Friday, May 26th 2006 playlist

Greetings my people, welcome to this Memorial Day weekend 2006. Most of us are off on Monday, so there needs to be smoe music to accompany that time of drunken BBQ fun right? I thought so.

Before you go "huh?!" at my DnB playlist, I will let you know that I've been on a "let's not listen to new DnB" kick right now. Not because I dislike it, but I like to travel back a mite every now and again. It's actually because of a new Danny Byrd tune that sounds like a Q-Project tune. Made me start traveling. I do have some newness in there though. And RIP to Desimal, he's in there too, for good measure. Also, if you're looking for a calm, wine and spliff style mix, check out mister ESB's Patio Sessions vol. 3, spanning cuts from 1993 to 1997. Choice selection, as per usual. Let's get to it.

Drum & Bass:

1> Q-Project "Greatest Thing" [c.i.a.] [grimey, beautifullu big bass, choice d-floor appeal]

2> Dillinja "'96 Thing" [valve] [finally, this one drops! odd sounds on the bass, but its an instant rewind!]

3> Desimal "Earthling" [armada?] [RIP, standard. it's all about the heightened intensity on that 2nd drop...]

4> Alex Perez ft. Specific "Drive By" [progress] [finally out in shops. big up Neil each and every. very moody tune, loving this flavor. it straddles a few styles of DnB.]

5> Verse "The Glimmer" [crunch] [its good to know he can make some real solid tracks dolo.]

6> Photek "Infinity" [science] [circa 2000, mr. TEKDBZ comes with a solid roller. really the bridge between what he did back then with the drums and the sounds he's producing now.]

7> Desimal "Fallen Man" [barcode] [part of the Desimal Project EP -- this is part 2, and it's runnin'. just came out, pick it up!]

8> Bad Company "Brainscan" [bad company] [perfect mid-day rinser. lightas inside!]

9> Total Science "Never Had A Dream" [c.i.a.] [this CD is dope, varying styles, but this tune is all liquid DnB with a hot horn sample to boot.]

10> Krust "Belief System" [full cycle] [Krust is back to his classic form -- sort of. very light, with tasty drum edits to boot. sounds like old Krust in a new filter. peep it.]

Another non-Hip-Hop week, surprisingly. Can't tell you what that's all about. Been too busy to worry about that stuff? Who knows...

Enjoy the weekend.


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