Friday, May 12th 2006 playlist

What's really goings on? It's another Friday playlist. Mother's Day is on Sunday, so you guys might want to get your mom songs on (I'll give you a few choice cuts either tonight or tomorrow), but for Friday and Saturday, it's time to party. The Hip-Hop game, in terms of new-ness, has been kind of not hitting too hard, so some of my pics are either very old, or on some promo/advance copy ish. You know how it is Drum & Bass wise, so you might not have heard a lot of my choices. Holla at the kid.

Drum & Bass

1> Phobia "The Messenger" [renegade hardware]
2> Random
Movement "They Locked Me Down" [progress]
3> Chino "Creation Blues" [diverse products]
4> Submorphics "Make It Happen" [vibez]
5> Bladerunner "Leave Dem Alone" [dread]
6> Silent Witness & Break "The Question" [dnaudio]
7> Calibre "Dirty Mind" [signature]
8> The Tesco Project "Gunshot" [tesco value]
9> A-Sides "Showstopper" [metalheadz platinum]
10> Zen "Break Even" [grid]


1> Obie Trice ft. The Game "Growing Up In The Hood" [these 2 murder that classic beat, I think it's Compton's Most Wanted?]
2> Fat Joe "We Getting Money" [yes, Crack is back and it's a PROBLEM!]
3> NWA "Straight Outta Compton" [one of the best examples of the aggression encased on the Amen break]
4> Poor Righteous Teachers "Word Iz Life" [big up Jersey all day, Wise Intelligent interview coming soon... fingers crossed!]
5> Obie Trice "Black Boy" [can't get enough of that beat and the way he does his thing... even if his flow is kind of Hov-esque]
6> Papoose "The Boyz In The Hood" [best sample of Boyz 'N The Hood since Remarc's "Ricky"]
7> DJ Khaled ft. Beanie Sigel & Jadakiss "Problem" [forthcoming on Khaled's album... FIYAH!]
8> JR Writer "U Not Like Me" [off that Big Mike 'Gametime 2006' mixtape -- that beat is murder on the woofers!]
9> Cory Gunz ft. Lil' Wayne "What U Know About This" [also off the Gametime 2006 mixtape, produced by Just Blaze. big beat.]
10> Freeway ft. 50 Cent "Bang Bang" [yup. Freeway album coming out on Roc-A-Fella/G-Unit soon, apparently...]

1 to grow on> The Roots "No Alibi" [this one goes out to my nigga Nappy -- hold your head, bro. keep pushin'!]

So that's what my weekend might sound like... maybe not. Keep it locked for some more developments... Horizons Music, Wise Intelligent, more reviews (I'm slackin' on my mackin')... all of that. I'm gonna go breeze for right now though. BE EASY!

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