the shuffle. [7/8/06]

What a day. Shit, WHAT A WEEK! I mean, I complain about having to work on July 3rd, after getting kind of tipsy on Sunday blah blah blah... but that Wednesday shit, that took the cake. I made it, though. And a big chunk of my job will be done Monday. Shouts out to my TAB Group niggas.

Crazy week for news, as well. Loads of shuffle shit goings on. First, though, I just wanted to get a few shouts out of the way. Topping things off, I wanna shout out White Mike over at Darkland Recordings for letting me get my write on. Shouts out to NY, I love you for that one. I also want to shout out the child birth teaching nurses over at Robert Wood. I'm not sure that 8 hours was worth the $$, but we got (and gave) some hot info, and I appreciate it, even if that nurse Amy was all "those fruit loops played Rap music during labor". I mean, different strokes for different niggas...

ANYWAYS, onto this Saturday Night shuffle thing...

01/I'm torn with this Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes shit. I mean, I figured the shit was going to be dope, right? Then I check out this article, which is all on some "these episodes suck"... I mean, did Dave leave because that $50 Mil got to be too much for him, or did he bounce because his product was shitty? If so, I feel bad... I supported Dave (you'd get a link to my support, but The Flow is out of service for some ridiculous reason). I hope he didn't sell himself short. I mean, the shows come on tomorrow night @ 9PM. If they are wack, I'll let you flock know.

02/So you thought Buckshot & 9th's Chemistry disc was fire, even though 9th stays with the same fucking beats all the time? Well, those 2 cats are going in for round 2. I guess The Formula will stick to that same thing... for good or ill. Buck is always on point, and when 9th uploads him a hot fruity loop, it's on. I just want more Sean Price and less Phonte.

03/Yo... did you guys hear about Bobby Brown being a true nigga? Apparently, there was a big Essence Festival that went down... all of Black Hollywood must have been there, and this big New Edition Reunion went down... well, not surprisingly, Bobby Brown had his own set... and went OFF! What did they expect? Did they not know that Bobby was an addict? That's like me getting surprised about T.O. not getting along with his current management.

04/How was your July 4th? Were you supporting the troops? Declaring your love for your great country? How do you feel about the fucking bin Laden Unit being disbanded over our nation's holiday? Yeah, this story got NO play, for obvious reasons... Ibn Laden was the fucking reason we decided to blow shit up, and all of the sudden we have bigger priorities? Something ain't right...

05/Ken Lay died. The question is... will this corrupt, embezzling bastard reappear in the future on some "gotcha, bitches!" type shit...

06/The NBA has been playing musical chairs ever since the big Draft. I'm really intrigued as to who will try and acquire Allen Iverson, though.

07/This nigga Tyrese, oh I'm sorry... "Black-Ty", is really out there sucking dicks to get his "rap" project some clout. With niggas like Method Man and Snoop Dogg co-signing his abilites, I guess I must go cop his joint, right? Yeah... give Meth some strong enough weed and he will blabber on about anything. And Snoop? Isn't that nigga selling Cadillacs for a living?

08/First off, how come no one told me Jose Canseco was trying to play baseball again? And how does ANYONE have the balls to try and get traded after one game?

09/Didn't Michael Jackson hate Eminem? Why is he trying to get Em to work with him on his new album? Why does MJ have a new album coming anyways... shouldn't he be defending his own ass from lockdown -- again!??!

10/Yo I hadn't heard the name Jellybean Benitez in fucking YEARS! Who knew that he owned Big Pun's recordings... and didn't think about putting an album out until recently? Ya boy eskay is right though --- let DJ Green Lantern work some magic over those lyrics.

11/Did you guys know that Gil Scott Heron had HIV? And who knew he was in rehab... well, he skipped rehab and this week got some time for it. I guess there's 1 revolution that won't be televised... come on! You knew that was coming!

12/For all the music nerds like myself, peep this week's SoundScan... check the lack of Rap/Hip-Hop in the top10... then check how little Mobb Deep moved... PS Nappy I owe you that sixer... Cam ain't even gone half way to gold!

13/The Internet has been going nuts this week over the news that Stacey Dash is going to be in Playboy very soon. You can't hate on that.

14/My sister-in-law first hit me with this story, so I thought it was bullshit, but it's on your Internets, so it must be true: males with a lot of older brothers are more likely to become gay... apparently. I'll play Captain Obvious for 1 question... what about gay guys with NO brothers? How do they become gay?

15/Shouts out to Ice T. I love how he has the stones to go on Hot97 and profess his love for his white wife. I mean, my wife is white, and I love her. I hate black females who have to hate on the fact that I married a white woman. It reminds me of the Richard Pryor joke... "Never divorce a white woman in California" is how I think it started... and with the reaction some black females in the audience made, Rich then replys, in a mock black lady voice, "you should never marry a white woman... fuck your feelings", or something of that nature.

16/Being Black in LA must be a trip... I have no words other than why the fuck is this not a bigger piece of the regular news?

17/I love how Justin Timberlake is dropping a new album this year. I just don't know how I feel about "SexyBack", his lead single... I mean, I loved his last album... but this just doesn't move me. We'll see. I've listened to it all of one time...

18/I spent some time back in April dissecting the Suge Knight/Death Row woes briefly, and this nigga happens to come back into the limelight now... I say he just puts out one last Death Row Greatest Hits box set and just pays off the druglords who funded Death Row.

This week was all over the place, eh? Shouts to London, wanna send my blessings and well wishes to all the families mourning 7/7/06... until next week, keep it grimey.

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