Friday, August 25th 2006 playlist

I haven't slept much this week. Been a weird week... waiting for the baby to come, trying to get a hunk of shit done at work, all the while not going insane. Hard goddamn work, but in the end my wife is doing her thing. She's a cotdamn trooper, and I love her.

We got some beats, some mixes, and a nice video for ya. Peep game...

Drum & Bass/Jungle
01/Dieselboy & Kaos "Barrier Break (Infiltrata & HoChi Dub)" [human]
02/Blu Mar Ten "Let Myself Go"
03/Logistics "Inhale" [hospital]
04/Higher Sense "Cold Fresh Air (Cyantific Remix)" [moving shadow]
05/Soundclash "Crying Out" [dirty dubs]
06/Teebee "Venom (Part 2: Snakestyle Practice)" [vampire]
07/Alix Perez "Illusions" [lucky devil]
08/USB "The Swallow" [fokuz limited]
09/Fanu "Heavenless" [subtle audio]
10/The Invaderz "Simple Beauty" [i.t.]

01/Evidence ft. The Alchemist & Joe Scudda "It's Gonna Pop" [produced by ALC, this is one of my favorite beats of his... nicely sampled "Funky Drummer", with a load of white boy tough talk from all 3. track of the month!]
02/DJ Kay Slay & Greg Street ft. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Kool G. Rap, Big Daddy Kane & Lord Tariq "5 Deadly Venoms" [taken from the Kay Slay and Greg Street album, this track is one of the hottest collabos of NY spitters. the fact that G Rap AND Rae come hard is just too much. That beat is blaze, too.]
03/DJ Spooky "Synaptic Dissonance" [gotta love that "illbient" sound. remember that shit? no? good. this track comes on with a pretty tight hip-hop beat, then flexes into some dnb midway. runnin' tune.]
04/Aaliyah ft. Jay-Z "Missing You (Remix)". [it's been 5 years... remember.]
05/The Roots ft. Zion I "Forever" [nicest use of a Beatles sample. this is NOT on the retail release of Game Theory for obvious reasons. Peep it on the J. Period "Best of The Roots" mixtape.]


*Brazil's Akzel came correct with a HOT DnB mix, "
Stuck In The Lab (Aug. 2006)", full of the techier side of DnB. Tracks range from Jonny L to Hive to Ak's own dubs. Quality mix, and there is even a CD cover link in that thread.

already made a post about this, but grab A-Sides' DOA mix. SLAMMIN', upfront tunes.

*We have
another one of DJ Roots' slick DnB mixes. He comes through with a gang of hits, from the High Contrast RMX of "Gold Digger" to Ram Trilogy's "Titan" to Total Science's "Soul Patrol". Heat.

*DOA's resident cartoonist, Monsta, hit the Dogs off with an
ill mix of his "lost" DnB tracks. Last I heard, he came with the RUCKUS, so expect some dainjah.

*There's also a new studio mix from the badbwoy DJ Ink. Sick selection, dubwise and hard. Dark and tight. Good vibes, though.

*Finally, the good folks over at
Pyrotechnic Radio have made archives of a gang of their shows... here is the latest edition of the Metalheadz Show, with my boy Heist.

On one final note: there's an ill combination going on in the world of DnB... DJ FU and the Jungle Drummer are causing major noise with their intense live act. Drums and Bass and DJ skills in ya face. Peep their promo video:

Until next week...

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