued me; it's a great way to look back at what the hell you were doing over the last 12 months. I'm no DJ, though, and instead of resurrecting the RTD "Dub Sessions" for a year-end set, I started compiling these Year End playlists on SoundCloud in 2013, then came back for 2014. It's ill to see where my head (and the heads of my squad) were at for those years...always fire to find influence from people around you.

I say all of that to say I'm bringing the Yearmix style to rockthedub in 2015.

Here's a collection of tracks that I rocked with in 2015. It has some semblance of an order, at least in terms of how genres and vibes flow. It's made for your pregame before the real turnup, and hopefully you won't need to do too much skipping (although if your aim is to hear one particular pop set or the greatest rap tracks of the year, this isn't for you). This isn't anthem bashing. We have grime, hip-hop, footwork, drum & bass, some dubstep, house, and even some epic jazz in this sprawling 60-track playlist.

Hopefully this will help those of you who need a soundtrack but can't be arsed to make one.

The Weeknd - "King of the Fall (Fracture's Astrophonica Edit)"

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How the hell did I miss this? Over the summer, Stray dropped one of the illest mixes of 2015, and it featured Fracture's intoxicating remix of The Weeknd's "King of the Fall," a track I'd completely slept on when it came out because I don't really rock with The Weeknd's music like that. Fracture's behind my absolute favorite Weeknd edit, and when I asked him about this edit, he said it was just a dub, which I took to mean it was never coming out.

Now I see it's been out for a month. Merry Late Christmas to me! Stream and download below.

EZRAKH Gave Us a "Present" On His Birthday

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You have to love when artists give YOU gives on their birthday. Especially when they are 35-minute eclectic projects like this. Long live Ezrakh; this is one truly sprawling release. Proper open-minded/closed mouth material.

Naughty By Nature is Giving Away a Special Edition of Their First Album For Free

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Naughty By Nature is celebrating their 25th anniversary by giving away their self-titled 1991 album away for free for the next 25 hours. What's even iller is that Jersey's Finest has added on some remixes and previously-unreleased tracks. All you have to do is sign up for their e-mail list.

Word to the wise: they'll just be sending you two Mediafire links, and the rarities might caught a red flag because of a remix of "Craziest," but there is a GRIP of tracks in there, including Pete Rock's "Hip Hop Hooray" remix, the Beatnuts' remix of "It's On," and a bunch of unreleased gems. If you're having trouble, just keep refreshing until it allows you to grab it.

Word is that Naughty is back as a trio, and is going on a 26-date tour, as well as dropping a documentary.

Al-Shid - "Clubba Lang"

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To build up for Creed, I ended up re-watching all of the Rocky films. Somehow, while I remember Clubber Lang being a goddamn beast in the Sega Master Drive video game, I forgot how amazing he was in Rocky III. That said, I'm glad that Old Maid Millionaires Al Shid and J-Zone linked back up to drop this ode to Lang, which is reportedly the first single from The Best of AL SHID (The Old Maid Years), which is due out early 2016. These two making music together is what the rap game has been missing.

All of the Mixtapes You Might Have Missed While You Were Trying to Survive Christmas

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I don't know about you, but I'm wrecked. When you're married (...with children) and have to pull together the magic of Christmas out of your hind parts, it can take a toll on your psyche (the Bulleit bourbon might have contributed to that, too–Thanks, babe!). It can also make you miss a bunch of the fuckery that happens on the Internet when you're singing about mommy kissing Santa Claus or tweeting about A Christmas Story. While we caught up with stuff like that new Busta Rhymes tape, there are a bunch of releases that might have gone unopened.

That said, December 26 is (unofficially) the day to catch up on the world of online hip-hop mixtape drops, so download/stream/buy a bunch of music that dropped under the radar due to your egg nog-induced haze.

The Drum & Bass Yule Log

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This is awesome. I imagine a number of you are finally lounging after having to deal with family, and want to just cozy up (or chill out) with a drink and a friend or two and get your vibes on.

Justin Martin (who does the damn thing on the production tip) and his brother Christian are proper drum & bass heads, and recently cooked up this dope dnb yule log video, because it's necessary. Here are their thoughts, alongside the mix that's featured in the above video.

