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Jubilee Returns With Her Third 'Magic City' Compilation

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This time last year, Jubilee was releasing the second in her Magic City series, which finds producers replicating the sounds of her youth (which are heavily steeped in the bass-infused sounds of the Miami music scene), and in 2017, she's back with the third Magic City compilation.

Featured in this set are low-end friendly cuts from the likes of Ikonika, Burt Fox, Proper Villains, Doctor Jeep, Untold, and others. Any of you pining for a proper rave-y turn up for your holiday weekend, you need to hit play on this compilation then stay transfixed with your bassbins.

Once you're done, you should check out Jubilee's 2016 release After Hours if you're not up on it. You won't be disappointed. Download Magic City III for free via WeTransfer.

RTDMIX010: Jaxtella

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We know, it's been a few months since the RTDMIX blessed you, and just like we did in January, we've got another mix from the mysterious drum & bass mastermind known as Jaxtella.

We've actually been sitting on this mix for a little bit; we don't know who the hell Jaxtella is, so it made sense to try and figure out what his situation was. Of course, we couldn't find a fucking thing, so we just have to unleash this supreme drum & bass mix on you. Featured in this set is new material from Goldie, Klute, Submorphics, Dave Owen, and others, including a Frank Ocean remix from Jaxtella! It's a perfectly thumping mix for those of you who want to vibe out on this Memorial Day.

You can stream this mix below, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to the podcast.

Some Idiot Tried Passing Off Big Makk's Work As His Own

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Image via Orlando Weekly

In August of 2016, the bass music community took a major loss, as Big Makk passed away after a horrific car accident. While his sound lives on in the music from artists like Palmer Reed, there are still some idiots who don't know how to a) make their own material and, more importantly, b) love to steal music and say that its theirs.

I'd seen a tweet from G Buck go up earlier today, but because I was on the clock, I hadn't gotten into it that deeply. Shouts to Nappy for enlightening me to the fuckery, which involved someone who goes by the name GRIF8 trying to pass a Makk tune off as his own.

At this point, it sounds like dude deleted whatever he posted on SoundCloud that was Makk's so there's no trace aside from the disdain that folks who actually fucked with Makk feel for him, but it appears that at some point, he tried passing off a "remix" of Big Makk's "Imma Rock" off as some original idea.

At the time of this writing, GRIF8 hasn't said anything about this fiasco, but with the caliber of DJs who are pissed off at him, he might need to just hang it up and find another profession.

This situation's gone from bad to worse for GRIF8 since people found out about his fuckery, and I for one love it.

Some folks will never learn. Sadly, I just gave dude's name some shine.

DJ Craze Murdered Respect LA

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Back in 1999, I knew of DJ Craze because he was a murderous turntablist, owning any turntable competition he brought his crates to. Somehow, he got bit by the drum & bass bug, and on his debut album Crazee Musick, he had a track—"Mogli"—that found him recreating a thumping jungle track using nothing but vinyl and his turntable. After that, he went on a dnb tear, dropping mixes, incorporating drum & bass sounds into his turntablism sets, and all-around being a G with it.

I remember the dubplate politics souring him on the genre, but he's been a fan, and recently, he took a trip to Los Angeles where he tore down Respect LA with a thunderous mix of drum & bass anthems new and old, as well as some BEATS, that got committed to tape. You can stream this gem (which features Armanni Reign on the mic) below. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Trackstar the DJ's Solid Steel Mix Features His "Rare Appetite In Rap"

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Those of you who've been rocking with us for the longest should be up on Trackstar the DJ. He's gone from an internets phenom to being named the official tour DJ for Run the Jewels, including being the DJ behind the WRTJ shows on Apple Music.

This week, he contributed one awesome hour-long mix for Solid Steel, and it's amazing. No, seriously, it's the truth, but let him tell it, he had a totally different idea for the mix.

"Originally I had other plans for a more conceptual mix," he starts, "but as I was telling The Gaslamp Killer about my ideas on our tour date in Belgium, he told me not to bother with any of them and instead do a mix displaying what he called "My Rare Appetite In Rap". I trust The Gaslamp Killer (as you should, too), so I immediately switched gears and started putting together a playlist of songs from the last half-decade or so that I love that many rap fans may have missed. It features some names you'll recognize as well as some that you may not… Hopefully you enjoy these tunes as much as I do, and maybe pick up a new favorite artist or two."

Featured artists include Killer Mike, Rockwell Knuckles, A$AP Twelvyy, Tef Poe, Vince Staples, and more. Stream and download the full mix, and check out the full tracklist down below.

Commix On Dubplate Culture and Drum & Bass' Unpredictability

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I've been a fan of the drum & bass scene for over two decades now, and no matter what new producers come along, I will always have a group of names who's released are "buy on sight" to me. You know, the producers who's tunes you always have to check for, and nine times out of 10 end up loving. Commix has been one of those names, for me, since the early 2000s.

While I don't remember the first tune I'd heard from Commix, I do remember being blown away by the then-Cambridge-based trio's "Satellite Song," as well as cuts like "Together" and "Talk to Frank." Their sound design was second-to-none (IMHO), but it was the energy that resided in their tunes that really captivated me. I was hooked, and not surprised when they became the first group to have an artist album on Goldie's legendary Metalheadz imprint, releasing their impeccable Call to Mind in 2007.

After some changes in both the group's dynamic and the different phases within the dnb scene, Commix is now just one man: George Levings. Since his return in 2016 with two Generation EPs, he's been working on the follow-up to Call to Mind, which is set to drop on Metalheadz as well. Before we get that, Dispatch Recordings snagged three Commix dubs (four if you count the digital-only exclusive "White Trash") for the sixth release in their Dispatch Dubplate series, which is out now.

We got a chance to speak with George about the tunes featured on this release, his thoughts on dubplate culture within the drum & bass scene, as well as how his sound evolved from what people loved in the early 2000s to now. He also gives us some thoughts on the direction he's heading with his next LP. Check out the full interview down below.

Here's How Maffew Ragazino Celebrated Cinco de Mayo

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While I don't really get into insane Cinco de Mayo celebrations, I normally do have a few things to drink on a Friday night. Somehow, my alcoholic intake was down to zero on a Friday that doubled as the 5th of May, but if I was sipping on some adult beverages, I would've had Maffew Ragazino's Cinco de Maffew on. It's pretty damn dope; the ground hasn't been broken 'round here, but both Maff and his boy Easalio coast over these bottom-heavy bangers. Stream the full project below.