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Wiki - "Hate Is Earned"

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RATKING's Wiki should be on the top of your "why does this rapper not have everyone going ham right now?!" list. While this is dumb short—any time Wiki spits on a Black Milk track, it should be longer than 90 seconds—but his hypnotic flows cut through the grit of this track so effortlessly.

The description only says that new Wiki is coming soon, so who knows what homeboy has in the pipeline. Hopefully it's more like this.


Styles P - "Untouchable Ghost" / "Ghost Walls"

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I've been super hype over Pusha T's "Untouchable," while at the same time loving that Styles P was on Diddy's "Auction." Those two loves come together with P lacing a looped up "Untouchable" instrumental, then coasting over Kendrick Lamar's "These Walls."

We don't even take Sundays off.

(Miss Info)

DJ Premier Dropped a Very Different Mix for Diplo & Friends

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File this new DJ Premier mix under "definitely not what you'd expect." It's funny; back in March of 2013, Avicii dropped a surprising set for Diplo & Friends, featuring everything from Smokey Robinson to Foreigner. Preemo has done something similar with his hour, spending damn near 37 minutes throwing in a number of pop and rock JAMS before throwing down some hip-hop.

The best part? This was done as a part of Radio 1's "Hip-Hop Month." You can stream the full set down below.

Bailey Has His Own Podcast

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Through the rise and fall of DoAndroidsDance?, I'd been keeping tabs on DJ Bailey's radio career. I'd been bucking for Bailey to be a player in the radio sphere since before he debuted on BBC Radio 1Xtra (which he lost in 2012), and loved when he got added to Ministry of Sound Radio. Back in September, he said that MoS had dropped his Intabeats show, and that it'd return in some format in the future.

That future is now.

Kendrick Lamar and J Cole Spit On Each Other's Tracks to Celebrate "Black Friday"

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Did you spend your Black Friday listening to every mixtape that dropped over the last 24 hours? In need of something fresh? Kendrick Lamar and J Cole have you covered.

These two spitters are not only the best to do it on the more mainstream side of the scene these days, but they're also homies. So much so that they took the time out to spit over each other's tracks, then coordinate their releases for the same (Black Fri)day. In this series, Kendrick does the damn thing over Cole's "A Tale of 2 Citiez," while Cole gets medieval on K Dot's "Alright."

Stream both below.

(Pigeons & Planes)

Every Thanksgiving / Black Friday 2015 Mixtape You Need to Hear

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For some reason, a bunch of artists decided to drop mixtapes on Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Why? Who knows. Maybe they figure jokers need something for the aux cord while they hotbox the whip with their cousins one last time before the holiday weekend is over? It's possible.

Either way, here's a collection of mixtapes from Erykah Badu (But You Caint Use My Phone), Rick Ross (the two-disc Renzel Remixes), Lil Wayne's long-awaited No Ceilings 2, Fabolous, and more that you'll need to be up on for the forthcoming post-Thanksgiving holiday Monday morning water cooler talk. You're welcome.

Charlie Brown's Field Goal Finally Released a Vault Full of Tracks

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For real fans, you know that Fresh Daily and 8thW1 made material as Charlie Brown's Field Goal. Word is that they finally decided to sort out a compilation of tracks over the 2007-2012 period that sat in the vault while these two worked on their own solo projects. You can cop it today; and trust, it's lit.

uhlife - "no ebola"

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Something intriguing here. Proper late chilly night vibes here. uhlife dropped this NiceGuyxVinny-produced cut "no ebola" as the first single from his forthcoming lofeye project, which is due out in the summer of 2016. Love hypnotic, slow and low instrumental.

"i see ghosts floatin' in my herb smoke..."

Hodgy Beats - "HUNGER"

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I've always known that Hodgy was from Trenton, but it was dope to see him IN TRENTON in this new clip; like straight downtown (almost wish I knew when he was in that Chinese spot). He's also got some issues with Tyler, the Creator.

Rob Cave - "-40°"

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Remember when we told you that Spec Boogie was now Rob Cave? Maybe you didn't; maybe you need a track produced by The Stuyvesants to get you acclimated? Here's "-40°," the first chilly glimpse from Books & Chicks & Brooklyn Shit, his forthcoming album. I can't tell you much about that, but just know that it's going to be a problem for the rest of the world.

You can download "-40°" right now.