the shuffle. [8/19/06]

What's up world? Been a busy week for ya boy... my homie at work had a situation with his family, and with my wife damn near ready to deliver, I've been hit with "Where's ya boy?" by so many people... it's kind of crazy. And with all of the odd shit going on this week, it's kind of ill to have people holler about that stuff... but I guess it's good to escape the regular GMA news every once in a while.

There isn't much going on though, aside from the long wait for Jayden to get here. I have a few Acid-mixes I need to do... big up to Azkel. I'm enthused, and ready to take my art to another level. Oh, and I saw this ill movie/documentary today called Rock Fresh. It's kind of like that flick Scratch for graf artists. If you are into aerosol arts, you need to peep this flick ASAP. It kind of woke up my creative side, but the balance of that is going to be HECTIC by this time next month. I'll be able to freak it though. No rest for the wicked.

01/Just to get it off of my chest, let's get into dude who confessed to the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Now, for starters, I don't believe dude. I mean they say he knew shit that only the killer would know about the scene, but we have no idea what that info was. He has not only kept in contact with the professor who made a few documentaries on this situation, but he is an obsessive pedophile. The look in his eye is just too fucking eerie for me to believe what's coming from his mouth. We will see how this plays out, but I just don't think neph did it.

02/In more news that is rocking the nation, we are still reeling from this terrorist plot that got thwarted in the UK. Did you guys hear about the 12 year old boy who got on a plane in the UK sans boarding ticket, passport, or pass? For the love of God! We're lucky that this lil fucker was only running away... if he had bad intentions, his lil bad ass could have set a whole plane on fire. I mean what are we really doing? We raise the terror level via color, but don't keep a clamp down on bastards boarding planes? I am glad I don't travel that way (not that I'd have anywhere to go)... I'd gladly take 3 hrs of checks over lil bastards boarding planes with no info.

03/The battling Bills say: AIDS WILL BE STAMPED OUT! Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are on a crusade to murk AIDS in our communities. I can only hope that they are serious... it's one thing that these old white bastards are like 20 years late --- it's been a long time coming, and too many bodies have left this earth or have been ruined over a disease many believe was man-made and can be cured quickly. I just hope their asses are telling the truth and are ready to rid out nations of this disease. And how ill would it be? I mean, this would be one of the first pandemics in a while that was cured... I mean Chris Rock said the last shit that was cured was polio... how long has it been since someone with polio been in the hood? Think about that...

04/In Republican presidential news, this dude Senator Allen from VA made some fucked up remarks about one of his opponents' cameramen. (View video here) He kept calling dude "macaca". From my quick, one minute research, this word has both racial and just plain fucked up connocations. And the funny thing is, his political people say it's a play on the hairstyle the camera guy had (he rocked a mullet), which they mistook as a mohawk. What a bunch of baloney. This bastard won't last 5 mins. in a primary. Quote me on that.

05/New Jersey just had an Attorney General resign over some dumb shit. Word is her boyfriend, a lawyer, was pulled over and found to have a suspended license AND an improperly registered vehicle... but they let dude drive home!? The beef with the AG is that she came to the scene. They believe that she spoke to the cops when she came to the scene. I don't think it's right, but shit, if I was in a jam like that, I KNOW wifey would be there with the quickness. I just wonder how he passed her background check. Wouldn't "fucked up license" be an automatic decline of app?

06/Some odd shit surrounding Oliver Stone's World Trade Center movie: one of the rescuers has come forward to declare that he is black. Odd thing about all of this is that a reunited X-Clan has decided to wage a boycott on this flick due to the omission. My thing is this: dude only gave his name as Sgt. Thomas. Is it wrong for the filmmaker to assume that he was white? Probably... but wtf did he have to go on? Sounds like a reach to this black man here.

