Friday, June 9th 2006 playlist

Out, out damn rain! I am tired of these random showers we are receiving here on the East Coast. I was trying to grab some Mickey's and possibly smoke a Black tonight. Who knows. In any case, new music kills me... I get so into a track one week, then the next week that track is not even in rotation. What's good with that? Might be some surprises on this week's list, but fuck it. Let's do it...

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

1> DJ Craze & Infiltrata ft. Genr8 "You Don't Know Me" [cartel]
2> UFO ft. Lea "Something Out There (Twisted Anger Remix)" [u.f.o.]
3> ES9 "Free Your Mind (D-Bridge Remix)" [06s]
4> Die & Clipz "Climate Change" [full cycle]
5> Evol Intent Vs. Mayhem Vs. THINKTANK "Broken Sword" [human]
6> Blu Mar Ten "Future Primitive" [phuzion]
7> Taxman "Too Bad" [frontline]
8> Dillinja "Basscone" [vtb]
9> Mobb Deep "Shook Ones (DJ Zinc Remix)" [whitelabel]
10> Mampi Swift "Mainframe" [charge]

11> DJ Hype's "World Dance" mix CD...


1> Christina Aguilera "Ain't No Other Man" [forthcoming on her 2xCD, Back To Basics, this is the first single, a jam produced by DJ Premier of all people. feeling it!]
2> Busta Rhymes ft. Raekwon "Goldmine" [taken from Busta's forthcoming heater, The Big Bang, Bus, the Chef and Dr. Dre link up to break coke knowledge over a tight snare and some organ flare.]
3> Sean Price "Boom Bye Yeah" [I hate sleepin' on shit. This album came out in 2005, and I heard so much good word about it... and didn't listen to this until like Sunday. This has a rugged sample in it, just 1995 grimey sound to the beat, and ex-Ruck doing his thing. Rips it to pieces!]
4> Digital Mystikz "Earth A Run Red" [dubstep needs more tunes like this. These guys are true masters.]
5> Busta Rhymes "Ping" [Three's Company sampling jam that didn't make it onto the album, Bus just being Bus. solid.]
6> Westside Connection "Bow Down" [this guy I work with had me listening to this 1996 snoozer of an album. This was the lead single, as well as the only good thing on the album. Big beat, I wouldn't mind hearing a DnB remix of this one... funny side note: the radio version always said "bow down to some killers that's greater than you", which seems kind of offensive, but the dirty version says "bow down to some niggas..." ... is that some hidden shit or what?]
7> DJ Soul Slinger ft. DJ WAlly "Masterplan" [taken from his 1997 album
Don't Believe, I forgot how much Soul had accomplished. Being the head of Liquid Sky was one thing; creating such a cohesive album is something else entirely. He did his thing, and did it well. This is one of the lone non-DnB tracks; straight up hip-hop, with a scratched sample running throughout it. I hadn't heard this in years, and the congas in it are so phenomenal.]

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