"Its been a wonderful year raging with you all, and as a special thank you for all of your support, we would like to give away a very special mix. Hopefully this musical journey will bring back some nice memories of that magical sunrise at the dirtybird campout where the SoCal sky opened up right at dawn and showered us with the first rainfall in months. Even if you were not there to share that special moment with us the first time around then hopefully this mix still gives you the warm fuzzies you need to stay cozy this winter. So sit back by the fire with some loved ones, grab a festive 40oz, and have a drink to some drum and bass with us."

Michael Christmas - "Big Ass Smile"

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It isn't Christmas if it doesn't have new material from Michael Christmas, right? Celebrating what's surely been a good year, Michael throws on a big ass smile and coasts over a slick track.


Shlohmo - "Ten Days of Falling (Baauer Remix)"

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Shlohmo released a number of remixes from his Dark Red LP for free (although you can cop them on iTunes as well), including Baauer's take on "Ten Days of Falling," giving the darker-tinged cut a lighter bounce. If you want more Baauer, peep Pusha T's latest project, which has Baauer co-producing "Sunshine" alongside Kanye West and Mano. You should also check out Baauer's latest single, "GoGo!"

You can stream and download all of these Dark Red remixes down below.

Busta Rhymes Gifts the World With New 'The Return Of The Dragon' Mixtape

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Marking two years since Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip linked up for The Abstract & The Dragon, the dungeon dragon Busta Rhymes is back with a full mixtape for you hip-hop lovers out there. For those of you who think this will just be a Conglomerate party, don't fret; Bus-a-Bus made sure that MCs like Chance the Rapper, MF Doom, and a Leaders of the New School reunion were sitting on the same tape with Rick Ross, O.T Genasis, Waka Flocka, and Gucci Mane.

Stream and download below.

DJ Concept Remixes Holiday Classics Like You've Never Heard Them Before

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While it's only 25 minutes, DJ Concept drops the perfect holiday-themed beat tape. We're talking 14 tracks that take some of your favorite holiday gems and puts a dope hip-hop spin on them.

Stream the full project below, then add it to your holiday playlist.

WIKI Gave Away His New Album, 'Lil Me'

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Don't you hate when you make a point to remember something...and then forget it? That's what happened to me and Wiki's Lil Me, a free album of heatrocks that the RATKING spitter dropped earlier this month. I was going through my e-mails and happened upon it;I didn't realize that he had features from Skepta, Hak (also from RATKING), and others on the mic, with beats from Madlib, Sporting Life, Yung Gutted, Kaytranada, and Skywlkr.

Wiki brings that '90s hip-hop aesthetic to the now, with an ear for twisted sonics. If you're sleeping, you're fucking all the way up. Stream below, then download the full project over on

Lenzman & Dan Stezo Drops a Very "Dope Tape"

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It looks like Lenzman has a new EP, Golden Age, set to drop on Metalheadz in January, so he linked up with Dan Stezo on the mic for 70 minutes of drum & bass on a soul tip. There's a fire, throwback feel to this: just two individuals taking something they love and expressing it for an extended period of time.

Soak this one in.

Vince Guaraldi Trio - "Linus And Lucy "Nappy DJ Needles Re​-​Edit)"

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I fucked around and still haven't watched A Charlie Brown Christmas yet, but I'm loving what Nappy DJ Needles did with one of my favorite skratch instrumentals and this classic song.

You can own this for $free.99.

Here Are Six DJ Sega Projects You Might Have Missed

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Philly's own DJ Sega has been on a tear from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Seriously; he dropped three EPs and three mixes in that time span; three volumes of his Sixer Series, along with three EPs of banging remix tracks. Dude's sound is pure Philly Club (and beyond), and he isn't afraid to do him, no matter what he's particularly influenced by at the time.

As an early Christmas gift/catch-up, here are all six of Sega's most recent projects. Dive in.

"I Like It, What Is It?"

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The fam over at Pigeons & Planes sorted out their first compilation release just in time for the holidays, and it's chock full of the usual forward-thinking, envelope-pushing sounds that they represent on the daily. I LIke It, What Is It? is quite possibly the best title for a comp from P&P; they're in tune to so many artists you're definitely not, and probably hear that question a LOT from passersby.

Everyone from Cousin Stizz (who will be at the next No Ceilings show in January) to Ellie Herring are featured. Stream below and download today.

Digital Gave Away a Three-Track EP

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In case you weren't aware, 2015 has become quite the banner year for the world of drum & bass. While I've neglected posting drum & bass on RTD for obvious reasons that ended up being no real reason, I've been infatuated with the scene even more this year than I have in a while.

