Friday, June 16th 2006 playlist

My people, my people. What is good my people? Father's Day weekend, and I'm going to be doing some kind of relaxing at some point this weekend. Maybe tonight. Music wise, it has been a week full of mixes... mixes that shouted me out, mixes for rainy days, even mixes by DnB dons. The release front hasn't been TERRIBLE, just a bit slow (aside from the Hidden Knowledge LP of DJ Krust's that I bashed), mainly due to my DVD drives going out on me, so I can't burn backups to get more space for more promos. *sigh* In any case, here's what it looks like, from old to the new...

Drum & Bass:

01/Dillinja "Friday" [valve]
02/Amit "Live In India" [commercial suicide]
03/DJ Krust "Initiation" [full cycle]
04/Outfit "New York" [metro]
05/Seba ft. Robert Manos "Exodus" [horizons music]
06/DJ Krust "Last Day" [full cycle]
07/Source Direct & Instra Mental "Yo Bitch!" [demonic]
08/Tommy Boy "Love & Happiness" [v]
09/Bailey "Africa" [metalheadz]
10/Dylan & Facs "Ceptor" [biotic]

Various Genres:

01/Busta Rhymes "Everything Remains Raw" [classic. The Coming is one of his best albums.]
02/Redman "Whateva Man" [buddah monk with the buddha funk. He puts you into that zone.]

03/Papoose "Hustle Hard" [word is his label deal should be coming quick. $1.5million, huh?]
04/DJ Khaled ft. Slim Thug, Trina & Chamillionaire "Candy Paint" [taken from Khaled's new album... not really a thought provoking track, but picture a hot, sweaty club in the ATL... drunk... getting crunk. that's this track.]
05/Burial "Wonder" [feeling this whole album...still!]
06/T.I. "Why You Wanna" [I never listen to his lyrics, I just like the way he flows over those beats...]

Word. That's how I'm getting down right now. Probably some more in there, but I'm not thinking clearly right now. I'll get with you guys soon though. Holla.

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