the shuffle. [7/15/06]

What a difference love and some beer makes. Last night I mentioned the rough week and stuff... it's mainly the heat, but I had some issues at work going on that did not put a smile on my face. Just talking to my baby helps so much... she's going through a bunch of stuff during her pregnancy, and she wants to cry and blow up but can hold it in... I should at least be able to keep my cool in this heat. I love her for that.

Shouts out to Old English. You might not be able to cop that in certain spots in Philly, but my Hamilton niggas have it on point. Also, I wanna shout out my Horizons Music Group crew... well, Neil Brandnew anyways. We're making moves, and hopefully I'll be intergrated a lil more into getting the word out on the always quality DnB that comes from Horizons Music, Crisis and Progress. Fingers should remain crossed. I copped a few gems from the Horizons Music Digital store over at Juno. Peep this post for more info. Aspect's "It's Yours (original unreleased mix)" for under £2? Sign me up!

You guys don't really wanna know this shit though, do you? It's Saturday night, I'm kind of tips, and it's shuffle time. You see black dude up there getting jiggy? It's time for me to jig out these news pieces... let's go.

01/Let me just get the latest news off my chest: this fucking jigaboo is wanting people to not consider the Black Eyed Peas "hip-hop". Did we ever? Never mind that each new album is gonna feature a track produced by will (Busta's new LP, Nas and Luda and Fat Joe are rumored to be getting beats from him as well). Nevermind that they came out early with a Native Tongues-sound ("Joints and Jams" anyone)? Want to know the reasoning? Check it: "Today's hip-hop is just angry, negative music that just makes black people look bad." So basically, instead of showing the youth that Hip-Hop is not as negative as commercial radio and TV would let you believe, he would rather disassociate himself from Hip-Hop? Sounds like a corporate move, nigga! Good luck on that!

02/I don't know about you, but Stacey Dash was always one of my most favorite actresses... even though I only liked her in Clueless and Mo' Money. She is going to be featured in Playboy, and yes, the pictures are online. She's looking fly too, although a few of my homies have asked what the deal is with her nipples... I don't know, I only go to bed with wifey. Stacey is still fly though, 40 years old and kids and all. Good looking!

03/That dude Gillie Da Kid gave an interview to XXL Online. He talks a lot of shit, and at first read sounds like he's about his business. I mean, yeah he said previously that he ghostwrote for Lil' Wayne, but now he played "coach". OK so that controversy is dead -- until we know the extent of his coaching, his claims are falty. Now, this nigga bigged up how "smart" his business sense was. He talked a lot about "owning his publishing", because you all know that's how niggas get paid over the long haul. Thing is, Baby wasn't having it. Baby said "OK you want to own all your publishing, you won't be putting an album out!" What happened? Gillie ended up writing for Wayne and Baby *allegedly*, and has nothing to show from it. Good job, nigga. Way to be.

04/Ya boy Eminem is going through it. First, he gets his arm tatted up with a tatoo that his homie Proof (RIP) used to rock. Then, some dude says that Em beat his ass in the bathroom of a strip club? What guy talks to anyone while taking a piss? Dude says he starting talking to Em, and Em's body guards were like "stfu". Then he kept talking and when Em was done, he smacked dude up 4-5 times. WTF is wrong there? I don't want NO dude talking to me while I'm peeing. What's good with that? I hope Em gets exonerated... he ain't do nothing no other man would do. Beat a punk ass down. Holla.

05/Who knew that Jackie Chan drank? He was so blitzed this week that he jumped up onstage at some guys show and decided to sing? And then started to insult the crowd when they heckled him? Maybe he needs to be like Carter and get some "mooshoo"? OK, bad joke, but I can't wait for Rush Hour 3. Those movies are my shit.

06/So Britney's bootleg husband, Kevin Federline, has been shopping a deal for his "album" for a while now. This shit was SUPPOSED to drop in April, and it's now the middle of July. Word is that Jive, Brit's label, is trying to sign this dude? Have they heard him rap? I surely hope not, and they are just trying to milk this trainwreck. That dude is AWFUL!

07/It's summertime, and Slate figured it'd be dope to let you punks know what's good on the 'Summer' music tip. None of this touches Memphis Bleek's "Dear Summer", but then again, Memph doesn't even speak a word. Jay-Z must be so proud.

08/This week produced some ill interviews: Smoothe Da Hustler lets us know who he ghostwrote for and where the FUCK he's been, Drama King Kay Slay talks in depth about his Papoose situation and other bits, and Ruck & Rock (aka Heltah Skeltah) do their thing as well.