Seeing that this is the week that everyone is in the giving mood (because holidays), I figured why not share an EP that I'm rocking with right now from the mighty Digital and his Function Records imprint. It's kind of hard to pin down the time frame of this free, three-track EP Give and Take, but it's free, has hypnotic cuts like "Killer" on it, and it's free. Digital is and always will be a don when it comes to the more dubwise-side of the scene, and this EP properly reflects everything that's right about both his sound and what dnb can truly stand for.

Mix Master Mike x DJ QBert Introduce New Project With 'Star Wars'-Influenced Skratch Session

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While much isn't know about Channel Zektar, this 31 minute session is more than enough to get turntablism fans excited.

Phonte on Juan Epstein

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Newest latest from Ciph and Rosenberg: "This episode has a lot. Ciph tells a great story about flying on Dave Chappelle’s plane a couple of weeks ago. Then we call my wife to convince her that buying a new place is a good idea. Then Phonte stops by to talk about his new work, breaking up with Little Brother, and tells a great Kanye story."

Download the Best Rap Songs of 2015

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While RTD has never been big on "year end" lists (although I do have plans for a SoundCloud playlist for the end of the year), I do contribute to a few (whattup, Complex). One list I didn't contribute to, but loved dearly, was Passion of the Weiss' Best Rap Songs of 2015 list. Dope collection of a bunch of shit I loved and a bunch of shit I slept on (love being introduced to shit).

Jeff Weiss was nice enough to make sure you had all of these gems for your iTunes. Grab them ASAP, as that link has a timer on it.

Dominique Larue - "Ultimate"

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From the looks of her new single, Dominique Larue is set to have a vanglorious 2016. "Ultimate" is the first cut from her forthcoming DubMD-present EP Blitzkrieg, which is due out sometime in the summer of 2016. She also has a project with J. Rawls entitled Almost There due out in early 2016.

Stop looking for women on the mic; they've been here.

Suede Jury is the 'Soul Sophisticate'

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This one has been a long time coming for Suede Jury, but his new album, Soul Sophisticate: Everyone Is An Actor, is here as his 16-track opus. Features include Black Spade, Fresh Daily, and others, but it's really Jury's time to shine. Stream below, and if you dig it, cop it.

Deal - The Villain - "Emerald Preference"

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THE VILLAIN IS BACK! Here's the crispy new video for the block single from Deal's forthcoming Beards x Beats x Kicks album. The boy never lost it, and is flexing on the entire game right now.

Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Big Body Bes - "Bonus Round"

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Now this is the kind of amazingness that I want to hear. Word is that Fool's Gold will be dropping Meyhem Lauren's Piatto D'Oro for free(!), and this Harry Fraud-produced "Bonus Round" is just too amazing. Roc Marciano, Action Bronson and Big Body Bes all contribute, and there's something about Roc's verse that kills me. So fucking luxurious.


This is the Only 'Star Wars' / The Notorious B.I.G. Mash-Up Album You Need

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With the seventh Star Wars film due out in a few weeks, it makes sense that producers start using the series' iconic music in a number of wild ways. Richie Branson and Solar Slim took it upon themselves to throw the sounds of Star Wars underneath the lyrics of the late, great Obi-Wan, Biggie Smalls.

You can stream the full project below, and head to their website for the full download.

Lunice - "All Clear (CJ Flemings Remix)"

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Something kind of thunderous from a pair of dope Canadians. I interviewed Lunice about his recently-released EP 180, which found him finally dropping four four-year-old tracks. My personal favorite, "All Clear," got laced by CJ Flemings, who worked with Lunice on "Weather Man." Word is more from these two will be on Lunice's next album. For now, "get out my bidness!"

Wiki - "Hate Is Earned"

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RATKING's Wiki should be on the top of your "why does this rapper not have everyone going ham right now?!" list. While this is dumb short—any time Wiki spits on a Black Milk track, it should be longer than 90 seconds—but his hypnotic flows cut through the grit of this track so effortlessly.

The description only says that new Wiki is coming soon, so who knows what homeboy has in the pipeline. Hopefully it's more like this.


Styles P - "Untouchable Ghost" / "Ghost Walls"

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I've been super hype over Pusha T's "Untouchable," while at the same time loving that Styles P was on Diddy's "Auction." Those two loves come together with P lacing a looped up "Untouchable" instrumental, then coasting over Kendrick Lamar's "These Walls."

We don't even take Sundays off.

