the shuffle. [7/22/06]

At the end of the day, we're all children of Jah. Happy birthday, Selassie I. I also want to send a big up to Brooklyn, my dog Nappy (keep holdin' it down), my unborn, my family, Pom Wonderful (anyone got any Absolut?), and fat basslines.

I'm gonna try and whip this one out... there's a date wifey and I have that I plan on keeping... you know how this goes.

I do want to say: I am getting tired of Making The Band 3. I mean, I like seeing this show, I've been down since Dylan was a lazy Jamaican... it's one of my favs, but these chicks need to get a grip. Stop crying -- at least you are recording! Don't act like you are just so distraught... OK you aren't on a track, but how's that check getting to you? I know you ain't STARVING! Get over yourself and play your position...

Wow. Got a bit hostile there. Let's get it going before I hurt something...

01/This past sunday, Chappelle's Show ran the now-infamous "Pixie Skit". If you guys don't remember, this skit has been sighted as one of the main reasons Dave flew off the handle and bounced from his show (and $50 mil)... It was funny, but it seemed drawn out. It's like they are truly stitching episodes together, mostly unedited/approved by Dave [unfortunately]... I wish, for Dave's sake, that they didn't show these. The episodes lack something... lack a lot. Funny is the main thing they lack, but I'll be dropping knowledge on Summer TV in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled.

02/As if we didn't already know, Timbaland had to let the cat out of the bag: he says he is currently working on new tracks for Jay-Z's next LP. No confirmation from Jay Hov himself, but this can only be seen as a great thing for Hip-Hop as a whole. The shit's in a slump, you know it and I know it. LPs are coming out subpar, singles drive the market, and creativity is at a low. I can only hope that Jay sticks to his grizzly and puts out a stellar album; anything less will be a huge blow, and he had better resign from his position... oh, he's made some bad choices.

03/I agree with Slate: I think Bush cursing during that microphone snafu is good for business. What would you expect him to be speaking of? Knitting? Fine linens? Nah he was trying to get his shit in order... Tony Blair did seem like a lil pissant though. "Come on man, we gotta go forth with this early"; Bush is all "Yo, son, I got this. Condi's black ass is gonna be there soon my dude". Gotta love it. Now I know what Raekwon meant by "Gangster Republicans".

04/Neph who said Eminem whupped his punk ass in the bathroom last week has withdrawn his charges. Yeah, I wonder how much extra Shady Clothing he got in the mail this week, too.

05/Trying to kick their rival CinemaNow's ass, Movielink has gotten licenses for DVD-Burning tools, so you can dload and burn a full length movie right from their site. CinemaNow apparently only has that option with skin flicks, so this move might be big... if they could only get some movie industry support! LOL what good is the product if you got nothing to exploit it?

06/I had no idea this news was that big, but Oprah felt she had to come out and say hit: Gayle and her are not munching each other's carpets. Is this even news? Who the fuck thought that...

07/Microsoft is really reaching: they have finally announced that they have an iPod killer on the way... or so they hope. Thing is, the technical specs are unknown, but they are not the main feature heads should look for: think about what they need to do to edge out iTunes. iTunes is moving something crazy b/c it's an easy way for novice iPod users to cop tracks and throw them on the player. Serious heads don't fuck with iPods and such for a lot of other reasons (hatred for the whole Apple thing, too much unnecessry bells and whistles)... but you can't knock the growing library they've accumulated. Can Microsoft lead the industry massive over to come purchase this thing, Zune?

08/How the FUCK does one create a musical without the fucking music? Ask Outkast... these jigas have the Idlewild soundtrack dropping in August, with the movie/musical coming out 3 days later. I have no desire to see or hear this, and I dislike the tracks I've heard, but how does one do a musical with no music? How fucking nonsensical does that sound? It's OK though; Big Boi plans on touring... and Andre doesn't! Why don't they just announce the break-up and get this shit over with?

09/No real new news here, but Mr. Lif has a pretty insightful interview over there at Allhiphop. I haven't properly listened to Mo Mega yet, but I

10/These Hollywood chicks don't know whether they're coming or going... Pam Anderson and Kid Rock are planning on getting married soon, while Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro split up. I'm not a big fan of Dave, Pam or Kid Rock, but I used to be infatuated with Carmen back when she was down with Prince. Corny, right? Oh well... now I might have to check for her again. Eh... nah.

11/Petition for the release of J Dilla's MCA album. Please sign if you love Dilla.

12/Shouts to the boy noz over at XXL and Cocaine Blunts. He dropped some knowledge on the subject of some shit Little Brother's Phonte spoke about opening up for Yung Joc and shit (what a fucking career move!)... okayplayer-fueled hell ensued --- peep the comments.

13/Who knew MC Hammer was worth a dime anymore? His music catalogue just got sold for something like $2.7 mill! Ridiculous, right? Who woulda thought that "Pumps In A Bump" would be worth ANYTHING these days!?!?

14/On a final note, you gotta love how Bush is just now getting around to speaking in front of the NAACP. He also plans to "extend" the Voting Rights Act. Why not just get rid of the shit altogether... what an idea!

Anyways, I'm off to finish some shit and watch this fight. I hope you enjoyed this shuffle, and I promise to bring you continued coverage of whatever the fuck I want to, whenever the fuck I want to. Holla atcha frog.

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