09/BET decided to cancel their "UNCUT" TV hour for good. I mean, it didn't help that that show came on when most niggas were just coming in from the club, but as noz pointed out, it was a breeding ground for talent that wouldn't normally be put on TV. Granted, that shit would need to have assess jiggling to get play, but it's still an avenue. If yer really feelin' some kind of way, sign the petition.

10/Rumor mill has been runnin' something crazy in regards to the Clipse?and the hiatus that Jive is taking on releasing Hell Hath No Fury. It used to be that niggas could sell mad units on the mixtape scene and it was promised that they'd get some industry shine. This story is much deeper, though. Apparently, Pharrell sold a beat to Foxy Brown before she went deaf. When word got out that bitch couldn't hear shit, she backed up and was like "fuck it, I'll fall back on this album thing"... letting Pharrell think he could just give the Clipse the beat Fox Boogie worked on! Now that she's back, she says she is going to put these rap niggas on it and use it. Faggot Ass P (In My Mind review coming soon) tried to bribe Jigga with beats and other favors for use of this beat on the Clipse's album, but Jigga sent the lawyers out to Jive. Heavy, right? Bidness is bidness... but let the Clipse release their LP! How will that album not do big numbers? I'm behind kris ex 100%: fuck Jive!

11/Diddy's Press Play album is due soon. He gave an interview talking about his approach and renewed thought process. He tries to sound like a DJ (he has a 5-second rule? Why did such nonsense get released on his label then?)... then he talks about one of the themes running through this LP: "One of the things I've gone through in the last couple of years is a lot of situations with relationships," he said. Is he still mourning his loss of J.Lo? Get over it, dude... or was the sex that phenomenal?

12/So what's up with Carmelo Anthony and weed charges? In the past, he got his name in lights over some ganja in his travel bag... now po-po found herb in his whip, while wasn't in it? How much do you think he paid these cops to say he wasn't in there? I know 'Melo smokes that good green... you know it too.

13/Not really a news piece, but my wife made a hilarious statement... we're watching the new DMX reality TV show on BET, and this fucker is obviously under the influence of SOMETHING! Wifey pulls out this line: "DMX gives new meaning to the term Dogs On Acid". I love her! Peep this dude rankin on X while you're at it.

14/Speaking of fun links, here's a few I figure I'd share: a fun Zidane head-butting game, as well as something entitled the "Young Hov Project". That lil dude looks JUST like Hova!

15/Fucking Johnny Depp. Who'd a thunk that this dude would go from 21 Jumpstreet to the highest grossing movie out there? Gotta love that! Now go rent Crybaby and call me in the morning.

16/As of right now, Suge Knight no longer controls Death Row. It got handed over by some judge who cleverly advised that Tha Row has been "mismanaged". It took them this long to realize that? Dude is also getting sued, again(!) by Harry O... I think they need to put out a box set of the Death Row classics (Dre, Snoop, Dogg Pound AND 2Pac?) and pay Harry O those proceeds. End of.

17/Luda has that track "War With God" out there, but he swears he's not going at anyone but... himself? Anyways, he also revealed that the "leaked" version only has 2 verses... I imagine he added a 3rd after the reception to the first 2 verses. On another note, why does the industry get so heated over illegal dloads, but then let's their tracks get leaked all over your Internets with no problem? Shady tactics.

18/Gotta love the power of the blog. This dude FINALLY got his house, after starting out with one red paper clip... gotta love it.

19/Biggie's family is back, asking for some additions to the court case... looks like they are trying to get the LAPD into deeper trouble, saying that not only were shady cops at the museum the night BIG got got, but that they stayed invovled with americam rap stars. It's just getting deeper...

20/Here's a few random bits before I hit the sack... The Sopranos is further delayed due to an injury suffered by James Gandolfini (aka Tony Soprano)... a British banker who worked with the cracks over at Enron got got this week; shady dealings, no? ... Sony also pulled the "racist" ads for the new white version of the PSP... I don't see racism there, but to each his own.

OK crew, that's all I got. Aside from a sack full of sleep. I'm going to let you guys devour this and hit me up with your thoughts. Enjoy the rest of ya weekend...

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Anonymous said...

Old English?????? What about the Country Club?????

With all the abilities companies have in computers these days, no one thought to give Stacy two decent nipples.....they look like knobby moon craters...yuck.

Did Eminem wash his hands before he beat this guy down? lol, just a thought. lol

Jackie Chan + Drunk = Jackie Chunck.

For a company whose letters mean Black Entertainment Television, why don't more black people want to watch the channel? I think for the most part, everyone wants to watch the same stuff, regardless of color.

I think Diddy needs to get an exorcist performed to help rid himself of the J Lo memories.

ok, I am done. Thanks babe, I love you, too.