the shuffle. [8/12/06]

Beautiful Saturday early evening. About to crack another Heineken, previewing some new DnB releases, and at T-minus 20mins to 7PM, this house is about as quiet as it will be for a bit... new baby on the way. Wifey's at the baby shower right now... i hope they are doing good.

Odd week, this one. Loads of news, but I feel like it's the same news from me... waiting and wishing for my son to get here already! And not sleeping for some odd reason... who knows.

In terms of the blog, I have a few things going on... awaiting the answers back from a few interviews I sent off... gonna review C. Aggy's new album... the usual. I have a piece I need to do for Oh Word, as well as a spank load of reviews for various DnB heads... and no time to concentrate. So is the life, though.

*takes swig*, Let's get to it, shall we?

01/Did you know that listening to obscene/suggestive lyrics as a teen will make you more prone to having sex at an early age? A report released on Monday
suggests this. Now, this would have nothing to do with sexually suggestive movies or videos, no? Nothing to do with that shit. I mean, hell, I've listened to Rap for most of my life, and while I knew exactly what Snoop meant on his first album, I wasn't out calling bitches ho's and making them suck my dick for rocks. It's parenting (or lack of), not music, that will truly decide how your child will turn out.

02/For you Avon Barksdale fans out there, HBO announced that Season 4 of The Wire
will begin on September 10th. If you are like me, though, and own HBO On Demand, you can catch the first episode on September 4th via On Demand. Gotta love it. Apparently, this season will focus on the education system? Looks like some kids get caught between the drug life and and studies... I know I'll be watching! Oh, and speaking of HBO originals, it looks like The Sopranos will be touched by a Baldwin... Daniel Baldwin is set to star in the movie-within-the-show, Cleaver (working title?), which Chrissy calls "Saw meets Godfather 2", whatever that means. Should I be happy about this?

03/MTV's "newlywed" shows are a doomed ship: first, Nick left horse-toothed Jessica (
or vice versa), then Dave Navarro let Carmen Electra go. Now it seems that Travis Barker, the one of blink-182 and Boost Mobile commercial fame, is leaving his wife, who was a former Miss USA, apparently. And not bad looking, either. She did seem to be an airhead too, so maybe he just got tired of her asking silly questions. Who knows, but all I know is this: if you aren't married like 10 years before getting a reality show on MTV, fucking RUN from that contract!

04/Those Danity Kane chicks better feel lucky that they weren't in Diddy's first "Making The Band" group... that fucker Choppa, who is now being called "Young City" for God knows WHAT reason, just
got picked up on some armed robbery shit. Well, the warrant was out for him, but I guess that Bad Boy South money wasn't long enough... not that the nigga could sing, or was mature, but damn, homie, make something of yourself!

05/OK, so Snoop
holding 2 women on leashes on live TV during the MTV VMAs? Good. A cartoon lampooning the incident.. offensive?

06/Now that we're on the subject of Rap culture and, well, ignant ass niggas, let's delve into a chunk of Rap star goings-ons... Lil' Flip has
finalized a deal to sign with Asylum, which seems perfectly happy signing deals with shitty MCs. Peep that article to see this nigga talking about his dopy of his album being "watermarked"... nigga, you just heard that term yesterday, let's be serious. Let me hear you spittin your "freestyles" about watermarking your shit. Also wanting to be on the move is Lil' Kim, who is said to be fed up with Atlantic, probably over her last album doing piss-poor numbers. Go figure. Holla at Asylum, ma! The douches over at SOHH let loose that Scarface, the kingpin of Rap-A-Lot, is said to be leaving the label over shady dealings, to the point where nigga is like "I ain't doing no mo' solo LPs!"... christ. Holla at Asylum, face-mooooob! Now after Outkast stayed silent throughout the whole debacle about the split CDs for their last official release, they finally come out and deny breakup rumors. My suggestion: give it up. Andre, you know you are hating on Rap right now, go act, nigga. Go do Four Brothers 2: Grandpa Got Murked or something. Let Big Boi be a Purple Ribbon mogul. And if all else fails, holla at Asylum! MC Supernatural was entered into the Guiness Book of World Records for freestyling for over nine hours! I wonder how many times he talked about being the illest rapper? Nah, he's the illest... We also learned this week that Jay-Z is trying to find out how to get water to Africa. Bol thinks that Jay should just stop worrying about this water stuff and work on his LP... I agree with that to a point. In other Roc-A-Fella news, rumors are flying about Kanye West getting engaged? I'm not sure if I believe this one or not... his ego seems too big to allow him to care for someone else on that level. We shall see, I guess... and on a final note, in dead rapper news, the trial that I like to call "Biggie Smalls vs. LAPD" has hit another snag... new motions made by Volletta's team have been denied. Apparently, there is a conflict on trying to include a few of the officers in the suit, claiming that they were at the scene of the crime that night. Lord, help Ms. Wallace find out who murked her son.

