the shuffle. [7/29/06]

Getting a late start on this one... been one of those lazy days for me. Just been in a weird mood... 6 weeks left until my son is born, this heat is getting to me, no alcohol... which reminds me, I wanna send a big fuck you to Sovereign Bank... they need to get on their game and send me this paperwork so I can get my money. Shady bastards.

I wanna send a shout to my boy
Pr0gress... been a minute since I spoke with him, and he's been on his grizzly making some nice DnB... I'm sending out a few of his bits so if you are a DJ or run a label looking for new talent, holla at the kid. There's also this mix that he's done... I always knew he was a monster on the decks, and he's kept it going. Download here...

Oh and to that
Gutierrez/Clottey fight that was on HBO tonight... sucking @ boxing does NOT mean that you have to throw crazy lowblows... that's just uncalled for.

It's been a weird week... some crazy news is out there. Let's get to it.

01/What's really good with Mel Gibson? He's out there
getting DUIs and shit, cussing the Jews... well he actually admitted that he has a drinking problem, so that's the 1st step. Maybe it's all of those wacked out flicks he's making that drive him to drink...

02/There was a bit of LOST news out there, as ABC
announced it's Fall schedule. Season 3 will start on October 4th (a week before my b-day!), and let the world know officially that the season will be broken into 2 parts: there will be like 6 episodes starting October 4th, then there will be a 3 month pause during the beginning of 2007. The season will then have a gang of episodes (no reruns!) until the beginning of the Summer. People will cry/bitch/moan/whatever, but I rather that then weeks of reruns. During that off time, ABC is planning on showing some new TV show starring Taye Diggs, and it is supposed to be like Memento and Groundhog's Day... good luck, nigga!

03/Have you guys seen
this commercial for HeadOn ("apply directly to the forehead")? My wife and kids HATE that commercial, but it's actually good marketing... sort of. Let Slate explain it to you, they are better than I.

04/Philly basketball fans, rejoice: Allen Iverson
will not be leaving, at least not this season. I was already telling people that there was no way Iverson was gone --- he's worth too much to the 76ers organization financially, putting those asses in the seats! Also, there would need to be a big offer on the table to get Iverson out of Philly, and I don't think most teams are prepared to shift their whole team... except for Denver, and they wouldn't give up 'Melo. Carmelo did get picked for the Team USA squad. Peep the entire roster here. PS: word to Charles Barkley, good luck on your campaign for governor!

05/Ken Jennings, aka neph who won like $2.5 Million playing Jeopardy!, got
accussed of "bashing" host Alex Trebeck and the TV show where he won his loot. I guess a lot of people didn't read the actual post, which read like a letter to Jeopardy, asking for a bit of an updated style... was he wrong? I don't think so; this show hasn't changed a blip in the 20+ years I've watched it. Fix up, Trebeck.

06/I spoke on this "Zune" that Microsoft plans to have out soon, and then happened upon
this article, which was something I never thought about initially: iRiver, Creative, and these other companies are gonna lose out. They had tried to bridge the gap and incorporate Microsoft's technology into their players, but now they might get thrown to the wayside. And with Microsoft planning on spending crazy loot on the Zune, we can only hope that this is a wise decision... we'll see when Christmas comes around.

07/Why they are even trying, I don't know, but MTV is coming up with a site that is said to rival
MySpace. Why? Who knows... Friendster couldn't do it. is said to launch in August, and will incorporate mobile phones and other things into it. Why bother?

08/Scarlett Johanssen, who seems to get
flyer every flick she's in, is set to have her own clothing line in conjunction with Reebok. They seem to be giving anyone a deal... Jigga... Daddy Yankee... whattup with that? I need a "rock the dub" line of sneakers. Someone let me know how to do that.

09/Lionel Richie is said to be
upset with Nicole Richie's weight loss. Well dammit, so am I. I used to think she was fly during the first season of The Simple Life... the lil pudginess was cute. Her attitude stunk, but she was fly. When the 2nd season came around, and she shed that rehab weight, she got even better, but then the idiot turned into skin-n-bones, which is far from attractive. You'd think she'd want to not look like a dope fiend anymore... to each his own, I guess.

10/The Nine Trey Bloods
got hit hard by the state and federal police in NJ this week, which is also being called the largest roundup in state history. The first bust netted something like 65 heads? They called these niggas a "super gang", and for the amount of shit these guys were into, I can see why. Racketeering, money laundering, drug dealing. These guys were HEAVY! Hopefully this will ease the drama up on the streets, for a little bit anyways.

