Friday, July 14th 2006 playlist

What a fucking week. I've been hella tired, working kind of crazy due to people being out, which is cool, but its when other fuckers act like they don't know that I am not sitting at my desk all day... bothers me. Anyways, been a good week musically... some nice shit out there. Beats wise, anyways... some of these MCs need to pick up a pad, pen and get back to studying...


01/Lupe Fiasco "I Gotcha" [that beat is the bidness, Neptunes whattup... I don't feel Lupe on the mic though. sry.]
02/Oh No ft. Buckshot "Get Yours" [off his brand new album... check that shit out.]
03/Skream "0800" [off his skreamizm 2 release. great dubstep lick.]
04/L.I.S. "The Key" [exit special edition 10". fucking SICK tune. one of the most beautifullest dnb tracks this year, hands down.]
05/Danny Byrd "Doghill" [hospital release... even though it sounds like Q Project's "Greatest Thing", I dig it.]
06/K. Tee "Hypnotise" [shogun audio... K.Tee back with a vengance.]
07/Aquasky "Dezires (Marky & Bungle Remix)" [bingo... been waiting for this one.]
08/Tanya Morgan "Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group" [dload it for free.]
09/The Roots "Clock With No Hands" [dload from spine magazine... from their forthcoming lp.]
10/The Roots "In The Music" [again, dload from spine magazine... again, from their forthcoming lp.]

Word. I'm out of it. Be easy my people... DJ Krust interview coming SOON!

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