07/That nigga Maurice Clarett is something else. Four years ago, he was big pimpin' it on the field at Ohio State. Now, nigga
gets caught with 4 loaded gats and alcohol. Now, they speculate that he might have went to cap off on some chick who was gonna testify against him, but Illseed thinks there's a link between him and a Rap mogul who he owes bread to, allegedly. (Word is neph has the same lawyer, David Kenner, who repped for Death Row back in their heyday)... we shall see. Someone get this jig some help before he hurts someone!

08/Skype, one of the leading companies bringing you Voice over IP phone service, is planning on
getting into the mobile phone business. How crazy will that be? I mean, that should translate to cheaper phone calls for users of that phone... one can dream, can't he?

09/For those of you afraid of losing all of your San Andreas gats and money, Sony is making an adapter that will allow PSOne & PS2 memory cards to be read by the PS3. Geeks of the world, rejoice. And save up for that jammy, whenever it drops... in other Sony news, they have a new product forthcoming called "mylo", which is set to let you use products like Skype and cruise sites like YouTube. 5GB of space on that jammy too... is it worth it, though? For teens on the go, of course! Parents, get your wallets out!

10/The good folks over at Oh Word have dropped the illest 25 tracks from the last 6 months... some surprises, but the list really isn't deniable.

11/After all of that Jew talk Mel Gibson did in a drunken stupor, he is now on the chopping block: Disney is deciding whether it should be keeping Apocolypto on it's schedule. The timing might be funny, b/c I know Disney is axing mad jobs over there. Mel isn't the only one hitting rehab, though: Robin Williams fell off the wagon *again!* and has checked into rehab. Good for him, go Mrs. Doubtfire!

12/I read in the latest Dime Magazine that Stephon Marbury has a new clothing line coming out called Starbury. Ho, hum, right? Thing is: the clothes are gonna be on the cheap. Talking like nothing is going to be over $14..98, sneakers included! He wants to do it for mothers on a budget, which you can't hate on, and the quality is supposed to be fresh. I believe September is the month this line wil be out... where? Who knows... my boy thinks it will be Payless, but who KNOWS what he has up his sleeve.

13/Lou Diamond Phillips got arrested on some spousal abuse shit. I mean, yeah, your career is down the toilet... is that a good reason to hit on your lady? Beat up your agent, or fuck up your director! Don't beat wifey... that ain't good for business.

14/Word came this week that the powers at be for DVDs said they are going to go a lil' lax on the procedures invovled in burning DVDs. Apple is said to be one of the companies interested in this... I can only see this as a plus! I mean, they lost crazy loot making discs unable to be recorded. I support free reign of the products I buy, so anytime I can't do something, I will rebel. End of the day, though, they are looking to get into the download-and-burn sites that are making software like this available more every week.

OK I hope you guys can wrap your heads around some of that madness. Keep it locked for more info. And, as always, if you have any topics you think might interest me, hit me up.


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