Friday, March 31st 2006 playlist

So, Creative's Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 30GB mp3 player is my iPod killer. Well, not really... no color screen, no video capabilities, but I prefer this to any mp3 player I've seen or owned, and I've seen a fair amount of them. I take this thing whenever I'm by myself in the world, as it holds my beats for me. Well, not my beats, but the beats that I love.

IN ANY CASE, I figure, why not make this a Friday thing, posting up the tracks I've rinsed throughout this week. I'll keep it by genre for now, but in the future maybe we'll just mish mash it up.

Drum & Bass
01> Marcus Intalex "Out Of Touch" [revolve:r]
02> Dylan & Facs "Ceptor" [biotic]
03> Shy FX & T Power "Sheets" [digital soundboy]
04> DJ Vapour "The Journey" [unreleased]
05> Concord Dawn "Say Your Words" [uprising]
06> Agent Alvin "Maggot Pack VIP" [commercial suicide]
07> Sileni "Cold Sweat" [planet mu]
08> Tactile "Collie" [timeless]
09> A-Sides "Tear The Roof Off" [eastside]
10> Redeyes "About To Change" [bingo]
11> DJ Bailey with MC GQ "Heavyload" mix CD [black label records]

01> Ghostface Killah "Beauty Jackson" [def jam]
02> Clipse ft. Pharrell "Me Too" [jive?]
03> Remy Martin "Bronx Blocks (flipped by Green Lantern) [mixtape]
04> Mobb Deep Ft. 50 Cent "Pearly Gates" [g-unit]
05> T.I. "Get It" [grand hustle]

06> Nappy "Get Your Ass Up" [???]
07> DJ Green Lantern "Alive On Arrival" mixtape [mixtapekings.com]

Various Genres
01> Enduser "Dubplate #12" [ad noiseam]
02> Vex'd "Killing Floor" [planet mu]
03> Portishead "It Could Be Sweet" [london/ffrr?]

Word. That's just a taste.

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