Friday, Cinco De Mayo 2006 playlist

Happy Cinco De Mayo, my people. I'd say crack a Corona and get it lovely, but I don't even drink that shit like that. Heineken, Private Stock, Beck's, Mickey's, or no go. Well, Yuengling when I'm in the mood. ANYWAYS, shout out to my music industry heads holding me down. James Phobia, your EP is fire man. Neil, Horizons is the future. All others, I'm here, get at me. Akro, Exile, where them Interview answers at?!?

Since I'm here, let's break down this week's playlist. There's a ton of D&B that I've got, I'll link the reviews when they go up on DOA; there's also a bunch of Hip-Hop that's going down. This can get interesting...

Drum & Bass:

1> Ill.Skillz "Guru VIP" [ill.skillz]
2> Bungle "Too Late" [critical]
3> Logistics "Krusty Bass Rinser" [hospital]
4> Skeptic "Tear (2006 Remix)" [eastside]
5> DJ Hazard "Talk Like A Girl" [ganja]
6> Phobia "The Messenger" [renegade hardware]
7> Amit "The Tube (Outrage Remix)" [inneractive]
8> Prolix "Choke Hold" [ganja-tek]
9> Amit "Swastika" [commercial suicide]
10> Breakage & Rohan "Ruff Dub" [bassbin]


1> Saigon "Shot In The Booty" [shouts to Kadash for this one]
2> The Game "Face of LA" [100 bars over the "Put 'Em In Their Place" beat]
3> Busta Rhymes ft. Papoose & Cassidy "Psycho" [prod. by J. Dilla RIP]
4> Joe Budden "New Jerz Shit"
5> DJ Khaled ft. Beanie Sigel & Jadakiss "Problem" [???]
6> Styles P "Problems" [prod. by Swizz Beatz]
7> Pete Rock ft. Grap Luva "Revenge"
8> Cam'ron ft. Lil Wayne "Suck it Or Not" [i can't help it.]
9> Clipse ft. Liva, Pharrell & Sandman "What's Up" [off the 'we got it 4 cheap vol 2' mixtape]
10> J. Dilla "Hi" [stones throw]

And there you go. Enjoy the weather, get nice, and cool out to what I'm coolin' to.

Be easy!

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Anonymous said...

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