07/Now, I know I normally hit you guys with a bunch of bits and pieces of Rap info, but this week I seem to have acquired quite a bit of Pop music info. With Christina, Justin, Beyonce, and others dropping albums this summer/early fall, the drama is flying! First up, Justin. Do you know he was talking smack about Taylor Hicks? He said homey couldn't carry a tune! I am beginning to like Justin more each time he speaks. He also 'joked' about Kanye not making original music, but then he quickly covered that one up... too funny though. If his album is only as crazy as his barbs, I might be enthused... In my review of Christina's latest album, I mentioned the track "F.U.S.S.", which is said to be a dart thrown right @ Scotty Storch. Apparently, this cat is fighting back! He called her latest album "full of fillers", and said she should fire her management for letting him slip through her fingers. Shit, all of this over a plane? I have no real Beyonce news, aside from the fact that this bitch is on a maple syrup diet. No bullshit, this seems to be the rage among dumbasses who think that drinks full of syrup and honey can supplement meals. I've seen cats down shots of hot sauce; drink everclear until they truly become blind. Maple syrup instead of a sandwich? I'll pass... I'll also pass on the hype this chick Fergie, from Black Eyed Peas and Kids, Incorporated fame. I'm not a fan of her "crew", nore am I a fan of her "London Bridge" single. Why they think they can build an album on her, who knows... and WTF is B-Real doing on there? It'll probably do great numbers, but I won't buy it. You also gotta love the balls on Chris Daughtry... he gets the boot off of Idol, turns down Fuel's offer to have him as their lead singer, but STILL RECRUITS their guitarist! I'd buy his album just for that stunt. Finally, that bastard Wyclef, instead of getting a Fugees LP together, is working on his own shit. From the looks of it, he wants to be a Haitian Dr. Dre... stop the illusion, duke.

08/It's official: watch sales have decreased with the rise of cell phones and iPods. I know you lot are DYING from that information, but people get paid to track shit like this.

09/MTV has gone too far... they outright banned a video by this group The Pack, basically saying it was a long ad for the popular Vans sneaker. You would think that in these days of sponsored concert tours that MTV would lighten up... I guess if they didn't go about it so blatantly, the wigs @ MTV wouldn't give 2 fucks about it. Or if the shit was made into a Cribs segment. Kind of silly if you ask me.

10/Well, well well... this kid didn't see dead people, he saw weed and alcohol. Haley Joel was brought up on some DUI and possession charges stemming from his car accident (driving a Saturn?!?!) recently. Maybe he sold his dope whip to smoke dope in a wack whip? What a maroon!

11/You thought BET's ignorance stopped with DMX being a functioning crack addict on national TV? Hold onto your hats! They plan on bringing forth an American Gangster series, highlighting a lot of the jigs that these jig rappers big up in their crack rap. From Tookie to Freeway Ricky, all points of nigger stardom will not be touched on the Black Entertainment TV. Anyone else feeling our race taking an even SHARPER decline with this?

12/Are people really going to watch Jerry Springer dance on primetime? I sure as shit hope not, but ABC is banking on him and Mario Lopez to bring more viewers into their fold. Good luck.

13/I have a few bits of information for the technology heads out there... first off, Microsoft is planning on creating a sort of YouTube for gamers who want to dabble in creating their own title(s). The idea is cool but to get the features you gotta spend like $100 per year. Get your game on, if this works, we might see more average mofos jump into the big time, ala amateur YouTube heads getting video deals and shit. Fox is planning on letting MySpace heads dload TV and movies via MySpace. $20 seems to be WAY TOO MUCH for a movie -- I could just buy the damn DVD for that price. They basically want to steal Apple's thunder, and it might work if they have the proper programs and software. Ease of use is the name of the game, and no one does it like Apple, so far. Speaking of Apple, the BBC is in the works getting DAB (digital audio broadcast) signals (that's the UK equivalent of satellite radio, essentially) onto iPods. Could this mean that having XM or Sirius on your iPods is something we can obtain in the near future? Fingers crossed... oh and have you guys ever called Dell's help line, and gotten routed to Indian customer service guys? Shitty hour wasted of your life, right? Is it any surprise that India had no problems with this recent Dell/battery fiasco?

14/Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne. What you doing getting caught with a gallon-size bag of ganja in your room? How did your boy NOT take the fall for you is an even bigger question... I mean is this life imitating art or what? Oh and speaking of dumb shit going on to people, what the hell was the Charlotte Bobcats' Lonny Baxter doing busting shots near the White House? Bye-bye NBA career!

15/I want to send a big RIP to Bruno Kirby. You were a terrific character actor, and will be missed by many.

OK this took way longer than I thought it would. I'm gonna head to bed... you guys be ez. And enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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