(Miss Info)

DJ Premier Dropped a Very Different Mix for Diplo & Friends

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File this new DJ Premier mix under "definitely not what you'd expect." It's funny; back in March of 2013, Avicii dropped a surprising set for Diplo & Friends, featuring everything from Smokey Robinson to Foreigner. Preemo has done something similar with his hour, spending damn near 37 minutes throwing in a number of pop and rock JAMS before throwing down some hip-hop.

The best part? This was done as a part of Radio 1's "Hip-Hop Month." You can stream the full set down below.

Bailey Has His Own Podcast

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Through the rise and fall of DoAndroidsDance?, I'd been keeping tabs on DJ Bailey's radio career. I'd been bucking for Bailey to be a player in the radio sphere since before he debuted on BBC Radio 1Xtra (which he lost in 2012), and loved when he got added to Ministry of Sound Radio. Back in September, he said that MoS had dropped his Intabeats show, and that it'd return in some format in the future.

That future is now.

Kendrick Lamar and J Cole Spit On Each Other's Tracks to Celebrate "Black Friday"

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Did you spend your Black Friday listening to every mixtape that dropped over the last 24 hours? In need of something fresh? Kendrick Lamar and J Cole have you covered.

These two spitters are not only the best to do it on the more mainstream side of the scene these days, but they're also homies. So much so that they took the time out to spit over each other's tracks, then coordinate their releases for the same (Black Fri)day. In this series, Kendrick does the damn thing over Cole's "A Tale of 2 Citiez," while Cole gets medieval on K Dot's "Alright."

Stream both below.

(Pigeons & Planes)

Every Thanksgiving / Black Friday 2015 Mixtape You Need to Hear

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For some reason, a bunch of artists decided to drop mixtapes on Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Why? Who knows. Maybe they figure jokers need something for the aux cord while they hotbox the whip with their cousins one last time before the holiday weekend is over? It's possible.

Either way, here's a collection of mixtapes from Erykah Badu (But You Caint Use My Phone), Rick Ross (the two-disc Renzel Remixes), Lil Wayne's long-awaited No Ceilings 2, Fabolous, and more that you'll need to be up on for the forthcoming post-Thanksgiving holiday Monday morning water cooler talk. You're welcome.

Charlie Brown's Field Goal Finally Released a Vault Full of Tracks

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For real fans, you know that Fresh Daily and 8thW1 made material as Charlie Brown's Field Goal. Word is that they finally decided to sort out a compilation of tracks over the 2007-2012 period that sat in the vault while these two worked on their own solo projects. You can cop it today; and trust, it's lit.

uhlife - "no ebola"

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Something intriguing here. Proper late chilly night vibes here. uhlife dropped this NiceGuyxVinny-produced cut "no ebola" as the first single from his forthcoming lofeye project, which is due out in the summer of 2016. Love hypnotic, slow and low instrumental.

"i see ghosts floatin' in my herb smoke..."

Hodgy Beats - "HUNGER"

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I've always known that Hodgy was from Trenton, but it was dope to see him IN TRENTON in this new clip; like straight downtown (almost wish I knew when he was in that Chinese spot). He's also got some issues with Tyler, the Creator.

Rob Cave - "-40°"

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Remember when we told you that Spec Boogie was now Rob Cave? Maybe you didn't; maybe you need a track produced by The Stuyvesants to get you acclimated? Here's "-40°," the first chilly glimpse from Books & Chicks & Brooklyn Shit, his forthcoming album. I can't tell you much about that, but just know that it's going to be a problem for the rest of the world.

You can download "-40°" right now.

Rich Quick ft. DJ TMB - "Mask"

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SOMEBODY had to flip the theme from The Walking Dead.

"A city named Woodbury disguises itself as a safe haven for the characters in "The Walking Dead". Yet once the city lifts its mask, it's true identity shows itself. There are some of us walking the earth who prefer not to live in disguise."

Run The Jewels Celebrates the 'RTJ2' One-Year Anniversary With New "Angel Duster" Video

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It's been one year since RTJ2 dropped, so Mike and El decided to drop their "Angel Duster" video. Celebrate, bitches.

Stretch and Bobbito on Juan Epstein

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This is just amazing. Two legendary figures in the hip-hop radio sphere linking up with two legendary figures in the hip-hop podcast sphere to talk the new Stretch & Bobbito documentary Radio That Changed Lives (which is available a day early). Two hours of classic hip-hop talk.

