Friday, August 11th 2006 playlist

Crazy music, this week. Most of this week's playlist is what I like to call "up front", because I've been dealing with people I know and up and coming guys, I just like hearing that new sound. I also have about 8 mixes to link in this bitch too, so let's get it cracking...

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/Blu Mar Ten "Deep Inside" [shogun audio]
02/Commix "Talk To Frank" [metalheadz]
03/Soundclash "Bang Bang" [xs]
04/GianniMaz "Hope Floats (working title?)" [dubplate]
05/Typecell "Illumination" [dubplate]
06/Senses & Survival "Lisys" [horizons music]
07/Pr0gress "A Million Miles" [dubplate for now]
08/Bishop "2eighty7" [dubplate]
09/Redeyes "Behind Closed Doors" [spearhead]
10/TK "Substance" [nu directions]


01/Sean Price ft. Buckshot "Cardiac" [taken from his forthcoming album, Jesus Price: Superstar. captivating beat, ill flows.]
02/Christina Aguilera "Thank You (Dedication To Fans)" [taken from her forthcoming double CD, Back To Basics. Primo cutting up "Genie In The Bottle" is my shit. Also, peep the "Back In The Day RMX" featuring that new nigga, Termanology (big up Spine Mag).]
03/The Game "It's Okay (One Blood)" [I won't go into how neph took a MAJOR L, I just hope the sophmore is the truth.]
04/Pharoahe Monch "Push" [weird track. I dig it, but it's weird hearing Monch do more singing and stuff than rapping. Let's hope the new LP features more mic technique.]
05/Cham ft. Alicia Keys "Ghetto Story (Remix)" [she did her thing. loving this one!]
06/Kelis ft. Nas "Blindfold Me" [ROFL. Mr. and Mrs. Jones get it in over an odd beat. No comment.]
07/Monica ft. Dem Franchise Boyz "Everytime Tha Beat Drop" [knocks in the whip. end of.]

OK, now let's get to these mixes:

*Spinline's Transmogrification mix 2006 August -- very dark, dubby styles on this one. loads of exclusives, as well as favorites like Amit's "Immigrants" and Digital's "Get Away". if you like the Dub DnB styles, peep this NOW!

*The Fix come with another dubby-style mix, finding time to even throw in some Ink, Keaton and Alpha Omega! don't sleep on this one!

*that dude Methodus drops a more liquid/soulful style mix on this collection from the "Who Am I" series from my "Just Memories" fav is on there, as well as a beautiful Chino lick.

*NC's kapsil comes wth a new mix for August '06, and mixes a nice combo of older and newer, funky and deep, just plain interesting tunes. not too many DJs will drop tunes by Paradox, Konflict, Duo Infernale and Jonny L in the same mix. beautiful shit.

*ESB & RollandBurn celebrate Detuned Radio's 3 year anniversary... 3 hours! Respect to the bitterbrew.

*Caps & Jones drop a new mix for the summer, complimenting their spring mix. Check out the mixture of flavors... this is more than a mashup.

*boj lucki drops DUB FI DUB Pt. 3, and yes, it's chock full 'o dubs! mostly on some dubby flavours (YT, Tactile, etc), and he even drops some Demolition Man and a few bootlegs (Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes)... peep!

*DJ Excision dropping an intense dubstep mix... "7th Curse" by Headhunter... watch out!

Hate it or love it, but this post if THICK! Go do your homework, kids! BE EZ!

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