Friday, August 18th 2006 playlist

It's gonna look like my DnB is kind of exclusive... I can't help it, I got laced by a few people, mainly for forthcoming shit. It's work that I can play with. On the Rap tip, it's the same ol leaks. Nothing too major. Oh, and there will be more mixes to grab/snatch... you know how the dub do.

Let's get it on like Mills Lane.

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/Sabre "Language Barrier" [horizons music]

02/Random Movement "Police State" [liquid v]

03/Kanye West "Gold Digger (High Contrast Remix)" [whitelabel]

04/Breakage "Panic Room" [inperspective]

05/DJ Trax ft. Plastic Jam "Tomorrow's New Dawn" [crisis]

06/Bachelors of Science "Sweat" [horizons music]

07/DJ Motive "808 Love" [dubplate]

08/Unknown Error "The Yearning" [horizons music]

09/Beta2 "From A Dream" [horizons music]

10/Duo Infernale "Another Dimension" [timeless]


01/Nappy "Untitled Mashup" [my boy is on his grizz. that's all you need to know.]

02/Spec Boogie ft. Che Grand "Keep It Playa" [loosie] [2 brilliant MCs murking an ill Pharrell beat.]

03/Method Man ft. Raekwon & LA The Darkman "The Glide" [def jam] [RZA on that electric-clap. Rae steals the show.]

04/J Dilla "In The Streets" [bbe] [from his forthcoming LP Jay Love Japan. instrumental seduction.]

05/Masta Killa "Brooklyn King" [i still sleep on his album. I'll have to check it soon. he's waving that Wu flag though!]

06/M.O.P. ft. Busta Rhymes "Monkey Shit" [??] [when is their lp dropping?!?!]


*Tim Exile drops a new mix, full of his cut-up bidness. Not Coldcut... more like Coldcut downing a sheet of acid with a room full of drums and effects. Audio collage doesn't even begin to explain it. Hopefully I will get his interview completed... I'll keep you posted.

*DOA's double J shed some light on a new JuJu mix full of Dubstep. It's not the usual woofer busting shit, his style is a bit more focused, more intune to the roots side of original Dub. He also drops a few of his own dubstep noodlings. Best mix ever?

*Speaking of Dubstep, beatloaf drops a sick mix of Dubstep Vs DnB. Hearing Hazard & Breakage in the same mix is kind of strange... Loefah and Breakage!? Gotta love it!

*courtesy of Spine Magazine, here's the monthly mix from DJ Jon Doe.

*DNBMassive's Mikey Payload drops a mix that travels from Auckland to Belfast. Loads of liquid DnB for the masses. Peep the mix and peep the site, crazy resource for dubs.

That's all I have for you geeks this week. Check back ASAP.

Well, I do have one thing... my boy Gianni hooked me up with this link. Peep what you can do with Ableton Live, a turntable, some MIDI shit and a creative mind:


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