DJ Deeon Dedicates A Huge Mix to DJ Rashad and Chi Boogie

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DJ Deeon went in on this tribute to DJ Rashad and Chi Boogie by providing the INTERLUDE series with 100% Chicago house, juke, and footowork. Loads of original bangers.

Redman - "Dope Man"

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New single from Redman, taken from his forthcoming MUDFACE album (which is due out November 13). And if you missed it, check out what happened when Redman touched that BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.

De La Soul on Juan Epstein

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FINALLY! For those who are longtime fans of Juan Epstein, you know that a WHILE ago, Ciph and Rosenberg recorded a podcast with De La Soul years ago that ended up getting lost (primarily because their conversation ended up not getting recorded). During A3C this weekend, they sat down once again to get the history of De La committed to tape, and it's here now!

"Well we can finally move on from the lost episode. De La sits down with us at A3C in ATL and covers it all–including the formation of the group, Russell Simmons, touring w NWA, lost Native Tongue groups that never happened, Biz hanging out at their high school, and tons more. Thank you guys!"

Deal - The Villain - "Nova Charm"

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Crazy to think it's been about five years since we released Deal - The Villain's EPic. Since that time, I know homeboy has been working hard on a number of aspects on his life, one of them being his forthcoming ALBUM, Beards, Beats & Kicks.

The new video for "Nova Charm" is apparently a teaser for the "Emerald Preference" clip, which is set to drop in November. Deal's a beast, and is bringing that energy that many are missing in today's scene. Also, JERSEY!

Society Socks Will Lace You and Those In Need

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Lowkey, your sock game is just as important as your hat game. If you're looking to pull a fit together, the right socks can make you go from "yeah, you look iight" to "fam, that 'fit is fresh af!"Plus, a pair of dope socks can help you perfect throwing your personality into your wears.

Society Socks does you one better: they will help you throw some flair into your wardrobe while also helping someone who is truly in need.

See, for every pair of socks that are copped, Society Socks, which is based in Toronto, donates a pair of socks to someone in need: "Socks are the least donated, but most needed clothing item. Since homeless shelters only accept new socks, it’s much more difficult to donate them compared to other used clothing. Society Socks will change this." It's a simple concept, but a dope way to a) get your feet looking right, and b) helping serve a need that largely goes unseen.

Their designs are fire, and all of their socks are priced just under $10. I got a few pairs of Society Socks myself, and I can't front, they are comfy and add something unique to my daily 'fit. Check out some of their styles below, then cop yourself a pair (or three)... for a great cause.

A photo posted by Society Socks (@societysockss) on

A photo posted by Society Socks (@societysockss) on

Denmark Vessey Took Me On A 'Martin Lucid Dream'

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Shouts to FWMJ for throwing this one my way. I've not been as amazed by hip-hop as I probably should be this year, but this new Martin Lucid Dream EP from Denmark Vessey is probably one of my favorite projects from this year... period.

Trackstar the DJ Released His 'Jewel Runner' Tour Mixtape

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Run The Jewels' DJ (and official RTD homey) Trackstar the DJ has finally released The Jewel Runner Tour Mixtape, which does what it says on the tin; gives you a glimpse of what RTJ is doing right now:

"The project features tracks from all four acts, including Boots' Meow the Jewels remix and RTJ's late night television performance with TV On The Radio, as well as incredibly dope exclusives from Fashawn and Cuz Lightyear. Mike and El did some light hosting in classic WRTJ fashion, and the artwork was expertly handled by the great Ian Klarer, who also did the tour poster and last year's tour mix cover, among other things."

Welcome to the weekend, and if you're around, catch RTJ on tour... and cop some of Trackstar's merch!

Marvelous Mag Releases His 'Ode to Sean Price' Mixtape

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Still mourning Sean Price? This new mixtape from Marvelous Mag might be what you need. It mixes up a number of P-inspired cuts from Mag himself alongside stories remembering Sean from the likes of Skyzoo, J57, DJ Eclipse, Guilty Simpson, and many more.

Rich Quick ft. Ryshon Jones, Chris Rivers & Jay Griffy - "Poizon"

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If you slept on Rich Quick's The Everywhere Man, you need to stop it, forreal. Don't believe me? Sink into the hypnotic "Poizon," a track that not only features a cast of lethal lyricists, but packs a pretty heavy message. We all have to make choices; if you want to be an idiot, you'll have to deal with that. Be more... smarter, that is.

