Friday, July 21st 2006 playlist

Wicked week music wise. Loads of hot shit, from ill mash up CDs to dope Stones Throw mixes to shit hot DnB mixes from esb and the bitterbrew crew. I still haven't put up the DJ Krust interview, b/c I haven't had the hours of time it takes to get it edited right, but my DOA review of his Hidden Knowledge 2xCD is up now. I was also made a mod, but that's nothing too major. In any case, let's get on with this weekend's jams... loads of DnB for ya! Thick with Horizons Music Group tunes, but that's how it goes...

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/Aspect "It's Yours (Original Unreleased Mix)" [horizons music]
02/Redeyes "Drama Revenge" [crisis]
03/Resound "Children of Jah (Digital Remix)" [orgone]
04/Gremlinz & Stranjah "Banshee" [mindrush]
05/Phace & N.Phect "Cavity" [syndrome]
06/Digital "Murder" [progress]
07/Logistics "Every Beat Of The Heart" [hospital]
08/Cartridge "Chemistry Connections (Martsman Remix)" [plain audio]
09/Alix Perez "All Alone" [spearhead]
10/Genetic Sequence "Love Crisis" [transmute]


01/Nas vs. Black Sabbath "Shoot The War Pigs" [mash-up] (yes, this is a mash between "Made You Look" and "War Pigs". Yes it's dope.)

02/Clipse ft. Slim Thug "Wamp Wamp (What It Do)" [??] (what it do? kind of odd hearing them on that Houston shit, but that beat is ridic.)
03/The Roots "Can't Stop This" [def jam] (yes, this is the J. Dilla tribute. Yes, all 8 mins plus are dope. Yes, I'm STILL mourning...)
04/Indellible MC's "Weight" [??] (fav track that they did together...)

word. that's all that's truly been rocking me this week. gotta get some ish done before the cookout tomorrow. holla at me.

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