the shuffle. [7/1/06]

Bad Intentions. Some real bad intentions.

So is life though, no? Welcome one and all to another installment of the shuffle. If one of you readers knows how to cure my PC of DVD drive problems, I'd be forever indebt to you... scream at me.

Been one busy ass week! June just flew by but I think I got a good chunk of junk done... heard some good tunes, and now it's on to this ridiculous July 4th weekend... even though the 4th is on a Tuesday, and I have to crawl into work on Monday... oh joy!

01/It must be hot being rich. Well, maybe not... Warren Buffett is planning on giving his billions away. So maybe it's not great being rich, but it's great to have a philantropist foundation like Bill Gates does. That dude could save Africa with the amount of loot he has! He won't, but it's nice to think he would.

02/It's definitely NOT hot being a Backstreet Boy, apparently. You either become a drunk, put out a Christian album, or you quit. Kevin Richardson quit. I thought I cared, but then I realized that I couldn't tell you any of their names. I'm just ignorant like that. Does anyone even care about "BSB" anymore? Didn't think so...

03/Good to know that the criminal record of the Bad Boy labelmates is still going strong. Babs of "Da Band" fame(?) got arrested earlier this week on some "lemme whup that trick who talked shit at the club" bullshit. Maybe she will actually release some music in the future... nah.

04/As if Bow Wow's head wasn't already ballooning on the strength of his garbage music, this conceited prick is contemplating a fucking EARLY RETIREMENT... whaaa?!?! Slow down there, young buck. You might have been in the game since you were in pampers, but let's be serious. You're money can't be that long...

05/The Residents plan on releasing blank CDs. Seriously.

06/Word on the street is Beck has a new 'Hip-Hop'-centric album forthcoming... this article was cool, made me feel good... but then I heard this dude is a fucking Scientologist, and I felt sick...

07/Who the hell is Gillie Da Kid? The first time I heard of him was when he got bucked in Philly... now he's saying he wrote Lil' Wayne's old rhymes? Wayne is lucky, then... his new shit is WAY PAST that old ish.

08/Funny how Rush Limbaugh got off for those old drug possession charges... and now got picked up for illegally obtaining Viagara.

09/How does Dallas Austin not have a weed carrier? And he's WAY out of town to be carrying his own blow... who even knew he was a head like that?!?!

10/I thought I had heard it all, but no... wait until you get hit with the PIMP TAX!

11/DJ Quik fucked up, and now is going to be locked down for 5 months... it's his own fault, though. His dumb ass wouldn't have been in this situation if he got back to me about that interview for The Flow.

12/Gotta love the NBA... the draft went down without a hitch this week, and they got a new ball. Oh joy.

13/Ludacris' 5th (and final?) album for Def Jam is set for a fall date. With "War With God" out there masterfully dissing someone (T.I.?), it looks like it's going to be a hot one. Do you guys think Def Jam will get rid of Luda? Also on the horizon is DJ Shadow's The Outsider, which should be touching down soon. Is this album too sharp of a turn for the beat-mastermind? Beanie Sigel is also hard at work in the studio on his next LP, which won't be out until early 2007 (hopefully). I wonder why he came with that "Teddy Pendergrass of Hip-Hop" thing, though... Finally, Jamie Kennedy finally got a deal for an album... and a fucking label!? What is that all about? Thing is, now there is no reason at all to watch "Blowin' Up". Which may or may not be a good thing.

14/Lil' Kim is set to be released from prison on Monday, July 3rd. All I can hope is that she keeps it on the same lyrical content of her last LP, and she doesn't go back to that Bella Mafia bullshit. Please, Kim.

15/What's up with idiot weed heads this week? Two guys get caught in the drive thru puffing the largest L seen by these cops at a KFC... and this other sick fuck got caught digging up graves to make, get this, a bong with someone's skull.

16/Finally, if you regularly check my blog, you know of my disgust for the Black Eyed Peas' This nugget got me cracking up when I heard it... BEP got in the middle of some bar brawl over in Germany, and will is now under investigation for his role?!?! I hope he got stomped on.

Am I mean? Well, when it comes to, I can be...

enjoy your weekend, people. 1.

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