Friday, June 23rd 2006 playlist

What's good, lames? Not a very DnB week for me this week... didn't help that I got this hook up from an up and coming MC, Che Grand. I'll be speaking more about him in the very near future, but for now check out his bio page... and you can dload his Final Countdown mixtape from here. Check him out. ANYWAYS, I've been on some Hip-Hop shit this week... I grabbed some new DnB, but not a lot, so I'm combining the lists into one big thing... for now anyways. Peep game.


01/Heist "The Way You Move" [zombie] [my new summer DnB anthem!]
02/Eve Ft. T.I. "Cash Flow" [PLEASE tell me this is coming out soon... very ill beat/]
03/Alpha Omega "Article 79" [thermal] [if you aren't up on his Word of Mouth album, better get to know!]
04/Che Grand ft. Tanya Morgan "Trainspottin'" [loud minority] [that whole Official Bootleg Import EP is the truth. Not a bad track on the whole lot.]
05/Alaska "Ancestral" [arctic music] [new Paradox on another new label. epic tune.]
06/Nas "Where Y'All At" [island/def jam?] [can we get more of this?]
07/Akineyle & Sadat X "Loud Hangover" [first appeared on a Funkmaster Flex CD... I love that beat. Sadat gets murked by Ak, but its all fun and shame.]
08/Doo Wop & Kid Capri "Mixtape Shit" [yes, it's over Busta's "NY Shit" track. Yes Doo Wop has flow.]
09/Mos Def "Beef" [this track will never get old.]
10/Mystical Influence "Dub Plate Pressure" [vinyl syndicate] [gotta love Canadian jungle. WTF happened to those guys?!]
11/J-Live and RA The Rugged Man "Give It Up" [all about Think Differently Music. RA kills it.]

Word. Bang these over the weekend, youngin's.

PS: There's an ill mix that Cloak and Dagger did... all non-DnB, and all wicked. Check it out here; free download, free funk.

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eclectik said...

That Nas track is the truth!