11/I hate Cingular Wireless. They barked at me this week on some "your GoPhone service is out of here, get a new plan or be cut off by September 30th". Not feeling that @ all. If I had the loot to stay on a monthly plan, I'd probably grab one of the
2 new Razr phones out there. The 1t one is the Krzr, is narrower than the Razr, has a camera and the Bluetooth hookup as well. The Rizr is a slider... but neither are in stores. So save your chips for the next craze. Oh joy. I'll stick with the Virgin Mobile Oystr jawn... say word.

12/OK so I thought I wouldn't speak on this, but fuck it, it's news --- not really, but so what. Lance Bass
came out of the closet this week. Most people thought Timberlake was the gay one, or the old fucker Chris, but it was Lance. I really don't care, but I think the amount of publicity this is getting is insane for a dude who really didn't do shit from jump.

13/New Rap album news! To start things off, The Game proclaimed that his long awaited sophmore album, The Doctor's Advocate, is
set to drop this November. He plans on having Nas, Mary J. Blige, as well as punk ass Cool and Dre doing a bunch of beats to this album. Game also let slip a teaser, "One Blood", which shows him atop his game. XXL's YN broke this track down for you lames, and it is a hot lil piece to be honest with you... also this week, the Clipse gave us what we wanted to hear: Hell Hath No Fury has a Halloween drop date. No doubt. They apparently scrapped a bunch of tracks in favor of a load of new heat. Hopefully, some of those scrapped gems will make it to the mixtape circuit (fingers crossed!)... it's still Fuck Jive, but what can you do? ... It's been a long time coming, but M.O.P.'s long awaited next album should be coming soon, for good or ill. Kind of. This is the album that was SUPPOSED to drop on the Roc when they signed to them. It's coming out on Coppertop(??) Records, and has a gang of joints that have seen the light of day already, mixtape side or otherwise. Sucks for them. They need to do their own thing --- I am still thinking G-Unit is not a good look for them. Stones Throw and Adult Swim have finally named the compilation they put together; Chrome Children is a showcase of the talent on that roster, from Roc C to Oh No to Madlib to Madvillian to Jaylib to MED and Percee P and many others... check out that listing! On a final Hip-Hop LP note, Fat Joe has split with Atlantic... sort of. I had no idea his All Or Nothing album was put out on his Terror Squad label, well actually Terror Squad/Atlantic. Now, he is putting out the next LP, Me, Myself & I, out solely on Terror Squad. Who's distro'ing that badboy? Supposed to be his best thing out, too. Time will tell... fucking crack-a-matician.

14/THIS JUST IN: Roy Jones Jr. has
won a new belt. Fighting for the first time since he bounced from the ring 10 months ago, it sounds like he fought a real bum; dude only won the 1st round? What? No competition, eh? Go fight Tarver and get stole on, nigga. Or take your bruised ego back to the chicken coop. Fight a real dude, Roy! I dare you!

15/Andrea Yates, the mother who drowned her 5 boys back in 2001, was retried and found
not guilty by reason of insanity. I feel for her, b/c she was going through some serious depression... the doctor even said after the 4th "don't have a kid". Why they decided to have that last son, who knows, but I tell you what: if this lady ever gets sent back into society, tie her tubes. Tie her tubes, remove her uterus... fuck it, sew her coochie closed. She doesn't seem to be a threat to anyone but the children she brings into this world, so stop her from having babies.

16/Some non-album Hip-Hop news; XXL provided an
excerpt of the 50 Cent interview forthcoming in their next issue. My only gripe with 50's comments is the hypocrisy. He will make comments like this: "None of it should be out there. It’s all illegal activity. Everything that you mention when you talk to these niggas, they can’t make reference to nothing but breaking the fuckin’ law. That’s it. We talking about career criminals", then go right back around with shit like how he was going to murk Ja on a motorcycle. Why do that? For someone as vocal as he has been on past experiences he's had, why downtalk another nigga on what he says? ... Oh and word to DJ Envy, you should strap up now: Star's charges are set to be dropped in 6 months. So for all the shit he talked about your wife and daughter, get at him. Yes, I'm instigating like M.O.P., I can't help it. I have kids, and if some other nigga spoke about my family the way Star did, fuck that, ratchets out!

17/On a final note, you gotta love it when great minds think alike:
Oh Word and Dallas Penn have teamed up to give you guys a PSA of sorts on a pressing issue: working one over on the fast food devils. I will say no more but give you this video on the Ghetto Big Mac:

You can't hate on that. I hope you guys enjoyed this edition... let's hope next week's is as fruitful. Have a good'n!

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