Prequel to the LOST posts...

As you may or may not have guessed, I am a pretty big fan of LOST, ABC's hit TV show. It was hard to pull my eyes away from it, and it is one show that my wife and I have in common. There is a mixture of action, romance, drama, suspense, sci-fi... this show has it all, and the crew behind it keeps it's ideas fresh. I figure, with the end of the Season 2 approaching, and this new LOST Experience interactive game coming out literally today, tomorrow, or on Saturday (depending on where you live in the world)... why not start up a series of posts devoted to LOST.

I plan on basically doing some recaps of the new shows, divulging any new dirt or clues to the secrets of this island. If you are not a fan of some spoilers, you might want to steer clear of these posts. I like getting deeper into the mythology, but not to the point of, for instance, knowing what happens on the season finale.

Speaking of season finales, and the end of this season, I read on one forum that the producers did an interview for a magazine and had some interesting things going on by this season's end, namely what happens. We get to peer into what Michael was doing while away from the castaways in a few weeks... I also heard that we will get to learn more about the mysterious Desmond, as well as what's really good with DHARMA and how the survivors got picked (chosen?) to be on this island.

I will also do some other posts devoted to the burgeoning world of LOST online, pre-Experience. There had been a plethora of sites devoted to the mysteries and hilarities of the island. From Sawyer songs to oddly scripted pages divulging (
seemingly) random information, I've seen a lot. I'll be sharing some of them with you guys, and hopefully you will forward some to me.

Here are some sites/forums/etc to get you started: ill forum with many subforums of theories and such.
Sledgeweb's LOST ... stuff. (lots of investigations into the island's mythology, with many screencaps) one beautiful website that posts up .wmv files of the episodes the day after they show. MUST SEE FOR LATE COMERS!

That's everything for right now. Scream at me if you have more stuff to send my way.

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