Shabaam Sahdeeq ft. PH, Torae & 8thW1 - "Men of Respect"

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This track speaks to what this blog was built on. You have the underground heads like Shabaam Sahdeeq and Pumpkinhead (RIP) that I grew up on before this Internet shit really popped alongside Internet-age vets like Torae and Jersey-reppin' 8thW1. There's something about this instrumental from Big Ape that has me open as well.

I can also respect lines like not wearing skinny jeans because your "balls gotta breathe."

You can snag this on Sahdeeq's Modern Artillery EP, which is out on October 13, with a limited-edition cassette copy dropping on October 17 (aka Cassette Store Day). And for those who can, there's a memorial fund for Pumpkinhead's family that is in need of hitting its goal; contribute something.


Run The Jewels - “Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)”

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Run The Jewels is back with a BEAST from the forthcoming Rubble Kings soundtrack, which drops October 30 on Mass Appeal. Rubble Kings is said to be about how "a few extraordinary, forgotten people did the impossible, during the gang era of NYC and how their actions impacted the city and the world over by planting the seeds to what would become hip hop culture." You can hear El and Mike channeling that vibe over this monstrous instrumental.

This is a part of the Adult Swim Singles project, and can be downloaded for free via their website.

[video] Black Collar Biz - "Blessings On Blessings"

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Here's the official video for Black Collar Biz's "Blessings On Blessings." Remember that life truly is too good to be stressing, as some folks have it worse. The last few times I've see BCB perform around Trenton, this track has rang off. One of those universal themes.

Download a Stack of Kaytranada Beats, Edits, and Remixes

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While I'm not sure what came over Kaytranada to start unloading a bunch of bangers on his SoundCloud page, I'm glad I caught them when I did. Everything from random instrumentals and quick ideas to remixes of acts like Lucy Pearl to a Hilary Duff cover, dude has a bunch of heat for you. It's been almost a day since he upped something new, but I'd say keep it locked to Kaytra's SC just in case.

Ren Thomas & Skrewtape ft. MiilkBone - “Keep It Real 2015″

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Here's a banger taken from Ren Thomas and Skrewtape's Don't Be Mad, which is available on iTunes. Classic for the real heads out there.

[video] Nato Caliph ft. Ackurate, T - Dubb O, and Tef Poe - "EVEN"

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Here's the official video for that Nato Caliph banger that dropped back in August.

Kooley High ft. Add-2 - "Where I'm Going"

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Talk about morning motivation music. Been a minute since I've heard new Kooley High, and with their EP Heights set to drop on October 9, they have me open. This Sinopsis-produced, Add-2-featured cut is free with a digital pre-order, so get on it ASAP.

J.Lately ft. Von Pea & Bambu - "Can't Go For That"

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As we all strive to get where we want to go, we have to have theme music that makes us realize the shit we need to avoid. This freebie from J.Lately's Let's Just Be Friends LP (which drops on October 23), is that track. Produced by Oops and featuring Von Pea and Bambu, this one should play loud af when you're just on some "avoiding the bullshit" shit.

Run The Jewels Dropped Their 'Meow The Jewels' Remix Album For Free

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After a week long of living that social media life, it was dope to see Run The Jewels drop their long-awaited Meow The Jewels remix project randomly on Friday. I'd missed their WRTJ show on Apple Music because I had the squad over, but have spent most of this weekend enjoying the sounds of Killer Mike and El-P going ballistic over beats featuring the sounds of all of the cats (including Lil Bub).

You can download this project for free via, or pre-order the 2XLP vinyl release (which is $38 and all goes to charity). Listen to clips from the project below.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Why Spec Boogie is No Longer Spec Boogie

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One of my favorite Lessondary members, Spec Boogie, is Spec Boogie no more. He's now going by his given name, Rob Cave Jr, and on the latest episode of Bad With Names, he goes through his history, breaking down why he's changed his name.

Francis Chiser Soundtracks Your Night With His New Mix, "N9ne to Se7en"

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For his birthday, Francis Chiser keeps the party rocking with this gift to you, the party people. It has an intriguing twist to it, too:

"The inspiration for this mix came from my wife and my recent radio guests spots in 2015. The concept was to create a time-lapse mix of a night out of good music and friends. Starting at the pre-game stage of getting ready at 9pm to finally making it home at 7am with the sun finally coming out, this mix covers hours of music in 90 minutes. With hip-hop classics, innovative remixes and a touch of soul & house, this mix is perfect for any occasion for body-movin’."